Social Security Servicios for the Hispanic Community

A large Hispanic family smilingHola! September 15 to October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month, and Social Security is proud to offer many of our services in Spanish. We invite you to look at our Spanish website

With 57 million people, the Hispanic population in the United States is the largest ethnic minority group in the U.S. According to the Census Bureau, between 2000 and 2010, the Hispanic population grew by 43 percent. And more than half of the growth in the total population of the United States between 2000 and 2010 was due to the increase in the Hispanic population.

To meet the needs of a growing Hispanic population, Social Security provides a range of online services. On most pages of our main site, you can select a tab at the top of the page to have the language appear in Spanish. From there, Spanish speakers can use our online services – Servicios por Internet. They can apply for retirement, survivors, or disability benefits, and the Extra Help with Medicare prescription drug plan costs. We also have a Spanish language option when you call us a 1-800-772-1213. We have many automated services available in Spanish, and from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, you can speak to a Spanish-speaking Social Security representative. In addition, many of our field offices have free Spanish interpreter services available.

Hispanics tend to live longer, and will spend more years in retirement. Our Retirement Estimator gives estimates your future benefits based on your actual Social Security earnings record. It’s an invaluable tool when planning your long future.

You can find out more online about conducting business with Social Security in Spanish. We also have many of our publications available in Spanish at Some of the publications are specific to the Hispanic population.

This Hispanic Heritage Month, let’s all remember that Social Security will continue to serve our Hispanic customers by providing a range of services and benefits tailored to their needs.


47 thoughts on “Social Security Servicios for the Hispanic Community

  1. I do hope that all of those 57 millioin are paying into the Social Security System. It is so frustrating that I have been paying into the system since 1967 and so many immigrants are receiving funds without ever having toi invest. I feel ALL Americans should have the duty to invest in our country and not simply cross and border with their hands out. I realize that living conditions all over the world, are not what we have, but at the same time we have so many naturalized citizens who’s neets are not being met.

      • Every one wants a better life, but everyone has to work for their better life. It is not fair to Americans who have paid into social security all of our lives and then, here they come, work a couple of years or maybe no work time and collect just like they have been paying into the system for years. I think naturalized, amnestied people who are not generational and ancestered Americans should have their own accounts where there money is not supplemented by our tax dollars or soc security funds! Our govt has it backwards! I had no idea there were that many here! Not good…no more amnesties! Tired of supporting those who don’t carry their own weight and are here to live off of us!

    • Thank you, Arthur, my sentiments exactly, I just recently switched from the Democratic to the Republic party because I am sick to death of misguided liberal Democratic legislators spending their time and my taxpayer dollars giving illegals free SS and all kinds of welfare benefits that they haven’t earned!!! I paid into the SS system for over 50 years; my investment is being stolen from me, and of very little help when I need it the most at age 75. BTW, anyone know who the rocket scientists are that have decided there will be no COLA in 2016?!?

      • The only thing the Democrat party wants are voters. They work every day to get more people on government subsidies just to get them to vote Democrat. They support Planned Parenthood that gets taxpayer money and in turn give it back to the Democrats who give them more money the next year. ITS TIME THIS STOPS!

      • There will be a COLA in 2016. Where did you hear that there will be none? Granted it will be a ridiculously small amount, far, very far from the amount necessary to protect the SS recipient’s needs to maintain their standard of living but there is an announced 2016 COLA.

    • You must be speaking Hispanics that are not born US citizens. The men in my family did not have to be drafted to defend this country; father never applied for welfare or government assistance; paid taxes and was NEVER unemployed. Unlike the monolingual Americans, spoke three languages and not a blemish on his reputation; he and all his children, grandchildren and great-grand children are college educated and honest and honorable people. They believe in God. Only thing our family hates is IGNORANCE.

          • My bosses mother has been in this country since 1959 and does not speak a word of English. Interesting….she certainly knew how to apply for public housing the minute she arrived from Puerto Rico and hasn’t vacated her apartment since or been employed. Just another “exceptional” comment….

          • Puerto Rico is “technically part of USA(a Commonwealth of the United States). Puerto Ricans are U.S Citizen”. Just to fill your curiosity.

    • Do not worry. Nobody is free of paying taxes if they work! And some work, but they do not claim due legal status. System win anyway. Happy?

