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Receiving Housing Benefits? A Trip to Social Security May Not Be Necessary

February 16, 2017 • By

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Last Updated: November 3, 2023

elderly man and woman holding hands Social Security is constantly evolving to make your life easier. If you are currently receiving benefits from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and are reapplying for benefits, or are assisting someone with their application, a trip to the Social Security office is probably not necessary even if verification of Social Security benefits is needed.

Because of a data exchange established between Social Security and HUD, most people do not need to contact Social Security for a benefit verification letter. HUD administrators processing a Re-certification Application for Housing Assistance can use their Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) System to verify Social Security and Supplemental Security Income benefits.

Public housing agencies, private owners, and management agents administering HUD rental assistance programs may get registration information about EIV by logging onto the following websites:  or

If you are a new applicant for housing assistance, you can provide your HUD administrator with your Social Security award letter, Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) notice, SSA-1099, or other SSA benefit document you should have received at the beginning of the calendar year or when you began receiving benefits, whichever is later.

We created these data exchange agreements to help you get the support you need at the first point of contact, even if that’s not with Social Security.  If you do need to provide proof of Social Security benefits yourself, we have another way to save you a trip to Social Security.  You can get an instant benefit verification letter with a personal my Social Security account at

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications




  2. Dawn

    How can you even start the process with assistance for housing. I got let go at the age of 62, collected some unemployment and had to apply for social security, since getting hired at 62 is not likely to happen, although I keep trying! Since my social ecurity payments are less than 1000.00 per month, how can I find housing assistance?

    • Kathy M.

      I live in WA state. It took me one year to get on the Housing Program. When the list is open is when you can apply but it does take time. Don’t ever give up and stay in contact with them especially if your situation changes. You can keep watching on their website in your city.

      • Marie

        one year is amazing!
        HUD Housing wait lists are over 5 yrs in WA State and Ive applied in King and Shoshone County for section 8 (stupid lottery) for over 5 yrs now. I am now homeless due to being very ill (rare autoimmune). I am currently staying with a friend for a week or so hoping an apartment opens up in North Idaho (5 hours away – and MUCH colder).

    • sablelulu

      Find all your answers and all services you will need right here
      You sign up housing which can take yrs so get started now. Not all rentals are Metro or low income. You can talk a landlord into putting him in for a renter for housing and most will as they like a check compared to no rent at all. DO NOT be afraid to ask questions.Call get advice . Folks need to learn to read.. YOU would not believe what i have and found .just from looking and doing my homework .God Bless and good luck to you

    • R.F.

      Hi Dawn. Please contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for information.

    • John

      Contact your county assistance office.

    • charles

      HUD.GOV is where to look for everything related to housing. Btw…I’ve spend MANY MANY hours on that website. Try not to get distracted by all the flashy adds for their programs. Or you might as well make it your homepage. Actually. HUD.GOV will tell you about these programs but for straightforward answered whether or not they have a program that is AMIZINGLY BENIFITIAL…..IF…you meet the requirements. Go to USDA.GOV. and no i did not misprint USDA.GOV. Good luck.

    • Hope F.

      Dawn, look under “Need Help ?” at the Rental Assistance link below. It may be a while before space opens up for you to apply. But, don’t get discouraged.

      When you turn 65 and apply for Medicare, you may be eligible for Medicare Saving Program. That link is also below.

      Rental Assistance-

      Medicare Savings Programs-

    • SLM

      sorry if scrambled – just spent 6months doing copious research in reply to a law firm that had a really uninformed paralegal reply to my accommodations request. (used to work for law firms in NYC, not the dumb blonde one firm thought I was as they found out during a deposition). The link below will get your started – the entire document is 743 pages long, and interestingly other same sourced documents – often have slighly differing requirements (older versions of law?)


      Make sure you keep all records of medical expenses.

      I am writing more incase anyone is also 62 and disabled.
      Bit of history – so you know I’ve been through the ropes and the main person to help yourself is YOU. I will give help to start your research process.

