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Social Security Proudly Serves Our Hispanic Customers

July 6, 2015 • By

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Last Updated: August 19, 2021

a family of 5 smiling This week, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is celebrating their annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. LULAC is an organization dedicated to the economic, educational, civic, and political advancement of Hispanics in the United States.

This year, the convention focuses on the FAMILIA: The Building Blocks for Our Society. Through workshops and moderated discussions, conference attendees will learn how to strengthen their leadership abilities, and how to serve their community and society.

Social Security celebrates LULAC’s dedication to the Hispanic community. According to the Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2012, the Hispanic population of the United States was 53 million – making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic minority group.

The Hispanics and Social Security section of our website highlights how Hispanics benefit from the Social Security program, and how certain demographic characteristics compare to the entire population. The Hispanic population in the U.S. is expected to grow 28 percent by 2050 and 31 percent by 2060!

Social Security has always served people of all races and ethnicities including those who prefer to communicate with us in Spanish. And, our online Spanish services — Servicios por Internet — allow our Spanish-speaking customers to do business with us from their preferred Wi-Fi enabled location. In addition, we offer interpreter services free of charge when conducting business with us over the phone, in person when visiting our offices, or when attending our events.

For more information about the services and benefits we offer to the Hispanic community, please visit Online Services in Spanish or, en Español, www.SeguroSocial.gov.

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  1. Thomas G.

    Thank you for doing this…very proud to be a Latino American and appreciate all the efforts our SSA is making to serve the community. My father and grandfather are both veterans and they speak mostly Spanish. Thank you for serving our community.

    • Lorenzo D.

      We’re grateful for your father’s and grandfather’s military service, Thomas! Thanks so much for the feedback. We look forward to continue serving the Hispanic community and other groups who make up America’s rich diversity.

  2. Luis T.

    This is great! Thank you for all your hard work. Latinos are part of this country and we are not going anywhere. We speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, and every language in between. This is a great step by the SSA. Thank you.

  3. Richard

    What is the problem with the socil security people?
    S.S was made for the American people back in 1935. Now you cater specially to the Hispanics with all the extra’s and special payments and now a special Convention, which of course is payed for by the Americans that have paid in the fund. When will we Americans began to be treated with all the extra specials. And I also have to pay each year for my own Medicare plus all that it does not pay.
    There is a MAJOR problem here, singling one group out for special treatment, care and payments because they are illegal and cannot, and won’t speak English.
    What a soory lot!!!

    • HunterSThompson

      So no one of Hispanic origin lived in the US in 1935 ? History disagrees with you.
      And not speaking English or speaking it well has nothing to do with if they are legally present or not.
      Since you mention 1935, are you an America Indian ? I think every one posting racist comments on this article need to realize that they too were “foreign” at some point in their family tree. Do you honestly think EVERYONE comes in to the US speaking English ? MANY people of Germanic/Scottish/Indian/African et al. came in to the US at that time and due to poor economic conditions, sadly were uneducated and unable to put aside the time to learn our language ( which is one of the hardest to learn properly , as your post shows ) in order to make money and survive. Should they too be denied benefits or if they are currently receiving them have them cut off ?
      All these people meet your ( all of you posting such hate ) criteria. So look in the mirror first.
      PS: If anyone posted such things and is of American Indian decent, your post wins, and I apologize. Everyone else, get over yourselves.

  4. Ted

    I’m from HI. I took Spanish in High
    School and college. Still couldn’t
    speak it. Then I worked in LA for
    7 years and now I can speak some
    Spanish. Whenever I go to the Mainland I enjoy talking in Spanish
    with Hispanics. In Hawaiian the word for Spanish is Paniolo. It also
    means Hawn Cowboy. Comes from
    “Espanol”. Gracias.

  5. YAYU I.

    GIVEED WHAT CAN YOU GIVE BUT DON’T make people thing some thing happens in you
    Never to say Never Give Up

    • HunterSThompson

      are you flirting with me ?

