We Serve the LGBT Community with Pride


June is LGBT Pride Month, a time to celebrate the fight for dignity and equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in the United States.

On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court issued a decision that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry in all states. This victory made it possible for more same-sex couples to benefit from Social Security services and programs.

On June 1, 2009, President Barack Obama proclaimed June as LGBT Pride Month to honor the history of gay rights and the ongoing movement toward full equality. On the date of the proclamation, the president said, “LGBT Americans have made, and continue to make, great and lasting contributions that continue to strengthen the fabric of American society.”

Forty years before President Obama’s proclamation, in June 1969 at the Stonewall Inn, employees, patrons, and supporters took a stand against the harassment of gay and lesbian community members. This uprising became the catalyst for the grassroots movement to oppose discriminatory laws and practices against LGBT Americans.  Equality remains the primary focus of LGBT advocates and community members.

Social Security is committed to treating all Americans with respect and equity.  We’re always looking for ways to improve communication about all of Social Security’s programs to same-sex couples. If you have any questions about Social Security benefits for same-sex couples, please visit a section of our website dedicated to them.

If you are a spouse, divorced spouse, or surviving spouse of a same-sex marriage or non-marital legal same-sex relationship, you may be eligible to apply for Social Security benefits. Please don’t wait. Go to www.socialsecurity.gov and apply right away. Applying now will preserve your filing date, which will protect you against the loss of any potential benefits.


117 thoughts on “We Serve the LGBT Community with Pride

    • discusting i dont agree with that wrong desicion God created male and femele , He created Adam y Eva no adam and Esteban

        • Get a life, Thomas. I don’t hate LGBT people….but it is ridiculous for the Social Security Administration to spend taxpayer dollars promoting LGBT month.

    • So very sad. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve or Mary and Sherry. I am glad God is in control of my life! George Washington and the other framers would roll over in their graves if they knew what the government was doing.

        • It’s true the Bible is not hate, It’s the ignorant people that have misinterpreted it to please themselves that are hateful.

        • the bible is just an incomplete book.

          You are just an ignorant sick person. God create all the same. Educate yourself.
          Don’t hate –

    • You hide behind your religion, you use the bible as a shield. It also says an adulterous woman shall be stoned to death. I don’t see that happening.

      • You just keep believing that Thomas, when you’re on your bed and your body is deteriorating with cancer. Tell God you won’t bow. You have no idea what you’re saying!

      • In
        Christ Jesus we have all the freedoms we need to serve Him. It is a matter of choice..choose you whom you will serve this day…as for me and my house…we will serve the LORD. The Bible is God’s word and what He says is true..He cannot lie… God spoke it..you can believe it.

    • Why is it that liberals and the left characterize anyone who disagrees with them or their agenda as “haters”. Try to come up with a logical, rational argument for your position rather than just calling people names/

        • Again, just more name calling. Seems like an intelligent person could form a rational. cohesive argument.

          • Hahahaha! Do you know how many times I’ve attempted to share rational thoughts and linear arguments with people like you? Especially about LGBT equality. And do you know how many times people like you have come back at me with questions totally unrelated, ignoring actual facts, and using blanket statements? Pretty much every time. Open your mind, Randy.

          • Liberals say they are open minded (but they cant open their mind to consider opinions different from theirs or the idea that they may not be right). Liberals are tolerant (except they cant tolerate anyone who doesn’t agree with them). Read the posts above mine Laura. Its liberals who are calling names. All I asked is for your side to make a rational argument. In my experience, Liberals don’t ague facts. They argue feelings and emotions. If you truly state facts with you promote your positions, then you are one of the VERY few.

          • Randy, I haven’t heard any facts coming from you.
            Quoting the bible is not a fact. The fact is that the bible is not the word of God, It’s the word of child molesting priests. who wrote the bible.

