82 thoughts on “See What You Can Do Online During National Social Security Month

  1. I am having taxes taken out f my disibility medicare check. I was just informed that i didn;t need to have taxes taken out. What do I need to do to have this to stop

  2. Every month my son has to pay back SSI benefits he received in error for a time period. I usually call the Chicago office of SS. and make the payment for him since he can’t wait on line while he is working. I have been trying for a week to get in touch with them but the phone keeps telling me to call back. Can I make a payment on line for this repayment plan.

  3. I cannot find form W4V Voluntarily withholding request. Please help me. I want to change the amount of money that is taken out of my social security payments each month.

    Thank you

  4. need W-4V, Voluntary withholding request form mailed to me. Elberta Burnham
    810 Hidden Creek Circle
    Salisbury, NC 28147

  5. I need two w4v forms.. I can’t find it on this site. Can they be mailed to me? I do not have a printer.

    James M. Looney
    1104 N Hayes
    Searcy, AR

  6. I am helping my elderly mother to submit a new Form W-4V, but she is unable to sign the form. I do have her POA but didn’t know if it was legal for me to sign the form for her. Please advise.

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