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New Statement Fact Sheet for People with Limited Earnings

April 28, 2022 • By

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Last Updated: November 2, 2023

older woman reviewing information on a tabletIf you have a personal my Social Security account, you can view your Social Security Statement online to learn about your future benefits and recent earnings history. The Statement also includes fact sheets that provide helpful information based on your age group and earnings situation. We recently released a new fact sheet specifically for people with limited earnings.

You can access your Statement and the new fact sheet using your personal my Social Security account. The new fact sheet covers how you and your family members may qualify for benefits, including:

  • Supplemental Security Income.
  • Social Security retirement benefits.
  • Benefits for children.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Help with health care costs – including Medicare, Medicare Savings Programs, Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug costs, and Medicaid.

We’re committed to helping you learn about all your benefit options. Our Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool is a convenient way to find potential benefits that best fit your situation.

To learn more, visit our Social Security Statement webpage. Please share this article with your friends and family – and post it on social media.

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  1. Naman S.

    Nice Article

  2. Lisa M.

    I can’t believe that people who have never worked and on ssi are getting extra money in July 2022 , but those of us on ssdi get a tiny cola adjustment but a huge increase in Medicare. The cost of everything is ridiculous !! What are people on limited income supposed to do ?

  3. vera l.

    I think is so wrong we got 5.8% increase on SS and the medicare had a 30%increase what is the point ? We cannot live with a SS less the $1500 regardless when and how you retired. I challenge any politician to leave with the kind of money we have to. We cannot keep up with the greed of pharmaceutics or housing, I don’t know where I am going to leave in 5 years, I keep losing everything, recession, covid, God knows what else is coming. I am too old to star all over. The law has to change we need a real increase.

    • Tonie

      I agree, and SSI gets extra money in the month of July 2022. How come the disabled don’t get extra. We can barely live at all on this so called 5.8% raise.

      • Carolyn R.

        Ok, where did you here SSI gets extra money in July, I ham on SSI and I have not heard anything about it ….

  4. Anne H.

    Does anyone know if this cola payment for June is coming today or just another bunch of b?

    • Beth M.

      We won’t know if or how much we may get for COLA until October sometime. And then won’t see it till December or January 2023.

    • vera l.

      another bunch.. certainly, this late was a joke, because the medicare increase was 30%. What is the point in increasing SS by 5.8.

  5. Debbie

    When I first starting getting SSDI due to a diagnosis with Multiple Sclerosis in 1997 I remember when they only took $50 out for Medicare. We would be making good money except they decided to take lots more money out for Medicare, and they wonder why we are poor. I did have a good job before I got sick

  6. Lynne C.

    My Social Security accounts should be available to U. S. Citizens living abroad!

    • Mariah S.

      I like to take Veronist off the payee and the payee and update everything on the payee profile under my name and number and my number is 1 (954) 290-4704 and I’ll file for my own social security and disability check update everything under my name and number mail a letter to 336 nw 2nd Street Pompano Beach Florida 33060 and mail a 748 application form to fill out

      • Ann C.

        Hi, Mariah. For your security, we do not have access to private information in this venue. We ask that members in our Blog community work with our offices with specific questions. You can call us at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, between 8:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m., for assistance. You can also contact your local Social Security officeJust a reminder – please be cautious about posting personal information on social media. We hope this helps.


        • Patricia A.

          Why doesn’t give us a list that we can get from Social Security office about what we can add on to what we have or can get. I have had scams calling so I don’t try to really talk to any one about nothing.I would like to get some of the free that I could get but I have been scammed so much. I am sorry for this talking like this. But us old persons have to keep what is ours. Thank You Ann C.,Specialist.

  7. Bonnie D.

    I also agree … they need to pay SS and not get everything free for life …

    • Veronica R.

      The judge awarded me SSDI in 2020 I spoke to a person who worked for SS for 35 years, she said they cannot over rule a judge! The ones who were only working there for 10 years were like oh yes we can! I need to help to get my paper folder from the date he awarded me SSDI . I went and I never received it? Does anyone know how to get the help I need? Would be very much appreciated.

      • Ann C.

