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Last Updated: August 19, 2021

For over 80 years, Social Security has changed to meet the needs of our customers. Today, our easy, secure, and convenient-to-use online services allow you to do business with us from the comfort of your preferred location. From requesting a Social Security card to filing for retirement, our online services have got you covered. Check out our infographic, which shows what you can do online:

See What You Can Do Online, S S A Publication 05-10216, Infographic

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Erin

    My dad is getting very frustrated just trying to schedule an appointment because of the long wait times on the phone. He left a message and didn’t get a response. If he goes in person, can someone schedule an appointment for him?

  2. Freddie B.

    Can you file a power of attorney with Social Security online? If not, what is the easiest way to accomplish this task?

    F. Betanzos

  3. Jean A.

    I quickly need a Social Security card replacement

  4. Chris

    Why can’t I view my statement 24 hours/day? I just tried logging into my account and a window pops up saying the service isn’t offered at this time and that I need to try again during your “service hours”.
    What is the point of having on-line access if I can’t access it any time I want? Like at 10:35pm west coast time on a Sunday?

  5. Donald G.

    why can you not apply for a social secuity account if you live outside the country ?

  6. AJ

    I tried for years to get back on line with out any success, I was told by SSA personnel if you do not use site often enough they drop your ability to gain access. Seems counterproductive to me, i thought idea was to reduce call ins and people at local offices?

  7. Gloria V.

    I would like to request a replacement social security card
    Gloria Chavez

  8. Kathleen R.

    How can I change my withholding amount?

  9. Dan R.

    How do I make Social Securty payments while filling a 1099?

  10. STEPHEN P.

    I have previously created an account, however now when I sign in the message is no account create a new one. I create a new one and it tells me I have an account, then directs me to a page to log in with a message that I do not have an account and I should create a new one. This is a circle with no end – what do I do?

    • Deborah A.

      I have the same problem several times.
      I had to go into a local ss office show my identy (lisc) and they corrected it and gave me temp pw then i had to go in to redo to a pw I choose. I wrote a message on their survey. it is a problem glitch i’m not happy about either.
      ps any time you create a new pword you will see the expir. date- you must create a new pw before it expires.

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