      I arrived in WA state from NYC. After an 89 buidling fire, and ongoing illegal renovations (and work related chemical exposures) my health totally collapsed at the age of 45ish. I was to obtain my Masters. I was completely paralytic and with all organs breaking down.

      It took THREE years to obtain SSD(I) only because I did not “know the ropes”. One had to have in my case a 21 page medal report citing exact legal and medal listings required by SSA. Same for housing it turns out. I had paid thousands into private insurance, disability insurance and did not get squat – unless you have someone to assist you to fill out these copious forms (as I did for people dying of AIDS when I had a minor in City Government) you make one mistake and that’s it.


      The housing has been an equal nightmare – but as a gas guy in NYC told me (the landlord would turn the heat back on when they arrived, turns out the city would notify landlords – who knew? “Knowledge is power” (sort of – takes work to get laws enforced.

      So now even at my local PHA I bring the laws in, and mention I have contacted my Senator. For example, all places insited I go to a doctor to get a note stating I am disabled! SSDI is so hard one must be almost dead. But I have NEVER gone to a traditional M.D. (mother in traditional medicine, read her books and went holistic at a young age). NO M.D. in WA would give me any help as it’s a “non medical freedom state” meaning the Rx companies and other forces can and do remove one’s liscence if supporting the chemically injured (the Rx companies make much of the highly toxic products for home use – OSHA, MSDS)

      Turns out I did not need a current medical note from anybody. If I play their game it turns out this medical note can be from almost anyone, even a social service, or peer support group, or friend! (housing laws are very broad to be more inclusing, SSD is NOT).

      (to much to go over managers head to property managers some know the law, or realize I do, but many hang up and do other illegal things)…

      Turns out that requirement is for those NOT already “verified” by a third party (SSA) as disabled.

      HUD and Fair housing laws state that even if not disabled the record still counts.

      YOUR SSA statement will be your proof of income now for verification resons.


      Go to your states HUD housing online – see what they have in your area. Start from there. Section 8 voucher program, be careful as many places (not related to the PHA) use billions from government (Section 504) to get low cost loans to provide housing, but after one year the rent goes to market rates).

      Project based Section 8. One can not take the voucher ie the rent help is not “portable” but you know what you get up front.

      So sign up for all that are useful to you… you can sign up to multiple places.

      Once you do, and have met all requirements, you will be on a wait list, and if it takes longer then x amount of time (think 3 – 6 months) you will need to be “recertified” which is less time consuming then the original. I closed many savings accounts just to consolidate the information on these forms.

      You can research to find out where they are through HUD or go into your local HUD pha, they have a list (section 8 voucher) and from this list I did research and marked most off after finding them online. I had to do reesarch into their mother company (property managers) to see their funding type. They all get federal assistance and the different types of loans are exhaustive.

      Then your rent is a baseline of 30% of your gross income – minus adjusted expenses. Medical including Medicaire and other verified mecical expenses (the place I got a lawyer reply to denying this based on illegal ativity – the office manager question my chiropractor (back spinal birth thing) and dental stating it was not allowed or had to be seen week to week. All wrong.

      There is an extensive list allowed (extensive) and the week to week is wrong (even ONE time medical expenses). This HUD doc is almost 1k pages long and has formulas.

      To dis allow this meant they would collect more rent then was allowed by law – oops.

      The for being either disabled or elderly – one gets a one only (not both) deduction of $400. There is a electric allowance of $400, and hopefully where I am a utility allowance from 10 to 200 depending on the PHA discretion.

      I am worried myself, but all I have.

      It took 25 years I am a Senior now, and the housing issues are the same nightmare. But I have a background in research (legal and medical) and other experience that I put to work. People such as myself often live in cars and tents as they can not be around any forms of synthetic fragrance (made of left over oil products and highly toxic, it is a from of poisoning).

      This is what my reseach shows.

      Find your local PHA (Public Housing Authority). There are different types of housing. HUD has recently cut back on the Section 8 voucher program, which although it has a quicker turnover, many properties that are privately owned use it as a ruse to obtain assistance then after ONE year the lease goes month to month and the rents can be raised to market rates.