      • because they are brain washed On tv , news and education with safe spaces all the BS they only think in black and white

    • if he created all the same as of them, we’d all be gay a sin Sodom and gamorrah. orwe would be like God created us,all straight

  1. With all the problems we have with a social security system that is bankrupt and the extremely poor customer service provided to taxpayers, for SSA to spend taxpayer money on this type of garbage is disgusting. This is a prime example of what’s wrong with the US Government. Does SSA have nothing better to do than spend time and resources to advertise services to increase their hold on the American people? Garbage programs like this are driving the “Trump Phenomenon”. Another step on the path to Communism in the United States. Folks….the bad guys are winning and we are losing our freedoms at a rapid pace. In fact, I believe we have lost the battle and our historical way of life in this country. It is gone forever! Very sad and very sick!!!

    • You are a protected group and and bragging about it. I never had a propl with your choices in the past but you keep shoving it in my face every day so now you will not be getting any support, but have made angry man toward’s your group.

  2. Why? Why would the Social Service Administration waste time on such. If you are going to publish an article make sure it’s worth while to read.

    • Guess what Jean you are not the only person in this world. If you don’t want to read about SSA helping the LGBT people then don’t read it it’s just that simple. SSA helps a lot of different people they don’t discriminate like you do. I suppose when they help you that’s just fine.

      • LGBT is a political organization! Why are they mentioned? What does Bi-sexual and Transvestite have to do with SS benefits so same sex couples. Nothing…Overstepping here. Just political …

        • bwalton, you are absolutely correct. Honestly, if I were a lesbian or gay person, I would not want to be lumped into a group with bi-sexuals and transvestites. I wonder how long it took them to determine the positioning of the letters? Why not TGBL? or GBLT? or BLTG? I like BLTG…..everyone can remember BLT and then just add the G. I always have to think about LGBT. I guess they were thinking “ladies first”, right?

      • Hey, Thomas…would you keep quite if the SSA headlines were “We serves Christians with pride”! No.. you would not. You would be outraged! You would say we should not mix church & state issues! So…..who is really discriminating here??? Evryone who reads these comments/articles knows this is not about LGBT, Christans, Conservatives and liberals.

        • SSA has always been serving the Christian people. What rights from Christians does SSA take away by helping other people?
          Why is it Christians, republicans and conservative blame every thing on Obama?

          • Thomas, you clearly have a strong bias against Christians and a poor understanding of Christianity. You also seem incapable of making a compelling argument for your viewpoint. All of your posts are hateful, insulting, and name calling. Here’s a fact for you: none of my posts quoted the bible.

          • You are so right on that! We need to turn to the LORD and seek his face and turn from our wicked ways . Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.

        • Hey Don….there’s not a chance SSA or any other government entity will EVER tout serving Christians. The US government no longer wishes to represent the majority of people in this country. They are all about “minorities” of any kind. The ironic thing is that most people who voted thought they were making a huge gesture toward minorities, by electing a black President. If we thought he was going to heal things like he said he would before he was elected, we were sadly mistaken. He and his administration have done their best,and succeeded I might add, to rip off the scab of past racial wounds that had been healing for years in this country. That the government adds LGBT to their list of protected classes is no surprise. Once again, the majority is stepped upon by the Marxist government that keeps creating minority classes upon whom they depend to vote them into office. If you are L or G or B or T….I couldn’t care less. But you should be no more protected than I am by our government.

          • That is true no one should be more protected by our government. It is a fact Gays, Lesbians, Bi-sexuals and Trans gendered people are discrimanated everyday in this country. That’s why SSA is trying to make people understand that. Tell me how are Christians being discriminated against when SSA has a blog about someone other than christians?

      • Your kind can’t accept the fact that most people in our country can’t, don’t and won’t approve of your immoral lifestyle, but you insist on trying to shove it down are throats and up our ass. The world was a hell of a lot better off when you were in your closet with the door locked. Do us all a favor and ho back in there. You want to call me a bigot.. I’ll save you the trouble, I’m a bigger bigot than Archie Bunker…..

