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Our Customer Service Caught the President’s Attention!

February 4, 2016 • By

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

shawn-lynchThe White House announced winners of the first ever President’s Award for Customer Service, and we’re proud to share that one of our employees received this honor among four other government awardees.

Shawn Lynch, a claims representative from the Dothan, Alabama, field office, was recognized for her superior customer service. Among her many contributions, Shawn led efforts to reduce appointment wait times and increase the number of my Social Security registrations within her office. She also took the initiative to reach out to applicants before their appointments, giving them the opportunity to have their disability claims taken early. Shawn educated claimants on the Self Help PC as well. Furthermore, she showed her commitment to service by taking part in community outreach.

Receiving a prestigious service award, especially from the President, is a great achievement! It exemplifies — to other federal agencies and the nation — our driving mission to provide world-class customer service that meets the changing needs of the public.

We congratulate Shawn on her accomplishment, as well as improving lives within her community! We’re lucky to have such a valuable, resourceful member as a part of the Social Security team.

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  1. Roger B.

    Will this website give us more of such good things that will help a lot of people enhance their knowledge?

  2. Margeret

  3. Neha

    I am Neha 20 year old disabled in my right hand is with elbow but my dream study in USA is my dream but my parent is not a affordable in study please your charitable trust in study in USA We have help in my dream in success i have stand in self dependent

  4. Deborah P.

    I just don’t understand how I can be on social security for 15 years,and because in Feb.2020 I miss an appeal review do to not only my manager withholding my mail from me,but at the same time couldn’t go to any appointments do to the covid 19,and stay at home orders,I don’t receive my Mays payment,and now I have to fill out the appeals papers on my phone,make coppies then fax them back in hopes social security gets them.I don’t feel it was right for them to do this in the middle of a pandemic.

  5. Jim R.

    After reading through these comments I think it’s great to show appreciation and recognition to those that go above and beyond and they are actually doing their jobs and also adding ways to improve the efficiency of the process. To that I say Thank You Shawn on a job well done.
    Then we get to the remarks of bullying, name calling, racist remarks, ranting and raving look no farther than yourselves for allowing someone in office that publicly does all of these then simply says he didn’t say that or it was taken out of context. I am so glad that I never fell for any of his lies or ignorance and total lack of respect for women. You Thank this Idiot for not doing anything till it was too late and you can bet he’ll find a way blame someone else. That so man has never admitted he was wrong and he’ not man enough to now!!! Face it people our Citizens are now dying due to his ignorance and any of you that Voted for him. The Economy we have none anymore and this package is now being raped by the people entrusted to protect us!!!!!!!

  6. Margaret M.

    May I please send a letter of commendation to Ms. Brantley in the Forest, MS office!! She is a tremendous asset to the Social Security Administration. This office is known to be THE OFFICE to everyone in the whole of MS, but especially in our area!! Word of mouth is the only marketing tool they need!! I was told by many of my friends to go to Forest because the staff are so willing to be of service, My experience was so pleasant, confidential, prompt, courteous that when my husband was ready to sign up I encouraged him to sign up in the Forest, MS office. After being on hold for 45 MINUTES, he finally got through,and was told very rudely he would have to call another office, when asked if they could connect us she sighed and said no!! We called Forest. Ms. Brantley answered, we were immediately and calmly worked through the process and within minutes he was signed up for Medicare and Social Security!! Hallelujah!!! Words cannot express the relief and feelings of gratitude for employees like her!! Thank you!!

    • A.C.

      Hi, Margaret. Thank you for your feedback! We’re pleased we can help. Our employees are committed to providing the public with the best service possible. We promise to pass your note along to our colleague.

  7. Bertram g.

    My check from Treasury for. Nov 21 is late. What can I do?

  8. wendy g.

    how can i make an appointment with my local ss office. is there a website to do that? my zip code is 94901
    i cannot find any way to do this by looking at your website. thank you

  9. Annette

    I got a call from a disability case worker on 2/13/18, but missed the call. I called back and left a message as instructed. I called back later in the day also. In total, i have called 8 times. I left a message ONLY the first time as instructed in her voicemail greeting. Today 2/15/18, i called again and thought maybe ANYONE could help me, as long as they had my social security number. BOY WAS I WRONG!! The operator who answered told me that the disability case workers very seldom answered their phones (Imagine how i felt hearing that) and connected me to a supervisors number, that wasnt answered either. I did not leave a messageon the supervisors voicemal because i didnt want to get anyone in trouble or jeopardize my chance of getting disability. Now, i was told from the second that i applied for disability, that i should respond immediately to any and all calls and notifications i receive or it would be viewed as this is not important to me. Shouldnt i expect the same courtesy? Now i am waiting for the case worker to call me back and worried that since i missed the initial first call, that i will be denied.

    • R.F.

      We apologize for the inconveniences you’re experiencing and understand your frustration, Anette.
      We can assure you that we care about our customers and our representatives are working as fast as they can to process new claims. We attempt to resolve all inquiries promptly, but there may be delays due to the volume of claims pending in your area.
      Please allow a reasonable amount of time for either the case worker or his supervisor to contact you. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

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