  2. I agree with you Arthur. I have been paying into the Social Security System since I was 16 and working. Now I have started collecting and the media is telling us that the funds will be running out in a few years!! As a taxpayer, American citizen and voter, I demand that Social Security be given ONLY to those who paid into it.

  3. I too worry that the Social Security is being misused by the Hispanic population IF they are not paying into the system as I have all of my life before I became disabled. I am all for legal immigration but do not tolerate a hand out to anyone as we have our own hungry people to feed including elders and those less fortunate and not just a handout because they are a minority…

  4. I agree whole heartedly with the two previous comments. When are our leaders in government going to open their eyes, and realize that most of the good paying jobs have left the country. We are close to 20 trillion dollars in debt an climbing. Who is going to pay for all these handouts. In my state we are in a fiscal crisis, practically bankrupt and our governor want to accept 10,000 Syrian refugees. My question, where is the money going to come from?

  5. Social Security, as well as many other agencies, has to stop enabling specific ethnic groups whom refuse to assimilate. Thousands of dollars-funded by American tax dollars- are spent on publishing specifics of American benefits in different languages. This is dividing America and a waste of government resources. We are All Americans -learn the language!

  6. I am Hispanic, immigrated when I was 17, paying into the system since then. I am now 66 and just starting to collect. I served in the US Army for 25 years and always worked hard and actually still working today. I have contributed more than some born here.

      • That is great! I hate when people take a Forum like this and immediately start the same old conversation without doing anything positive. There are many people like yourself and some of us appreciate the diversity and culture you bring 🙂

    • Uncle Sam says: You did well and as any citizen you stand up among others! This country is the greatest! When people like you decease fighting they just said: I am sorry but when you are alive your benefits phase out due budget cuts. We are in gratitude to keep away the dangers of the war in our homeland! No just thank you; we honor your sacrifice!

  7. Ok, For all of you folks that are turning this into an immigration thing, I just wanted to say that you cant get SSI, SSD if you are not legal here, You cant get it if you don’t have a certain amount of points you don’t qualify. And actually according to the contrary if you are to talk about the illegals here, most of them do earn a paycheck, they do have taxes and social security taken from their check, so they do pay into the system, they do not ever get to collect on it, as far as the national debt blame it on war, the government sending and funding to send troops and aid to all of the middle east, and the list goes on and on, to blame the Hispanic population for the national debt is ridiculous at best. It is my opinion that social security is being over run by a generation that doesn’t want to work for instance I cant tell you how many people I know who have received SSI/SSD for being “bi-polar” or for being a drug addict/alcoholic. I have been working since I was 8 I had a paper route. I really think that the majority of the population I see applying and getting Social Security are chronic welfare loafers who’s children are grown up or have been cut off of Welfare benefits they are all ending up like I said bi-polar and on Social Security.

    • Sorry that just isn’t true, Wendy, they most certainly can !!! I saw not only this abuse, but 3rd and 4th generation welfare abusers (not Hispanic) proud of the fact that they “gots all their people” on welfare; and yes, alcoholics and drug users also. How about not being able to work because you didn’t speak English, yep, it’s right up there.

  8. Trust me Bob you well never see a White month. And yes we will be the minority but you can bet you won’t get anything even less then your getting now.

  9. I see a lot of different views but the smartest I feel is Wendy’s blog. You can’t just jump the border and qualify for ssi/ssdi. It’s not that simple. If it was then the society we live in today would all get it

    • Yes, Josh you can just jump the border, check into a hospital, have your baby, and the child will be a U.S. liability for their entire life. You can be a natural born U.S. citizen and that is the group that is ineligible for any Government assistance.

  10. Great news. We all need a little help now and again when English is not a first language, and it is useful to have a site specially tailored to the interests of Hispanics. And – I did not know that Hispanics tend to live longer. That is very interesting! I wonder why that is.

  11. it is so sad people are so ignorant today , The government knows they are using our money for these illegals which is sad they have to meet on judgement day and they won*t be able to lie and steal. they should think about it.coming remember the money is the root of all evil and will always be sorry but no government or illegal can change this saying. we try to teach our children not to do this and then we find out the old people are doing this so sad.

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