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Last Updated: November 2, 2023

Social Security Administration LogoStarting today, visitors to will experience a fresh homepage and a new design to help them find what they need more easily. is visited by over 180 million people per year and it is one of our most important tools for providing efficient and equitable access to service,” said Kilolo Kijakazi, Acting Commissioner of the Social Security Administration. “Whether providing service in person or online, our goal is to help people understand what they may qualify for and seamlessly transition them to an application process.” Improved self-service capability allows people to skip calling or visiting an office, which helps Social Security staff focus on those visitors who need in-person assistance.

Reimagined website prioritizes customer experience

Part of ongoing efforts to improve how the public can do business with the agency, the redesign is intended to provide a clear path to the tasks customers need to accomplish. Many of the most visited sections of are now live with a more user-friendly and task-based approach. New pages and improvements based on public feedback will continue to be unveiled in the coming months.

Visitors to can use interactive tools to:

Check eligibility for benefits

The new benefit eligibility screener is a convenient and simple way for people to learn if they might be eligible for benefits.

Save time on Social Security Number (SSN) and card online services

If a person loses their SSN card, they may not need a replacement. In most cases, simply knowing their SSN is enough. If a person does need a replacement card, they may be able to request it online by visiting our Social Security Number and Card page. Individuals can also start an application for an updated card or request an SSN for the first time. People may never need to visit an office and, if they do need to visit an office to complete the application, they will save a lot of time by starting online.

Start an application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)

People can start the application process online and request an appointment to apply for SSI benefits by answering a few questions on our SSI page.

Apply for Social Security benefits and other online services

For most benefits, people can apply online or start an application online. In many cases, there are no forms to sign. The agency will review the application and reach out with questions or for more information. Visit our Online Services page to apply for retirement, disability, or Medicare.

Many Social Security services do not require the public to take time to visit an office. Using a my Social Security account, a personalized online service, people can start or change direct deposit, or request a replacement SSA-1099. For individuals already receiving Social Security benefits, they can print or download a current Benefit Verification Letter if they need proof of their benefits.

People not yet receiving benefits can use their online account to get a personalized Social Security Statement, which provides their earnings information as well as estimates of their future benefits. The portal also includes a retirement calculator and links to information about other online services. The agency encourages people without a my Social Security account to create one today on our website.

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  1. John D.

    I’ve never had issues viewing my statement online but suddenly I’m unable to see it. I get an unusual pop up window asking if I want to download it…this is strange but anyway it doesn’t work. Why make something worse when it was working perfectly well before. Seems like I’m not alone and I see no general comments from SS about any widespread rollout issues . , but clearly there are problems.

  2. Mike j.

    I just checked my social security online account it says I am no longer receiving benefits, it also says I haven’t received benefits in the last 2 years, I have been receiving them since 2013 it also says I do not owe overpayment and I do, what is wrong with this site

    • A.C.

      Hi, Mike. We are sorry to hear that. If you are still encountering a problem with your personal my Social Security account, please call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. At the voice prompt, say “help desk.” We hope this helps.

  3. MDA

    I cannot login to account and waiting on hold is proving a dead end.

    Is the site down?

    Never got 1099 and can’t get in to see if it is there.

    • A.C.

      Hi, MDA. We are sorry to hear you have had difficulty accessing your account. If you are still unable to access your account or encounter a problem with your personal my Social Security account, you can also contact your local Social Security office for assistance. We hope this helps.

      • Navraj D.

        Calling Social Security is over an hour wait long. Trying to find the number for the local office is impossible as it lists only the main number. The pin code sent by mail takes 10 to 15 days to get,
        and then there is a time limit when it expires. Suggestion to have access to online appointments to set up with agents and should be months away.

  4. Marianela Q.

    Only the SSAl-1099 for 2021 has been posted on the My Social Security website. The 2022 form is still unavalaible.

  5. Marianela Q.

    It is now February 1st, and I have not received my form SSA-1099 by mail. As per your answer to other folks who had not received theirs either, I waited until today, Feb 1st, and logged into my
    Social Security account, but found that only the SSA-1099 has been posted. Please advise how I may obtain this form as I do have to file my taxes.

  6. Karen S.

    I was just scammed by a fraudulent “charity” to provide financial grants for children and adults w special needs and are having financial hardship.They didn’t come to me.i found them when I was browsing for a fibromyalgia support group.I applied and was approved for $1800.At the bottom of email it said I may be eligible for addnl. funds to pay 2 months rent or c.c. debt.Everything was cool.No red flags.Over several days I was asked to provide info that to me seemed appropriate.Pics of cc debt,pic of my bank statement(nothing personal shown).I provided them w my routing/accnt# for the grant money to be deposited.They got sketchy when told me to buy greendot card to put the “additional funds” on.Mind you it sounded weird but I was so relieved to have help I overlooked it.Predators choose vulnerable ppl.& they got me.They immediately stole the $20 off greendot card.I cussed and cursed them and reported them to my states fraud dept.@days ago SS. sent me a letter informing me that per my request my Financial Institution has been changed to the one I selected and my Direct deposit will be there in 1-2months.I went on and lo and behold they got into my online account and changed my banking info so it goes to these crooks!How was it so easy to access my accnt?I had a false sense of security bcz it’s a .gov site and I falsely believed if anybody has a secure sight it’s a government site!FYI I provided no passwords to anything.I hope they make it a little more challenging bcz these clowns got right in!!

  7. Eugene S.

    I had no issues at all with the old way. I can’t even download the new Social Security page.

  8. JJC

    Can’t log in to new site. My sign in works fine but after that, just get the word “loading” in upper left corner. Tried many times…same result. Is there a computer requirement or is the site not working on Macs??

    • wiliam s.

      I have the same issue , the word “loading” in upper left corner, then nothing !

  9. Pat B.

    The link to request a replacement SSA-1099 is missing from the right-hand side of the page

    • Claude B.

      Hi have the same issue what to do any idea

    • A.C.

      Hi, Pat. Thanks for your comment. The SSA-1099 is mailed by January 31 each year. If for any reason you do not receive your SSA-1099 in the mail by then, starting on February 1, 2023, you can request a replacement SSA-1099/1042S for Tax Year 2022 by visiting your personal my Social Security account. We hope this helps.

  10. Tod P.

    Why is the page to sign in always down

    • Ashley D.

      Exactly. I didn’t even know it had been redesigned, but it explains why I can no longer login to my accounts. I’d like to get some info to start filing taxes, but I guess that isn’t going to happen anytime soon.

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