  3. Jim Borland Keep your gay pride issues to yourself —–we are not interested in your gay agenda—–burn in hell

    • Walt, you sound a little paranoid to me. Funny how anytime someone mutters the word “gay” (gulp!), there must be some ulterior motive behind it. Grow up, get a life, and mind your own business.

  4. I love getting these e-mails from Social Security. The first one I received was on Ramadan and now LGBT. Keep them coming as every time you send one out to the normal working stiff American, your converting them into a voter for Donald Trump who will stop this BS!

  5. Great job! Whether we agree with homosexuality or not, we must admit that members of the LGBT community are tax paying citizens just like the rest of us and are just as entitled to receive benefits, benefits that they themselves have paid into. This should not be an issue of morality but an issue of what is right and what is fair!

    How would you feel if because you were in a 20 year relationship with someone you were not married to, you were told that because you weren’t legally married that you couldn’t have say so in their medical care or handle their death arrangements? What if you married someone of a different race (as many people do not agree with interracial relationships) and were denied benefits because of it? Well, it’s the same way with the LGBT community. Many of these couples have more stable and longer lasting relationships than straight people (I know a couple that has been together 45 years!), rarely argue or disagree over money, have children that are not criminals or addicted to drugs, have bigger and better bank accounts and homes than straight people, yet are constantly targeted and hated on. Why? Straight people could probably learn a thing or two from LGBT couples! So why shouldn’t they be able to marry and receive benefits of a person that they have been in a loving and lasting relationship with? It’s just crazy how the same people who use the Bible to discriminate against LGBT claim to be Christians yet say and do the most UNGodliness stuff! Jesus was about LOVE and only He can judge!

    • All of your arguments ring hollow. LGBT individuals could have always entered into contracts that would allow the same things that “marriage allows”.

      • That’s what Satan does. He perverts everything. Don’t forget who Lucifer was before he got cast out of heaven. God Bless.

        • Hey Thomas you keep talking about Christians being discriminatory . The statement you just made it discriminatory! But I don’t expect you to be intelligent enough to figure that out.

    • You’re mixing apples and oranges Waleisah of which the LGBT is very good at doing. Why can’t you guys stay focused on the subject without going to China and back???? I want to address your statement ” This should not be an issue of morality but an issue of what is right and what is fair!” You’re speaking out of both sides of your mouth. Morality IS about what is right and wrong! That’s what the conservatives have been trying to convey to you, but it seems to keep going over your head. You cannot talk about the LGBT life style without including the issue of morality because IT IS ABOUT MORALITY!!! You stated that this is about what’s right and fair. I would also like to address your statement “What if you married someone of a different race (as many people do not agree with interracial relationships) and were denied benefits because of it? Well, it’s the same way with the LGBT “.

        • The Word of God judges. So, don’t get mad at the messenger. Jesus was the Word and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. Your response is what nonbiblical people always say when they are confronted with the Word of God which is truth. We are to speak the truth in love. Jesus loves everyone but not our sin. We all fall short. That is why we have the opportunity to repent and to be cleansed by His precious blood that he shed for you and me. God Bless you. Selah.

        • I beg your pardon ! you do not know any Christians that are gay and lesbian there is no such thing! That’s like saying I seen an alligator with a pig’s tail. 🙂

    • Your examples are very poor comparisons. No one cares if LGBT people get benefits extended to other people. It’s that June is designated as LGBT month and SSA decides they need to spend taxpayer dollars “phishing” for LGBT customers. Why is it appropriate to single out this group for SPECIAL ATTENTION from SSA?

  6. Again this article is inappropriate. The Social Security Administration is not in the business of social engineering. As an agency they should be committed to treating everyone equally. The agency perceived that they were forced into rewriting their regulations by a Court ruling and now they see fit to brag about it as if the impetus came from the agency?

  7. Thank you for posting this. I worked for nearly two decades as a civil servant for what was essentially unequal pay, because I could not insure my spouse as most of my colleagues could. It’s disappointing seeing all the hatred and bigotry in the comments here. People who are used to privilege tend to perceive equality as oppression.

