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A Lasting Way to Show Your Love

May 19, 2016 • By

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Last Updated: May 19, 2016

Hands holding up a paper heart to the sunSpringtime is upon us and love is in the air! Valentine’s Day may be but a memory and the storefront displays have moved on to new holidays, but you can still express your feelings in a meaningful way.

A powerful way to prove your love is to show that you care about a family member or friend’s future. Everyone you love probably wants to enjoy retirement. The decisions of when and how to retire require preparation and careful planning.

Social Security is a safety net that keeps millions of elderly Americans out of poverty. At you’ll find valuable resources that you can access 24 hours a day from your preferred location.

Showing your love might take the form of letting a family member know when a realistic retirement date might be. Our online Estimator offers an instant and tailored estimate of your future Social Security benefits based on your earnings record. You can plug in different anticipated yearly earnings to discover different retirement options and learn how your benefits could increase if you work longer.

While it’s just an estimate, it can also be vital information before your loved one puts the down payment on the beach condo, boat, or moves to Tuscany. Or they may want to open that dream business after retirement. It’s all possible when you plan ahead. Give the Retirement Estimator a try today at

Love comes in many forms. Helping someone prepare for retirement will improve the overall quality of their life for years. Spread the love, direct your loved ones to

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Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications


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