      • Yayu I.

        THE FIRST I wanna to say apologize. My comment Not for someone but when i check my names in the social network or Google search YAYU IRAHAYU OR YAYU OR YAYU IRAHAYU DJOJO when I click look at YAYU IRAHAYU in this post HISPANIC . I am from Indonesia and my language is not good enough. I’m want to say apologize if something mistake of my comments. Thank you. Regret

  6. YAYU I.

    nothing Perfectly, everything must getting the hard work to getting a lot of money. So whatever yours situation just try to be better and trusting if God Never gives you and me all something badge.

  7. Witold S.

    SSA does not tell the truth. While SSA claims to proudly serve the Hispanic community, SSA actually discriminates against its employees of Hispanic heritage,

    The facts are that only 3.15% of Hispanic employees received the highest overall appraisal rating – OUTSTANDING – from SSA discriminating managers. This is the lowest percentage of any major employee racial and ethnic group. White employees had 2 1/2 times more highly rated employees or 7.7% OF THE WHITE WORKFORCE. . ASIANS, BLACKS, AND AMERICAN INDIANS HAD A HIGHER PERSCENTAGE OF OUTSTANDING RATED EMPLOYEES THAN HISPANICS IN FY 13. (FY 14 NUMBERS HAVE YET TO BE RECEIVED).

    So maybe SSA can explain to LULAC why it feels that Hispanic employees are the worst in SSA. Perhaps its because of endemic discrimination in SSA.

    Tell the truth when you print propaganda regarding your “celebration” of Hispanics. When it comes to your own employees in SSA you give them low appraisals which adversely affects their ability to get promoted. That’s the real SSA.

  8. Uniquefemme@aol.com

    Most of you are a bunch of hypocrites. You born and raised here and most of you won’t go to school and you are talking about immigrants coming to your country and steal your jobs and collecting welfare. You should know that if one didn’t work and paid taxes they cannot collect social security benefits. When we come to this country we come for a purpose, we do not seat on our lazy ass….we work many jobs to send our children to the best private schools …stop being jealous . because we are here doesn’t mean we have to forget where we come from and stop speaking our native language.

  9. Edmond D.

    Looks like I disagree with all the people who posted ahead of me on this subject. First you can’t collect Social Security unless you have a Number. I’m French Canadian and my parents spoke French and English at home and at work and with their friends. My grandparents on both sides spoke just French and barely any English and that didn’t make any one of us any less American than all of you.. My best buddy growing up was Lithuanian and is Grandmother didn’t know a word of English and she was the best person in the world. You want to know what poor is it was my friends grandmother and my wife and her family who came from East Germany the year before the Russians put up the wall. These people left every single thing that they owned to get out of there. My wife is in America only because of marrying me. So before condemning a whole group of people you should check out your info, You all sound so biggeted or jealous instead of being happy that people come and are able to enjoy some freedoms that they weren’t able to or allowed where they came from. “Life is short and it does have an expiration date.” Enjoy what you have and be glad your able to make someone else happy.. You’ll never be happy carrying a chip on your shoulder and worrying about what other people are doing. This is quit long and doubt anyone will read it to the end. God Bless

    • Uniquefemme@aol.com

      I did read it and every single words are true. God bless

      • Sindy

        Thank you for shedding light on how diverse our immigrant population is in America.

    • Sylvia

      Edmond, I read it to the end, well said! Unfortunately racism is still alive and well in America. As a social worker who works with many Hispanics, legal and illegal; people are embarrassed to speak English because they fear the’ll make a mistake and will be laughed at. Why not have some compassion for differences?

  10. L

    I work as a specialist in Social Security in a Financial Planning firm. The fact is that no one is entitled to Social Security Benefits until they work and pay into the system for 40 quarters or 10 years minimum. All Hispanic-American retirees who are collecting benefits have paid to receive those benefits just as every other american has.

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