  8. So this blog that says the social security administration posts it at US Tax Payer expense says they serve the LGBT community with pride. I say to the SSA, JUST SERVE THE FOLKS YOU ARE SUPPOSEDT O SERVE AND KEEP YOUR pc GARBAGE OUT OF IT. I for one of many millions of hard working citizens do not look upon the LGBT community with pride but rather with embarrassment and shame that our country has fallen into such a state of immorality. The SS administration has no business foisting any political or social agenda onto the rest of us. SS keep it out of the discourse.

  9. It’s too bad the morals of some have deteriorated to this level. This is not the way most people were raised and it’s wrong to think you can go against God’s teaching. History shows this type society does not last as the Bible states one man and one woman.

  10. God dam you Christians are Hateful.
    After reading all this HATE all I can say is thank “GOD” I’m an atheist and Gay.
    Why would I want to be like you? If Heaven is filled with the likes of you I would rather go to hell.

    • Thomas, you do not ever want to go to Hell where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth for eternity. I suggest you read your bible and ask God to speak to you through His word. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. He will!


    Sin is sin is sin and God Hates Sin. ALL Sin! He Loves Each and Every one of us but he HATES sin. My Bible (GOD) tells me that Homosexuality is a SIN. And so it is!.

    The End is Near and as someone said earlier; EVERY Knee WILL Bow AND Every Tongue WILL Confess that JESUS is Lord, The Son of GOD.

  12. “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”
    Ex 20:12

  13. I think everyone on this post should remember the “Golden Rule” in regards to “Morality” which is, “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself” or “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    • Thank you for your comment Daryl, and for reminding everybody that while we welcome general participation and contribution from everyone, we ask participants to please be considerate and polite to others when posting comments. It is important that everyone gets an opportunity to express their opinions freely. However, we ask participants to respect the privacy and beliefs of others as well as to conform to our comment policy. Our blog — Social Security Matters — gives readers information about a variety of topics, including our programs, online services, current events, and human-interest stories, usually in greater detail than typically shared on our other social media platforms. Thank you for your support and for using our blog.

      • Did you respect the privacy and belief of the American people when you advertise that you were so proudly serving the LGBT community ? what about the Christian community? Are you going to print that you proudly serve the Christian Community or the African American community or the Asian community or the Mexican American community or the Jewish community? If not, then why not? We like to feel special too by the SSA.

  14. These comments reflect exactly what is wrong in America and the world today. If someone is different than you they must be evil, hateful, intolerant…… etc etc etc. I knew what would be written here as soon as I saw the title. Sighhhhhh I agree with you Daryl and to the rest of you try and step away from the keyboard and try to have a nice day. Life is too short to keep your panties in a wad….besides you’ll just end up with a wedgie!

  15. How about a blog celebrating that you serve EVERYONE with pride. So desperate and pathetic. Nothing but an attempt to polarize the masses that you’re supposed to serve without bias! Do your job and quit trying to push your social agenda!

  16. The blog – Social Security Matters – should not be wasting taxpayer money on a variety of topics other than programs, online services. Leave current events, and human-interest stories for other other social media platforms that are not paid for by taxpayers and that can and should be sought rather than forced in our faces with this blog.

    • Dear Donna I don’t understand. Exactly who is it that has “forced” you to read this blog? If you don’t want to read it, turn the page sister, & get on with your day. I’m sure the Social Security Administration won’t hold it against you.

  17. Great job! Awesome! Terrific! Outstanding! Excellent! Thanks Jim Borland–Passed it along. There are more people with you than you realize!

    • Yeah! way to go slim jim for creating all this chaos! I cannot believe that you’re even having a Blog on this! You start the fire and then you tell everyone to be respectful! How stupid you are!

  18. Thanks for being progressive and open minded enough to include everyone regardless of sexual identity or orientation as human beings that deserve the same level of service from Social Security as everyone else does, despite the ignorance and hatefulness of many of the commenters.