      I found this out by insisting to the Section 8 intake person, which meant at a low SSD(I) income (as I was young) I would not be able to afford this.

      That is because HUD has a program to assist private owners (even much of the assisted living in WA state I found, receives this funding, loans of 1% to even 0% to provide housing).

      I am replying to a legal firm that denied my reasonable accommodation (the manager of a great little place sent my medical records in – oops. and I found the Dr. who owns this and other properties in CA, WA Oregon has elderdly die due to negligance (used to work on Wall St. in financial graphics and not easy but I found their SEC information – deals worth multi millions when they claimed “undue financial burden”.

      I guess what I am trying to say is one starts with research – and often, most often the PHA staff and esp the other forms of housing – the staff just do not have the background to do this research. They are HUD certified but a one week class can’t cover it all. Everywhere I went, under the same laws, the housing forms asked different requirements.

    • SLM

      This link has the TTP – Total Tenant Payments and many formula’s – meaning even the local PHA can get it wrong as mind did insisting a social worker return a note stating I needed accommodation due to disability (water to clean with instead of synthetic fragrance soaps) She never did, turns out she was moving on to another position and did not inform me – 3 months later I learn of this by both parties.

      Now I know that even HUD allow for a credible statement from the applicant – in this case why not! So you will know yourself.

      • SLM

        “as mine did” forgive all typos.

      • R.F.

        If you need public housing assistance or would like specific information about public housing programs visit: U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development.

    • Donna B.

      Have you ever thought of renting with a roommate spilt the bills 50/50. ! Im thinking about it but its hard to make changes like i have these past 4.5yrs !!

  3. Neelofur S.

    Hi, I have applied so many times for my husband to get some benefits because he has Dementia and he cannot work I am only working in the household my husband is not getting any social security benefits because according to them he did not work enough credit in America, but if he got sick and he has dementia he do not know or remember anything how will he complete four credits I need help with all the payments because my credit card bills getting higher and higher and according to the social security I am making more than minimum.

    • Peter W.

      You have to support him since that’s what you promised to do in front of the priest when you both got married.

      • Lesly F.

        I am in love with my wife we are going well with God thanks for your comment about marriage is true we need to live together for lifetime yeah in God we trust thanks U.S.A we stand

    • Donna B.

      do you have a cpr certificate if so ask how can you get paid to take care of him !!! Im very serious i dont know all the details but theres supposably a program thru ssa that pays for a caregivers expertise yo
      U .would call dept of community affairs and ss,dfcds someone should know where to f direct you Good Luck

  4. Lena

    Do you have a social security advisor to answer questions on filing claims? I want to maximize Social Security benefits.

    • R.F.

      Hi Lena. Please bear in mind that the decision on when to apply for retirement benefits is a personal one. We can only provide you with the information to help you make the best choice according to your own situation. We suggest you create a My Social Security account to review your earnings record and get an estimate of your future benefits. Remember, we respond to questions and provide general information about our programs through our Blog and Facebook page. If you have a general question, we encourage you to ask here (never post personal information on social media). We hope this helps!

    • John

      Any social security rep will give you the information you need. It is your choice as to what to do.

  5. Sharon M.

    Yes i am Building , U.S House and GOV new zip code it may be in NC. sorry address change with PO Box 2 time on the road World wide PO Box 30054 you no some say 15 yer,s other say 20 year,s homeless , 35 year,s NY, MD U.S.C other College SC

  6. William L.

    I have.

  7. William L.

    I’m 100% disabled. How do I know if I’m receiving all benefits I’m entitled too?

    • Aloha G.

      Find a case manager or social worker. If you are a senior, call your city or community center and see if they provide those services. If not, call 211and ask if they can refer you to someone who can review your situation. Also, some medical plans have case managers or services (like Kaiser has Altegra, My Advocate). In addition to benefits, you may qualify for utility assistance programs. Talk to a HICAP counselor to make sure that you are in the best Medicare plan for your condition. You may be able to lower your costs.

      • Donna B.

