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With Social Security Online Services, You Don’t Need to Stretch the Day

June 20, 2016 • By

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

Stretch the DayIt’s the summer solstice, longest day of the year. You have more time to accomplish all the things on your to-do list. Unfortunately, you can’t say the same for the days to follow.

With busy schedules and constant multi-tasking, it seems like everyone is juggling the multiple chores and obligations of everyday life. That’s why Social Security created a suite of online services.

The best way to accomplish your business with Social Security online is by creating a personal my Social Security account. Easy, convenient and secure, a personal my Social Security account gives you immediate access to your individual Social Security information. During your working years, you can use your personal my Social Security account to view your Social Security Statement to check your earnings record. Are you already receiving benefits? You can use my Social Security to get a proof of benefits letter, change your address or phone number on our records, start or change your direct deposit, and check your benefit and payment information.

In addition to using my Social Security, you can use the Retirement Estimator to plug in different numbers, retirement dates, and scenarios to help you decide the best time for you to retire. In addition, when that time comes, you can apply for retirement benefits online. It can take as little as 15 minutes from start to finish. In most cases, once you submit your electronic application, that’s it, you’re done—no papers to sign or documents to submit.

From getting the skinny on how to get a replacement Social Security card to an online application for disability benefits, using Social Security online services allows you time for other things. Now you can use the extra hours to go grab some ice cream and enjoy the beautiful summer sunset.

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  1. Irene M.

    Your answering service says your office is open at 7 am but i keep calling and they tell me it’s close.

    Also, an “appointment link” would be very beneficial instead of waiting to make an appointment with a representative.

    so complicated

  2. Christina J.

    I need an award letter .I am trying to get finishing up for my mortgage refinance and they need it today.Could you send my Award letter by e-mail asap.

    • Ray F.

      Hello Christina. We do not have access to personal information, therefore, we do not do direct messaging in this venue. If you need proof you get Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security (SSI) Income or Medicare, you can request a benefit verification letter online by using your personal my Social Security account.
      Just a reminder – Please be cautious about posting personal information on social media and communicating personal information via email. Thanks!

  3. Nutra F.

    Hi there to every one, it’s actually a pleasant for me to pay a visit this web site,
    it contains valuable Information.

  4. Nutra F.

    Hi there to every one, it’s actually a pleasant for me to pay a visit this web site,
    it contains valuable Information.

  5. JOSE A.


  6. Sandy P.

    In the last four months, the benefits I receive have decreased. Why is this? From Jan. 3rd 2018 it was $745 I received. Then I received the same amount monthly until July 3, 2018. Then on August 3 the benefits went down to $343. For the past two months, the benefit has been $611.
    What’s going on?

  7. James B.

    I started my online SS application and saved it. I returned to my saved application, entered my re-entry number, and signed in with my security code. I can get no further because I am locked out — I receive a message that says contact SS office. I have not been able to talk to anyone on the Help line. I have written an email asking for help, but no response. How can I get someone to unlock my online saved application?

    • Ann C.

      Hi, James. For your security, we do not have access to private information in this venue. It might be best to call or visit your local Social Security office to ask specific questions about your application. We hope this matter is resolved as quickly as possible.

  8. JOhn B.

    I completed my application on for retirement benefits online. DO I Need to print, save and mail it in or how does it get submitted.

  9. Mary A.

    Hello , my daughter is in need of her social security card. Her card has been lost for days now. She is 46 and she has no transportation she’s on disability. She has seizures an she can’t get her medicine with out her ID. How can I as her mother help her ? She has also lost her ID an no one will help her with out an ID or SS card. I would appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you in advance for your help and your time.

  10. Capt C.

    I went on line to make an appointment at my local office. After 30 minutes I still cannot make an appointment. This is ridiculous.

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