No Cost-of-Living Adjustment for 2016

pink piggy bank Social Security’s annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is an increase in the benefit amount people receive each month. By law, the monthly Social Security and SSI federal benefit rate increases when there is a rise in the cost of living. The government measures changes in the cost of living through the Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index (CPI-W).

The CPI has not risen since the last cost-of-living adjustment in 2015. As a result, your SSI benefit rate and, for most people, your Social Security benefit amount will stay the same in 2016.

This news isn’t necessarily bad. When inflation stays at the same rate, your cost of living also stays the same. Prices for goods and services, on average, haven’t increased enough to affect the COLA.

Other changes that would normally take effect based on changes in the national average wage index also won’t begin in January 2016. Since there is no COLA, the statute also prohibits a change in the maximum amount of earnings subject to the Social Security tax, as well as the retirement earnings test exempt amounts. These amounts will remain unchanged in 2016. The new fact sheet provides more information on 2016 Social Security and SSI changes.

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881 thoughts on “No Cost-of-Living Adjustment for 2016

  1. The cost of health care has increased. The cost of car insurance has increased. The cost of food has increased due to drought in the west and floods in the south. The cost of phones & internet continue to increase. Just because the cost of gasoline is down does not meant that other costs drop–not in my world. Is the cost of Medicare going up….yes. So retirees live on less. Thanks

    • Very true about only the cost of gas not increasing. If the government would stop paying benefits to the illegal people in this country, they could help out our own legal citizens who won’t have enough money now that Part B premiums will increase for us!

      • I certainly agree with you – the illegals get help that our own citizens and especially our Veterans don’t get and that my friends is an ABSULUTE CRIME! How many of those homeless men sitting on the corners are VETERANS. We need to get rid of all the current congressmen and senators and get people in there who care about AMERICANS!!!

        • and the va claims they got shorted 2 billion dollars for our vets but obama gets 4 billion for dam refugess some thing isnt right here

          • Hey Joyce, You really do know what is wrong here, right? It’s the idiot that is taking up space in the WH. Interesting isn’t it, the welfare recipients get increases so they can have their 55″ TV’s and their cell phones and their transportation and so on and so forth. However, we pay into the SS and can’t get anything out of it because of the politicians. Is this a great country, or what?

          • Ur exactly rt Obama does care for Americans welfare but does refugees also in my world the price of food is outrageous it has gone up a lot since last year,medicines ate so expensive its pitiful,clothing prices HV gone up health insurance you name it ,it’s gone up from last year except the price of gas,but with all the other increases we HV to deal with a person can’t even afford that.

          • A “dam” holds back water and “something” is one word. Geeze, back to English 101. Oh yea, Obama did NOT get anything-Congress said NO!

          • I agree but does anyone even read these posts or care. NO they just line their own pockets with our money

          • Thank you! Refugees are well funded and get housing and food and health care! 70 million of us shouldn’t vote!!

          • It is a darn shame so many US citizens do not know how our government actually works. Obama or any president, can only request funds in the Executive Branches budget submission to Congress. All Revenue, Tax, etc. come from Congressional (House and Senate) appropriations that fund THEMSELVES, and the Executive and Judicial branches of our government. Just like your boss or company paying you.

        • The cost of food and everything else has gone up. This is a bunch of bull. If we get no COLA then no other government employee should receive a raise in pay for any reason.

          • what about people who are forced to live in trailers now, who use to always own a home, our rent here has gone up!. where do I go to next? I had a savings but it is almost gone. my medical treatments have increased in price, and I need more. who can pay for hearing aides, dentures and eye glasses?? are these not important enough to be covered by my Medicare?? Really?? I bet government got more money and benefits .they need to quit messing up the social security that I paid into since I was 12 yrs old, and almost 80 now!! should be illegal!

          • The illegals are the lucky ones. I not only feel sorry for me, but the veterans too! What about all the politicians???

          • I have been paying SS taxes since I was 12 years old, put myself thru school, worked 2-3 jobs at a time NEVER TOOK WELFARE- now I am 72 and disabled and need meds and doctors care and you tell me no $$ COLA–increase
            That’ 60 years of working and paying, into social security had to use my 401k and saving for health reasons, had to sell my home in 2014 no big profit there, as a matter of fact a lost. Now how do I eat and pay for meds, just making ends meet now. Guess I just was too proud not to work the system, like others coming into this country and getting our goodies for free. God Bless America, but not the government, they have more then enough blessings to live on, our money. Like to see 1/2 of them live a year on or two on $18,000.00 and that is better then some get. Just had great jobs and pay, but NOW I need the help and the government is raising our ss medical rates, something is really wrong here. Wake up America–

          • Typo on my post I meant Obama DOES NOT CARE FOR THE AMERICANS BUT DOES THE REFUGEES,our veteran’s are out there suffering because of it haven’t they deserved the right to be taken care of first?after all they put their life on the line for OUR the AMERICANS country.

          • Wonder what they would do if everyone left the country? then they would not get their salaries and there would be no income for handouts !

          • Amen, Karen! I think the vast amount of US seniors should boycott the voting booths for 2016. This decision by Washington is an absolute disgrace. What about our rent increases? Our utility increases? And, on and on? I worked over 40 years of my life in full time and stressful positions only to find I am now living in poverty. I can’t even afford a new car to replace the 21 year old car I’ve been driving for the past 18 years and it’s on it’s last hiccup.

          • 1) term limits are necessary 2) if there is no COLA, there are no raises for any politician 3) stop giving our Social Security to immigrants who never paid in 4) veterans, the elderly and handicapped get screwed constantly

          • I agree, this country is in trouble from the white house down, the illegals are eating us up financially, and no one in Washington cares, it is time to clean sweep congress and the other fools that claim to be taking care of us, I would like to know why the cost of gas has anything to do with cola. I don’t eat gasoline.

          • I receive Ssi disability 733.00. a month really. Yes every thing has gone up except my disability income will not it took me years to even get it and now it’s staying the same. Shame on the selfish republicans

          • …Karen …I AGREE with You 100%….ALL of Them are Only Trimming Our LIFE- SUPPORTS AWAY… “MAY GOD HAVE MERCY ON US”

          • Ck to see if Congress gave themselves a pay raise! And they are constantly taking vacations/breaks!

          • The whole thing is absurd. I live only on social security disability and I depend on it to go up each year to cover my yearly rent increase, as well as all the other increases. Many of us don’t have supplemental retirement incomes. It’s those of us on disability that are really being screwed. How can they say the cost of living has stayed the same? My rent has already gone up $50 since they stopped the increase.

          • Every one of them need to be fired. But the people keep voting them back in. What’s wrong with people?

        • Ridiculous Excuses from our so called government!!!
          Take care of the people who have worked all of their lives, paid in to SS and then get treated like this!

          • We know that’s true, we know that those of us on SS are the last in line, and honestly, we are not taken into consideration. The younger illegals, refugees, whatever you want to call them (none of them has any business being here) are getting our share, are getting what we deserve, and are putting nothing back in, as they are parasites, living off the government, they have nothing worthwhile to contribute. Am I pissed, absolutely, and there is nothing we can do about it.

          • My rent, car insurance, food, and car and home repairs have all increased. I can not afford to get my car fixed let alone the insurance on it. I have to depend on others to help me to get around. my lot rent has gone $20.00 every year for 3 years. the $10.00 increase did not even cover it.I barely get by . The ss office needs to really rethink of all of us that are on are disability. We are all hurting from the Bush years.

          • On NO 2016 raise…

            For just the 3rd time in 40 years, 70 million Social Security recipients, disabled veterans and federal retirees can expect no increase in benefits in 2016. We are 1/5 of the US population.

            Since beginning my work life at age 14, I paid part of my hard earned money into a savings account, Social Security, with no qualms and no choice. My employers matched these monies. So 14 – 16% of my gross pay plus FICA (for my Medicare) was paid into this savings account – My Social Security Fund.

            The agreement was that when I could no longer work, I would live on these monies, which were invested and earned interest.

            I have turned 60 years old. Doing the Math, you realize that for 46 years, I have worked diligently, as did my parents, and grandparents before me. All of my parents and grandparents died young and did not draw the monies they paid in for their whole lives.

            Now, I receive $848.00 per month. My pension and savings are gone. I no longer own a house. I live in Section 8 housing and pay rent, car insurance, life insurance for burial costs, electric, prescription costs and travel for medical care, $31.00 per month for Internet & cable, plus buy food. My son in law pays so I can have a phone. I give $10.00 a month to help support our local Pregnancy Care Center and $20.00 a month to my church. These are basic expenses. Cut to the bone!

            All living costs have raised… My budget has NO room for extras, like clothing, a movie, a play, gifts for my children or grandchildren, gasoline $ to visit my children and grandchildren, eating out, project monies, helping others, etc., etc.

            I’ve fed the poor and housed the homeless, worked in food pantries, been an active community member and volunteer, raised a family, and owned a home.

            I ask you to think about this… Is it fair after 46 years of doing the right thing that I must live in abject poverty because our government took our funds, spent them frivolously, and now says we will not get a raise again this year, plus we need to pay $50.00 a month more into our Medicare fund even though we aren’t using it?

            Well, looking at it from my viewpoint, getting a raise works out like this for me. Rent goes up, my insurance pay-in goes up, food prices go up, and I actually have less money per month to live on than what I started the year with – before the raise.

            I end up with less money each year while the government is top heavy with departments we don’t need, overseas blowing up other countries, importing massive numbers of foreigners, shipping our jobs out, and SPENDING my savings account. I say the government needs to return the Social Security money we paid in with interest, cut the excess spending, and take care of our own Country.

            I AM NOT ALONE… My story is one of 70 MILLION people. We are marginalized, bankrupt, and struggling to survive. Enough is enough!

            92 million able bodied US citizens are not working. WHY NOT???? How do they live? They need to carry their own weight.

            I ask you to be proactive in changing this up: WHAT do you suggest we do now?????

          • And one more thing I can’t afford to have teeth in my mouth, they are broken and half gone and in pain, Dentist costs just to do the surgery is $15,000.00 so I lost my teeth do to over medications and now I can’t pay to even have what teeth I have left removed, Cost of Living lol,lol

          • Hey everybody I wanted to reply to Sam but,he has no reply button,but, this may be of benefit to many of you and I sure HOPE Sam sees it! Try Humana for medicae coverage,they have been great to me and they cover dentures,hearing aids,and glasses. Also know if you have any kind of Medicaid you call Medicaid and they will tell you who to go to for dentures for free. Prayers all.

          • AMEN…I Also Worked HARD 28-years, Paying into the SYSTEM—Then, Suddenly Became SICK, and I became DISABLED, and had to go on Social Security Disability…6-yrs. Ago…and in Dec. , 2015 SSA Rolled Me Over to FULL-RETIREMENT Age……FOOD Prices went UP, ( An ESSENTIAL NEED, FOR THE HUMAN BODY)…I’m On Several Strict DIETS, for my HEALTH—DON’T GET FOOD STAMPS, The FREE GIVE-AWAY-FOOD I Can’t Eat, Based on Proper Nutrition for my Health (the CANNED-FOODS are Too Much Sodium…Other FOODS, are Boxed PREPARED FOODS Preserved with GLUTENS… GMO…I Can’t Eat…and Some Restrictions of Vegs… ..FRUITS…Many More FOODS They Give-Away.I Can’t Eat…So, My FOOD EXPENSES ARE VERY COSTLY, PLUS, FOOD Prices Did INDEED GO-UP!!! WATER COST DID GO-UP, and True, We DON’T EAT GASOLINE…IT’S A SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, BEFORE OUR ALMIGHTY CREATOR…BUT, REST-ASSURED, “ONE WHO CREATED HEAVEN, EARTH, AND EVERYTHING WITHIN IT…GOD HAS ALL POWER IN HIS HANDS!!! Romans 14:12

        • It seems to me that anyone blaming things like this on illegals just are not informed. There is a ton of statistics showing that illegals are not the cause of almost everything people want to blame them for. Did you contact your senators and representatives and ask them about this??? I’m sorry to say that you are just as not American or more than many of the illegals. They’re better informed than you are.;

          • Are you kidding. Our parents became citizens the legal way. They did not just arrive to get something for free, they came for freedom. They had pride and paid taxes and loved America. I called and wrote to my Senators and Representatives. They no nothing except if they stay in the government, they too can become rich on our money. Show us where the illegals do not receive free college, free health care, free food and lower housing that many people need, such as veterans. You need to find another resource because wherever you got yours has not a clue.

          • David–you must be kidding!! What planet do you live on??? Hoping the “refugees” come to your neighborhood first!!!

          • Is it David or Duvid?
            Another liberal who continues to live FAT on my sweat and hasn’t a clue but what CNN tells him…….

          • Americans need to protest and/or revolt against the atrocities negatively affecting their quality of life. It’s time to revisit laws passed in the 1960’s such as the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 that has caused widespread abuse and theft at a cost in excess of $ 2 billion to US taxpayers. Cubans with legitimate claims should continue request assistance, but it’s time to take a hard look at the decades of fraud, where elderly Americans, including Cuban Americans, who have worked hard all their lives often receive less than $ 500 a month in social security benefits, while newcomers “fresh off the boat” are given $ 733 a month with no oversight whatsoever. “If you take away from a system you didn’t invest in, you’re stealing from all of us”.
            The Miami Hearld 10/14/15

          • youre full fo it, here is a nice lsit of benefits someone who came ehre illegally, and refugees will be entitled to. imagine that! citizens and veterans cant get these benefits, but people who have never paid a penny in taxes can! BTW, this is a law firm fighting for these benefits for these people!

          • none of these people are citizens, yet they get benefits citizens cant!

            Lawful permanent residents, or LPRs (persons with green cards).
            Refugees, persons granted asylum or withholding of deportation/removal, and conditional entrants.
            Persons granted parole by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) for a period of at least one year.
            Cuban and Haitian entrants.
            Certain abused immigrants, their children, and/or their parents.[5]
            Certain victims of trafficking.[6]

          • Its not illegals we should blame, how about Congress. Their benefits and pensions and salaries increase everytime a new Congress is seated. They get these benefits for life regarless of how long they serve. The deficit experienced by Social Security is because the US National Budget is allowed to borrow from our funds whenever they wish. And when they pay it back (slowly) they claim they are helping Social Security with their shortfall. If they paid their debt to Social Security and raised the tax for those earning or receiving money through Capital Gains, Social Security would nott face a shortfall. And since wages are and will increase the maximum SS tax needs to be reevaluated. I am one of those who went college, pay my student debts, worked for thirty five years paying SS taxes and can not afford the medications I need. It is sad to decide between monthly food or monthly medicines. No I am not in poor shape, but I lost my home (was supposed to be part of my retirement) and 50% of my 401K in 2007-2009. Progressibe Socialism is NOT communism…it is an ideology that seeks fairness for all, not just a few and not for those who do not earn it.

          • You are so right David too many innocents oldies republicans badly informed by fux news here commenting their propaganda. Admit it the only responsible for the war to the needy and veterans are the GOP extremists at works for the Koch brothers.

          • David,, oh boy–
            Sure they are more informed. Cause we true Americans never took advantage of our so called free system–Like do you all know that when the illegals are filing their income tax on money they earn, they can take or show how many children like maybe 9 + and illegal children do not have SS numbers –anyone getting this, in other words all the taxes you people think they are paying –it is going right back in their pockets at tax time. So the bottom line is THEY DO NOT PAY INTO THE SYSTEM, RE: TAXES, THEY GET IT ALL BACK AND NO ONE TAKES A HEAD COUNT- Does the money they get at tax time– does it stay here?? in the US to keep our country going???LOL
            -But our senior Americans never could do this because as soon as a child is born they get a SS# to track for taxes. So think again David when you file your taxes –how much $$ do you get back Not enough to make up for the no COLA. Plus with the seniors not getting a raise but a increase we pay IN for medicare will go up. Know Why ??? we seniors are paying for OBAMACARE that is where our raise went and we bleed more, we build this country and now we are the people who are suffering.
            God Bless American land of the freebies and home of hard working seniors. Whose blood sweat and tears went to create our great Nation.

          • David I know that you are so full of crap I live in a state that has a crap load of illegals and that is where most of the welfare is going so don’t try to BS the rest of us !!!

          • No one care’s if we live or die and that why I warship my granteed low income. And to be real without my ss I I would not have made it this far I’m nothing with out my low income

          • I ‘m very well informed that the illegals are a big influence in our economy. Go to the programs that help people most of them are illegals or with false documents. We worked hard and always paid our social security. Now that we are of age to receive our social security they want to take it. Obama really messed us up. I’m democrat but he blew it.

          • You are correct! Blame the Republicans for no raises AND they couldn’t care less about the vets! When are people going to see the light? Many of you that vote republican are voting against your own best interest and don’t even know it!

          • Areyou kidding??? Contact your representative?? Comon, I have tried and tried but they never call you back, true, some little young thing answers the phone and takes your message down…do you EVER hear from someone?? NO, NO!!!

        • Our government has never been so poorly run as it is now…..Idiots…they make sure they get paid first…I would like a Job like that…has little to do with immigrants taking from’s our incompetent gov staff…..they do not earn their pay..

          • Immigrants only get what is given to them by our incompetent gov…my grandparents were immigrants too and became citizens right tears and very proud…:)

          • we need to get rid of all the incumbents. New people wont know how to take as much from citizens . it is all politicians, Republican and Democrats.

          • Sue, you are so right. I have tried numerous times to talk w/my rep but to no avail. Not even a real person – just a voicemail!!! I called both the local & DC offices within their stated office hours and reached recordings stating that the office was closed and to please call back during office hours!!!! How helpful is that?!?