        You can get what they call extra help thru the my advocate program if you only get a small check like mine then you will be éligible and they help get your insurance part d premium paid each month !

    • Hope F.

      Also, if you have Dependents, they may be eligible for benefits. There are rules, You can call your local SSA office or the toll free number and ask if you have dependents that are not receiving benefits. They can tell you if they may qualify.

    • sablelulu AND then you call. get up, go get the food card, apply for free phone. Get your heat down with your state who has a form of ”heap or pip )call it. When you go here,compare your income to what is available. No case manager or anyone like that is going to do it for you .Unless you bedridden , you will have to seek and find. Glad i did –Good luck to you and God Bless ya too

      • charles

        That’s true. There are so many government programs that exist. Yet the vast majority of these programs are only accessible to people who know of their existence, where they are located, and have the ability to ask to speak with someone from the exact name of the program. It’s one of the ways they keep from providing everyone with everything that they are eligible for. WARNING!!! BEWARE of non government associated websites that claim to determine the various programs you may be entitled to. DO NOT FALL FOR their bait. If you have been going to multiable websites in order to research a specific type of assistance. It’s only a matter of time before your info is sold to a company that will entice you by asking you if you need help in the exact type of assistance that you’ve been researching. A rule of thumb, if it doesn’t end in .gov then AVOID THE WEBSITE. And do not give them any information. A website owner who buys your info will most certainly resell your info to everyone they want. Acouple of good places to begin are at the website to the Department of Human Services. They will have a alpha list with a short description of every program they have to offer. Programs from DHS will be offered by, and funded by the state in which you live. For a list of federally funded programs available, go to There you will be asked about 30 or so questions(the most intrusive question asked is your birthdate). The questions, may seem somewhat random, but they are designed to provide you with a list of all federal programs that you may benefit from and,or are eligible for. So answer the questions accurately. Even if they at times seem silly. Again every program within the list provided to you once all the questions are answered will contain a breif description and the contact info for each program. Don’t get too excited. Not much beyond the handfull of well known programs are easy to get assistance from. They each have their own rules and what can make you eligible for one program, can disqualify you from another.. Personally I suggest learning about all programs that offer the same type of assistance. Ask questions through emails. Never erase those emails as they are indisputable.reference in case you need them. Decide which program is right for your situation by rulling out other programs of the same type. And remember that every social worker who you correspond with, talks to hundreds or thousands of people every week, with similar problems as your own or worse. Good luck. And for your own sake….do not get into a hurry or expect immediate results. Patience and adaptability are two virtues that will save you alot of stress and anxiety.

      • Teresa l.

        you cant get food stamps if you live in CA they say they give us a supplement income already the social security people say that even though people that get cash aid for 2 people get more then we do but they get Food stamps we get like 130-160- on SSI and food stamps for one person is $218. and for 2 people its over $300. so they get more then we do its sad

    • R.F.

      Hi William, you may write to us and request a review of your records. You can also call our toll-free number at 1-800-772-1213. Representatives are available Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. You will generally have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. Thanks.

    • AKA

      Ask the people who send you what you currently receive.

  8. William L.

    I’m 100% disabled. How do I know if I’m receiving all benefits I’m entitled too.

    • Christie F.

      drop a letter to the SS Administration and they will review your account and give you an answer.

    • Hope F.

      You can go to your local SSA,Office and speak to some. Do you have a my social security online account ? If not, you can go to the SSA,website and create one. Your earnings statements should also be there.

      If your SSDI is less than $755 a month in 2017 and you meet SSI,Financial Criteria with your household income and resources, you should be,eligible for SSI to make up the difference so you receive a total of $755 a month in SSDI and SSI.

      If you are low income, you may qualify for Medicare Savings Program to help with your Medicare costs.

      • j n.

        if you are eligible for ssi, I believe you would then be eligible for medical & prescription benefits. check with your states welfare agency.

  9. Rachel R.

    If I am currently a California resident and I receive a Section 8 voucher to rent a home or rent with option to buy, can I move to another state and utilize my voucher?