        Hi, Veronica. Thanks for visiting our blog. We encourage you to continue to work with your local office. You can ask to speak to a supervisor on your next call or visit. We hope this helps. 

  8. Sonia C.

    Medicare said that one of the benefits is Dental services . But we have a bad experience almost nothing is covering only extracción and the entire denture.
    No partial and no deep cleaning , are covering and any crown either .very frustrated.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Sonia. Thanks for visiting our blog. We are sorry to hear about your experience. You may wish to contact your local Medicare SHIP (State Health Insurance Program Coordinator) at  to discuss your possible options. We hope this helps.

      • Kate

        Also to note: I found that the dentists on Delta Dental all have fairly bad reviews on Yelp. I did go to one about a crown but even with supposed pay from Medicare, he wanted more than my own dentist of 20 years. This dentist would not even put temporary glue on cap that came off unless I was getting the crown from him. Some people I know just have all their teeth pulled whenever they have problems due to the expense.

    • Kate

      Yes, their dental is worthless. Going to my own dentist and paying out of pocket is cheaper than what you have to pay if you use theirs.

    • Liz F.

      I got a crown , 2 partials and deep cleaning last year through Medicare.
      How old are you? Have your dentist submit a request for what you may need done. Perhaps your dentist is not accepting their payment? I have a dentist who accepts sliding scale according to my income.
      Smile Philosophy, Dr Morris in NOLA.
      Good luck

  9. John P.

    We The People are now and had been systematically lied to be our gov’t of the funds of the SSA. It is about time thing were straightened out in the favor of We The People and not the liars of the gov’t.

  10. Sherry

    Our government needs to immediately STOP all of the inflated wages for the Senate and House. When they retire, they should live on SSI, (and the bazillion they have in savings). NO MORE. They need to have to pay over and above whatever Medicare pays for their medical bills, and whatever it covers for prescriptions. Oh wait. It doesn’t cover prescriptions, or dental, or eyecare. I guess they figure if we have no teeth, we can gum our food , or drink it, and if we go blind, we can just stay in the house and bump into stuff all the time, and maybe find a kind soul or friend that can bring us groceries. No government employee that serves in the House or Senate should be able to serve more than 8 years. PERIOD. If our Presidents can only serve 8 years, why in the name of all that’s holy would we allow the others to serve a lifetime? If they still, after 8 years, want to be in public service, fine. They can Go back to their home states and try to get a position. The Good Lord knows our poor states can use all the help they can get. I don’t understand how, they can even have the gall, to express sympathy to our Veterans families that our Soldier gave his all for our Great country, or those who have served and been wounded in combat. If our Veterans were treated with the honor and respect they deserve, we would have NO homeless Veterans and “Hanoi Jane” would have been banned from our Great Country, and NEVER for any reason be allowed to come back. But I digress. In short, the government that is supposed to be working FOR: WE, THE PEOPLE, is working for themselves, the greedy. This is not what our forefathers had in mind when they wrote the constitution of our great land. Things have been allowed to get totally out of control, and people all over our country are suffering because of it. GET OUT AND VOTE. WE VOTE THESE PEOPLE INTO OFFICE TO WORK FOR US! IF THEY TURN OUT TO BE BAD ONES, VOTE ANOTHER ONE IN! Seniors, Veterans, children, and all the ones who go out and work hard every single day, many, more than one job to pay in all of those taxes and Medicare, only to suffer when they retire. AND not only that, but be penalized for taking what’s rightfully yours “to early”. Something has to happen. I could go on and on very easily, but I will put one more thing in before I go. Burial expenses for Seniors on SSI paid out to the families for burial…can you please tell me in this day and time, what $255. is going to pay for? I don’t think we could be thrown in a Pine box and a hole dug for us for that. I KNOW we couldn’t. Do you think the ones I have previously mentioned in the House and Senate, could have their families buried, or be buried themselves with $255? Doubtful. God Bless America and its citizens.

    • Lynn P.

      I agree wholeheartedly

      • Andrea A.

        They are trying to do better. Better late than never. Hopefully they figure it out soon. It take time and mistakes to get it right. Just like everything else.. I’m thankful for what I get. It could be worse..

