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A Galaxy at Your Fingertips, Not Far Far Away

June 27, 2016 • By

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

Distant galaxy

This past winter, Americans of all generations awakened to the newest film in the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Many readers probably remember seeing the first Star Wars film in theaters in 1977. The advanced technology used by the Jedi and Sith in a galaxy far, far away seemed light years away.

While we still don’t have interstellar travel, personal robots, or holographic communication, we now use technology like the Internet and smart phones that would have seemed straight out of science fiction in 1977.

Social Security wants you to experience an awakening when you use our online services. We continually expand our online services to reflect changing customer needs, and to provide you with world-class service. Our online services are convenient, secure, and allow you to conduct much of your business with us from the comfort of your own home, office, or starship.

For instance, you can use our website to apply for retirement, spouses, or disability benefits online. You can also apply for Medicare and Extra Help with your Medicare prescription drug costs on our website, and use our online benefit planners to help you calculate your retirement, disability, and survivors benefits.

You can open a free personal online my Social Security account where you can keep track of your annual earnings and verify them. You can also get an estimate of your future benefits, if you are still working. If you currently receive benefits, you can use your account to manage your benefits, get a letter with proof of your benefits, or request a Medicare card replacement. In some areas, you can even use your account to request a replacement Social Security card.

“The force is calling to you. Just let it in.” Today, check out our online services and join the millions of other Americans who reach out and touch the stars. Learn more at

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