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A Constant Quest to Improve Our Online Services

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Graphic of address bar on computer with cursor arrow, Shooting computer screenWe know you’re busy and need ways to be more productive. Our online services make it possible for you to conduct business with us when and where it’s convenient for you. Our goal is to provide you with world-class service and our online services are a convenient, cost-effective, and secure way for us to better serve you. 

On our website, you can apply for retirement, spouse’s, disability, and Medicare benefits. You can use our benefit planners to calculate your future benefits. You can also find answers to your frequently asked questions. You can even apply for Extra Help to pay for the costs—monthly premiums, annual deductibles, and prescription co-payments—related to a Medicare prescription drug plan.

In addition, by opening a personal my Social Security account, you can keep track of your earnings and verify them every year by reviewing your Social Security Statement. You can get an instant benefit verification letter or one stating that you don’t currently receive benefits, never received benefits, or are waiting for an answer on your application for benefits.

If you receive benefits, you also can:

  • Change your address or telephone number;
  • Start or change your direct deposit;
  • Get a replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042S for your taxes; and
  • Replace your Medicare card.

We frequently review our online services looking for new and useful enhancements to meet our customers’ changing needs. Your feedback is important to us when deciding how we can better serve you, so use this blog to let us know.

We continue to use updated technology and innovative ideas to expand our online services at And although our online services can be handled easily from the comfort of your home or office, our in-person services are still available to you. We are committed to meeting your needs and preferences in how you like to conduct business with us.

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  1. Joe P.

    Your website is terrible. All I want is to file our a W4V and where to mail it. Almost impossible to find.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Joe, sorry to hear about the difficulties you are having with Social Security. To sign up for voluntary tax withholding, you will need to complete Form W-4V from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You can download the form or call the IRS toll-free at 1-800-829-3676 and ask for Form W-4V. Complete and sign the form and mail it to your local Social Security office. Use ourSocial Security Office Locator to find your local office mailing address. We hope this helps!

  2. OD

    i think there should be away to still look at estimates when you delay your own social Security until you decide to take it even though you are drawing spousal support that way you can decide when to take it if you don’t want to wait all the way to 70

  3. Lois A.

    I want to change banks for my s.s. deposit

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Lois. Thanks for using our blog. If you’re receiving Social Security benefits (retirement, survivors, or disability), you can start or update your direct deposit information in your my Social Security account. If receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or unable to conduct business online, you can start or update your direct deposit by contacting the bank, credit union, or savings and loan association or by calling Social Security at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or you can contact your local Social Security office. Please look for the general inquiry telephone number at the Social Security Office Locator. The number may appear under Show Additional Office Information. Please be aware that our call wait times are longer than normal.

      Check out our Frequently Asked Questions web page for more information.

  4. Mardin h.

    Meteoroloji hava durumu tahminler, 15 günlük hava durumu tahminleri veren adres. Mardin Hava Durumu 15 Günlük

  5. Joseph M.

    Where and how to change my bank to deposit s.s. benefit?

  6. barbara c.

    can I receive benifits for a grandchild in my custody?

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Barbara. Thanks for your question. Generally, the biological parents of the child must be deceased or disabled or the grandchild must be legally adopted by the grandparent. For more information, check out our publication, Benefits for Children. We hope this helps.

  7. Mark H.

    Where should I send my W4-V in order to adjust withholding taxes from my SS retirement payments?

  8. Lynn R.

    The email address I used to sign up is not in existence anymore. I need help either setting up a new acct or retrieving the old and updating my email address. I am simply trying to get a ss statement of benefits available to me.

  9. david d.

    im tring to get a form for deducting taxes from my ss check each month. I believe it a w4 -V . can you help me.

  10. Linda M.

    trying to apply for social security and medicare online and i am not seeing the submit button at end.

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Linda, thank you for your question. When filing online, there is a “Review and Sign” tab. When you scroll to the bottom of that tab, there’s an Electronic Signature Agreement. After checking the box stating you agree with the Electronic Signature Agreement, there is a “Submit Now” button.

      For additional assistance, please speak to a representative by calling us at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778), Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or you can contact your local Social Security office.

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