    • Otto B.

      That’s right and term limits they are all really just living off the tax payers some never worked a honest job in their life

    • Rhonda

      Sherry I totally understand & agree with every statement you made. This country is going to hell. God bless our future children grandchildren, for they will have to live with this mess!

    • SB

      I definitely agree. It’s absolutely true.

    • Barb. L.


      Really great summary!!!
      It is truly outrageous that the Congress can just keep on getting worse and worse!

    • Monica K.

      Yes ma’am I totally agree with everything you are saying. First off I come from a Military family my grandfather, my dad, my stepdad, 3 uncles, my stepbrother retired 4 yrs ago and went back to work on the base 2 yrs later. And my hero my son has been in the Army for almost 7 years now. And there is Military all in his dad’s side of the family. And to see how they get treated after knowing exactly what they have been through. I am all for our Veterans and Military Families all over. It just makes me sick to my stomach. Even the VA Hospitals that are here to help them as well don’t have a care in the world about what they are doing. It’s just another warm body to fill the position and collect a check until the next shift comes in to release them. There are only a few people now that have the compassion and understanding, as my mom used to say, the best bed side manners. The one’s that are there for one thing and one thing only the one that’s there asking for their help.
      I am a 47yr old separated disabled woman. But before I became disabled I knew I wanted to help people. I went an earned my CNA license and was working in nursing homes. But I knew that was not what I wanted to do. But in August of 2008 my stepdad has a massive heart attack with a 100%blockage. Thank goodness my mom was good friends with his ex-wife,she worked in radiology department over 30yrs at the hospital the ambulance was taking him to. So mom called her and she had the best cardiologist and everything ready and waiting when we got there. They said that 1 phone call was the only thing that saved him. Because otherwise he would have had to wait until they got the doctor there then get everything set up. But because of my mom calling her it was all already done when he got there. But because of that by October 2008 I was enrolled in school to become a Medical Assistant. When I finished I graduated with a 4.0 avg. and with Honors. That’s when I told my mom and my stepdad that they would never have to worry about going anywhere else when they grow older. That that will always be able to remain in their own home that I will be there to take care of them til the end. Well I just fulfilled that promise to my stepdad. He was put on hospice in August 2021, I had moved back in with them in late March, and mom an I had been watching him and I noticed some decline in his health as well as some changes in his behavior, then little changes in how he was doing things.
      I had worked with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients for almost 15yrs. so I started seeing warnings signs. And was trying to educate my mom on what I was seeing and what the doctor would probably be doing next. And of course they did as I told her come August he was on hospice. But they never gave her a diagnosis and proceeded to take him off his medication that he had been on for years, which was the first mistake. He had bad episode’s because you can’t do that you are supposed to gradually take them off meds they have been taking for a while. Then was only given him their comfort packet. Which is just meds to keep him comfortable when the end comes. And told my mom that he only had 7-10 days left to live. My mom said no I don’t think so not while I am here. I didn’t know they told her that until way later after they had left, because they left her a little pamphlet to read about what to look for warning signs. And what comes next. What to expect. I asked her what was that for and she told me about the 7-10 days, and I almost lost it. I told her they are not here with him 24/7 we are, they are not the ones up with him all night we are, they are not the ones fighting to give him his medicine or to feed him breakfast lunch & supper we are. So where are they coming up with 7-10 days. The nurses are here maybe an hour if that and the other girl comes twice a week and gives him a bath. And she really doesn’t know much about his condition, but he does real good for her he calls her his girlfriend. Which was a shock to mom and I cause he normally didn’t flirt kinda like that. But we thought it was cute, she was a very respectful, considerate & careing young lady. She would do anything she could to help us with him, even if it was going to make her late for her next patient.
      Well I worked with mom and taught her something’s and I started my own ADL’s, Activity’s of Daily Living, logs and when he would have falls and we would have to call Hospice, I would already check over the patient clean and doctor any wounds that needed doctoring and have my own incident report filled out waiting on them for when they arrived. And I would have them to sign date and put the time they signed the form for me. Because of all my years working with different hospice companies I have seen them come in and see that everything was ok but within maybe 2 days they are moving the patient out of the home saying that they are not safe anymore that the family is being abusive and hateful to the patient now due to changes in behavior.
      So mom and I dug in and gave it our best and at one point we did think we were going lose him but it was just them and their medicine. So since I was Medication Tech. I took over dealing with all his medicine. He was up every morning and he did take a nap then he was up for a little while before supper (which he had started eating a lot better again and put some of his weight back on) then he was in bed between 10 pm- 11pm now he did get up and down about 3 maybe 4 times during the night but who doesn’t. So by January 24,2022 when he passed away that morning, he had started sleeping in a hospital bed in the living room. His head was pretty much at the door of my bedroom. And mom slept on the other side of him in her recliner.
      I got up that morning and gave him his medicine at 9am. He went back to sleep mom was still asleep so I came back to my room and I was up and was on my phone either reading or playing bingo. By then his son and I had discussed 2 days prior that he sounded like he had the death rattle. Which I told him I have only heard people talk about it just never had heard it myself. Well the day before the nurse that had come to check on my stepdad confirmed that indeed that was what we were hearing. So that morning he was snoring loud and still has the rattle with it. But in my room I have 2 fans going because I have COPD and that’s the only thing that helps me sleep at night. But I did get up between 10 am – 10:30 am to go to the bathroom which the door is right across the hall from my bedroom door. And when I came out of the bathroom I leaned over to look at my stepdad and mom, both still asleep he was still snoring loud with the rattle. The next thing I know at about 10:50 am my mom comes running in my room screaming come look at him something is not right. By the time I got to his side he was already gone. Face was grey, arms and face were cold but his torso was still warm.
      So within a 20 min. time frame he was gone. I blamed myself for awhile thinking I could have done something that was the reason I was here, but then mom reminded me that I was not able to do anything more than what I had done because he had a pacemaker and there was no way I could get it to do anything. But I did tell mom that I actually got to see God preform a miracle, she said how. I said Hospice was only given you 7-10 days right. She said yeah. I said but God blessed you and gave you an additional 6 month with the love of your life.
      So I fulfilled my promise to already. I even helped the nurse wash and clean him put clean clothes on him and had him ready for when the people from the funeral home came to get him. And been here helping my mom every since. With changing things out of his name and putting it in or just leaving it in her name. I think we have just about got all that kind of paperwork done. Know we just need to work on getting her better. Since he passed he health has declined, not a whole lot but a little suddenly. Stub ling and falling way more than before. Lose of memory. Like losing a day or forget if she has or hasn’t took her meds.
      So to keep rambling. I guess I feel like if I have someone to help take care of then I am being useful and helpful to someone in need.

