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What is Social Security?

November 16, 2016 • By

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Doug Walker, Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Deputy Commissioner, Office of Communications


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  1. Patricia Hafermann

    When will SS ever help the “pickle” people get what they right fully are owed? Just wondering. If you wait a few more years they will all be dead and than you won’t have to worry about paying them back.

  2. Gloria

    @29 Our President is moving into a beautiful home in DC when his presidency is over. Now, if you believe the District is the Middle East, take a history course to learn some true facts, or either, you simply are unable to learn.

    Also, my prayer is that I will become wiser with wisdom as I age, and keep bitterness, anger, and foolishness at bay, for “when I was a child, I acted as a child, but as an adult, I am to put childish things away,” for they benefit nothing. The old are to teach the young…truth.

  3. Aloha Grambi

    There is a pay-out that I would love to understand the logic behind it. I know someone who is 60 years old. She was married for 10 years and was divorced 30 years ago and never remarried. Her ex-husband died and she began collecting survivor’s benefits. Why are we paying someone Social Security who is 60 and working because she never remarried? If she was eligible at 62 for her ex-husband’s benefit, I don’t necessarily think that is right but at least it makes some sense.

    • ata

      Widows are entitled @ age 60 unless disabled then it is age 50. Is there some reason you hate widows?

  4. Manuel Sanchez

    We hope and pray that conditions in the United States begin to improve with the new President Elect Donald Trump.
    His job will be significantly more of a greater challenge because he will be working with an entire team in opposition from the continuous attacks and slurs coming from the Social Media, the Establishment, the DNC, the RNC the National Press, and all who were against this man.
    As Citizens of this Great Country we should stand strong, firm, and be supportive as we did with Barack Obama. When he was Elected. The Nation Lost then and now and yet all stood by his administration. It is not time for us to stand by the President Elect in respect of the Voters, the political process, the Laws we all live by in this great Nation. The last thing we need to do is hate each other, and fight amongst ourselves. We need to show the World that we are greater than that as a people of higher intelligence.
    My Grand Daughter a millennial has dropped her grand parents with hate and vulgarity but we still love her and know that at some point in her life she will see the errors in her ways as we should do in time. For I pray in name of the The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit: Amen.

    • Kdesr

      I don’t know where you were during the time President Obama has been in office. This president had to face so much opposition from congress and the republican party also some of his own Democratic party members. I believe a lot of this was because he was a Black man.

  5. Wayne

    If the U.S. Can GIVE $ billions of dollars each year to other countries then it has more then enough money to support the social security program with ease if it wants to. It just has to WANT to make serving Americans a priority.

  6. JJB

    Manuel Sanchez:

    God Bless you…you hit it right on the head…I believe God in heaven is giving US one last chance. Turn to Jesus.

    No one but Him shall get us out of this mess.

  7. EM

    Please don’t blame Reagan for the SS funds being thrown into the General Fund so they could use them for other funding. That error in judgement was Lyndon B Johnson and the congressmen of his term.

  8. Al Hebert

    This presentation is too sketchy. Social security is commonly, incorrectly, described as an “entitlement”. Any purported explanation of social security is inadequate if it doesn’t explain the funds come from the workers and are invested. Social security is NOT a government handout and any so-called explanation that doesn’t point this out is a disservice to social security.

  9. suculento

    The brute prez who took u$s 5 trillions out from the ssa funds to pay off the national debt ( …????) was BJ billy clinton boy & never ever replaced.
    Where that sum went, who knows.
    The black boy at the WH has finished that job, putting us out for pasture now.
    Great job libs, some of you’re the worst scam on this earth, thanks a lot for destroying this great country.
    On top of everything else, now humans of the same sex can marry together, that’s a big plus.
    Govt at it best…………

  10. PKM

    Here’s the kicker, social security that is taken out of your paycheck is considered a tax. When a person retires and gets social security payments it is taxed. These payments should not be taxed. Men get more than women because women are generally paid less than men in all categories of employment. The amount I will get at retirement (67) will not be enough to keep a roof over my head. They also take out medicare from the SS checks. Medicare should be free to all retirees over 65 period. Our government is one of the greatest liar, cheat and thief in the world.


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