          • Hi Julie, we are sorry to hear that you are having difficulty reaching a representative by phone. Remember, most Social Security business does not require a visit to a local field office. In fact, many services, including applying for retirement, disability and Medicare benefits, creating a my Social Security account, requesting a replacement Medicare card, or reporting a change of address or telephone number can now conveniently be handled anytime on our website. You may also call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) for assistance. Representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7:00a.m. and 7:00p.m. Generally, you will have a shorter wait time if you call later in the week. We hope you try again. Thanks!

        • Why accuse the illegals, did they force the employees of the social security to give them funds? No, blame youre local representatives, their the ones keeping the extra money for themselves

          • Come to Texas and you will see how the south of the border illegals live so well and send half the under th table income back to Mexico (Hello)

          • I am sick of the goverment giving freebes to illegals I worked all my life and mu medical bills are sky high one orange cost 1.29 let Michelle going food shopping before telling people to eat healthy I cannot afford to !! I hope congress gets no raise !!

        • I feel as though there is no reason for me to be here; there is no hope for my social security future. In fact, there is no social security except for that given to anti-americans.

        • I truly disagree. With you! how are illegal aliens being paid, really! there are more people sitting on their ass and not doing nothing about themselves… yes! someone has to work for your veggies, and other stuff. Open your freaking mind… I swear this country is so full of ignorant people…omg! Tell your president not to take so many trips, maybe that can help some. I’m out of words, other than ppl are so ignorant. Blame the other people for this country’s problems. Rest my case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • I agree! U.S. doesn’t take care of the people here as it is. We need help and get turned down or have to sell everything we have before we get help. Congress sure doesn’t mind giving themselves raises though! Make them pay for there own insurance, transportation, vacations, etc. and save us some money. Would also be nice if U.S. would feed there own before every other country.

          • Veterans yes, but senior citizens are like me and they should have worked like I did to have everything they want. They should be getting a good check, if they made an effort to work before they became senior citizens. I didn’t ant to be called a senioe citizen that depend on the tax payers. The social security we get we paid in to have after we retired.

        • Estoy de aguerdo 100%

          Lori on October 15, 2015 at 11:11 am said:
          I certainly agree with you – the illegals get help that our own citizens and especially our Veterans don’t get

          • I’m getting tired of this, all I read is illegals this illegas that, government this government that, but what you people don’t realize is that your taxes are paying for food and homes to many orphans, or the sick who are bed bound and not able to get up and go to work.
            You should all be proud of paying taxes instead of looking for excuses.

        • Americans should take more interest in our government and what they are doing or not doing. Term limits are needed for every person in office as they become too comfortable in their positions and their special interest groups.

        • Lori, You might want to do a little fact checking. illegals do NOT get government handouts. That is just a scam republicans use to get you to vote for them. Fact check it and while your at it check and see who is trying to get rid of our Social Security and who is cutting Vet benefits. You will find that it is all republicans. The Dems are the ones voting to keep Social Security and expand it and also Give the vets more help. Every single Republican voted it down. They have the majority so they win.

          • BINGO!!!! Finally someone that knows how it is NOT WORKING and why! I suggest all of you on SS better get out and vote EVERY election and ALWAYS vote DEMOCRAT! They represent the working poor!

          • You need to check your facts I live in Florida where a couple floated up on a raft stayed just long enough to get ssi that couple now lives back in Cuba living large on our ssi FYI that couple never worked a day in this country never paid a penny into ss
            So you check your facts before you open your beak

        • I agree we need to get a president who will send those people back were they belong its not our fault the way they are my little neice was a specialneeds little darling and while she was living they had people who tried to work agaimst her getting help our system is gone to the no caring for american people anymore

        • We worked hard to put money into social security so that we would have something for our retirement and the government spends it on whatever they deem necessary. It is definitely not theirs to spend, it is money we put in this savings account and should never have been touched by them whatsoever. They are actually stealing from us and we need to do something about it.\

        • It is sickening, everything has gone up. my Dad is a WW2 veteran and gets nothing for his service, he cant even live on what he receives, he hardly has any teeth left in his mouth and this young girl I know , who is able to work but on Medicaid is getting all new teeth from the government, what is wrong with this picture, This country is royally screwed up. Illegals get free healthcare, housing, food and anything else they want but we who loved here our whole lives and served get NOTHING!!!!!!

        • OK, so gas is down, I personally don’t know many seniors who travel very far from home, so WHY were we all penalized by the gov’t because the price of gas was down?? I believe we are supporting all the illegals who arte coming into our country!

        • Thanks, I am one of those homeless Veterans. Maybe someone does care for given this phone so now I got a month to hopefully communicate with some people that do care

        • You are right time for all in Washington to go and take a illegal home with them let them support them out of their money
          We paid in for our retirement not some border jumper free loader Washington has robbed us blind I call on all seniors and soon to be to vote against all incumbents in November and do it over and over until they get the message as a voting bloc we are the majority the time is now to let Washington know we mean business

        • You are right on this. Quit taking from our Social Security funds and giving them to people who have not contributed a dime. And dont you just love the governments 255.00 money for burial when you die!

        • You hit the NAIL ON THE HEAD,damn fools TAKE CARE OF OUR VET’S it is sick what this man has done with the whole country but TAKE CARE OF OUR VET’S

        • They do it because they know ppl can’t take do anything but take it and they wander why the suicide rate is going up.They just don’t care long as they get their steak and their kids eat well

        • Illegal migrants don’t get free medical care or insurance.
          That is simply a lie. This is easily fact checked. It also makes u guys sound like uninformed racists

        • And quit giving them millionaires rasies. how many raises have tey ginen themselves in the las t 8 years and how many raises for Vets and minimum wages for Americans been raised no one seems to want to give any true answers.

          • I’m not mixing up anything I said nothing about illegal immigrants How many raises has Congress given thenselves in the last 8 yrss?

        • Lori, I agree with you about the Congressmen and women.The VETS get nothing and the welfare recipients get everything handed to them. They even get money for their children’s school clothes and I just found out, that they also give them money for Christmas. I cannot have a Christmas cause I PAY my bills, even thought I am on SSD-I am NOT on welfare.Nothing gets handed to me, I pay my own mortgage for MY house as well as all of my other bills, they don’t pay for anything for me! I also just seen on TV, that a couple from a foreign country came here with their children are getting a Habitat for Community Home! Even though they have to put in 200 or more hours, that makes me really upset, I say- What about OUR Vets that served OUR COUNTRY get? NOTHING!!

        • if you wan to get rid of our current Congress-people and obtain people who care about America , you have to VOTE. That’s how you make change.

        • Thank you you are absolutely right. Do other countries do this for their illegals..? USA needs to wake up and take care of our own.

      • Social Security doesn’t have anything to do with the illegal immigrants. It’s your retirement benefit that you had invested when you were working. Don’t mix this with other social welfare like Medicaid.

          • “But they come to this country and everything is handed to them and what do the usa citizens get is a kick in the pants.”

            The above is a massive generalization and is patently inaccurate. If you have never been to Central California at grape harvest time, you cannot possible know what you are talking about. Many “undocumented” immigrants do more for the US and its economy, culture, and future, than you can begin to take credit for. They pay Fed & State tax, and they pay into SSI but they don’t get refunds and they will not, in general, every collect “nickel one” of SS benefits. Get your facts straight or shut up.

          • I don’t think it’s the illegals you have to worry about. Because they are working. But it’s the Chinese and the Somalians who don’t work and get a refugee check. They have not work in this country to earn this. Blame Catholic Charities for bringing them here. East Africans are running a muck in this country. Building mosques on every block

          • ASC—I’ve never read anything so funny! My Dad did taxes in Florida for plenty of illegals with fake lists of dependents—boy did they get the juicy refunds—you don’t know what you are talking about!!!

        • You’re right, John. If we weren’t taking care of illegal immigrants, we’d be spending less as a society and it would ultimately come to benefit all Americans, including retired ones.

          • Illegals do not pay taxes because so many people are living in one home that receives HUD housing and claims no taxes and when they receive a check for tax return, it is gigantic. I worked at a bank that cashed these enormous checks.

          • I do believe that Donald Trump is wanting to end all the illegals being in america. I live in a farming community and the People that work the farms work harder than most americans these days, but i know that our local government is on top of them all having their green cards and or their citizenship. My 19 year old son went to work for the same farm and could not stand toe to toe with them. I dont think it is the illegals that are the farm workers you have to be so concerned about, i think it is the ones that come over her and get the free money to open stores and shops and other things to where they do not have to worry about paying back a cent for several years. I do believe that well all need to start being proactive in our communities and start making our local governments stand up for us with the higher ups!!!! I literally had to move out of state to get any type of help for my 6 year old son who has Cerebral Palsy, the state that i was in told us the CP was not a disability and they could not do anything for us. Now that we had uproot and move he is getting all that he needs.

          • I live on Long Island where INS is nonexistant. Police can only ask for a green card if they actually see them committing a crime. There are county laws that protect them it is not a crime to illegally come to Long Island and We have both Democrat and Republican Govt officials

        • John: actually it does-the more spending on lawbreakers means less for the rest of us who ‘foot the entire bill'(fed govt). Did you ever have 9th grade Civics? This is a no-brainer…Sounds like the thinking of the typical democrat–let everyone else pay for our illegal friends. For the record: I’m tired of it–spend it on the Vets & the Armed Forces-not lawbreakers.

        • When the Federal Government raids the SS fund, then never replaces that money, where do you think that money came from originally? Where do you think the money they just give away to the illegals comes from? IT COMES FROM OUR TAXES (be it federal payroll taxes or Social Security TAX (and, yes, it’s a tax). If clintoon left it alone back during his so-called administration, we would not even be discussing Social Security right now.

          • The government should be forced immediately to pay back all the money plus interest to the social security fund and there should be a law keeping them from ever getting their hands on it. Cut out the waist and they should have a surplus.

          • CLINTON? Wow! Talk about misinformed! Do you remember the ‘social security lock box’ the Clinton / Gore Administration created to keep social security INTACT because of raiding done in the past by the Reagan Administration? Then along came the clown YOU voted for, GWB, who promptly and with MUCH FANFARE undid such ‘trivial thinks’, which he found oh so funny and completely unnecessary, so he could, of course, raid it again. Small wonder people say Republicans are the most misinformed people in this country. This was a perfect example….

          • only 2 presidents used SS as a fund for political reasons, Reagan and Bush, never repaid in either case. FACT.

          • Clinton? Really? It was Reagan and Bush. Bush stole Trillions out of our Social Security to fund his war that was based on a lie. You need to do a little fact checking.

          • YES Mr. Clinton leave SS alone I was told he took $2.5 Trillion out of SS to balance the Federal Budget,can any one confirm ?? but several I.O.U’s from our congressman and senators still exist.

        • What I paid into SS since I was 15 was stolen by the government instead of using it to make money. Now, they get to give us what they want. I just had to move 28 miles further out of town in order to afford rent. $25 more for 200 sq ft less. I am now over 40 miles from the VA hospital. Everything has gone up. Also, I am still waiting for my SS this month. By the time I do get it, it will have been 5 weeks since last month. We used to receive SS on the 1st of the month. Then they went to the Wednesday correspondent to your birthday because some checks were being stolen because criminals could expect the checks being delivered on the 1st. They SS REQUIRED us to have our money direct deposited, but they will not change back to the 1st unless you have an excuse. Just because your landlord wants their rent on the 1st doesn’t count.

          • I agree with what you said about having 5 weeks between checks,I have to wait until 4th Wednesday each month and this month will end up on the 28th as compared to the 23rd last month,thats 5 extra days I have to wait,I am just glad landlord excepts with no late fee.I just dont understand if we all get Direct Deposit whats the point of this spreading out payments.

          • The mass mailing of Social Security checks and payments, a monthly ritual every 3rd day of the month, was changed in 1997 to help us prepare for the retirement of the baby boomer generation. It’s predicted that the Social Security Administration’s beneficiary population will grow from to more than 88 million in the next 20 years. Before the 1997 change, the days immediately following “check day” were the busiest in our field offices and telephone service centers. The change has helped us to spread out our workloads throughout the month, and helped the agency and our employees to provide our customers with better service.

          • SS has been raided numerous times. They should replace the “stolen” money pronto.
            Stop giving money to nations who hate us and betray us. Think of loybal Americans. And, yes, prices have increased. If you don’t know it, where have you been????

          • To: S Cooper, You are so uninformed! It was Lydon Johnson a Democrat who opted to take the excess money out of Social Security and put it into the general fund and spend it. It was Clinton a Democrat who raised the taxes on SS from 50% to 85% retroactive to before he was sworn in as President. In reference to illegals, have any respondents been to a SS office where all you see are illegals applying for benefits. As to illegals in California who pick crops, the percentage of them doing this work is a drop in the bucket as opposed to the percentage who are on welfare, medicaid and subsidized housing. Don’ blame the Republicans. Obama has $150 Billion to give to Iran but can’ give seniors $28 or $30 a month. on our “investment” in SS.

          • You are so right John! When it is 5 weeks between pay days all of my bills are late so then I must pay late fees on everything, there is no way to get ahead. I have tried to get those due dates changed but most places won’t let you. I make more on SS than a lot of people and couldn’t make it without family helping out sometimes, I feel for those who make less than $1000 a month. I don’t see anything changing on our situation regardless on who is elected President. Congress and the President should be forced to live on our amount of SS for a month.

          • I get SSI on the 1st, for this month I get the dd on the 30th, but I phone bill is due the 29th of October 2015, should be start billing SSA?

        • I agree we (out government) keeps helping illegal immigrants, other countries and lifers on welfare. We have paid into the fund for years. They haven’t. Most of us don’t live long after collecting our social security benefit. Social Security and care for Veterans is sad. Cut Congress and Senators salaries and “expenses”

          • Seeing as it’s impossible to get any federal government benefits without a valid social security number, I would be quite interested in learning what benefits you’re referring to, exactly. Illegals are being used as scapegoats. Since 2008, net illegal immigration to the U.S. is zero, and the illegal immigrants who live here don’t head down to their local social security office to sign up for benefits because they know that discovery will lead to deportation. What they do, however, is pay sales taxes every time they purchase anything at all, and that includes federal sales taxes.

            Illegal immigrants not only perform labor that Americans refuse to perform, at a lower wage than Americans would ever accept, they also contribute taxes to the government with no hope of ever recouping that money.

            The problems we face regarding social security benefits lie in the fact that the GOP is determined to gut the SSA. They refuse to raise the maximum earnings which require contributing to the social security trust fund so the wealthiest among us contribute a much smaller portion of their income, and they refuse to fund things such as VA benefits, as well. All in the name of lowering taxes for the wealthy while providing little or no relief for those with less, one is forced to add.

            You’re being duped. The GOP demonizes illegal immigrants because they know that people are perfectly willing to accept scapegoats rather than actual policy reforms provided they can get people such as yourself and so many others commenting here to buy into their lies about what’s really wrong in this country. Republican economics have been a long con for more than 30 years now.

          • John I see you live on that far left planet known as Obama land. Illegals get our tax money and drain the coffers through all sorts of welfare programs and Medicaid. That leaves less in the pot for Vets and retirees. Get it????

        • Every is going up in cost,those on fixed income(SSI)need the cola,looks like no in government cares about the low income people at all.

          • I agree with you totally. It seems that there is only money for everything else,except for seniors on Social Security. I believe that everyone should have MEDICAID across the board. Why should we pay co-pays and deductibles? I hate that those on Medicaid always get EVERYTHING for free, when most of them never worked here, are alien immigrants (told to only keep $2,500 in the bank so they will be eligible for every program out there), disability, most of who are faking it, get Medical’ Dental, prescriptions with out co-pays, food stamps,free metrocard to get back and forth to clinics or drug and alcoholic addicts rehab and therapy. Everyone thing is ass backwards, thanks to all the politicans! Social Security recipents should get everything free too. WE worked and paid into Social Security accounts for our older years. We are getting shit on, as usual. where did all the SS money go? Do they dip into it to fund other programs? All I know is the elderly are the sickest and poorest who need the help the most. Again I say, we are getting shit on!

        • Don’t be stupid. My mother worked for SS and the refugees, like the Cubans, will be given funds. Those funds come from SSI insurance, other wise known as the SS fund.

        • Its got a lot to do with the immigrants cause they are getting benefits that our people who are in need over here are in need of and work for years and then have to fight yo get what is ours already

      • Quit blaming shit on illegals they dont get benefits, they bust their asses off, to give their family a better life, not all illegals are from rhe south of the border, plus rhey do jobs rhat most “white” americans won’t do

          • Would you bend over to pick lettuce for minimum wage? You care to clean toilets, empty bed pans…there are lots of jobs Americans think are ‘menial’ and wouldn’t think of doing.
            Undocumented immigrants get NO federal or state maintenance checks.

          • BS!!

            American Workers Continue to Pick up Jobs Left Vacant by Immigration Raids

            A new report in USA Today finds that unemployed U.S. citizens continue to
            fill up jobs left vacant by immigration raids, particularly at meatpacking
            and poultry plants. The reports says that plants impacted by the raids were
            back up and running at full capacity within months of the raids.
            Vanderbilt University professor Carol Swain said the raids were beneficial
            to the American workforce.

            “Whenever there’s an immigration raid, you find white, black and legal
            immigrant labor lining up to do those jobs that Americans will supposedly
            not do,” Prof. Swain said in the USA Today article.

            The USA Today report cites a study conducted by Steven Camarota at the
            Center for Immigration Studies that found Americans holding the majority of
            positions in fields that many claim are dominated by illegal aliens.

            For more on this story, see USA Today.


          • “Undocumented immigrants get NO federal or state maintenance checks.”

