15 thoughts on “On Vacation- Social Security Is Still Here For You

  1. Thanks for this site.it’s very helpful for Mr to get the answers I need. I’m still waiting on a decision on my ssi case.let me know if I need to to anything to help with it.

    • Mr or mrs on the comments you need to express in English please.this is a English country not Spanish country.sorry Mr or Mrs.

      • There are bilingual representatives for a number of languages withing SSA and the government. They don’t need to use English to ask their question although many would prefer that English be used as their question might serve to help others. Then there are the nosy ones and those who are prejudiced. Don’t know which one you are Lesly but it really doesn’t matter now does it!

    • Thank you for your question Kenny. The “my Social Security” authentication system requires address verification as one of the essential criteria for issuing an account. People with APO/FPO/DPO addresses can create an account overseas, but our system does not support registration and account creation for users with a foreign address yet. However, you do not need a U.S. address to access our website. We remind our customers living outside the United States to contact their local U.S. embassy or consulate for any assistance related to your Social Security benefits. Also, our Office of International Operations home page provides more information to assist our customers living abroad. We hope this information helps!

  2. Thank you for all the information you have submitted is very useful for us who read it, and hopefully useful also for all its.
    Healthy greetings always and awaited return visit yes.

    • Thank you for your feedback, Cara! We’re pleased we can help. Our employees are committed to providing the public with the best service possible. It’s wonderful to know our efforts are paying off.

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