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The Twelve Sites of Social Security

December 19, 2016 • By

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Last Updated: August 4, 2021

mother and daughter on computer by fireplaceGathering with family and friends during the holiday season reminds us we’re part of a strong community. And sometimes, in the spirit of the season, we break into song. Our take on “The Twelve Days of Christmas” — a holiday favorite since 1780 — highlights the national community we care for all year long. We call it “The Twelve Sites of Social Security.”

For the first site of Social Security, we give to you: our home page. It’s the place to go for all things Social Security. Everything you could want — from online services and benefit screening tools to publications and frequently asked questions — you can find all these and more on this site.

For the second site of Social Security, we give to you: our hub for Social Security news and updates at our blog.

For the third site of Social Security, we give to you: an easy way to learn how to replace your Social Security card. And in some states, you can replace it online with a personal my Social Security account!

For the fourth site of Social Security, we give to you: an online application for retirement benefits that you can complete and submit in as little as 15 minutes on our Apply for Social Security Benefits page.

For the fifth site of Social Security, we give to you: five estimates of your future Social Security benefits! Or as many estimates as you would like using different scenarios. Get instant, personalized estimates of your future benefits.

For the sixth site of Social Security, we give to you: a convenient way to apply for disability benefits.

For the seventh site of Social Security, we give to you: fun and informative videos on our YouTube channel.

For the eighth site of Social Security, we give to you: Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug plan costs. You can learn more and apply for a subsidy online.

For the ninth site of Social Security, we give to you: our convenient publication library with online booklets and pamphlets on numerous subjects.

For the tenth site of Social Security, we give to you: one of our most popular social media outlets, our Facebook page. This is where we engage thousands of customers and you can join the conversation.

For the eleventh site of Social Security, we give to you: answers to your Social Security related questions at our Frequently Asked Questions page.

On the twelfth site of Social Security (and we saved the best for last): open your own personal my Social Security account. This will enable you to verify your earnings, get future benefit estimates, obtain benefit verification letters, update your Social Security information, and more.

And a partridge in a pear tree! Find all of this and more (except the partridge and pear tree) on our website.

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  1. Du A.

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  2. MSB

    Social Security

  3. MSB

    My social security


    thanks for showing us……

  5. sagar@songspk21

    Nice post. thanks for share with us.

    • Ray F.

      We appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for your comment!

  6. kamrul @.

    Great post, thanks for showing us.

  7. Makram S.

    My social security benefits had been stoped depositing to my account in my bank sience February 2012 till now . Please check my case

    • Ray F.

      For security reasons, we do not have access to personal records in this venue. You should contact the local Social Security office or call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. for further assistance and an explanation. Thanks.

  8. I.M.Ready

    I’m in the process of applying online for social security benefits. There is a question, “when do you want to start receiving your social security benefits?”. I’m not sure if I’m to reply with the month in which I want to receive my first check or the prior month that would establish my benefit amount. In my case, I want to receive the benefit amount due me when I am 64.5 years old which would be on 3/2/17. So to answer the question would I elect 3/17 or 4/17?

    • Ray F.

      Thank you for your question and congratulations in your retirement! Social Security benefits are paid the month after they are due. So, for instance, if you want your benefits to begin with the month of March, you will receive your first benefit payment in April. We hope this helps.

  9. Melissa

    Anybody see Ben Stein whining on CNBC last night about how week Bernanke is but that it is good he finally stood up to the Hedge Funds, the spsralutoce, yada yada yada. Like they are the reason stocks are in free fall. Has nothing to do with a recession. All a bunch of guys looking at computer screens manipulating it all. I guess those guys don’t work on days the market rises.

  10. Primo A.

    I am an 80 year old Man, looking for peace and happyness and hope to make it to 90, I live a smiple life and try to undrstand what makes the SS work and have you tell us how lucky we are and feed us with lot of information. The best thing you can tansmit for tlhis lholidaly season, is, the President of the U.S. will give us hope, that as a gift to all Seniors Say MERRY CHRISTMAS, you will be getting a raise in you Social Security.
    I asume he is to busy cleaning the house for the next President Making sure all is clean and neat.

    Thanks for letting me have th opportunity to reply.

    Sincerely yours


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