            Illegal, but Not Undocumented: Identity Theft, Document Fraud, and Illegal

            The findings include:

            a.. Illegal immigrants are not “undocumented.” They have fraudulent
            documents such as counterfeit Social Security cards, forged drivers
            licenses, fake “green cards,” and phony birth certificates. Experts suggest
            that approximately 75 percent of working-age illegal aliens use fraudulent
            Social Security cards to obtain employment.

            b.. Most (98 percent) Social Security number (SSN) thieves use their own
            names with stolen numbers. The federal E-Verify program, now mandated in
            only 14 states, can detect this fraud. Universal, mandatory use of E-Verify
            would curb this and stop virtually 100 percent of child identity theft.

            c.. Illegal immigration and high levels of identity theft go hand-in-hand.
            States with the most illegal immigration also have high levels of
            job-related identity theft. In Arizona, 33 percent or all identity theft is
            job-related (as opposed to identity theft motivated simply by profit). In
            Texas it is 27 percent; in New Mexico, 23 percent; in Colorado, 22 percent;
            California, 20 percent; and in Nevada, 16 percent. Eight of the 10 states
            with the highest percentage of illegal aliens in their total population are
            among the top 10 states in identity theft (Arizona, California, Florida,
            Texas, Nevada, New York, Georgia, and Colorado).

            d.. Children are prime targets. In Arizona, it is estimated that over one
            million children are victims of identity theft. In Utah, 1,626 companies
            were found to be paying wages to the SSNs of children on public assistance
            under the age of 13. These individuals suffer very real and very serious
            consequences in their lives.

            e.. Illegal aliens commit felonies in order to get jobs. Illegal aliens
            who use fraudulent documents, perjure themselves on I-9 forms, and commit
            identity theft in order to get jobs are committing serious offenses and are
            not “law abiding.”

            f.. Illegally employed aliens send billions of dollars annually to their
            home countries, rather than spending it in the United States and helping
            stimulate the American economy. In October 2008 alone, $2.4 billion was
            transferred to Mexico.

            g.. Tolerance of corruption erodes the rule of law. Corruption is a
            serious problem in most illegal aliens’ home countries. Allowing it to
            flourish here paves the way for additional criminal activity and increased
            corruption throughout society.

            h.. Leaders support perpetrators and ignore victims. Political, civic,
            religious, business, education, and media leaders blame Americans for
            “forcing” illegal aliens to commit document fraud and identity theft. No
            similar concern is expressed for the American men, women, and children whose
            lives are destroyed in the process.

            i.. The Social Security Administration and Internal Revenue Service
            facilitate illegal immigrant-driven identity theft. Both turn a blind eye to
            massive SSN fraud and take no action to stop it. The Social Security
            Administration assigns SSNs to new-born infants that are being used
            illegally. The IRS demands that victims pay taxes on wages earned by illegal
            aliens using their stolen SSNs, while taking no action to stop the identity

            j.. State and local governments need to adopt tougher laws to supplement
            federal efforts. The Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is
            targeting large document fraud rings and the most egregious employers, but
            their resources are limited and stretched across multiple priorities. In
            2007, identity theft cases represented only 7 percent of the total ICE case

            k.. Employers must do their part. They can ensure that they have a legal
            workforce by using a combination of the federal government’s E-Verify and
            Social Security Number Verification Service systems and by signing up for
            the federal government’s IMAGE program or privately conducted audits.


          • Not yet they don’t, but it’s coming. In California, we give them driver’s licenses, so government benefits can’t be far behind.
            I have nothing against people coming to this country in search of a better life, but don’t break the law to do it & expect us to look the other way. My ex husband was an immigrant and we had to go through the whole K-1 marriage visa process, I still remember the look of absolute terror on the people’s faces sitting in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals waiting for their turn in front of the judge. And these were the people who were immigrating LEGALLY and playing by the rules. The Immigration system is just as broken as Social Security. I wish I had an answer as to how to fix it. All I know is if you want to come to this country and take advantage of all it does have to offer, at least don’t break the law to do it, Lord knows if I were to try to emigrate to Mexico illegally, the Mexican government would not look too kindly upon me.

          • There are a lot of menial jobs that Americans have no chance ofc getting because certain sector employers don’t want Americans for the jobs. I know people flipping burgers who were once big wigs in manufacturing-they needed jobs and accepted what they could get. America is where she it’s today because of her charity towards others and forgetting charity starts at home.

          • They don’t need them they get free rent and board and welfare and schooling for their kids while Americans don’t even get that. As a Disabled person no I can not do what you listed but I be damned I will if I get all the free chit illegals get including sitting on boards making decisions for counties and cities while not even speaking a lick of English!

          • Agree. There I believe a lot of these immigrants are putting in more to the economy than they are receiving. I believe we need to rephrase it to “lazy people who don’t deserve what we put in” I sure know a lot of legals who want a ton for nothing.

          • and please know, I am disabled on a very limited income and worked hard my entire life. I do believe change is needed but the illegals are not all to blame

          • Those lawbreakers are polish,ukraine,Irish,itallian,German,Russian,African and from India and all of them exeception for African’s cause you know they’re black,before they even set foot in our country America the US has a bed for them to sleep in, in fact polish,ukrains,Germany, Russian are sending all of their old people here after they become citizens they get a nice big fat SSI check for being old and disable, but all you see is Mexicans who too are getting our money ,but for those born here you stick welfare on Blacks that dam well deserve anything and more, it wasn’t the groups mentioned above that slaved 400 years building this country never leaving anything to those of African Americans but it you your White race who receive white PRIVELEGE and dismiss that you are the ones who have always received still receiving welfare, go look in your back ground your family came here on a boat you are boat people.

      • You totally wrong the illegal immigrants as you call them pay in to social security and don’t collected. Most of them don’t get any help from the government in fact they pay a lot of gasoline taxes which you get in your social security.

          • Crazy ol Jerry Brown, governor of California, passed a bill allowing illegals to obtain drivers license as of 01/01/15. AS OF OCT 15, 2015, he past the “motor-voter” bill, which will automatically register a person to vote, when they register a vehicle. See where that is going?

            AND FOR THOSE OF YOU OUT THERE THAT THINK THE ILLEGALS ARE A GOOD THING AND WORKING hard, take it from someone who was with a law firm for over 40 years, that did a lot of immigration; they ARE getting more then they deserve, no matter which race they are.

        • Ha! That’s actually true. So, in fact, social security is partly welfare from undocumented immigrants. Gotta love that! (Thanks immigrants!) And, seems to me immigrants are working a lot harder than those vets sitting on the corner.

        • @Ann – you blame the Republicans? They haven’t called the shots and run up the debt like the Dems have — and as far as illegals, how could they pay into SS – it’s a joke.

        • So, true! they pay for everything every time they go to the store don’t you think they pay taxes for groceries,. and other stuff, garments..anyways! As a Hispanic woman that has worked for the Unemployment dept. I was so disgusted due to the way people from south america, not just Mexican’s, but all of the down below the border of Mexico.. why are so many being blamed.. some of the people are here with permits to put food on “YOUR” plates ..God forgive if you were to pick fruit, and anything that comes to your table so shut the freak up! I went to do this as a young lady because I wanted to experience what the conditions were and I didn’t last a half a day… so, I say again.. Shut up! and Deal with what’s going on.. It will NEVER stop! Migrants are what made this beautiful country and deal with that. I pray that peace will come to everyone and erase the hate..of “Illegals”, some people are very kind and will not even want anything from you! …my experience with working at Schools, and other Public places brought me a lot to learn. Most other folks will not work over time. But, again, blame it on the world…nothing but narrow minded folk..

          • Migrants are not what made this a beautiful country..It was Veterans who went to fight for the U.S.A.( and at times they still don’t get the respect they deserve)…And God doesn’t need to forgive me when it comes to picking fruit for the table..because I raise gardens and fruit trees to feed my own family….so I don’t need to be told to keep my mouth shut…Nor told to shut up…again that is what this Country had in mind..people saying what was needed to be said..not opening the borders so much that there is not enough in our Social Security to take care of what it was originally started for..That is what I think people are saying..after working all these years, we have nothing to live on and it is getting worse..I’m not racist by no means…but I have seen where immigrants would rather be on the draw (have heard them say, ” get better benefits by not working, with everything that is given to me”)..So then who wouldn’t want to lay around and get those benefits, rather than go to work…not everyone but more of a percentage than not.

        • Guess what they’re going to do with your IRA’s and 401k’s? They are going to take all the money in these accounts and spend it on illegals and other countries and give you worthless bonds in exchange. It’s in the works right now so don’t bother to deny this happening.

          • You are rite people better be ready for Gods coming because everything in Gods word is coming to a close so all i want to be is. ready for his coming and dtay prayed up full of the Holy Ghost and ready for him

        • You’re one of the lucky ones who maybe is single, or doesn’t have kids to pay for college and family costs. Some people have nothing left to save $$.

      • The government does not repeat does not provide federal benefits to immigrants who are here illegally. No food stamps, no public housing, no social security benefits, no medicare, no Obamacare, no SSI, etc. so stop blaming immigrants

      • Lets see here, the only true us citizens would be Native Americans. Residents with no lawful status DO NOT receive any benefits, on the contrary, we have generated millions of dollars for this great country through our hard work that we cannot claim because of our status. Though we do pay every tax in existence as well as contribute to SS (money we will never see again). Please get your facts straight.

        • You are absolutely correct regarding illegal immigrants getting foodstamps,rent paid,medical care,free prescriptions, and in some cases cash!! Also don’t forget FREE education and day care! On the note of Medicare..being totally disabled at 53 and having to leave a CAREER of 30 years I LOVED..has taken all my savings in 9 years paying medical costs not covered by Medicare and prescription costs. Only 28 states REQUIRE insurance companies to sell Medigap Insurance to supplement Medicare costs to people under if you have worked and saved all your life and become disabled plan on using all your savings!! NO HELP FOR YOU!! Only for those who DON’T WORK receive MEDICAID ….!00% medical coverage,vision,dental, prescription all FREE to Medicaid recipients!!!!!

          • Many people including myself have been forced out of USA because of the cost of living and cost of medical care. We have to leave our family and homes and move 1/2 way around the world as I have had to. I find many disabled Americans here without any insurance etc but find that they can live here with health care better than in USA. USA is no longer the paradise it once was, so at 73, What was once a temperary stay because I married a wife from here, who cant join me in US, I have found that I can live comfortably on 1500 a mo and still put a kid through college here. If you dont like USA, leave. There are other places in this world where we are welcomed and treated well without having to be rich

          • Shame on you I receive Ssi disability and Medicaid I am not illegal and I deserve Medicaid it is not a hand out. I am disabled. Stop being so ignorant. I don’t agree on getting a raise this january it’s not a lot of money to live on again think before being ignorant

      • I certainly agree with you on wasteful spending on illegals. We need to take care of our citizens first and if there is any surplus then we may think about others. What happened to “Charity Beginning at Home”.

      • I find this comment rediculous and disheartening. You are transferring your anger just the way Republicans (particularly Republiican Congress) wants you to do. Blaming others deflect scrutinizing them! Illegals aren’t the issue. The unnessesary war in Iraq that has cost thousands and thousands of lives and created more hatred for this country would have funded Social Security for another 75 years! Ask your congresspersons why they have been stealing from Social Security for several years to pay for their special interests. Ask your Congresspersons to reduce their substantial pay to help the American people. See what happens when we demand they loose or reduce their benefits!

      • A senior who cannot drive due to eye problems,, gas prices don’t effect me, taxi prices do, Where do people live that food is not increasing, eggs up $1.00 from last year, meds went up another dollar, poultry went up,, meat prices gone up how can they say there is no inflammation, my rent went up , electric went up,, why are those of us that worked for years and paying SSecurity all of our lives being targeted.. Someone is not telling us the truth and not taking care of priorities, homeless, foodless, veterans, this is such an insult to all of us struggling to get by..

      • I agree 100%. The cost of drugs has already skyrocketed! It’s not right that we should be denied a raise. It’s just another way to make the rich richer!

      • Stop blaming the wrong people I know 100 illegals as u call them not 1 get gov benifits from the Gov. They clean yards and our homes in the hot Sun.

      • God you brainwashed drones. Its not illegals, its not lazy blacks, homeless addicts or the so called clown in office. Its the rich and corporate pigs raping the country. Make billions in profits, pay zero in taxes and get hundreds of millions in tax paid refunds. Wake the fuck up idiots.

      • So how does the price of gas affect seniors? How many seniors are now unable to drive? They don’t use gas (to get any benefit from the lower price) and still get no SS COLA. If the government (White House Administration) had not changed the way the inflation rate is measured it would be readily apparent that costs have gone up and a COLA IS warranted.

      • Have they filled a prescription lately; drug costs go up up up. It is unbelievable how much they cost and it’s not like you just don’t take them.
        Some drugs are absolutely necessary to stay alive. One drug I take is $60.00 per tablet and that is for the generic version. Luckily I don’t take it every day!! I’d be living under a bridge.

        • Hi Sharon,
          Call Trudy at 800-461-5957 on any prescription. All are FDA approved Brand and Generic. Do you have any idea what that $60 drug cost to produce ?? about 8 or 9 cents but when the drug people spend about $24 to $27 BILLION A YEAR on marketing they must make a profit you know. No industry in the WORLD makes the profit our Drug People do. NOT the oil business, none !! I hope she can help.

      • SO RIGHT-we have incompetents running down AMERICA, they give away S.S. BENEFITS -ROBBING RETIREES ,and think nothing of it ,but if this was done to them -some one would be jailed as thieves…..madness has ruled in reverse of sanity and we seem to be suffering and yet no one does anything –I LIVED 78 YRS–and never in my life have I SEEN anything like this–I PRAY TO GOD AND HE KNOWS —OUR MILITARY WILL NOT BE FUNDED–I thought Hitler was dead–Betty

      • As of November 5, the medicare premiums for 2016 have not been made available so are you sure your premiums are going up. If you are currently collecting Social Security retirement benefits your premiums will not increase in 2016 because there was no COLA increase in Social Security benefits. Even for those over age 65 who are not collecting Social Security benefits, the rate increase, if any, for Medicare Part B premiums has not yet been firmly established

          • PLEASE – we seniors desperately need a COLA increase for 2017! My husband died in October 2015, cutting my income 45% but not my expenses. RX costs soared as did food and housing. PLEASE help!!

      • no cola what a joke cola should off set all the new year increases med dental groceries generally most increases are due to cost adjustments for all others businesses you better believe all the fat cats in wash. are getting is a shame we that need ss cola get the least

        • those ass holes don”t have a clue try walking a mile in our shoes they are all a bunch of fat overweight slackers that do what they are told to do so as not o rock the good ol boy boat

      • You are so right, we have to share our money with these immigrants. It’s too many of them and America can not afford to keep taking from it’s own people to help others. It’s a shame that the immigrants reap the benefits of it country after we fought hard for freedom. I’m black. My ancestors suffer and help build this country and made a way for us blacks in America. The immigrants should stand up and fight their own battle in their own countries. America is going broke because of this. It Money Does not circulate

      • You’re absolutely right. But trying to convince the government is like getting all the illegals out of the country…. impossible ! We are the only country it seems that would rather impress the press than the citizens. We need to get serious and get active in stopping the government using social security monies to fix a deficit that capitol hill caused. Let them use their own money! I’m like ing in poverty and it’s just going to get worse unless we the people of the United States start speaking up and take a stand on this blatant disregard for the disabled,elderly, and the veterans

      • It has nothing to do with Illegals or Obama,Republicans changed the way increases are determined they made it more like working people’s cost.They still blame Obama for everything true or not

      • TODALLY AGREE on the illegals receiving financial, medical etc… help! However, the US Citizens who live on the “dole,” also have increased from one generation of “welfare supported flag-waving bodies” to the next generation of this ilk…etc…
        There is no way now that the average US citizen who has paid into SS all their “working years,” and tried to maintain some savings, etc…will be able to “enjoy/manage” their retirement years without cutting corners in every area…
        Medical expenses continue to rise and SS checks remain the same without COLA! No wonder the “dole” is more popular than ever…

      • The United States needs to stop handing out money to other countries. A lot of those countries make it clear that they hate us. Well, hate us for free and we will use OUR money for OUR citizens.

      • How do I find out how each representative voted for no COL for SSI. I’m going to be 73 this fall, I had to find a part time job 3 to 4 nights a week. We are taxed to death and if there is no cost of living why is the senate and congress still getting raises? They certainly have not earned any senior citizens votes. And they have taken out for non citizens who never put anything in…I’ve worked all my life…I’m insulted and I want to know who voted…as I will not be voting for any seated member of either house this November..And I have never missed a vote…in my entire life..

      • That’s the reason to control immigration. I am fed up with them getting the very money that WE worked and PAID into Social Security. And they’re not even U.S. citizens! Ludicrous, simply ludicrous

      • I totally agree with 90 percent of the Hispanics working here in Idaho at the dairies also now all the landscaping painting and construction jobs while the women get food stamps and dress better more expensively than anyone in buhl store use a food stamp card and in this area you pay for extra school supplies for them and it is slowing the American children’s learning down I’ve had several say how easy to get fake papers and Washington asks for no birth certificate or ss no although u can buy one for $100 some even have good credit on the ss no they pay $100 for we need e verified and show of birth certificate certified ones

      • What 23 dollars a day not a living wage? Damn straight these rich asswipes in congress have no idea what ” cost of living ” is they just rape everyone and feel no pain. I cannot even afford shelter or food.. no charity to help.. sick country we live in where billionaires get millions in tax refunds and pay zero in taxes but those who need due to no fault of their own live less than humanly.

    • Replace “ALL” incumbent Senators and Congressmen that have been in office for more than TWO terms! Also, Reduce the terms to four years each! Tell me why should they be more privileged than our President??? Besides, maybe something will actually get done for all of us and not for their own selves.

      • Term Limits will solve a LOT of problems, just getting rid of career politicians, it was never intended to be a lifetime job, but a “term” to “serve” your country and fellowman., a temporary “job”. Why are so many running for GOP? Its a money grabber, all the donations they are getting and most know they will never get the nomination. I should run myself

      • Term limits are a possibility…but you have to go to your STATE elected representatives to initiate term limits…it’s a State issue, not Federal.
        In fact, most people think Congressmen are paid out of the Federal budget… States are paying those ‘wages’.