    • Jean H.

      The lump sum death payment was NEVER intended to pay for an entire funeral! When SSA first started, people were concerned they might die before receiving benefits, so Congress set up a lump sum death payment that would return something when a person died. It increased a small amount each year until it was frozen at $255. People THINK it was supposed to cover the entire funeral because if there was no surviving spouse or eligible children, another person could direct the $255 to be paid to the funeral home toward the expenses.

      • LDF

        At one time, it would have paid for a funeral. You built a pine box, or had someone build it for you. You paid a preacher, you paid for a plot if you didn’t have one already and you paid to file the death certificate.

    • Liz F.

      Very well put. It’s sad as a Older person such as myself can barely get by.
      What’s upsetting to me right now is how can the President send Billions to other countries?? What about us here in the USA struggling to get by.
      Another thing is how all the other people come from other countries and take from us and destroy the integrity of our beliefs. It’s sad everywhere you go.
      Our shelves are empty and the stores look like war zones after they shop.
      Degradation everywhere.
      So much for we the people???

      • DoYourWorseSSA

        Ya you know they only ask you to deal with your local office cause they make it your only outlet the sad thing is you will find there is none to govern them. They can do what they want when they want when they are in the wrong they make you pay for it. If you have an issue with a worker you can talk to the manager but guess what the policy is to tell the worker who called and what complaint was givin and ask them if it’s true and take there word on it no confidential anything.. it’s sad… And ssdi is a joke…..

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