Your Social Security, Giving Thanks and Spending Quality Time

In November, millions of families gather together to give thanks, share a meal, and spend time together. Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to get together, so you want to make every second with the ones you love count. Social Security understands that your time is valuable whether you’re working, running your business, or taking time off to be with family and friends.

We put a lot of time and effort into making my Social Security a resource you can depend on — an online tool that saves time and allows you to spend more of it on what you like to do. Even if you’re currently receiving benefits, or aren’t quite ready to file, Social Security has services to bring you and your family holiday cheer.

With a my Social Security account, those receiving benefits can change their address and direct deposit information, get proof of their benefits, and request replacement documents like a Medicare card. If you aren’t currently getting benefits, you can still check your earnings record, get estimates of your future benefits, and view your Social Security Statement. In many states, you can even request a replacement Social Security card online. See everything you can do with a my Social Security account and open one today.

Remember, you don’t need a my Social Security account to:

Whether you’re waiting for the turkey to roast or just waiting for company arrive, our online services are open 24 hours a day, allowing you to access them on your schedule. There’s no need to stand in line or wait on the phone.

So this holiday, don’t just pass the gravy, pass on this wealth of information to the ones you love.


17 thoughts on “Your Social Security, Giving Thanks and Spending Quality Time

  1. I love being able to access my account information through the website. It really is so convenient and simple to use.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving 💜

  2. My name’s Michael Randall and I lived on the street of Belle avenue for 52 years since the year I was born on Baltimore Maryland and I’m still 52 years old now I’m still unemployed and I have no job I still get social security but right now at this very moment I’m being faced with the most awful but terrible problem that over ever confronted in my natural born first over lost two brothers my mother and now I’ve truly lost my own father who just past away and I’m afraid that I won’t lived on Belle avenue anymore because the rent of the house that I still lived now is more than 12,000 dollars for rent gas and electric water bill mortgage and after all these years when over used to worked though the 1980s 1990s and beyond during the time over became unemployed I always payed my father George Randall Rd 100.00 dollars a month and my sister actually beloved that over couldn’t afford the large amount of the rent even though I’ve tried my best under any circumstances of get the house cleaned up knowing that I still get ask but my sister does not in which she’s trying to get a real job and my own personal problem is over have phobia because the horrible experience that over went through with some no good people who would really intended to do extremely harm to me or anybody else just as surely as they whether that individual turns out to be a he or she even if most people are considered to be on the good side as far as any person is concerned in which they might don’t want me to be around with them that possibly would makes them either violent nasty argumentative dangerous irrational or really unpredictable and would you beloved disrespectful and as a matter of fact I might as well encountered any human beings who will always used the one emotional weapon of all time hatred but during numerous times I was still working all these years over been treatened terrorised by a whole lot a people and if I did have a job I’m still going to run into those same awful threatening problems that over already encountered before and as far as own life goes the possibilities of my own situation could either be the end of my life or it might be very unpleasant in which I could never help myself as a mere mortal of being a homeless one without no money to pay for the house that ived still lived in right now and it’s hopeless.

  3. So very upset with social security right now.
    My monthly disability was not deposited. Now I can pay my bills or start christmas shopping for grandkids. 😬

  4. So very upset with social security right now.
    My monthly disability was not deposited. Now I can pay my bills or start christmas shopping for grandkids.

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