You Know Where to Find Us (Because We Make It Easy)

you know where to find usFor 80 years, Social Security has been there for you and your family when you need us most. And, finding us at our field offices, where you can speak with an employee face-to-face, is easier than ever!

Our handy field office locator is accessible from your computer and mobile device. On the website, you can enter your zip code to find the address, phone number and hours of the Social Security office closest to you. You can also use this tool to see a map and get directions; if you’re on your mobile device, it will even give you turn-by-turn directions.

Since you are already online, you could skip the traffic and lines by taking advantage of our other online features, too. Check out What You Can Do Online, where you’ll find that many of our services are just a click away!

For example, you use the Retirement Estimator to estimate future benefits, apply for Social Security benefits online and sign up for a my Social Security account. Setting up a my Social Security account is convenient and secure. You’ll have access to your Social Security Statement, and if you already receive benefits, you can view and print your verification letter and manage your benefits.

Some people prefer doing business in person, though, and that’s why our offices are there! Our employees are passionate about providing you with the best service possible, and we’re proud of our long history of doing so. When you visit us, whether in person or online, we’re always ready to help!


465 thoughts on “You Know Where to Find Us (Because We Make It Easy)

  1. Thank you. I was told in a previous call to ssa a short time ago that I could fill in this form and fax it in.

  2. why does this have to be so complicated,just wanted an address to send name info. what a go round.

  3. We have been trying to point print the forms CMS1763 and CMS 40B. Is it necessary to download something for that? Can the hard forms be picked up at the social security office? They got our start date incorrect., and we would like to get that corrected.

    • Hi La, thank you for your question. First, realize you may not need a replacement card. You will rarely need to show it. Knowing your Social Security number is what is important. However, if you must get a replacement card, you may be able to apply online. Check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page for details on how to apply for a replacement Social Security card. If you are unable to apply online and you do not want to mail in your documents, which will be returned, you may need to wait for the offices to reopen. Use our Social Security Office Locator to find your local office address. We hope this helps.

  4. SSA



  5. I need to talk with an agent from Social Security on the phone about my unusual situation but when I call I wait and wait on hold until I either get disconnected or I must return to my job. Is there a way to set up a phone interview and an agent call me at their convenience?
    Thank you, PSY

  6. I would like to set up a phone appointment to reduce
    my monthly medicare premium based on new information on my taxable income.

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