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See What You Can Do Online During National Social Security Month

April 4, 2019 • By

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Last Updated: November 3, 2023

" "In April, we celebrate National Social Security Month by letting you know what you can do online with a personal my Social Security account. Last month we featured how you can replace a lost or stolen Social Security card, get a copy of your 1099 (SSA-1099), and check the status of your Social Security benefit application or claim. This month we share three more advantages.

If you already receive Social Security benefits, you can set up or change direct deposit information online with a personal my Social Security account. In most cases, you are required to receive federal benefits electronically, so when you choose direct deposit, we will electronically deposit your funds directly into a bank account. If you do not have a bank account, you can choose Direct Express® and your funds will be electronically deposited into a prepaid debit card account. Direct Express® has no enrollment fee or minimum balance requirement to open or use the account. We strive to provide online services that best suit when, where, and how you do business with us. You can set up direct deposit, or you can call us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778). Visit our website to learn more about all of our online services.

Do you receive Social Security benefits (retirement, survivors, or disability) or are you enrolled in Medicare and getting ready to move?  You can change your address information online when you create a personal my Social Security account.

If you already receive Social Security or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, you can create a personal my Social Security account and have instant access to your award letter or, as we call it, benefit verification letter.

Please know that securing your identity and personal information is important to us. We protect your information by using strict identity verification and security features. The application process has built-in features to detect fraud and confirm your identity.

Share with friends and family what you can do online with a personal my Social Security account.

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Janet P.

    When I turn 65 in November 2019 how much will my benefits be?

    • Luis A.

      Great question, Janet ! We have an online calculator where you can test various scenarios and retirement ages to estimate your benefits. Visit our Benefits Planner: Calculations web page for more information. Thanks!

  2. Nancy R.

    I have been told that i have to contact Social Security in order to get my husbands new Medicare card. I was told that we have to go to the Social Security office to change his address. Why? Why cant that be done by calling Medicare and they do that for us?

    • Luis A.

      Hi, Nancy. For more information about the new Medicare card and what to do if your husband did not receive his, please visit Medicare’s website here. We hope this helps.

  3. Nyi N.

    Thank you so much for your informative statement.
    Some of the points which have been obscured
    for a long time have become clear right now.
    Nyi Nyi
    RFA Retired International Broadcaster.

  4. Rex F.

    My spouse currently draws spousal benefits. Taxes have not been taken out of her checks for some reason. She would like Social Security to withhold her taxes. Does she need to come in in person to get that done or can she do that via her online account? I have been looking on the website and cannot find where that can be accomplished.

  5. Henry L.

    I lost my security card and I cannot remember my password so I cannot access my account.

    Please help me!

  6. e R.

    Thank you so much for the information, I am 80 yr old a male…..I take home from SS 1109.00 per month if is hard to live on so little and still enjoy life, can you send more I could have a more lucritive life with a little more.
    thank you
    Robert Hill

    XXX XX 2375

    • Ali A.

      Please , how I can get more from SSI
      because it is too small for me.
      my SS# is 6188. pls help me.

  7. Stanley H.

    I haven’t been able to post an acceptable user name and
    password. I’ve tried several but none have been
    acceptable. Would appreciate help.
    Stanley Shryock

    • Gina

      I is very picky! I ended up having to use the name of a favorite person with a few numbers for my username.
      It would not allow me to use any part of my name or email address.
      Good luck.

  8. Kenneth E.

    I haved recently moved. I am unable to update my new mailing address. How to do this?

    • Paul V.

      Send a smoke signal to SSA main headquarters in Baltimore M.D. Once received they will send you a complementary smoke signal back ton confirm your change of address has been processed…………………….

  9. John K.

    How or where do I find out information about depositing my social security check (when I start receiving it) directly into my foreign account in Ireland.

  10. Irshadali V.

    I tried to register myself and see my S.S. A/c but could not do so even after trying all the instructions I followed. Can somebody help me?

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