      • Wake up America!!!
        It’s time to replace everyone in Congress, they don’t care about our country, just their pockets. They give themselves a raise and they don’t pay into SS. They have their own retirement plan in which is 300% more than what our senior citizens are collecting, they don’t put in 40 hrs of work a week ( must be nice to work part time for that huge amount of money they make ) The law should change that everyone in Congress should have no more than 2 terms just like the president and they should also get their retirement from SS. I bet that if that was the law, it would be different, we spend millions to help other countries, but will not help our own such as our military men and women, seniors etc. I could go on and on but I believe if you really think about, then it’s time to replace everyone in congress. This is our country not the politicians that can do whatever they fill like doing and all the empty promises that they make.Don’t just blame the President, he is only a puppet for the rest of Congress…

        • I don’t know of any Senator or Representative that takes multi vacations a year at $4 million a pop. Make all of them, including civil servants pay into SS and get the SAME “benefits” they force us to receive.

        • Right on, Eric. We seniors need a March on Washington like MLK – if the Dems get in 2016 we won’t be able to say what we want, pray like we want and live like we want. We live longer now – and there’s lots of us.

        • It’s so true, the President is blamed for so many things, but he is just a puppet in the hands of Congress. they put down every bill he puts up. the problem is the people, don’t they think before electing these Representatives and Senators? Do they really understand who they are putting in office? The elect a President, they tie his hands with a bunch of nuts who oppose his every move. We elected a President, not a magician! The President cannot make like Jesus and walk on water. What I can’t understand is that everytime some country overseas is in crisis this country comes up with so many and so many millions of dollars, yet they are always saying how much the country is is in debt. Where does all the money come from all of a sudden when some country overseas needs help? I never could understand that.

      • i wonder how many of these commenting has ever been to there local welfare office or went in most of the cars there are newer modles mine is 15 years old and most in there do not speak english. And how many social security checks are laundred out of this country to other countries by family members that live here i know of some. they marry americans overseas have children that the spouse supports then when they get old enough the kids are sent here to live with the spouse at the death of that spouse they come here to get social security started then have it put in one of there children and return home to await there money every month. How about being like normal people no raises as long as your employed ( president, vice president, senators or congressmen) oh and when you are voted out all benifits stop. no money to other countries until america is solvent and everyone can pay there bills as far as illegals take the welfare roles make them do the jobs illegals do they would have more money and empty refrigerators like the rest of us poor people do.

    • This is total Republican nonsense. I paid into this system for 40 years and just went on benefits this month and already I’m being told I won’t get my anticipated increase. The cost of living continues to increase—food, utilities and insurance costs. This is outrageous. Vote Democratic in 2016 and this sort of evolving penny pinching to seniors won’t happen.

      • Are you serious? The dems have been in control of this gov’t most of the time and in case you haven’t noticed we’ve had a demorat president for 7 years.

      • do you have a brain–who do you think is in charge? It ain’t republicans & hasn’t been for 7 yrs. It’s the bamster & friends–the 2nd MT SUIT president in the history of this ctry. (Hint-the 1st was in the peanut business)

        • Bill what color is the sky in your world? Who sent kids to fight a war? Evidently you don’t have a brain because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out whose behind spending. WAR is all the republicans want and that is the truth

      • Idiot. Check back. Every change to the Social Security, such as using what we paid into it, making it 85% taxable, not allowing it to be deducted from ordinary income, making it manditory and a few things, was changed under a Democrat administration.

      • Democrats think we should all share what we have. Do you think they will reduce their income to be equal with Americans? No way!

      • To all Republican bashers. If you vote for the Democrates your taxes will go UP. The handouts to illegals and others will increase. They will continue to borrow more and more until the Chinese will run this country. If you think you have it bad now just wait for that.

      • Hey Robert,
        What ever your smoking I’d like to get some. Are you serious ?? Do you know what the Democrats have done to this country in the last 7 something years ?? Who is in there now ??

    • This is a bunch of BS!!! Everything is going up – food, prescriptions, healthcare, rent, car insurance!!! Tell congress not to give raises to themselves!! Maybe they should take a cut in pay!!! This is our money that we worked for and now we can’t give ourselves a raise?!?! And they want .to raise minimum wage to $15.00 an hour and we can’t get an extra $15.00 a month?!?! What’s wrong with this picture?

          • No one has brought up about the kids of the future, where will they be when they reach their senior years. I had 401k and savings and it all went south with health problems-I try to tell kids to save cause it only takes one illness to ruin your savings. and make you poor.

          • Hi Sandy,
            The kids today ?? are you serious ?? do you know what is going on with the kids today ?? do you think for a minute they are thinking about that ?? Its STAR WARS,POT, PRINCE,SEX, am I wrong ??

    • Our costs at the grocery store has dramatically increased as well as all utility bills. Every couple of weeks our costs increase. The way our government figures cost of living is a joke. If we see no increase fine, but don’t try to tell us the cost of living didn’t increase; it insults our intelligence!

      • So true my power bill is almost half of my check. Also I have Doctors that will not see me ,some while I supposedly under care after surgery. Because my bill is not caught up. When the balance after surgery is in the thousands. Sorry but my check is a long way from that. I called on one bill and was told to sell my house to pay for it.

        • Been there and had to do that so sad -I didn’t have a fancy house, not worth $300,000. but it was nice and comfortable- but doctors don’t wait to be paid, and collection agency are right there to clamp down on you.
          I had one sue me and I wrote a letter to the court and showed my cost of living and expenses, the judge declared me indigent-in case no one knows the meaning-Webster definition suffering from extreme poverty, lacking food,clothing and other necessities of life. And I worked 60 years of my life and was proud and raised two kids without help. To have this in print makes me feel ashamed –working 60-80 hours a week to make ends meet and now be branded like this. I cry-Oh and I wrote Paul Ryan and never heard a word from him. So talk to the people who run this country -who are you kidding.

          • Just so sad that something like that could happen in this country. I heard one of the politicians say that the over 60 group were so wealthy we didn’t need an increase. I wonder who they were talking to. Must have been their rich friends. It sure wasn’t me or most of the rest of you. So so unfair for them to even call it a benefit when it’s OUR money.

    • YOU are so right I just came home from the store and the 1/2 gal. of milk I paid $1.98 for two days ago is now $2.35 and it seems that just about everything I looked at in the food dept. has gone up.
      THESE people should have to come out into the real world and live on what we get and then maybe they would see the truth about the price of everything and how far a ss check goes.

      • The of gas has gone down, but so has my investment. Three years ago, I was getting over $700 a month from the small part of a well. Now, it is around $100 and I they don’t issue a check unless it is over $100. I don’t know until the day before whether I will get anything.

    • Hi Beverly,
      I agree with your statement and am experiencing the same increases. The Medicare increase is the topper of an attitude of the Administrators being “out of touch” with the true events of life outside of WDC.
      I don’t agree with Mr. Borland’s statement “When inflation stays at the same rate, your cost of living also stays the same.” This is not not happening in real lives…just in a formula. “Prices for goods and services, on average, haven’t increased enough to affect the COLA.”, he says, but they do continue to affect our actual cost of living.
      My assessment is that this shows how little thought has been given to the impact of this policy, including the impact of the upcoming Medicare increase. This is very frustrating and there seems to be few in power who care because they don’t personally know people being affected.
      Would someone please enlighten us as to why this “policy vs reality” makes sense financially, politically or morally?

      • very simple-democrats do not care about seniors because there are not enough of us to defeat them @ the ballot box. Us’uns ain’t favored like illegals/millennials/blacks/etc

    • Agree with above…food costs are over the top and especially those for people who MUST eat healthfully because of diabetes and heart disease…if we do not eat these items then we will be running up ICCU costs and Doctor visits plus consults…A viscous cycle

      • Or you die. Which is what I expect is the reason. More people on SS that die, the more the government can keep and spend on whatever they want, such as $4 million vacations for the “First family.” I can’t even go see my grandkids who I have never seen. Everytime I get almost there, something goes up or a repair, etc., and I can’t go.

        • does anyone really think the powers that be will even read these comments —
          It would make them choke on the fine food they get to eat.!!

    • I completely agree..I’m to sure they got there raises for the up coming year. I have denied for Medicaid and foodstamps all I have is Medicare and can barely afford that.

    • Just another way “our government for the people ” is sticking it to us! I can not understand why we keep putting them back in office!!!!!

    • Groceries and gas have never been figured in, now all of a sudden when it benefit’s the Gov’t. they blame the low price of gas. If this be the case we all should inform our creditors that we are not paying any increases either.

    • And, not in my world, either! Every month it becomes harder to maintain a basic lifestyle. I have to give up something else almost every month. Before I’m ready, it will be my house, next. And then… another homeless person. Help us, don’t hurt us!

      • I’m with you, Joyce. I didn’t work all those years and have a moderate life style to show for it only to live in poverty now. What can we do? I suggest we find a forum where these idiots in charge of our future will see how many of us are affected and what this decision is doing to us. I am working a part time job every few months during tax season, but it doesn’t sustain me all year. I am 67 and didn’t count on this.

    • Beverly, I could not have said it any better myself! What are these so called politicians thinking? It is difficult enough for us seniors to pay these increased expenses and they think we don’t need a raise! Wow, gasoline prices are down! We can’t afford to go anywhere with all our other expenses on the rise. You can bet your life that next year an increase will be awarded for us struggling citizens. After all, it is a Presidential Election year, and God forbid if they don’t get our votes. You can rest assured that our caring politicians will get their raises, health benefits for life and all the other perks they get for doing NOTHING! I am so fed up with our elected officials and I know where my votes will go. But then, does it really matter who is in office? Nothing is ever done for the average citizen. Fed up!

    • your so right and prices were skyrocketing in the other 2 years there was no increase …this is a scam perpetrated by the criminals we call our government !! let them have no increase and make them pay for their medical like we do. soc.sec .was never to be touched ,except for social security sadly it has been plundered by every regime in this country…and biggest insult is too have it taxed why/ it was funded with tax paid dollars.. I say its gone to far its time to revolt . since it will never stop.. its a cash cow to those government crooks who pay NOTHING.

    • Thie power of the ballot is they only way to put caring representatives in office to address senior issues. We must hold our representatives accountable!

    • Look, do not vote for any incumbents…until these money hungry, self- centered, elitist politicians WE ELECT, HEAR OUR MESSAGE IN A REAL WAY, nothing will change. Hell, let’s all vote for Bearnie Sanders, at least we will see some changes we need.

    • The cost of living has increased…a carton of eggs from 1.99 to 2.99 at some places 3.99 depending on the store. The general grocery list has risen in cost ..a pound of apples 3.49 that’s highway robbery. And to blame the President shows that no one has a clue who actually makes the decisions. Go thank the Congress & Senate….

      • I don’t understand what people were thinking 2 years ago when they elected that Senate and House of Reps. They must have been temporarily insane.!

    • Absolutely true! We are living on fixed incomes while costs increase. As you stated…everything is going up with the exception of gas…and this is just a temporary drop in prices while all other items are a permanent INCREASE!

    • Well said Beverly. Real estate taxes, utilities, food among other things have soared..yet the senior must live on less money for another full year. Who ever heard of someone’s income going down instead of up.

    • I completely agree. The cost of many other items has increased. I live on a fixed income with no pension, savings, etc. and am just making ends meet on Social Security. The way COLA is calculated needs to change. I believe the rise in Health Care costs are not even included.

    • Who do these people think they are.
      What kind of idiot would accept no increase in the cost of living? They are pulling the wool over our eyes and most people accept this.
      I know, they have to keep on fighting in Syria, Iraq and other Arabic countries so we
      here on Social Security won´t get a raise in 2016. It´s all a big lie!

    • The Obama Government can’t afford the cost-of-living for the men and women who made this country what it is today, but they can afford to spend one billion dollars for a six mile stretch of tracks for Obama’s trillion dollar ghost train that no one will be able to afford at a cost of $500 dollars for a round trip like lets say Santa Barbara to San Diego, and it can afford the newest jet fighter for the air force at a cost of over 2+ million dollars per jet. Oh, yes, and although Obama only gets paid something like over 200,000 per year, he has some how managed to earn over 10+ million dollars while in office. Can we say under the table deals.

    • i agree. omg food is outrageous… yea we work all our life for a slap in the face.. and now what is Obama gonna do? nothing. yes the cost of living is gone up tremendously…. someone is lying…

      • all the politicians who voted to do this is scum. We have been at war longer that we were in viet nam. vote against every body in office now because they let this happen. I am tired of paying for war and today Obama announced he is sending more troops to Afganistan. Vote with your money folks. It is the war. Tell Obama to stop it.

    • Beverly nailed it on the head. It’s a damn sick excuse to say that the decrease in gas prices offset EVERYTHING else that has increased. That is a complete lie. Where are we going to go with no extra money in our pocket to spend. Just make sure everyone in the White House and the House and Senate get their double digit raises while they p— away all the money we pay in taxes by giving it away to all these foreign morons who hate us. I’ve never seen any paybacks from these countries. Let’s take care of Americans FIRST and let them have the leftovers.

    • So if the cost of gas is down, why’s the cost of grocery’s going up? Since its cheaper to move the goods, why are we still being screwed at the check out? Yet more proof, of the rich getting richer, while the poor keep getting poor’er. Go figure.

    • Oct 15, 2015 I agree 100% with you Beverly Dunlap . Never expected no COLA year in 2016 when there is such a large Medicare increase planned for 2016. As a retiree, gas price is not my biggest concern. All the other increases you mentioned are.

    • Yes, the formula being used does not consider the real costs increases for those on SSI. Although Oil/Gas is used which is a large % it has only a marginal impact on many seniors. What does? Food, Medications, Eye, Dental, Insurance, Property and Sales Taxes, other health care expenses, many utilities.

    • I’ve read through the comments, and wish I could add something; however, Beverly, I agree. I might add additional comment if I didn’t have this huge lump in my chest and throat. I’m very disappointed in our government, and all those who know so many struggle, yet those you mention raise their prices anyway. We live in a greedy world today. I paid in to SSA for nearly 40 years, then became disabled, and know my costs are increasing. I’ve even foregone medical care even with insurance so I could save money. I’m sick about this. No pun intended.

    • The government thinks that it is their responsibility to keep some people living on the edge of nothing! I have put out the challenge in this challenge in the past, and will do so again now. I challenge those individuals in our government to live as one of us on social security. They would give up any rights to access any of their riches, savings, and investments for a period of 2 years minimum. They would receive the lowest levels of SSI that many of us citizens receive and live on. These individuals would be banned from receiving cash gifts from anyone while they were living out this challenge. They would not have access to credit cards and loans. They could possibly be told that they would only receive $16.00 per month in food stamps because their “income” was too high!
      I really don’t think that any changes for the better will be made until some of these people who are making the rules truly experience the struggles that we “common” people go through on a daily basis!

    • I agree with all of you. the people who run are government set up there with a 4 figure
      payday and don’t want to do right for the people with very little. And while we are talking they give lots of money to country and let their people stave and do with out the things they need to live a good life. Take heart when time comes to vote make sure the right ones get in and kick the ones that are not working for us to the curb as they have us. we would have the votes if the poor just voted,

      • Your situation is more frequent than most people realise. I tood another rout and simply moved out of the country, Of course, US gov is still there with their hand out to get their share of the money I did manage to save in an IRA. I now spend my ss in another country and have plenty of other Americans to visit with. No property tax, no sales tax here, Gas and insurance is cheep, better health care and the DR doesnt have to spend on average of 7 min per pacient like in US. Most Americans here are disababled and have spouses native to the country.. Remember, if you listen closely to polititions they will tell you what they have in mind for you. Obama said seniors had health care that was too good and thet wew not paying enough and to save ss and give insurance to younger people they had to be cut back.

    • Unfortunately if I remember right, food and fuel are not calculated in the equation for cost of living. I know meat has gone up 12% this year if not more. Funny two of the things everyone has to buy are two things not included

    • When the A%#&* in the WH stop taking 2 separate Airplanes, and they are going to the same state, and then same event!! “I’ll take my 747, you take your’s and I’ll meet you there HONEY” DIDN’T WE PAY FOR THAT??

    • My living costs increase almost daily living in a small town that never plans ahead! Sales taxes escalate, property taxes will go up, food taxes imminent, sewer and other city costs continue to increase. This is getting tiresome!!! Whenever I think I might be able to manage then there’s another setback!

    • WOW, gas prices went down but food, utilities, prescriptions, health care, insurance, etc.. all went up. Now I can afford to live in car. Good job Government !!!

    • I agree and don’t forget my rent goes up each year as well as the cost of food.. There is inflation for sure and it makes it harder each year to make ends meet. So why does our Government repay all the money they “borrowed” from the SS fund. We have Bush to blame for that. Pay us BACK. No pay increase for Congress since they don’t think the cost of living has increased

    • Hell Yes Every thing else has risen,Health Ins alone took more than the raise for 2015 Hay Idiot Jim Where The Hell You come from.Thinking The People are IDIOTS?//???

    • Get rid of CONGRESS! I am the working poor because of ALL the crooks in government. A national disgrace. NO INCREASE IN THE COST OF LIVING. How stupid do you think we are. You know DAMNED well food and everything else has gone up dramatically. What IDIOS are in charge of Social Security? How about cutting YOUR salaries!!!!!!!

    • Rent has increased 35% Food near the same. My medical costs are higher and higher…..I am disabled and now 66……i skip dr. Appts to save money so I can have a car. Why would SS refuse a small COL increase?????