  19. First, I do not hate people because they have views opposed to mine, but I do resent my tax dollars being spent to promote a lifestyle with which I disagree. The Constitution does not provide for, nor did the founders envision, taking away the rights of one citizen in order to promote a choice made by another citizen.

    • Exactly John! This article was about how the rights of those in the LGBT community to fair and equal treatment under the law will no longer be TAKEN AWAY in order to promote the lifestyle choices made by some in the “Christian” community. Equal rights for LGBT citizens does not equal special rights or privileges. Nothing is being taken away from you or anyone else.

    • Yeah! way to go slim jim for creating all this chaos! I cannot believe that you’re even having a Blog on this! You start the fire and then you tell everyone to be respectful! How stupid you are!

  20. What dignity and equality? The following is a word of advice to everyone counting on Socialsit Security benefits- no matter what your sexual orientation is.

    From above; On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court issued a decision that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry in all states. This victory made it possible for more same-sex couples to benefit from Social Security services and programs.

    What this blog and countless websites FAIL to mention, is that if you get “married”, the Socialist Security system will use “marriage” as an excuse to cut your benefits off, or deny benefits all together. Even if you are disabled (like me) the Socialist Security system will deny you benefits, because of special “rules” they have on the books. These “Rules” have been put in place to help the Socialsit Security system, justify their actions of discriminating against married people (of any sexual orientation).

    Even if you are legitimately 100 percent physically disabled, The Socialsit Security administration does NOT CARE! ” The law defines disability as the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity (SGA) by reason of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment(s) which can be expected to result in death or which has lasted or can be expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months.

    The Socialist Security System may find that one is completely and totally disabled, but as soon as you marry an “able bodied person”, somehow they miraculously cure you, of your disability.

    All of a sudden, you are not physically disabled anymore and NOT ELIGIBLE FOR ANY BENEFITS from these socialist. HOW DOES BEING MARRIED MAKE SOMEONE ANY LESS DISABLED?
    answer- IT DOES NOT. it’s just an idiotic rule that some bureaucrat (who has a personal hatrid of marriage and married people) came up with, to legitimize their prejudice and discriminatory practices

    • Thank you for your comments Tammy. We acknowledge your frustration and want to help. Under current law, we are able to pay disability benefits through two programs: the Social Security Disability Insurance program or SSDI and the Supplemental Security Income or SSI program. SSDI benefits are based on the individual’s earning from a job and his or her contributions to the Social Security program. A “Disabled Adult Child” can qualify for benefits under the SSDI program, if the mother or father is receiving Social Security benefits or is deceased. However, federal law requires that the “disabled adult child” must be unmarried, age 18 or older, and have a disability that started before age 22.
      The SSI program in the other hand is a needs based program that can also pay benefits to individuals that are disabled, age 65 or older and have limited income and resources. We must also take into consideration the income and resources available for the “disabled adult child” and this includes the income and resources of his or her spouse.

      • Hello, thanks for the reply and justification of my continuous postings. The key term in the statement you posted above says “A “Disabled Adult Child” can qualify for benefits under the SSDI program, if the mother or father is receiving Social Security benefits or is deceased. However, federal law requires that the “disabled adult child” must be unmarried, age 18 or older, and have a disability that started before age 22”.

        My issue is the discriminatory federal law that requires the “Disabled adult child” be unmarried…. WHY? How does being married make me any less disabled? How can marriage, somehow cure my disability?
        This is why I feel discriminated against and continue to post the absolute truth, on your blogs.

        This “Federal Law” is nothing more than justification for taking a particular group of people (adult disabled children who marry an able bodied person) and discriminating against them.

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  22. I recently got married to my fiance of two years on March 1st He’s from Lithuania, I’m American. He came with an Esta visa and Lithuanian passport He left within the allowed time frame and he will be coming back this May. He would like to start looking for work and hopefully stay for good can he apply for a social security card and or work permit

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