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New Statement Fact Sheet for People with Limited Earnings

April 28, 2022 • By

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Last Updated: April 28, 2022

older woman reviewing information on a tabletIf you have a personal my Social Security account, you can view your Social Security Statement online to learn about your future benefits and recent earnings history. The Statement also includes fact sheets that provide helpful information based on your age group and earnings situation. We recently released a new fact sheet specifically for people with limited earnings.

You can access your Statement and the new fact sheet using your personal my Social Security account. The new fact sheet covers how you and your family members may qualify for benefits, including:

  • Supplemental Security Income.
  • Social Security retirement benefits.
  • Benefits for children.
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.
  • Help with health care costs – including Medicare, Medicare Savings Programs, Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug costs, and Medicaid.

We’re committed to helping you learn about all your benefit options. Our Benefits Eligibility Screening Tool is a convenient way to find potential benefits that best fit your situation.

To learn more, visit our Social Security Statement webpage. Please share this article with your friends and family – and post it on social media.

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Dawn Bystry, Deputy Associate Commissioner, Office of Strategic and Digital Communications

Deputy Associate Commissioner, Office of Strategic and Digital Communications


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  1. Cameron M.

    I need extra help and extra money.
    Nevada sucks. Sleezlack does nothing for this state. He is stupid. Just follows Gavin Newson.
    This is such a democratic state.
    We need to get rid of these democrats and vote in conservatives
    Catherine Cortez-Mastro should be out of office. And Susie Lee should be voted out. They are the worst.
    Hope stupid people do not vote for them.

  2. Teresa S.

    How Is It They Expect one person to live on a little over 800 monthly when the lowest Rent they can find is from 500 to 1400 light bill is outrageous no matter how much they cut down the lights ECT then water gas bill too it leaves them completely broke even if they have the lowest rent then others receive very large checks some never worked and people with the around 800 worked their whole life before they received a check waitresses waiters really got screwed!

  3. N/A

    Its hard enough being disabled and having a teenager to support we can’t file taxes so we don’t get extra income thats promised to us by the government. I live off 600 a month can’t afford an apartment housing refuses to help me I live paycheck to paycheck and have to live in a house full of family members. its not easy by any means. I don’t drive from nerve damage so I don’t care that I didnt get a gas check but they keep saying cola payment in July if your born from the 1st to the 10 th blah blah blah. we have this huge ridiculous inflation to pay back all this extra money they are “giving” to people and its not free thats why its getting expensive how else did we poor ppl pay for things and the people that need help we don’t get it. medicare medicaid don’t help either we used to have a otc online they changed the company and no one can order online too many complaints and issues they throw us more problems and less solutions. This has been a real s*** show since this pandemic hit and I’m pretty sure it was to repopulate. Who can say its just an opinion. I think the government is still screwing us over. Like the movie platoon the character king said the rich always stay rich and the poor always stay poor indeed a true fact. This will not get resolved by calling a hotline and waiting hours on the phone to get a run around response we ain’t getting any more cash. We got to suck it up and make due period its bs but thats what it is.no point in complaining. Government gives money to what they see “fit” or “deserving” Rant over!!!

    • Dennis H.

      You are absolutely right! Not everyone will get cash back. Your situation sounds similar to mine. I think that they need to make clear on who is getting these checks without saying ssa because like you I didnt get mine either on the day payment went out. I am not sure how some people get these paynents. I seen a crack head outside the 7 11 saying to a guy next to him that he got his check. I’m trying to support a family and I’m in a wheelchair with MS its hard being the man of the house still not getting the checks promised by the government. God help us when we are the ones struggling. Its a nightmare the way things have been going.

    • Susanna Q.

      I agree with both these statements govmnt needs to be clear in who gets these checks. I should have got mine the 1st Wednesday and nothing. Please fix this for us people on ssa who do need the extra help.

      • Denise M.

        What checks? Lol seriously though?


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