    • Kidding right? Where I live food, medicine, electric, gas for heating, rents have tripled, clothing etc. Have increased dramatically. My social security security retirement /disibility is not enough to cover my rent. Where are the affordable housing and section 8? I’ve been waiting since my children were 8, and 11, now they are 41, and 46, and have 2 grandchildren 14 and 20. Tell me where the help with rent is?????? You people are the worse. My advantage plan also stinks. The only thing that hasn’t increased is gas. But it d o esn’t matter since we don’t have any money for a vacation. Hasn’t the cost of college gone up? My granddaughter graduated with 3 cords, National Honor Society, Academic, and Aurora Lights which is a mini medical program and has 32 credits from college that she went to during high school. Now she is unable to continue her education since she has no money and she no one to help her since her mother is legally blind due to diabetes, no car and I am unable to help. What a Sin this is to have my grandaughter s education come to a hault. Oh, and my daughter has been denied benefits and I am supporting her and my grandson because they have no income. I am sick and tired of you. And you have denied me for receiving benefits from my husband who receives social security retirement too.

    • The cost of gas really hasn’t much effect on the elderly..Lot’s and lot’s don’t even drive anymore and those who do just do minimal driving, so how is that a factor or benefit to them..We need an increase, because everything else has increased..I even took a part time job to help us out, but due to my age that won’t last too much longer..I want what I worked for all my younger years…

    • The costs of prescriptions alone justifies an increase. Not to mention insurance that goes up every year regardless. I have seen food prices going up constantly and you can bet gas prices will not stay down. We need to stand up and demand no that no raises for congress and the president they surely don’t need or deserve a raise!!!

    • I’m sick of every retiree that cries poor mouth about living with less. What? You didn’t see retirement coming? YOU made YOUR financial choices in life. Don’t complain or look to others if you’re not happy with where you ended up. If you need more money go get a higher paying job, or get one in the first place.

      • Kevin, what a stupid comment for you to make. Put your money where your mouth is, most retirees cannot get a higher paying job, what planet do you lived on. Just remember you are going to get old someday and then I want to see if you will keep silent. I hate to say this but you are a moron.
        Maybe you can give us retirees a higher paying job. What do you think?

    • I totally agree with you. Everything has increased except the price of gas, but that is creeping up again. Us retirees would do better as illegal aliens. They seem to get everything. We need an increase in our social security!

    • Do any of you believe the rich politicians will read or care about our complaints? Call them and let them know. Go to their web page and Email them. Stop re-electing them.

    • Let’s stay away from the hate talk and stay on message to our government. All the rising costs you cited are totally relevant to the argument that social security benefits need to go up. There is some kind of disconnect between how the government COLA is calculated and real life experience of ever rising costs. You made some very good points. Thank you.

    • The ONLY thing that has come down is the price is gas. Have you purchased a movie ticket lately? My electric bill has almost doubled. I don’t even want to talk about my grocery bill.

    • The rent on my apartment which is in government housing goes up by $50mo. At the order of Obama administration. They want this low income rent as high as high income rent. And these apartments are for elderly and disabled people. Thanks Obama

    • That is B.S. I want to see them live on about $800 a month (rent food meds electric clothes Dr. apts. I bet there would be a big increase than! PLUS ! Medicare is going up and copays for meds so….like a lot of people I either go without food or meds or go to the dr Tell me what should I give up? You stink

    • I find it interesting. I came to this LAST WEEK (Oct. 5-9, 2015) to see if there was going to be an increase. On the home page it stated there WOULD be an 1.7% increase effective Jan. 1, 2016! I see that article magically disappeared! It shows articles from August 2015 & nothing until yesterday. (1.7%-that would’ve been $30 for my husband & I). Hmm-now u c it, now you don’t!

    • This is ridiculous. Everything has risen. Hell……people on welfare get more money than we do. And WE worked and put money into this fund just so the govt could steal it? Aint fair……

    • i heard medicare was going up 40%…..since it has no drug coverage or vision, which elderly need, and only pays 80% of hospital bills, it really is not worth it.
      I am checking on getting regular insurance on my husband and I, since we already pay over $200 a month for medicare now

    • Well, since I do not drive as much, the cost of gas which is your indicator, that means little to me.

      The cost of beef skyrocketed as did the cost of eggs and other food stuff. Medicare increases, you must be kidding. How does the ACA help with that?
      That’s ok though, I will become protien difficient, (beans are expensive as well as yogurt) most likely anemic, and who cares? Right? I will be charged more if I get sick or not. After all I am old and expendible. I worked as a nurse in NYS with years of lousy wages until my last 5. No nurse could afford to save when their wages barely kept up from check to check. I took care of you and your families and diligently saw my pay go into SS. I knew I’d never be a millionaire or save alot for retirement-and this is what you do?
      Shame on this government, shame on you, and may our lives be on your heads-oh I forgot-you do not give a damn.

    • It is pathetic after paying my bills and lets not forget the huge amount for medication every month. I am left with a whopping $29.00 to live on.

    • Why don’t the SSI give us the COLA that is owed from 2008/09. Then we just might be on an even keel rather than having to get a sit down job hoping we can win a lottery or marry someone to help pay for the basics while Wall Street makes billions and pays the tax I used to working as a apartment manager/maintenance man.

    • Right on Beverly!!!! I guess it’s wishful thinking to think that Congress would bother to get its head out of its ass long enough to face the reality of trying to survive on social security in this day and age…..

    • Great the price of gas has gone down. But the price of my utilities, food and medicine has gone up. Thanks for nothing. It’s time to replace some millionaire politicians who wouldn’t have a clue how to live on what we live on.

    • This is sad news. I’m just getting by. The Gov. is so matter of fact on this subject. Someone needs to take a hard look at this & correct it. We need our COLA !!!

    • I knew this knew tis was coming that there would not be a an increase on #social security and for those that are disabled , do you ppl really think that were fools? when we know that for millions there will be a 52% hike on their medicare premiums and deductibles which I know you could stop this from happening I am disabled and I know how you ppl deal with us all I want you ppl to know one thing this is our money your playing with and our lifes , and I want you to know your all are full of sh@# if you think your fooling this ppl of this nation with your greedy ass hands!!!!!

    • I have lived in this country for over 42 years, worked very hard, paid my due TAXES – and now no COLA increase for 2016. The United States can feed the whole WORLD, take care of the illegals with their food, health and shelter and they never worked at all and paid no TAXES. This is NOT fair. Whoever calculated the COLA does NOT live in the United States.

    • I don’t know what planet congress lives on but it surely can’t be earth. In my world the price of everything have risen considerably during the year ranging from food to healthcare. Lower gas prices are irrevelant. Such a weak argument to justify no COLA. I’ll bet money that congress gave itself their usual secret annual py raise although it’s not deserved for all of the non-work they accomplish. It’s time to get rid of using CPI Index to make this determination & come up with something new. This current method is so outdated

    • they must be able to tell the future the only time gas goes up is if their pumps need maintaned or they have to much gas or not enogh gas .4 months age hambuger was $2.29 a pound now $4.99 a pound oh thats right they dont shop for food the president went to a dinner the other day that cost us $18000.oo per plate nice yep i agree the poor or people like me that paid into ss for 47 years should not get a $.25 raise thanks

    • Why is everyone blaming Obama? It is the GOP in CONGRESS who voted no. Is America still blinded by all the lies the republicans have told because the hate our president so much? They have spread so much propaganda and the sheeple still believe it LMAO. Congress has to vote on and approve ALL funds and ALL laws. That is their role. Congress is dominated by the REPUBLICANS and the republicans are against anything that does not help corporate america. Facts matter!!

    • We must speak loudly with our Vote. We must let politicians know that we will no longer tolerate the games that they play to get elected.

    • I completely agree with Beverly. This is the second time that this has happened during this administration. Has anyone been to the grocery lately? It is ridiculous to pick the cost of gasoline because it goes up every other day. Shame on this government.

    • here’s a thought. . . why not have Congress & Senate live on our income and see how fast things get changed. we won’t be getting COLA but bet you a dollar they will – please don’t make me pay this, i cannot even to pay 1 of you. they don’t even have to pay into this and they are guaranteed (!) at least $250,000 per year.

    • I just do not understand my cost are riseing always gas – electric – food – it never has stoppedan now my income is becoming less every year.

    • The whole system is screwed up!! Why do parents of children with very minor physical ailments or ADHD, etc., that live perfectly normal lives and have no daily or monthly extra care than everyone else’s child get $700-$800 FREE money a month!!! MILLIONS of dollars are wasted like this monthly, not to mention all these “young” people on SSDI for again, very minor ailments that can go to school, party,play sports, hang with their friends, never ever see a doctor for tbeir “disability” are supposedly so disabled they cannot work at McDonalds!!
      Not to mention must never get audited by soc sec because if they never see a doctor for their “disability” how can they remain on it. I see my doctors 1-2 times a month every month yet I’ve been audited so many times I can’t count.
      I knew a girl in MO whose BF was getting SSDI because he was shot in the leg years ago and was not supposed to walk but he walks 100% normal and was arrested and in jail for months and his SSDI stopped, as soon as he was released he WALKED right in to the soc sec office and got back on SSDI with no medical evidence or anything. Lives a 100% normal life and does car mechanic work under the table at his home!!
      This is where all everyone’s soc sec money is going. Even if the guy couldn’t “walk” doesn’t mean he cannot work!!
      Yet people with real disabilities have to wait years and years to get what they paid into yet people who never paid a penny into it and do not even deserve or need it get it and continue to get it!!
      It is a mess and our children and grand children will have no soc sec retirement because people are too lazy to work and someone fall through the cracks for many many years!! Doctors and lawyers do not remain blameless in this either. If it wasn’t for them falsifying records or taking any client for a buck it couldn’t happen!!

      I HAVE HAD.

    • It seems that we pay into SS all our working life and the gov has control of that money. They tax our retirement, make Medicare costs ridiculous, can’t afford medications (which keeps going up at high rates), and the list goes on. So just because gas prices are down it covers all cost of living costs?????? Besides that can change dramatically in five minutes. Please the American people are not that stupid. The politicians make sure they get a yearly raise to their already inflated salary.

    • I totally agree! Our health costs from my husbands company that he retired from has raised our cost every single year and not by a little but a lot! We are now paying a total of 706.00 every single month just for health care!

    • Wow a lot of comments done on my birthday. I live on SSD and SSI and it is hard paying bills and trying to get food that stretches a month.
      Things need to change in the USA and i hope in 2016 things do change…a big change. And i want to see us Americans benefiting from the change actions.

    • You’re right.

      Also, the Congressmen and Senators get their COLA rise EVERY year….they get their perks and people like myself who is on disability and needs every penny, medication, etc.

      So unfair, so incredibly unfair.

    • and the cost of home owners ins. property taxes ,water and sewer rate continue to go up auto repairs government employees wages go up that cost us the tax payers more but oh yea gas prices are down that one thing makes up for everything else thats going up.

    • I agree, I also am disgusted that we Will spend billions on Syrian refugees but we cannot take care of TAX paying eldrerly and disabled. Our nation dors NOT give a $##@ about Americans. We are now the minorities.!!!!!!!

    • Who cares abut phonE and internet…that’s a want not a need…need is shelter clothes shoes and food…everything else is a need

      • Just because you don’t need a phone does not mean that others with medical issues do not. Don’t come asking next time you have a medical emergency to you mine.

    • I agree, everything is going up around where I live in WA state. Food, rent, utilities, even public transportation. I barley get anything every month and I cant work. It makes me so mad that our government can and will not help the people that need it the most. My thoughts and prayers are with all my fellow SSDI/SSI brothers and sisters. Merry Christmas!!!!

    • I agree Beverly, I have a newborn and cost of baby formula is increasing and I’ve had to pay out of pocket for some very expensive life or death medications!

    • If the seniors don’t get a raise, than no one else should get a raise either. After all, if prices haven’t gone than no one else needs a raise, because raises cause prices to increase.

    • I agree, recently I was on the Medicare Savings Plan in which the state paid my Part B, I found a part-time job to make ends meet and I was taken off of the Medicare Savings plan, they hiked my Part B premium up to $121.90 because the State paid my part B in Nov and Dec and it did not come out of my SS benefit. . .they still got paid so why did they hike it? They are going to strengthen Medicare and SS on the backs of current Medicare and SS beneficiaries by constant hikes.

    • Why is it the government can say to those livingng on social security that the cost of living hasn’t increased yet those on capitol hill vote themselves pay rate increases. Why do they get an increase if the cost of living hasn’t risen? Oh I guess the poor person living on social security doesn’t deserve the same amentaties as the rich on capitol hill with their deep pockets. Wake up you ignorant fools. Cost of everything has risen for all walks of life. You in capitol hill try living, and paying all your bills with what you determine social security recpiants have to live on. Oh that’s right, you’re all rich and could care less about the senior citizens of the country. Thanks for nothing

    • Hi I’m Un disibility SSI I 624 a month I pay rent and food I don’t know how the disibility people who control ower benifiits think that we can suvive in oconimy that keep going up thare will a time thare be no fast food plase mimum wage off peaple working will not suvie thare million face the olso if SSI stay the same

    • Yeah– this whole ‘no cola’ thing six!! And it’s a lie in my opinion! I call bull****!
      What HADNT cost us more this past year?! Am I the only one who has to try n buy groc, co-pays on Dr & prescription drugs, not to mention all of the other ‘non-covered’ herbs/supplements, etc., due to my multiple diagnoses?
      I can only sit n SMH & hope I can find a bucket of gold at the end of the rainbow… or another type of subsidy to get by. 😖
      At least after a 3.5 year fight, I was allowed to get SSDI with the help of my Dr appearing before the ALJ! That was a whole other story…
      Seems we in the “Disabled Arena” are the governments red-headed step child..
      Ok, off my soapbox now. Thx for listening.
      Have a blessed day… 👍❤️😊

    • I can’t believe that refugees and illegal immigrants are getting more than our senior citizens and disabled vets,through our welfare systems and social security benefits. I live in okla. and today to pickup a prescription for my wife who is on kidney dyalisis.the prescription she normally paid $1.20 for jumped to $107.03 from last month.what’s wrong with our country when the sick and disabled have to suffer and do without just because some politician wants a vote,I think if the united states would start the military draft back up our refugee and immigrant population would start a rapid decline.they want our milk and honey.but I could almost guarantee they would not want to fight for it,

      • That also is correct about the illegals and refugee problem. You see able bodied men coming here instead of fighting for their country!

    • You are absolutely correct! We get sticker shock when we go to the food store, clothes, and everything inbetween are out of most seniors range. Yet living on straight Social Security and we dont qualify for food stamps, or spend downs on our hospital and doctor bills. I wont comment where our Social Security funds are going now as I’m sure everyone knows that!

    • Agree – rent goes up every year. Food prices go up. Coffee prices go up every year. Public transportation prices go up. Meaning, we need the COLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • so I kill myself I refuse to live in this greedy America where the wealthy have every thing The start wars for wealth I am old 78 and I will commit suicide I want my youth back my looks and no one can bring it back So why live I do feel bad for my loved ones But they will get over it. Good riddence

    • Yes. the government uses things most prople on SSI don’t buy to figure the COLA. NOT the things we have to have to live. THEY SHOULD HAVE TO LIVE ON OUR INCOME FOR A YEAR.

    • We all know the cost of living has gone up. Once more govt manipulates the numbers to get away with taking $$ from the elderly and the most helpless of our citizens. So will there also be no salary increases for congress, the senate or the terrorist who resides in our white house on Pennsylvania Ave???

    • Congress regularly votes themselves ” COLA RAISES” so Seniors should automatically be eligible as well. Seniors are taxed at 185% of their earnings, a and THIS MUST STOP! Stop taxing our Social Security, which has already been taxed 100%

    • I think it was a year or two ago when this President said no a COLA this year, because the price of gasoline was lower?
      I believe that the Government always hated to pay COLA’s to Seniors even though they claim to be concerned about them.
      I always believed the Government was looking for an excuse to get rid of COLA’s, I think they found the excuse.
      As soon as I read that Obama was canceling COLA’s for that year because of lower oil prices, I knew it was just an excuse, and COLA’s would be gone for good.
      Retired seniors in 2016 will have to bite the bullet again this year, another year without an increase for food, clothing, insurance, or other every day expenses.
      Everyone including seniors will be wondering about the 1.7 BILLION dollars the Government is giving Iran back, (claiming it’s their money) with a cash down payment of 400 Million + (TAXPAYER INTEREST in the middle of the night) which is not available to Seniors, or anyone who worked and saved for their money. Money that you deposited into your Bank account, that is earning .010% interest or less which is basically nothing, or no return, and yet the Iran Government is earning taxpayer interest?
      The Wall Street Journal detailing a payment of $400 million from the United States government to the Iranian government to resolve an arms sale dispute dating to 1981. Conservative outlets are suggesting the payment “was definitely ransom” paid for American prisoners held in Iran, claiming “the administration did not reveal this to the public,” suggesting that Hillary Clinton was wrong to say the report is “old news,” and that airlifting cash to make the payment was essentially “money laundering.” But past reporting and explanations from the administration reveal “no concrete evidence that the cash payment was, in fact, a ransom,” that many of the details of the payments were made public in January, Clinton correctly noted the payment has been public for “seven or eight months,” and making the payment in cash was the only way to legally do it due to economic sanctions against Iran.
      How much of this is turning your stomach, it turns mine every time I think about it, it’s really not fair, however I think they really don’t care.

    • President Obama should go now no one needs a loser like him,since he took place at the White House we live in poverty as I am a disabled person can’t work at all need a lots of medications and my wife is out of work looking after me helping my day in life. I wish him to starve one day along with his family . Never hated a person in my life but hate him and wish him the worst in life as he did to my life with no increase for years forcing me to live in a different country where I can eat and have a better life and buy a medical insurance HATE OBAMA HATE HIM REAL BAD HOPE HE CAN READ THIS . Wish to see you suffer as much as I suffered since you became a president hate you all the worst wishes hope God will listen to me Amen

    • And if you are retired then you don’t drive to work anymore and you don’t drive the kids to functions anymore, so you don’t use much gasoline anymore. They should not consider the cost of gasoline when figuring a cost of living for seniors.


