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Social Security’s Top Baby Names for 2020

May 7, 2021 • By

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Last Updated: November 2, 2023

Social Security’s Top Baby Names for 2020Olivia and Liam are once again America’s most popular baby names in 2020. It appears parents chose to stick with the familiar during an unprecedented time. The top three names for both girls – Olivia, Emma, and Ava – and boys – Liam, Noah, and Oliver – remained the same for the second year in a row.

In fact, out of both Top 10 lists combined, only two names changed, with the traditional names Henry and Alexander edging out Mason and Ethan. The name Henry has been steadily rising in popularity, last appearing in the Top 10 over a century ago, in 1910. For all of the top baby names of 2020, and to see where your name ranks, check out our Baby Names page.

We encourage you to enjoy the baby names list and, while online, create a personal my Social Security account. my Social Security is a personalized online account that you can use beginning in your working years and continuing while receiving Social Security benefits.

If you receive Social Security benefits, you can have instant access to your benefit verification letter, payment history, and complete earnings record when you create a personal my Social Security account. You also can change your address, start or change direct deposit information, and request a replacement SSA-1099 online. You can even request a replacement Medicare card online.

If you’re age 18 and older—and not receiving benefits—you can still sign up for a personal my Social Security account to get your personalized online Social Security Statement. The online Statement provides you with secure and convenient access to your Social Security earnings and benefit information, and estimates of future benefits you can use to plan for your retirement. In most states, you may request a replacement Social Security card online if you meet certain requirements.

We began compiling the baby name list in 1997, with names dating back to 1880. At the time of a child’s birth, parents supply the name to us when applying for a child’s Social Security card, thus making Social Security America’s source for the most popular baby names. Please share this with your friends and family—and help us spread the word on social media.

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