    • sablelulu

      if you state says you can. Here in Ohio , law was i have to stay one yr. I am not going no where .I have a sweet apt at a sweet price and just make it on less than 1K i live on .Some here should be grateful for the help they do get. Someday when i do get older it will be less and i can only pray i remain right here in my apt

    • Kathy M.

      As far as I understand your voucher is good for anywhere in the U S.

      • Teresa l.

        Not true when my daughter in law went from Salinas ca to Shelton WA here voucher was no good they did help her get it faster then some one who has never had it any were but she had like 6 mnths before her sec 8 was approved and also shelton wa is very small place and theirs not a long wait for anyone

    • R.F.

      Hi Rachel. Please contact the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for information.

    • Hope F.

      “Under the voucher program, new voucher-holders may choose a unit anywhere in the United States if the family lived in the jurisdiction of the PHA issuing the voucher when the family applied for assistance. Those new voucher-holders not living in the jurisdiction of the PHA at the time the family applied for housing assistance must initially lease a unit within that jurisdiction for the first twelve months of assistance. A family that wishes to move to another PHA’s jurisdiction must consult with the PHA that currently administers its housing assistance to verify the procedures for moving.”

  10. Bernadette S.

    Yes I do need help. Every time I tried to get some help they keep asking me for money and I don’t have any. I get $1,487 from Social Security and I am paying $1,382.20 a month for mortgage. I get $416 from OPM and $229 from Aetna which you already know. I have no other payment. I have a high electric bill, high gas bill, plus 12 co-pay medications. I tried to get medicaid to help me pay for my insurance and they told I made too much money. I pay for car/bcbs $200 monthly.

    • Christie F.

      If you had an efficiency apartment where I live you could be paying $650 for rent, $40 for electricity, and $10 a month for gas in your car. Why stay in your house when you can’t afford it anymore.

      • Aloha G.

        Not sure where Bernadette lives but in the area we live, there is no affordable housing or section 8 available. The wait lists are 4 to 10 years. Some of the affordable housing is being converted to regular apartments with the rent going from $600 to $1400 ..legally. Bernadette you may want to consider renting a room.

        • stefanie b.

          Are u flippin kidding?

          • Larry n.

            NOT kidding. In California it seems that any person who comes from south of the border has section8. The wait lists are closed. In addition if you happen to have gotten on the list your wait could be as long as 10 years.

      • Peter W.

        I paid off my home before I retired, so I wouldn’t be paying rent to someone else. Everyone that is about to retire shouldn’t have a mortgage payment or be paying rent.

        • JOHN H.

          whatta dreamer u are..not everyone is as fortunate as you but what are u going to do when taxes go up the roof needs replacing or a major repair needs to be done? count ur blessings before being critical of others after all ..when you die you have nothing!!

        • Donna B.

          Thats all good but we arent like you we dont have our homes anymore thats why we are trying to get someone to help us ! You have no idea what my life is like now im use to my own home but a bad marriage or man took it from me when i got sick !!

      • F. A.

        umm maybe because she worked her ass off all her life to lose it now??

      • comp.bil

        Wow who assigned you a Judgeship???

        • F. A.

          i did smart ass

        • stefanie b.

          Thank u!!

    • Hope F.

      Assistance programs are for those with low income. It sounds like you need to move to a place you can afford. Have you thought about getting roommates? Have you talked to your mortgage company and asked if there is a way to lower your payments ? Can you find someone to take over the payments and live there if/when you move out ?

      We have to adjust our lifestyles as our finances change.

      • Aloha G.

        Great advice.

        • Teresa l.

          sounds to me like you are living very well i wish i could afford all you have i have to live were there are litterly gun shootings from gangs at least 5 times week this last week we did ok we only had 3 but 3 were killed all under the age of 21 and 2 of them were laying right outside my kitchen window 2nd one went into neighbors kitchen window what stoped the bullet was a tapatia hot sauce bottle sitting on his kitchen table and no one cares they say everytime the police and gang task force you live in the ghetto what do u excpect well its all i can afford cause i became disabled very young in life i make $800. 599. rent 100. pg&e and that leaves me $101. for food,and shampoo toilette paper body soap female diapers so once thats paid i get about 50. for groceries im not eligible in ca for food stamps oh and i forgot i have $12, a mnth in copay for meds and been waiting on sec 8 or hud for 5 years i think last time i checked i was 5306 on the waiting list

          • Donna B.