    • We live in the Northeast and have to keep our heat set on 59. We are elderly and have both worked our entire lives. Never collected a single welfare payment either. Nobody even bats an eye at how most elderly are living in poverty, yet they do things like give Thanksgiving turkeys to the Syrian refugees that are being dispersed throughout our country. Over the counter medications are doubling in price, and those who can’t afford to go to the doctor are finding that a bottle of Tylenol is beyond their means, and I hear all the time, I need it but have to wait till next month to buy it. Same thing with coats, shoes and other necessities. Our state is run by a financially inept Democrat, who spends like a drunken sailor. We have a state income tax, now they are talking a regional income tax. Our mayors have had their education funds diminished, so here come more taxes. We are ready to buy a tent and let nature take it’s course.

    • Beverly: I totally agree with you. I’m 67 and on disability. $760 a month doesn’t go very far. Fortunately Housing is helping with a place to live. Food assistance is almost non-existent. A car, new clothes and dental are some of things I can no longer afford.

  2. that’s BS. i’m paying more for food, electric, property taxes and much more. the cpi needs to be changed. don’t tell me this isn’t a bad thing. the same thing happened to me the last time it didn’t go up. oh and my medications have gone up a lot. so don’t BS me or the rest of America. this will have a negative effect on the economy.

    • your politicians know that but don’t care .since there is no accountability we should all ban together and inform all utilities, banks ,stores,gas companies,utilities, etc. we don’t have to pay more because our government says C.O.L. isn’t necessary now! and thet should refund us all increases for the two years govnt. also said no C.O.L.

    • I went to the store yesterday & it cost near 5 bucks just for bacon. And the sad part is, its not even 1 LB. Its less than a pound. I usually add some to my first pot of my winter stew I make on Halloween when I watch my scary movies, but with the price going through the roof, I’ll either make my stew a different way, or I’ll just have to come up with a new tradition for my Halloween dinner. But in either case, why is food prices going up while the checks remain the same? How’s that meeting the cost of living? I call it, B.S.

    • I sure do agree.

      Wait and see if the Congress get their raise this year. They do year after year after year and with all their perks, paid vac., etc.

    • You are right that it is BS. Almost everything has gone up in price. I can’t afford a car so why should I care if gas is relatively cheap.

    • Hi Betty! At this time the Department of Health and Human Services has not yet announced Medicare premium changes for 2016. Information about Medicare changes for 2016, when available, will be found at We hope this information helps!

      • I am on Medicare. I have a very rare auto-immune disorder, of course medication that must be taken and from reading other posts, you know the cost of food has risen.
        Could I have a vacation that costs of 4 billion like Obama has and also all the other vacations that him and his family have had?
        What about the raises the Congress gets year after year after year and all the perks they get, etc., etc. This makes me sick. There are excuses and justifications for everything and that is just what they are….excuses.

        • I am on Medicare. I have a very rare auto-immune disorder, of course medication that must be taken and from reading other posts, you know the cost of food has risen.
          Could I have a vacation that costs of 4 billion like Obama has and also all the other vacations that him and his family have had?
          What about the raises the Congress gets year after year after year and all the perks they get, etc., etc. This makes me sick. There are excuses and justifications for everything and that is just what they are….excuses.

        • Vacation like Obama!? Trump has already (in his first hundred days) surpassed Obama’s spending on vacations. Trump is even making a profit by charging the US for rent on his Florida golf course and for his New York “hotel”. BS is BS Carrie.

    • Hi Betty! At this time the Department of Health and Human Services has not yet announced Medicare premium changes for 2016. Information about Medicare changes for 2016, when available, will be found at

  3. it is ridiculous to state that costs have not increased – nothing could be further from the truth / how was it “determined ” that costs have not increased????
    who was asked???

    would be helpful to know who VOTED for not COLA increase????? names please .

    when did this vote occur, and how, part of what bill, etc.,

    disgusting lack of compassion on the part of our elected officials.

    • The decision of cola/no cola is not done by vote. The Dept of Labor publishes the CPI-W index, and SSA uses current law to decide if a COLA is warranted.

      • Understood…yet if your are on SSD you are no longer in the workforce. We should not be penalized for that yes Medicare did go up and the cost of living after medical bills medications and trying eat for a month does touch the “not so necessarily bad” comment doesn’t affect them. It DOES affect us

      • the dept. of labor is run by incompetent people who are TOLD what to do by the real people in charge called government criminals as far as C.O.L. is calculated

    • Well put it this way. Whoever made that decision, never went grocery shopping, cos the prices are getting absolutely ridiculous. Almost 5 bucks for LESS than a pound of bacon & 2 bucks just for a loaf of bread. And this coming from Family Dollar. Even the dollar stores are getting a bit pricey. And with gas prices being low, why are we still being screwed at the checkout? Its not costing as much as it use to, to MOVE the goods, so why are we being screwed for? WTF is up with B.S.?

    • Marie
      No the federal retiree gets the same as SS gets so if no raise in SS no raise for Federal retirees. But you can bet the ones in DC will give them self a good raise.

        • Pristine. Everything said above is fact. Each October congress votes itself a pay raise without the public knowing. As far as I’m concerned they neither deserve the pay they get nor a pay raise.

      • Yes, they will. Year after year after year I hear where they have given themselves raises. All the perks, all the paid vacations. Gee, could I have over 4 billion like the Socialistic Muslim in the WH has taken? I’m really sick of it.
        Elections will be coming up and once again, lies, lies, lies, lies and more lies. It trust is the same ole same ole. Once they get in, I guess it goes to their head and then they get their raises, vacations, perks, etc., and guess who pays for them? And that measly little few dollars we could get that would help. It just makes me sick. My brother wants to move out of this country and that may not be a bad idea.

    • What do gas has to do with COLA? My rent is $1000 a month. After all my bills is paid I can’t even buy food. Section 8 refuse me. The people who never work or paid tax is the one who get the help. Their job is having babies.What about the Billons that go to other country’s.What about the people who pass this law.They have no worry because they make good money. They are the ones who tell us buying a loaf of bread is not their problem.Go figure.

      • Lets make sure we have enough money for all the illegal aliens and to put more fuel in Air Farce One. This guy in the white house is a moron. It will take years before we see how much damage this guy has done to this county. These politicians need to go, ALL OF THEM!!

        • President OBama is no moron, it’s them in Congress who are the morons. Stop blaming the president for everything – it’s so handy to blame him, just to be blaming someone. No president is perfect, who ever was a president who someone didn’t like or blame for the problems of the country?

          • Have you forgotten the mess the country was in before the president too office? It was such a mess, that I thought he was crazy to take on all those problems. It seems the country is alright now, just get those devilish republican bums out and everyone will be better off. The president has done a tremendous job in bringing the country out of a terrible recession, and he has done so under awful pressure and set-backs from a very hostile congress.

          • Goldie, Obama is a MORON & congress are court jesters. Wake up & smell the cheap coffee.

        • Wrong. We have a real moron (who you no doubt voted for) in the White House now. Trump and his appointees will leave you (and me) with nothing.

  4. Let’s see…. food costs more, eating out costs more, services cost more, gasoline prices fluctuate all over the place, maintenance costs for cars cost more…. yet some “index” says the cost of living has not increased… BS

  5. I feel when gasoline prices rise the cost of products rises as well. When gas prices decline, the prices of products we consume do not fall.

  6. Not happy about this ….. a pissy 3% wouldn’t add too much to our $19,000,000,000. debt. I guess the government will use the money to feed, house, and educate all of the illegal aliens they have let in!

    • Don’t forget the 10,000 refugees Obama wants to bring in from Syria….who is going to feed, clothe, house, educate, etc???

      • Actually, it is planned for 200,000 refugees (like all the healthy young men we see crossing the borders) that will be coming from Syria and surrounding areas. Some mothers who will just continue to breed more, who have nothing to offer our country, and the men (if they aren’t terrorists) are uneducated, and will be parasites off this country. It is time to cut the politically correct BS out and say it like it is ……………

    • national debt ???? how do we borrow from ourselves. just to give it all away to our enemies but were in debt????????????? this is the biggest scam ever inflicted on americans…

  7. The cost of living may not have gone up that much, but the prices we pay for groceries, dental work and eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc. that is not covered by Medicare continues to rise in price as do real estate taxes, all of which make it much more difficult for those of us on a fixed retirement income to pay, especially when there is no Cost of Living increase in our Social Security, but we will be charged more for Medicare Part B. If there is not cost of living increase, how do you justify raising the cost of Medicare Part B?????

    Very disappointing and disturbing to seniors who will end up on Medicaid because of these cost increases!!!

  8. grocery stores raise their cost of products every few months, rents increase $25 per month per year, car tags increase, postage increases, electric is going higher, car insurance increases, and you’re telling us that inflation hasn’t increased, well so what, everything else has, so as each year goes by we go in the hole that much more. The only other way is to ask for other government services which makes this a circular motion within government, like if you don’t pay from SS then you pay from some other government assistance program.

  9. The cos of living has increased dramatically in the last year. Groceries, prescription drugs, healthcare,insurance costs only to mention a few.


      • Oblowbo should be boiled in crude oil for giving away everything that the AMERICAN CITIZEN has worked so hard for. He keeps giving it all to his muslum terrorist families, the scum that crosses the borders from mexico(his other communistic families) and why has he been allowed to do this without any repercussion. I hate the worthless gay piece of primate dung……. He should have been removed from office after the first 6 months of being placed in the White House by the corporate world(he sure wasn’t elected by the people. Karma is a bitch and he will suffer greatly for what he has done.

  11. I think this is wrong. The cost of food and utility bills have increased along with the cost of medicine and medical expenses. I bet the government will get a raise. Why is it when they have so much already the decision is to take from those that don’t have ?

    • Why? Cos I’m reminded of an old saying & in this case, it REALLY rings true. The cost of living is going UP & the chance of living is going down. But that’s government for ya. The rich get richer while the poor get poor’er. Go figure.

  12. How can the Government say that prices have NOT gone up? None of those people that a make the decision probably never shop or pay for their food, gas, health insurance (thanks to ObamaCare) or anything that relates to dally living expenses. Those of us that are retired or forced to be out of work are paying the bill for those fats cats in Washington. Time for a REAL change and NOT the kind that we have seen in recent years.

  13. If you do not add food,and fuel cost into your CPI,then there are no increases in inflation.
    But in reality,inflation is real.All government agencys
    find a way to make life look great.try to make us
    think all is wonderful,and you are all doing
    a great job.

  14. Ummm….health insurance premiums up, car insurance up, home insurance up, etc., etc. Those that determine COLA increases must live in a “special” place….

    • Or should we say, those who determine the CPI that the SSA uses to calculate COLA live in a ‘special place’ (or on a special medication)!

  15. I would love to see all politicians (including the President) live on Social Security. I don’t mean along with their “forever salaries” but ONLY the average Social Security!

  16. The CPI used by Malevolent Big Bother is not indicative of the cost of essential goods. Food, clothing, shelter, utilities transportation and medical have skyrocketed about 30% this year. The third quarter cost of gasoline is irrelevant. Seniors do relatively little driving. This is double-speak to avoid the 25-30% increase it would take to retain the same standard-of-living as last year. Meanwhile, MBB wastes billions providing benefits for illegal aliens and Muslim “refugees”, not to mention Obama’s entertainment.

    • Good point on Seniors doing very little driving. Some do not even own a car. Some can not afford to own a car. The gas price input into this calculation should be removed and see what the cost of living change would be. That is what affects probably 75% or more of the Seniors. They can make the figures say whatever they want them to say. The government needs more money for Obama to give away, figure out how to stop COLA this year. As the old saying goes, “figures lie, liars figure.”

      • You got that right! Apparently they use data from working class people to figure the CPI. But that logic is flawed and out of phase with retired and non-working people. Plus, the averages they use is historical – not current. We must not forget how the SSA was funded – we paid it in, and they decide how to pay it out! Like so many of the decisions made by the feds, WAY out of touch with life on main street.

      • You’re right about gasoline and oil prices too. Not applicable to folks like me who drive a 20 year old car and average less than 2000 miles per year! Can’t afford a new car. Can’t afford to go anywhere.

  17. Cost of living is up all over the place and you come up with lame excuses as to why there is no COLA. Most of us are not that stupid. Interesting that you did not mention Medicare for 2016 which will be going up. So it’s a double whammy.

  18. Is this population control? Being disabled is difficult enough. I suppose those receiving retirement benefits and disability benefits are just the easiest targets. We often make the decision of medicine or food. The calculation for COLA is outdated. It is nice that the decisions and calculations have no bearing on those in control. This is not representing ‘the people’.

  19. This is total BS and not true to facts. Yes has prices are down but that is the ONLY thing that is down.
    Food prices are way up from last year, electricity, cable , internet, medical just to mention a few. Yet congress is getting a raise which is totally unfair. Thanks for caring about nothing for us who only have SS to live on.

  20. Are you kidding me? Everything has gone up, can’t imagine how they came up with their figures, totally irresponsible.

  21. I’ll tell you the only thing that is not going up is my wage. After 30 years on one job, I was laid off, no pension, nothing. Now starting over, all they want to pay is $12.00 an hour to start anywhere, I’m making no way where near what I used to, but everything else is going up. Gas, food, clothes,…, my husband has been on a wage freeze for 3 1/2 years. All these politician are double dipping as well as some of the administrators. My husband worked in the private sector for over 20 year, served in the Navy 4 years, and now works for schools. They want to take his social security away, because he has a public pension, that’s a bunch of B.S., he paid into all those years, he should get both, he earned it.

    • I worked at the same job for 42 years. I paid into SS with the idea that I would receive enough money to get by in my golden years. . Not happening. I worked for .28 an hour and before I retired I was making $42.00 an hour. My SS is so low that I am losing my home and trying to get by on almost my starting pay.

    • Its nice how they can double dip, but when was medically retired and received a severance package from the military was told would have to pay back, plus the taxes already deducted and paid for from it for it for the next 20+ years, because vets cant receive pay from both systems at the same time the VA said, so have to live on half my disability for the next 20 years, so will not see any cola next year either when have to pay more for living expenses.

  22. All of the above remarks have been exceptional said and are correct as logical expressions can be! All of the items listed are basic needs. If the items mentioned cannot be overriding factors, tell us what we are missing.

  23. I agree with all of the commenters, aand I think the big wigs in Wash. regardless of party, are sitting on their warm seats not caring about us seniors or rreal disabled persons, because they don’t have to worry with their big bucks they reeive.
    The formula is crazy. I guess they have not gone groceory shopping etc at all or they would definitely know that everything has gone up at least a dollar or more.
    Thanks for letting me vent my frustrations.

  24. Everything has gone up, you can’t tell me the cost of living has not gone up, we, the real people know this because we live in the real world. You government people live comfortably while others (the lower income people) are struggling to pay bills and buy food. You people only care for what’s good for you.

  25. Both me and my spouse are on Medicare and rely on each on a COLA increase. Each time we don’t get an increase my blood pressure increases.

  26. Cynical justification, plain and simple., some rigged formula cooked to come up with this BS..! Ah, but hundreds of millions of dollars promptly dispensed open-handed on poorly controlled Medicare fraudulent claims, Billions of dollars wasted on corrupt war-on-terrorism deals in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, you name it. So the U.S. Govt says, ‘Let’s make up a bit here by screwing old-times. no sweat. ‘

      • This is all a bunch of bullshit. Medicare covers less than it did. I just had extensive surgery which will more than likely cost over $100,000. Medicare will whittle that down. I’ll have to pay 20% of whatever they decide to pay. Yet I will not get a cost of living increase to help me pay for this. Close our borders!!!! Stop helping other Countries and concentrate on American citizens!!!! Our forefathers built this Country. Gas may have gone down however, food has gone up! Everything has gone up! HELP US!!!

  27. What a bunch of B.S.! EVERYTHING except gas has gone up and it is a sad time when middle class income households have to rely on food banks and/or family and friends just to survive!

  28. My question is how do we change this “law” that sets the cost of living to something much more realistic? How can anyone, living in this United States, say that the cost of living has not risen in the last year? Actually with the raise in health insurance costs we’ll be living on less. Will we be able to go back to paying what we did last year for our utilities without having them turned off? Can we tell the checker in the grocery store that we’re only going to pay what we did last year for that loaf of bread or gallon of milk and be able to walk out of the store with it? Ridiculous? Of course. Just as ridiculous as saying the cost of living hasn’t risen!

  29. Are you kidding me as usual we suffer for the illegal aliens you insist on paying for . All the people that have been allowed to get disability that should not also cuts into our social security. And to top it off medicare as of 2016 will go up another 60 dollars to each of us as the flippin presidents obama care. I am so fed up with all the people in washington. And knowing that AARP is not fighting for us is another thorn in my side. I have worked since i am 13 and now you tell me oh that is an entitlement let me tell you my paycheck each payday was hit by ss. to pay for my retirement where did that go. Oh and the money the government borrowed and never gave back to ss where is that.? So over this system . If people do not wake up soon we will be all given a choice to live or just pass on. Fed up in America. Want my country back the way it should be.

    • illegal immigrants, they aren’t from Mars, that I know of. But you add up all the “benefits” they get versus the low paying jobs they do that benefit us all and we win.
      Bush’s illegal war cost trillions and thousands of our soldiers lives and look where Iraq is now, worse than before. And Bush signed the order to make the withdrawal that Obama had to abide with.
      Term Limits on ALL politicians, was not meant to be a lifetime career, but “term” to serve the country, then return to private life.

  30. For many years we were told that food was expensive due to the high cost of fuel. Now that the cost of fuel has gone down, food is more expensive than ever. I feel that we were all misled.

