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  2. I do not get the password reset code via text message.
    So I applied to get the code in the mail, and I received the letter with a reset code.
    But the code does not work, or do not know where to use the reset code.

    Is there a problem with your text messaging system?
    There should be a easy/better way of doing this, please.

  3. I would like to set up an account online. Every time I try it thinks I am my husband and will not let me set up an account for myself. I turn 66 this month and want to apply for benefits. Thank you for your help.

  4. The search, “What to do when My Social Security Account locks me out?” didn’t find any relevant information. That is, your help works when there are no problems but when My Social Security Account doesn’t work, there is no help to tell what to do. I’ll assume it’s time to call my local office and speak with a representative. Of course, I can’t get back to this Reply with an update. Nice that you have this Reply capability though, so thank you.

  5. Dozens of people have asked how to use reset code, yet you have provided no answer. Unconscionable.

    You will reduce calls to your helpdesk by providing explicit instructions on how to use reset code.

    Please do not respond by suggesting I call the helpdesk. I’m on hold right now.

  6. You idiot. What a meaningless response!. You send out reset codes in a letter without accurate instructions as to where to enter it. You need to hire citizens to critique your dang near useless website. I have been trying for 3 months to get into my account with a long string of useless ssa employee responses, but if you read the mesages above and gave that response you are beyond stupid.

    • Hi Susan, thanks for your question. We offer you the choice to add extra security when you create an online my Social Security account. Adding extra security does not change the way that you sign into your account. You must still sign in with your username, password, and a unique security code which we will provide each time you sign in. You can upgrade to extra security or disable it at any time. We hope this helps.

      • No it doesn’t help
        I also received a reset code but cannot figure out where to input it!
        Please help
        Is the reset code the same as activation code??

        • Hi Jenny, thanks for using our blog. If you no longer have access to the second factor (cell phone or email address) on your account, and you need to change the second factor, you then can request a reset code online. The system will mail a reset code letter to the address on file. You then enter this reset code online, after signing in with your username and password, to change the second factor associated with your information. If you forgot your password, and the password reset questions didn’t work, we can send a temporary password in some circumstances. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page for details on how to retrieve or change your username or password.

          An activation code is provided after visiting a Social Security field office with identification. A representative in the office will verify your identity and issue you a letter containing an activation code.

          To create a my Social Security account, click on Create New Account. We hope this helps.

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