New Guidance about COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments

“The Treasury Department launched a new web tool allowing quick registration for Economic Impact Payments for eligible individuals who do not normally file a tax return, and also announced that it would begin making automatic payments.  However, for some people receiving benefits from the Social Security Administration—specifically those who have dependent children under the age of 17—it is to their advantage to go to this portal to ensure they also get the $500 per dependent Economic Impact Payment.  I encourage them to do this as soon as possible, and want to provide the following details:

People who receive Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability insurance benefits and who did not file a tax return for 2018 or 2019 and who have qualifying children under age 17 should now go to the IRS’s webpage to enter their information instead of waiting for their automatic $1,200 Economic Impact Payment.  By taking proactive steps to enter information on the IRS website about them and their qualifying children, they will also receive the $500 per dependent child payment in addition to their $1,200 individual payment.  If Social Security beneficiaries in this group do not provide their information to the IRS soon, they will have to wait to receive their $500 per qualifying child.

The same new guidance also applies to SSI recipients, especially those who have qualifying children under age 17.  To receive the full amount of the Economic Impact Payments you and your family are eligible for, go to the IRS’s Non-Filers: Enter Payment Info page and provide information about yourself and your qualifying children.

Additionally, any new beneficiaries since January 1, 2020, of either Social Security or SSI benefits, who did not file a tax return for 2018 or 2019, will also need to go to the IRS’s Non-Filers website to enter their information.

Lastly, for Social Security retirement, survivors, or disability beneficiaries who do not have qualifying children under age 17, you do not need to take any action with the IRS.  You will automatically receive your $1,200 economic impact payment directly from the IRS as long as you received an SSA-1099 for 2019.

For SSI recipients who do not have qualifying children under age 17, we continue to work closely with Treasury in our efforts to make these payments automatically.  Please note that we will not consider Economic Impact Payments as income for SSI recipients, and the payments are excluded from resources for 12 months.

The eligibility requirements and other information about the Economic Impact Payments can be found at the IRS’s Coronavirus Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments page.  In addition, please continue to visit the IRS for the latest information.

We will continue to update Social Security’s COVID-19 webpage as further details become available.”


2,187 thoughts on “New Guidance about COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments

  1. I am on SSDI and I earn less than 1000 a month when there is no pandemic witch is allowed because it’s not considered gainful employment. I have incurred a loss in the 1000 per month. Can I also collect pandemic unemployment and how much can I collect?

  2. It’s kind of bothersome that here on this blog most individuals questions are being answered by simply calling this phone number I’m wondering why they are just not addressing the the issues this is how I see it now mind you this is just an opinion and it’s my own opinion I am not saying that people they have not received there economic stimulus payment in relation to the cares act that the United States president signed in March 2020 I am simply offering my thinking’s a means to generate you’re further thoughts on this subject matter let’s focus on some keywords that I personally queued in on as I listened to the States president live in the public announcement of the Care Act that he had signed this is what I heard “every American will receive the economic stimulus payment” referring to the Care Act
    caused from the pandemic of covid-19. The keyword is I cued in on was “EVERY. However after the initial announcement it became known that this economic economic stimulus payment is really just a new tax credit that is being is issued to many in the early payment of the tax credit benefit for tax year 2020. Something that created more of a red flag on the treasury’s website I had read that individuals who do not receive this economic stimulus payment early meaning anytime by 12/31/2020, will simply be able to claim this tax credit if you qualify in their next year tax filing for it will be included on the 2020 tax forms.. .. ok the keyword I “if” you qualify. What does if you qualify hold in true meaning?? If it’s like most credits EIC Child care ect. You will not qualify if it’s in tax forms like those… SSI and SSDI title ii only income will not allow you to claim if based on your “EARNINGS” which is another unfairness I that title ii SSDI is based on your work earnings and child support treats it as a remuneration and so do most all other programs, banks and loans too for that matter. The States president said quote” every American well as we all know that was untrue 4 minor dependents 16 years and older they are also apart of every American and it has become known they were excluded from this economic stimulus payment Hence in the truth and reality this so called economic stimulus payment is only an early payment of a new tax credit. This ” stimulus” as called by many is not for the benefit of “we the people” and our personal wellness it is more for the bigger players whose main concerns are their own well being not that of mine from what I’ve come to believe by sheer pERSONAL life experiences.. I believe this was just a mere distasteful measure for the States President to bring glory to himself, for you see He did state He was “giving Financial aide to EVERY American. And that’s just a lie. Our Government has gone to extreme measures of control in my opinion. Full of 1/2 truths covering only their lively hoods. In many ways think about it.

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