  31. I live on $716.00per month from Social Security. Food Stamps $194.00 per month. Not incuding cell phone life insurance. There is absolutely no room for games over my life or anyone elses. Fon’t you get it we are struggling to live without stealing or lieing to get blood out of anyone. Point bring made is why would the government insist on making these rules that are not realistic for anyone but the rich. Because the middle class does not exsist any longer. Does’nt anyone in the government hear the cries of this nation? Giving me a little bit of an increase does not matter at this point. My heaf is under the water as it is. Might as well finish the job. Thank you to the government for the nsil in the coufin.

    • The guy in the White House has nothing to do with it. Blame the Rethuglican far-right Christians in congress. Then go out and vote for Bernie Sanders.

      • Socialisium is what caused this in the first place. Take from those who worked for it and give to those who didn’t . You need to vote Trump if you want this stuff stopped. Remember, you paid into the system, now you want to give it to those who didn’t. Makes no scence to me????

          • Look up the definition of socialism! You are so wrong! You are talking about an oligarchy! An oligarchy is government by the few, especially despotic power exercised by a small and privileged group for corrupt or selfish purposes, a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique. An oligarchy EXCLUDES ANYONE OUTSIDE the seat of power- exactly what the GOP wants (our GOP congress bought and paid for by corporations and the 1%)!
            Socialism is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE. Socialism is inclusive.
            You cannot argue sensibly until you can correctly define terms.

          • Union of Soviet Socialists Republic, ring a bell with any of you liberals? Some Democrats are truly unaware, but most liberals know exactly what the liberal agenda is……they want the government to be in control of everything, and over all our lives; they’ve gotten a long way toward that agenda with Obamacare. I hope all that believe in the Bible, our constitution, and our country’s Judeo-Christian founding wakes up and steer our country back to greatness. God is still in control and will right the wrong!

          • Yes, because God has done such a great job so far. Read the news why don’t you.
            All you’ll see is tragedy. Read ALL of the Bible and then quote the parts that will horrify most people.

          • Do not blame God or the bible! God instilled in us the difference between good and bad. But God also gave us the freedom to act on our own. Some of us love God and try to do good. Others, well lets just say, God is the only judge, and He WILL judge them!

        • Wrong! Look up the definition of ‘socialism’! It means the exact opposite of what you wrote.
          It is a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole- not by corporations and the 1%. You are fooling yourself if you buy into GOP lies!

        • True. Ron B. Those who wish for socialism/communism need to read some history. Capitilization made us the best country ever, up until lately..SMH

        • I agree with you Ron B. Trump knows his business and says what he wants. These politicians all they want to do is tell us lies to get into office and never full fill their promises and fill their pockets and the heck with the rest of us.

  32. I have not the slightest idea where you get your statistics but can assure you it is not from our country. Most Seniors in 2016 will pay increases in food, health care, rent, taxes, and every day living costs. STOP using our SS we earned for people who did not earn it and robbing the people who worked hard to earn SS. We always had to pay taxes now why does the government not give true statistics? Stop lying to the elderly, we may be old but not stupid.

  33. The Congress will give themselves a raise with the money that should have went to SS. We the people need to control Congress by letting us vote for their raises and benefits, then and only then will we be able to control the Congress.

  34. It’s time for everone to start voting against career politicians. No matter what party you are registered to vote out the incumbents. The only time they know you is at election time. There should be limits just like the presidents. The longer they stay in office the more benifits we loose.

    • I tend to agree with ya, but we need to get back to the principles our once great nation was founded on and stop handing out free things in order to increase their voting base; nothing is free!!! There’s one political party that takes these so-called free handouts to a whole new level!

  35. All of the above comments are correct. So what are we going to do? I am going to call/write every single one of my Representatives and complain. I would ask you to do the same thing. If only one of us calls/writes to express our displeasure than they think we agree with them. We need a letter/call campaign. There are lots of us affective by this, many more then them. And tell them we are voters and will vote them out the very next chance we get. Vote, vote, vote!

  36. Everything has gone up. I took a policy aside from
    UnitedHealthCare to supplement my deductibles and out of
    pocket expenses which its outrages, and I get injections
    in my back that cost $3,000.00 and I was paying 20% of
    that at least once every 7 weeks. I was just advised that
    the price of that coverage will go up from $75.00 to $150.00
    per month and on top of that they are canceling the prescription override that was $50.00 per month.
    Try paying 20% of my injections in my back $300.00
    every 6 to 7 weeks. Where am I going to get that on
    $1400.00 per month.

  37. Can’t give COLA increase to retiree, but the Federal Government Agencies can waste money hand over fist. Send money to foreign countries, give money to people for not working laying on their buts.

    • And why is it that we ALWAYS have money to send foreign countries for whatever reason deemed necessary by our government? BILLIONS in assistance for catastrophes (I don’t mind helping, but not that much, when we need it so badly here at home) and medical aid, etc.

      Yet, our own people can’t get the help necessary to eat and get proper shelter, put clothes on their family and get medical help. This is tragically upside down!

  38. Don’t you understand? Our benefits can’t go up because of all the money that is being spent on illegals. They get housing, food, medical care. Why is it that you never hear about not being able to afford paying illegals?

  39. Now that’s a shame and a slap in the face. Just like minimum wage, the system will keep you poor or working until you die and even than, will try and take whatever there’s left behind. The system is broke and in need of maintenance and repair.

  40. I feel as if I am being punished for the low price of gas that I have used.. At Walmart the price of seven up has escalated 38% in the last year.. I receive VA health care and am charged $15.00 a doctor visit this year.. Last year it was free.. I live in a government (USDA) sponsored retirement housing project and just received notice that there will be a $10.00 increase in rent coming in January.. Even the cost of doing laundry has gone up 25% this year.. Eggs are another example of extreme price increase as well as hamburger now known as Angus burger.. It’s a damn good thing I live close to McDonalds, at least their prices have remained acceptable..
    By the way has congress ever paid back the “LOAN” that they forced Social Security to give them for that marvelous health care program computer??? Several millions of taxpayer dollars, yet but we hear NOTHING about it being repaid to SS..
    The seniors of this country need to be heard from in a loud and clear voice at the polls this year..
    Thanks for the vent…

  41. Start calling your local SS office and keep calling and complaining . Those that scream the loudest are heard the most. Look what is happening with all the illegals, they are on tv crying about how they are being treated in a country that they should not even be in and the government just gives in to them and let’s them stay and do what ever they want to and pays them to stay here. WRONG!!!!!!!!! The other writer said it is time for Trump and they are right. Elect another Dumbocrat and nothing will change. Elect Trump and he will clean out this corrupt government and the agencies that give our money away like its theirs . We worked our butts off for at least 62 years and it is ours. I bet everyone at SS gets a raise this year! Kick all those off disability that are getting it because they are to lazy to work. They let anyone have it if they say they can’t work. Get off your butt and find a job. We as seniors are tired of all this. We have had enough. We need to organize a million person march on Washington made up of the once hard working retired people of this country who had a work ethic that you don’t see today. I bet Trump would be there to support us. I bet he would even task someone to help get it organized . Enough said.

  42. I agree with all the comments, not to mention eggs are $6.00 a dozen. So if gas increases during the year are we going to get an increase in June. Gas is not everything, everything else increased. Allot of seniors don’t drive so why do they base the COLA on gas total b*******!

    • The cost of gas increases the cost of all goods sold (everything), but when the price at the pumps goes down, all prices remain the same or even increases. Another thing, when the minimum wage is increased, prices to the consumer is again increased; these minimum wage jobs are not intended to be a career, but s stepping stone for the youth! Democrats know that, they’re just pandering for votes!

      • Another thing, just a couple of years ago SS recipients did not get a cola increase for 2 years and the cost of gasoline was much higher then. They manipulate the COLA formula in a way that there is no increase!

  43. OUTRAGEOUS!! People in Congress needs to try to live on $899.00 a month, rent $700.00. Gas in California never did get under $3.00 a gallon, just because gas went down for 2 months consititutes no COLA raises? Everything else has gone up. What planet does the people in Congress live on? DISGUSTING!!


  45. I posted a comment, but it must have too hot to handle. The Gov.’t owes our fund 2.75 trillion dollars and they have the IOU’s to show that they OWE us.

  46. Don’t blame the illegals. Thats exactly what the one’s whose responsible want you to blame. Just to keep your attention geared from the truth. Illegals been coming to the US before you was born.

  47. Hey. I agree with your comments! I thought the USA was suppose to take care of us. I worked 50 years then retired. I only got a small check. Even being a Veteran is no help. We need a new President! !

  48. Wake up America, everything mentioned so far is correct. Don’t expect an answer from the SSA message sender, as I strongly believe he won’t read any of our messages or isn’t concerned about how we feel right now. Our government is too big and our POTUS doesn’t care either. Contact your Congressman/woman & Senators whether Dem or Rep that you can’t donate any fund money for their reelection because of our needs weren’t met. Just return all mail and not answer any phone calls. If you attend town hall meetings let them know how stongly you feel about this issue and let them know by your power of your vote in 2016.

    • There have been times in the past when this happened. The article should have mentioned Medicare premiums. There were times in the past when a small increase was approved in spite there was no so called inflation. It was an election year. Politics drives what happens, wait until next year. By the way in election years the increase was reduced the following year to offset the increase.

  49. It’s ridiculous to say that the Cost of Living has remained stable. Yes, gas prices have gone down, but the cost of food hasn’t. My rent increased 3% this year. Last winter my budget electric bill increased 60% and didn’t go back down when summer came. Our health insurance premiums have increased as well our co-payments. Nationally we pay more for internet service than Europe and Asia. The government has made it more difficult to collect SNAP benefits . In short, all the SSA is doing is continuing to administer the shaft that the rest of the economy is giving to the senior citizens. Thanks a bunch NOT.

  50. Some of us are barely making it and depend on the small increase every year. Those on welfare do better than us, so isn’t it about time we did better than them since we did work to receive this benefit. Retirees sometimes feel why did I retire because the benefit is just not enough to make it monthly, so we have to raid our savings account and it wasn’t suppose to be that way. Those on SSI sometimes get more than those that get regular social security and they worked most of their life. Those on SSI didn’t work that much, so that’s why they get SSI and Medicaid to top it off.

  51. We get taxed to death and we see it by prices that are skyrocketing. QE is a actually a tax when the Fed prints money each and every month to the tune of billions of dollars. So we should be happy the cost of living hasn’t gone up because of gas prices?

  52. As usual, to implement THEIR (congress/president/etc) increases in pay they usurp from old people. Can’t wait to see what their raises will be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. This is very disappointing and sad that our government would say the Cost of Living has not increased in 2015. Lower-income elderly buy very little gas and use their money to purchase the absolute necessities. Eggs, beef and toilet paper sure have gone up as well as medicine and insurance. The cost of living index should be adjusted immediately to reflect only the items that people on Social Security must purchase to survive, not discretionary purchases. Our country is doing a huge disservice to our elderly citizens that worked so hard for their money. Please rethink your position.

    • Agreed. And I say “Bill the Countries of Origin” for care of illegals on our soil and their offspring. You can bet if the shoe was on the other foot we would get a bill. And if they don’t pay, cut their aid.

  54. I am not getting by at all…can’t afford co-pays….I get $753. Monthly food? Drs.? Insur? Gas? Utilities?….Life….this is not living.Just lost xtra help on meds…..getting hit with more co-pays…more Drs.
    Someone please put me out of my misery….Seriously depressed….so tired of life…ready to check out…

  55. But Obama has no problem with bring 100,000 Syrians
    into our country which will cost the American Tax Payers
    Billions of Dollars over 5 years!

  56. Are U kidding . I agree with all of above. I have contacted my senator and congressman, am waiting for reply. I also asked them why they get raises and not us. Also why do they get special health ins, why not the same as us! Do U no they s er even one term and get a retirement U would not believe. FOREVER!

  57. Gas has gone down…….True,however every thing else has gone up !!!!!Seems like seniors on social security always get the short end of the deal !!


  59. The government need to be governed by the same laws as we are. They need to donate their pensions to SSI to replace the money they stole from our fund. They should not be exempt from laws that the average citizen has to abide by. I was not asked if I want to donate my SSI so the government can try to fix what they stole and screwed up. Term limits and no salary for the rest of their days on this earth. Let them live on SSI and abide by the same laws and standards that we have to.

  60. A couple of years ago, congress & the Senate gave themselves a $125, 000. raise and passed a law that when they retire they will draw that yearly amount in Social Security. Who do you know that draws that much. The economy was already bad when they passed it as law. Lets vote these crooks out and start all over. They have been in to long and care only about themselves.

  61. Please go out and VOTE those into office that will serve us the people! Yes it’s your chance to make a difference by Not being indifferent to who get into any public office…

  62. The Cost of Living has gone up and what is called substantial gain activity is not correct. I was getting Social Security Income for Years that went towards my rent for Disability. I have high function autism and at my job I make $13 an hour with no promotional opportunities. I make between $1,601 to $1,605 a month and I pay between $1,488 to $1,589 in Rent and Basic Bills not counting food. So the Cost of Living should be adjusted to affect the current rent.

  63. There is a real big problem with the CPI. They keep changing it so that it does not show the true inflation rate that is about 10%. Greenspan,to my knowledge, iwas the last one to change it because he said retirees were getting to high of an increase. This could have been fixed many times, but was not. Also, the last time this happened Obama gave all federal workers a 3% increase but ignored retirees. He can correct this for everyone by using his executive order authority. I am waiting to see what he will do this time. If he does the same thing congress should interfere

  64. The older we get the less the government pays attention to us. It’s hard to afford anything now. With only SS as income how are we suppose to live? The government doesn’t care if people eat or pay their bills. The Uniited States no longer cares for any of the people who actually worked their whole lives. Everything has gone up in cost saying it hasn’t is a way to give money to those who come here illegal with their hands out. I hope they get a good home with the money I’ve been denied.

  65. SSA retirees should stifle themselves. It’s not the SSA, the Chinese, the illegal immigrants, Catholic Charities or Obama. It’s the voters who elect conservative representatives and senators; the politicians who limit FICA taxes and rush rally ’round any move to reduce taxes paid by corporate businesses and the one-percenters. Look at the voting statistics: the SSA retirees’ age-group (65 years and older) gave Romney 56% of their vote, which winning margin travelled down the ballot through congressional elections. The SSA retirees group (among which I number) made their bed and now must lie in it. Maybe when you vote next year you should wise up and consider your financial well-being, instead of buying the blather spewing from the Tea Party and other conservatives.

    • The Department of Health and Human Services has not yet announced Medicare premium changes for 2016. Information about Medicare changes for 2016, when available, will be found at Thanks!

  66. Funny, I don’t remember ever seeing an”opt out” option on any of my W2’s. They force me to pay in and then they have the nerve to control how I live when I retire. Once you stop paying them and they start paying you, you are expendable in this country. Cheaper to bury you than it is to feed you. I have a deal for the US government…..return EVERYTHING I paid in, SS and Medicare, lump sum and we’ll call it even. Oh yeah, and my passport!!!!

  67. No cost of living increase! The Government needs to get their head out of the sand. My cost of living has increased more then last year! Medical, Food, Prescription Insurance Doubled! And many more!!! I guess the Government needs our money to pay the Trillions of dollars for our so called Defense! Makes me Ashamed to be and AMERICAN!

  68. No shock here i am sure the Government will see there pay increase , remember they get the loaf of bead we get the crumbs

  69. So a box cake is on sale for .99 cents. Big deal, the ounces have been reduced. That is true for many items in the store. Maybe your total bill Iis $50.00 but you get maybe
    3/4ths of the weight of the items you used to get.

  70. After all these years, I’ve learned that our government says nothing, does nothing and cares nothing about its senior citizens (y’all remember, the ones who built this country?)

  71. Interesting comments and discussions. I am involved in the healthcare industry. I have to now due annual certification on the Federally Facilitated Marketplace every year in regards to health insurance and receipt of subsidy $’s or (Advanced Premium Tax Credits). You will be interested to see the below exam question (and shocking correct answer) for the 2016 testing- see below:

    Which of the following is NOT a best practice for assisting mixed immigration status families?
    A. Tell your clients who are immigrants that the Department of Homeland Security only reviews their status to determine eligibility for health coverage through the Marketplace and not for immigration enforcement purposes.
    B. Avoid asking for the Social Security Number of a non-applicant, unless he or she likely qualifies for a premium tax credit to help pay premiums for the applicant.
    C.Ask your clients direct questions about their citizenship or immigration status so you do not waste your time assisting them if they are not eligible for Marketplace coverage.

    Shocker!- The answer is C! I AM supposed to ensure them that even though they are here illegally we will NOT report them or are interested in turning them in to enforcement, we are only trying to get them healthcare assistance. I am NOT supposed to qualify them to make sure they are here legally and I do not waste mine and everyone else’s time.

  72. Lets see…my Medicare premiums are going up. Don’t even get me started on the costs of my prescription drugs; 2 of my 13 monthly prescriptions are over $500 ea WITH an advantage plan added coverage.Oh yeah, if you have Medicare, the law prohibits you from using any type of prescription discount plan or manufacturer sponsored drug subsidy program, Medicare has prescription assistance for low income people (EVERYONE on Medicare is low income, people) but my income is $75 too high each month to qualify. I’m single with no family or friends in the position to be able to help, so what am I supposed to do? Become yet another statistic, I guess. Medicare refuses to pay for an assistive device prescribed by my doctors, after an almost 2 year appeals process, basically forcing me to be a shut in in my home with ZERO quality of life. I can’t leave the house safely, so I can’t drive & take advantage of all that cheap gas, which is still almost $3/gallon where I live. Food has gone way up. Utilities are up. Water is way up & I live in So California where we are facing raising water rates because we are forced by law to use LESS water and the utility companies are crying over lost profit as a result of reduced income. We’re forced to suck it up and suffer, they should be, too. My cell phone just went up 33% for less service. Personal care and household items are way up. Even the local McDonalds have raised their prices on average of 60% because of our minimum wage being higher than the most of the other 49 states. I would like to see the Senate & Congress have to live in California and try to make ends meet on Social Security & Medicare. Oh wait…they all get their salaries and free healthcare FOR LIFE. It’s bad everywhere, but there are areas of the country where it is much more expensive to live than others, LA, New York City, San Francisco, Alaska and Hawaii come to mind off the top of my head,
    I’ve actually considered suicide, because dead is cheaper. The system is broken. There is so much fat and fraud it ‘s tragic, causing those of us who really need Social Security (I’m 52 and on permanent disability due to multiple health conditions) SSA Disability and SSI to suffer the consequences. Oh well, California just passed a form of assisted suicide. Maybe I’ll have that to fall back on.