            Thats all good but we arent like you we dont have our homes anymore thats why we are trying to get someone to help us ! You have no idea what my life is like now im use to my own home but a bad marriage or man took it from me when i got sick !! You know thats the way it is where i live theres no shootings but the only subsidized aprmt are 40 and 50 yrs old the same ppl been living there all their life and get this mt county has only 8 little apartments in the housing auth. Hands i might as well forget it! Ppl that have money and plenty of things dont have an inkling of what mine and you and the rest of us suffering !! It seems so simple “”i want my own place to live”” but its not and rich folk dont even know how us down on the poverty level lives !! Thank God im blessed everyday hes always with me hes my waymaker !!! My savior my most and best high !! Thank you Jesus for loving us !!!!

      • comp.bil

        Obviously everyone’s shark instincts have taken over .Bernidette you should look in to ether a refinance, or a reverse mortgage, Either one would give you relief. There are government offices that can refer you to reputable organizations, in both fields

        • Donna B.

          Georgis community affairs will direct you where you might find some help!! Im getting ready to ask about any subsidized housing anywhere !

    • Jeannette

      Ask your doctor about help with signing up for pharmaceutical programs for free medications or at a discounted price. is also a good place to see where the cheapest meds are in your area. They ask for zip code and the name of the drug to search. Hope that helps. You can work and still receive SS benefits, ask SS about the Ticket to Work Program. Hope this helps.

      • Lucky

        mm macaroons are so good they make me swoon (and apentparly give me some kind of poetic abilities too, ahah) .but seriously though, your h&m blazer is too fab for words .. i need to hit up an h&m asap ! love x

      • Flora

    • AKA

      I’m sure you’re going to get a lot of advice but let’s face it. Many people have to adjust their lifestyle when they have a loss in income. Rather than having others supplement your situation, change your situation.

      • Teresa l.

        I was just saying to the other person thats getting alot more then i get and she thinks she has it so bad Im very blessed I have a sister that is a penny pincher and some how some way she is also my caregiver she always makes sure i have what i need I just before my husband passed i was so spoiled and i didnt even know what paying a bill was he did everything and i did everything i wanted i never ever had to wait for a payday we were only property mngers but some way he always bought me diamonds we live very comfortable I played bingo usally 3x a week if not 5 and it was always $200. cause like I say i never knew the meaning of no till he passed and i had to start paying and i couldnt do it and then i had a nerves breakdown lost my inner memory cortes then cancer and then copd and couldnt work and had to go on ssi cause when we were mngers they only pay one person so all the money was in his name in the long run know that we all see i was loosing my memory and other motor skills so i get minimal ssi and his ss is not a lot because part of our pay for the 18 yrs of our 24 yr marriage was property mangers and most of income is your resident,telephone,gas and electric car insurance internet we live in CA in Pebble beach area were rents are $2800. to $3,200. for a one bedroom and then we went into mobile home park mngers were we had a triple wide very very nice 2 bedroom Mobile home sunk in bath with fireplace in your master suite that over looked the ocean again rent $3,000. to $4000, all that was great till you become disabled and cant claim none of this

        • Chandra p.

          Chandra house i need to get i have ssi and ssa

      • Donna B.

        Amen sister
        Thats what im screaming to myself !!””if i dont like my situation get up and change its never to late as long as we are breathing !

    • Christina O.

      Since I have a disability and I going to college to have AA degree in Computer Science and Graphic Arts. I would like to become more sufficiency to care for myself. I live in low income housing that programs for full time students like Eden Housing Project. I would have always to renewal the lease every year in order to live in apartment in CA because the rents are expensive in private landlords’ apartments. The rents are always cost from $1000 to $2000 for 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom.

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