Will Remarriage Affect my Social Security Benefits?

married couple hugging Whether it’s a morning ceremony or an evening gala, excitement’s in the air. It’s wedding season! A time when many couples officially tie the knot. Social Security is with you throughout life’s journey, we wouldn’t miss the chance to be there after your wedding. 

If you’re getting married, along with the excitement of your impending nuptials, you may have some questions about changing the name on your Social Security card.

If you get Social Security disability or retirement benefits and you get married again, there are four ways in which remarriage may affect your benefits:

  1. If you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits — If you marry, your spouse’s income and resources may change your SSI benefit. If you and your spouse both get SSI, your benefit amount will change from an individual rate to a couple’s rate.
  2. If you receive benefits as a widow, divorced widow, widower, or divorced widower — You cannot get benefits if you remarry before age 60 or if you are disabled and remarry before age 50. If you remarry before you turn 50, you will not be entitled to survivor’s benefits, unless the marriage ends.

—  If you remarry before you turn 60 and that marriage ends, you may become entitled or re-entitled to benefits on your prior deceased spouse’s earnings record. Your benefits begin the first month in which the subsequent marriage ended if all entitlement requirements are met.

  1. If you receive divorced spouse’s benefits — Generally, your benefits end if you remarry. Check out if you are divorced for more information.
  2. Benefits for a child under age 18 or student ages 18 or 19 — Benefits end if you marry. You can find more information in our page Benefits for Children.

Also, your remarriage after age 60 does not prevent you from becoming entitled to benefits on your prior deceased spouse’s Social Security earnings record. Visit our Benefit Planners for more information.


583 thoughts on “Will Remarriage Affect my Social Security Benefits?

  1. I am on SSDI divorced my mom passed away last year she lived with me for 5 years am I entitled to assistance of any kind? Also can my son 19. Collect benefits from me he is ADHD and cares for me what are my options? Also would mine or his benefits change if I married someone who is also disabled

  2. I was married for 12+ years, now divorced. Now I want to remarry someone else. New prospective wife makes more money than I do. After I retire, and then we marry, am I entitled to benefits based on her income.

  3. I am a widow, age 83. I am getting SS benefits adjusted after my husband died.
    I would like to get married. Can I continue to get that same amount of SS when I remarry ?

  4. I am 52 been on ssi disability for a while now about 10 years . If I remarry and my new husband makes between 17-22 hr will it Effect my disability income are my Medical in any way?

  5. I just noticed my mother is receiving SSI, not SSA retirement, she is 86, it was never changed by SS. She now wants to apply for spousal benefits. How is this handled?

  6. I am 75 and recently divorced. I have worked my entire life and receive my own social security. If I remarry will I lose my social security?

  7. I have a question.
    a 68 year old divorced woman receives social security benefits based on her ex-husband’s work record. They were married for 26 years. He made a good salary. She put in for social security at 66 based on her first husband’s work record. She gets 1/2 of her first husband’s SSI. Can she now marry a 74 year old guy and continue with her benefits from the earlier marriage, or does she have to accept 1/2 of her new husband’s SSI (which of course is lower)?

    Please advise.


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