  73. The cost-of-living adjustment is based on the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers, or CPI-W, a broad measure of consumer prices generated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
    The COLA is calculated by comparing consumer prices in July, August and September each year with prices in the same three months from the previous year. If prices go up, benefits go up. If prices drop or stay flat, benefits stay the same.
    It has nothing to do with the President, Congress (although they could change the laws, but seem inclined to destroy SS) or illegal immigrants. The folks on this post who say that if you are here illegally, you are entitled to and receive no benefits, eve those who work based on an illegal status and pay into SS, cannot receive any retirement benefits from it. Google all of this before you get really upset and start hating on people who did not cause this. You will find articles that tell you it is the low price of gasoline that caused this. If so, it is the stupidest thing I’ve heard of. In retirement, most of us use les of that….things like medical cost and insurance , rent, utilities, etc are not factored in. If I remember correctly, this Board uses the cost of airfare, food and clothing as their criteria….nuts, nuts, nuts.

    • It’s still ridiculous – for many of us, our rent goes up every year. Prices for what we purchase go up every year. I wish they would talk to us instead of looking at abstractions.

  74. This denial of the 2016 COLA is reprehensible given the fact of the high costs of food, services, drugs, and all other increases and pullbacks that confronts Social Security beneficiaries. We have no appeal option and our government has totally and unequivocally sold us all out and put us under the bus. Thank you Washington: the Obama administration and Congress for nothing. What else should we expect when you give away the store to everything else but to us, the senior citizen. We’ve given more than we have received.

  75. For those of you within the approximately 50 million voters
    that chose Obama you need consider several facts in glaring evidence;

    Nothing good can ever come from the election of a racist and bigoted, anti american, anti capitalist neo socialist.
    Take time to read Obama’s autobiography and you will find many of his actions are illuminated. EG social justice,
    unbridled , unstructured immigration and the view that America must become more UN compliant. Dad a Kenyan Communist, Mom a US socialist. (his own words)
    For those believing the SSI is unaffected by unstructured immigration it is a “fools errand”. Every dollar spent or given to an illegal is a dollar not used for the betterment of Americans.
    SSI can be easily fixed, unfunded debt is enormous and growing at an unsustainable rate.

    That stated by an american in the economic strata that is 98 percent better that most retirees.

  76. Since there is no increase in COLA, that means no one in this country will get a COLA. Am I correct in saying that? What kind of idiot do you think I am? Listen to all these people talking on this site, LISTEN!!! EVERYTHING, Everything has gone up the past year except for gas. What planet are you people living on? I still have to rob Peter to Pay Paul. WHAT A JOKE!!!!!

  77. There are many great comments to ponder, I wish the
    elected officials would look up the word “ILLEGAL”. then we wouldn’t have a problem sending them back where they came from and CLOSE OUR BOARDERS.
    Maybe what we really need is a person who wants to
    “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” not a lot of false promises BS that we get from them. PAY BACK WHAT YOU TOOK FROM US!!!!!!!

  78. Want to know whats up? Read. Ayn Rand on google. You can read Atlas Shrugged by her. She knew what was going on since 1930. Watch Ayn Rands life on Netflix. It will get worse. We are cattle to politicians. There should be a. 4 year term max. All, ha ha public servants should be on our social security system. Lobbyists should be allowed only expenses and small salary. It will get worse. It will be the super rich and the poor, no middle class. Believe me, watch the Netflix Ayn Rand documentary, if you do nothing else.

  79. What is wrong with the thinking of the Government? Of course they can say that the cost of living hasn’t gone up because they have the money to buy what they want or need and to pay their bills even if they do go up. This is off of the sweat on our backs over the years. They are so busy taking care if their own pocketbooks ,and keeping them fast. That they don’t bother to see our plight. Our utility bill has been allowed to rise another $8.00 a month. We can barely pay what we have to now. How can this be allowed? This county do not take care of it’s senior citizens at all! We still have to pay for a supplement to receive medical care. What did we pay into Medicare for? ,and what happened to what we did pay. We should not have money taken out of our Social Security each month for Medicare. Our money is going to those who has never worked and has paid nothing into the system , yet they take everything from us, and give us nothing.

  80. Obviously we do not shop in the same place, or have the same electric company. Electricity has gone up…food has absolutely gone up..wages not at all…Water has increased, the only thing that has gone down is the cost of gas and they never figured that in the COLA to begin with. Not to mention that the cost of insurance has gone up as much as 40 percent thanks to Obama Care. Who the hell is figuring this? You give our social security to people that do not deserve people that have never worked a day in their lives, and seniors are left holding the bag. Please tell us what planet you were on when you figured that the COL has not sure were not on earth. I still pay into SS and you still take it out of my check and you dare to tell me that the cost of living has not gone up…You have got a lot of nerve.

  81. I will bet the do-nothing congress gets a raise along with other government employees.

    What about the Military that really need it. Do they get a raise in pay?

    Social Security Part B is going up 51%! How do you expect us seniors to cope with raising food and medical bills?
    Yes, gas prices are down but we had to endure the extreme fuel prices last year without commensurate compensation.

    We deserve a raise more that Congress or the Illegals. After all WE ARE THE SUCKERS THAT PAID FOR IT.

  82. Assume a COLA of 3% for your SS benefit of $1000. So you get an extra $30 a month (not counting the effect of any Medicare premium increase). A whole $30! Every month! Wow! This buys some gas, or some beers, or dinner, or basic cable, or whatever stuff costs $30. Every month! Maybe spend less, save more, be prudent, get smarter, Blame everyone else for that $30. Bunch of knee jerks.

  83. I know there’s not a lot of extra stuff that a person on SS can afford to have, but talking it down to the barest minimum seems to be the only way to make it any more. I have no cable, no real internet, and no frills at all. The impression I get is that once a person can’t physically work anymore, s(he) becomes a liability to society because we can’t work and pay in the money we used to. Young people hopefully will see the folly of depending on the government to take care of them in old age and will start putting money back as soon as they get their first jobs. Mason jars look pretty good these days.

  84. We get no COLA for 2016 and very little for the past several years and had to sacrifice during the recession while the big Banks and Corp. got bailed out.The only thing that has gone down is Gasoline and 2.00 a gallon is no bargain either,meanwhile we’re helping many countries out and getting involved in wars and spending billions on weapons.Congressman are getting their raises and plenty of vacations and doing a Crappy job which isn’t worth the pay they receive .Their certain people making millions of dollars off illegals by keeping them detained at crazy amounts per day to keep them for long periods of time what is their excuse to get a name and country where they’re from and deport them back to where they came from on jets and get first class service.One detaining place in south Texas made a 65 million dollar profit in one quarter which is better than some big corporations do in a year. Something funny going on and no one is getting to the bottom of it.Its called FRAUD. Same thing in the Medical industry FRAUD all over the place. Pharmas are charging crazy amounts for medicines and people are dying from side affects and no one goes to Prison for it just pay a FINE and everything is OK and forget about it until the next Drug comes out.The Bankers,Mortgage industry,Wall Street, Pharmas, Oil Companies and many others doing bad things and no one goes to JAIL.There is no JUSTICE. Who the HELL can you TRUST????This country needs to take care of law abiding AMERICANS and if there is any money left over then we can help those that need it the most but No lets screw the American people they get away with it anyways..Pay our Soldiers ,Policeman ,Fireman ‘Teachers and Medical personal and not our OVER paid congressman and Politicians that are already making more than they Deserve.

  85. You can’t depend only on SS to fund your retirement. Be proactive in your retirement planning.

    History Lesson on YourSocialSecurity Card

    Just in case some of you young whippersnappers
    (& some older ones) didn’t know this. It’s easy to
    check out, if you don’t believe it. Be sure and show
    it to your family and friends. They need a little history
    lesson on what’s what and it doesn’t matter whether
    you are Democrat or Republican. Facts are Facts.

    Social Security Cards up until the 1980s expressly stated
    the number and card were not to be used for identification
    purposes. Since nearly everyone in the United States now
    has a number, it became convenient to use it anyway
    and the message, NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION, was removed.

    Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social
    Security (FICA) Program. He promised:
    1.) That participation in the Program would be
    Completely voluntary,

    No longer Voluntary

    2.) That the participants would only have to pay
    1% of the first $1,400 of their annual
    Incomes into the Program,

    Now 7.65%
    on the first $90,000

    3.) That the money the participants elected to put
    into the Program would be deductible from
    their income for tax purposes each year,

    No longer tax deductible

    4.) That the money the participants put into the
    independent ‘Trust Fund’ rather than into the
    general operating fund, and therefore, would
    only be used to fund the Social Security
    Retirement Program, and no other
    Government program, and,

    Under Johnson the money was moved to
    The General Fund and Spent

    5.) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never
    be taxed as income.

    Under Clinton & Gore
    Up to 85% of your Social Security can be Taxed

    Since many of us have paid into FICA for years and are
    now receiving a Social Security check every month —
    and then finding that we are getting taxed on 85% of
    the money we paid to the Federal government to ‘put
    away’ — you may be interested in the following:
    ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —-
    Q: Which Political Party took Social Security from the
    independent ‘Trust Fund’ and put it into the
    general fund so that Congress could spend it?

    A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the democratically
    controlled House and Senate.
    ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —
    Q: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax
    deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding?

    A: The Democratic Party.
    ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— —–
    Q: Which Political Party started taxing Social
    Security annuities?

    A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting the
    ‘tie-breaking’ deciding vote as President of the
    Senate, while he was Vice President of the US
    ———— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— ——— –
    Q: Which Political Party decided to start
    giving annuity payments to immigrants?


    A: That’s right!

    Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party.
    Immigrants moved into this country, and at age 65,
    began to receive Social Security payments! The
    Democratic Party gave these payments to them,
    even though they never paid a dime into it!
    ———— — ———— ——— —– ———— ——— ———
    Then, after violating the original contract (FICA),
    the Democrats turn around and tell you that the Republicans
    want to take your Social Security away!

    And the worst part about it is uninformed citizens believe it!
    If enough people receive this, maybe a seed of
    awareness will be planted and maybe changes will
    evolve. from Marlene

  86. Oh really the Cost Of Living has not increased? Then why are we paying more money when we go grocery shopping. We cannot afford eggs at over $3.00 a dozen, Beef is sky high Pork is going up and who can afford Turkey? Think they need to be in our footsteps and look through our eyes to see the difference. But hell no bring in more damn Muslims and put them on food programs and on Welfare. Our country is so damn messed up with BARACK HUSSIEN OBAMA.OUR MUSLIM PRESIDENT WHO DOESN’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT AMERICA.

  87. well its NOT like we are getting or ever get more than 10.00 increase anyway.. W T F… all you people get increases… I have to work just to pay rent!!!! and I am ON RETIREMENT !!!! figure.. nothing the government does surprises me… helll they don’t even pay for my medication that is a Rx from my DR for weight loss.. and its not like I weigh 125 !!!! this is all bullshit with the government!!!!!

  88. If you don’t like this country, move to one that you like better.

    Unless you are a native American Indian your ancestors were once immigrants.

  89. Are you serious, just because a census shows one thing, does not mean, as everyone is saying. Food, scripts no longer covered, co-pays. Even the SSA has said this is not to replace an income. We have not had a significant increase in years. We did not deplete the account. It is sad we must continue to struggle through 2016.

  90. yes it is unfair, however be happy with what we get stop complaining about what we dont. our ancestors were illegal immigrants at one time so how is that different now?

  91. I served 45 years in serving the United States and now am getting messed over by the United States. I served 25 years in the military and 20 years in civil service. I have ran into 2 very bad situations I do not think is right. After serving and paying Social Security over those 45 years the Social Security rules say unless my wife is a United States Citizen she cannot claim from my Social Security. I think I earned it and my wife should be able to claim it when she turns 65.There are others that have not served and wives have not worked at all and are allowed to draw on their husbands Social Security. Would you please help me with this?

    My second request I am requesting help with is my wife will be able to claim the military SBP but the draw back is Social Security will take out 30% tax on it. I think that is a big exuberant, don’t you.

    Thank you very much for any help you can give me!!

    David Knutson

  92. The cost of living has INCREASED, but fuzzy math does Not show, because costs of Food and Energy are Not included.
    This deception equals government abuse of the elderly and disabled by deceiving us!
    Can we live without food and energy?

  93. For 50+ years “if it feels good, do it” liberalism has gotten exponentially worse; liberalism run amok has downgraded our country’s status to the low point it is to date. I pray it’s not too late to reverse!


  95. This government is the biggest club of crooks.
    It is sickening and so shameful. So many poor people in this country and yet the have billion for war. US is not God’s country but Evil’s country

  96. I bet all the politicians will get their pay raises next year. My Disabled Vet son surely doesn’t need another raise!
    Yeah, right. Need to fire them all and start over again!
    Get out and Vote!!!

  97. Totally disgusting what you are doing to this country, you have no idea what this is going to do, think about no COLA for the needy both young and old. Try getting by on what we make as retired citizens of these United States of America. Just give us an idea on where all the money is going, someone who gets money and sits on their ass and gets fat and ugly, no job, no ambition and no shit.

  98. I have a real problem with this. We have elderly people that eat dog food because that is all they can afford. Lets give money to illegals, medi-cal, food stamps it is disgusting when you think about how many homeless there are & what about the homeless that are mentally ill with no medication. I think our politicians are pitiful & we are all going to hell in a handbag.

  99. It is a well recognized fact that the so called “cost of living” has gone up substantially and further that the Government has been faking the figures for years. In fact every figure, unemployment, crime and so on are not to be believed. These fake figures along with an artificially low % rate are necessary so that the government does not have to borrow so much to pay it’s bills

  100. i dont like it either, the cost of living, how do they know.? how much it cost to live on SSI? how can u pay ur rent, bills, so on. ur making this harder for ppl

  101. As I read through all of these comments I could not help but notice that all the democrats want to blame the republicans and all the republicans want to blame the democrats when in fact we are all responsible for the situation this country is in.
    We the people, have no one to blame but our self’s. We work all of our life believing that our government will take care of us in our golden years. Giving part of our hard earned money, year after year, waiting for our time to get back what we gave plus some small amount of interest. Watching as our government wastes away the money promised back to us. Hoping that the next president, senate and congress will fix the problems while making promise after promise, always saying that nothing can be done because of the other party.
    But why should they? They do not have any reasons to fix a broken system that gives them a an above average salary, free medical care for life and after 5 years they become fully vested it the government’s pension plan. So, who’s to blame, the people that make the promises or the people who put them there. That’s one heck of a conundrum.
    We the people tried to fix this before, there was an email that was in circulation in 2011 called the ‘Congressional Reform Act of 2011’ you can read about it at this location;
    It’s an interesting articular, a good read and for the life of me I can’t imagine why the political leaders of our country would not want it as a amendment to this nations constitution. So maybe for a start we the people, and by this I mean all of the baby boomer generation, should try it again.
    I know this can be a futile attempt to make any real change to this government or political system but maybe, just maybe it could be a start. Maybe the politicians in D.C. will start to take notice if they get slammed with e-mails.
    I sit back and think of that moment in the movie ” Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” when Jimmy Stewart’s character does his filibuster, he’s all most worn out, on the brink of collapse, then they bring in all those wires and letters. Well we all know how Capra movies end.

    I know one thing I can’t afford to go to D.C. for a million boomer march but I can afford to send some e-mails maybe I’m just hoping for that “Capraesque”, moment, wanting the system to work like it should.
    We can complain all we want and sometimes it just feels good to vent but I do know one thing, nothing will be done as long as we the people keep doing nothing.

  102. yeah but congress wants a raise dont they. the ones who send billions overseas and let our own people live in poverty while they live it up on the taxpayers dime

  103. This is horrible !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The VERY small amount we get is not to be believed and now the token increase is being taken away. NOTHING (except gas) has decreased in cost. Where do you really get your information from? Are you looking normal American citizens that have worked ALL their live in the U.S.? I don’t believe a word of this. I’m sure we can all guess where the money is going-not to honest Americans.
    Thanks for nothing as usual

  104. Please remember that the senitors, which are Republicans, are the ones that are messing up the works. They obey the GOP, and Religious Right assholes. They couldn’t care less about what the citizens who voted for them feel, or have to say. Blame the right politicians.

  105. The paltry COLA that I’ve always received on my SSR amounts to 25 or 30 dollars a month. Not a great deal, but I always felt it was the thought that mattered more than the substance. The 5.2% raise that the Congressmen and Senators will get this year, along with all the other government employees, will amount to Thousands of dollars per year for them. It somehow doesn’t seem fair to me that those of us who need it most are disregarded and the people who have been so ineffective and outright negligent at running our country get rewarded. If it doesn’t cost me more to live, why does it cost them more? Just sayin’

  106. OK the Democrats have proposed to change the way SS works by increasing benefits for almost everyone but those who are well off,,The GOP on the other hand want to Cut the program…So You KNOW who to blame.

  107. If we are in such bad shape that we get no COLA on Social Security, what of the politicians and bureaucrats? They should get nothing either. The mismanagement in our government is appalling. Social Security should go back into it’s own untouchable fund and be paid to those who paid into it. Simply sad and angering that conservatives and liberals have allowed this fiasco to occur.