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Survivors Benefits for Same-Sex Partners

June 14, 2022 • By

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Last Updated: June 14, 2022

A male couple standing together.During Pride Month and throughout the year, we acknowledge and honor the contributions made by the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Plus (LGBTQ+) community. Pride Month is a special time to share how Social Security benefits same-sex couples and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Were you in a same-sex relationship with a partner who passed away? If so, you may qualify for Social Security survivors benefits based on your partner’s earnings record.

You may qualify for survivors benefits if you meet any of the following:

  • You would have been married at the time of your partner’s death if unconstitutional state laws hadn’t prevented you from marrying.
  • You would have been married longer, but unconstitutional state laws prevented you from marrying sooner.

If you think you may be entitled to benefits, we encourage you to contact us right away. Please call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778) or contact your local Social Security office.

After you apply, you can check the status of your application with your personal my Social Security account. If you don’t have a personal my Social Security account, you can create one today in just a few minutes.

We also encourage you to check out some of our new resources, including our:

If you know someone who may meet the requirements for survivors benefits, please share this information with them.

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  1. Luis

    We are not interested in any information related to “same sex” nonsense.
    We do know that Biden, if he has any chance of surviving 2022, is promoting the queer, homosexual, trans-whatever insanity and we know that he is going to be defeated because of that insanity.

    • Marie P.

      If you are not interested then do not bother to read it, it is that simple however, people that belong to that group need to be informed of what benefits are available to them. These people are also law abiding citizens, contributes to the growth of the economy and warm hearted individuals. Each one of us have the right to live with dignity who ever we are. We do not judge base on the color of the skin, race, age, religion,status in life and especially sexual orientation
      of a person.

    • STS

      The information was not provided to you. Why were you reading the “nonsense” if it was not directed at you?

    • Luci

      We do have freedom of speech and you definitely have your opinion. But this is not really the place to air your complaints. This is a place to get information not opinions.

  2. Luis

    The queers and assorted crazies are so far beyond rational thinking that they simply should have no standing to discuss the cultural systems which have brought such prosperity to humanity over these thousands of years. There is simply no justification for taking these nut cases seriously and allowing them to pollute rational discussion of our existence.

  3. Jean

    I remember the days when it was all in the closet I never thought much about it until I personally was hit on by an woman whom I thought was a man. I know these people have rights to and should be treated as such as long as they don’t force there views on other people. They need to have the same rules as we have to follow my only question is how do you know who’s supposed to know which is which. I’m just glad my father didn’t live to see this he would of made his opinion know to the whole world

    • Not J.

      Hi Jean,

      Nobody asked for your opinion!

      • Agree w.

        Agree with Jean , don’t care and don’t want to know if you are “gay”. Since when did it become important to share it with everyone and expect us to care?

        • Jerry B.

          LGBTQ Folk have had heterosexuality forced in their face. Turn about fair play. The random “incident” you may face is not the random “incident” gay people face every living minute of every living day. All “romance” novels, movies, are overwhelmingly heterosexual and homosexuals are “forced” to tolerate all this heterosexuality. Grow up.

      • Agree w.

        Agree with Jean, if you need everyone to accept your “life style” and consider it normal you’re kidding yourself. I am part of the vast majority who don’t want to hear about your life and prefer you not share.

        • Edmond

          “I am part of the vast majority ” Hum…People who made a claim like you end up bi sexual.

        • Kate

          The “ lifestyle” included working a lifetime, never being unemployed. Paying taxes, never committing any crimes.

          US Army Veteran. I want to be treated like an American. With rights. Stop hating.


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