Social Security Proudly Serves Our Hispanic Customers

a family of 5 smiling This week, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) is celebrating their annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah. LULAC is an organization dedicated to the economic, educational, civic, and political advancement of Hispanics in the United States.

This year, the convention focuses on the FAMILIA: The Building Blocks for Our Society. Through workshops and moderated discussions, conference attendees will learn how to strengthen their leadership abilities, and how to serve their community and society.

Social Security celebrates LULAC’s dedication to the Hispanic community. According to the Census Bureau, as of July 1, 2012, the Hispanic population of the United States was 53 million – making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic minority group.

The Hispanics and Social Security section of our website highlights how Hispanics benefit from the Social Security program, and how certain demographic characteristics compare to the entire population. The Hispanic population in the U.S. is expected to grow 28 percent by 2050 and 31 percent by 2060!

Social Security has always served people of all races and ethnicities including those who prefer to communicate with us in Spanish. And, our online Spanish services — Servicios por Internet — allow our Spanish-speaking customers to do business with us from their preferred Wi-Fi enabled location. In addition, we offer interpreter services free of charge when conducting business with us over the phone, in person when visiting our offices, or when attending our events.

For more information about the services and benefits we offer to the Hispanic community, please visit Online Services in Spanish or, en Español,


93 thoughts on “Social Security Proudly Serves Our Hispanic Customers

  1. If they’re Americans, then they should speak English. Why cater to someone who won’t bother to learn the language of the country that they live in. I think it’s disgusting! Spanish signs everywhere and our language is ENGLISH. Are they too stupid to learn it? I learned spanish in High School……and I will never speak it again, or reply to someone who speaks to me in spanish.

    • Who said they didn’t work for it? You are just assuming without knowing actual facts. There are several Hispanics that came to our country, became citizens and worked hard and paid taxes. Some came as adults and did not have the advantages of learning English in school growing up but still worked and learned enough to be productive and pay taxes. Just because they prefer to speak in their native tongue does not mean they didn’t work for it!

      • How do you know they never worked for it? do you know and watch what they do every day of their life… where do you think we get our cashews from?? hmmmm?

    • Are you serious? Immigrants work harder and always have a job more than your lazy ass who were born and raised here.

  2. Spanish Americans? If people wish to hold on to their heritage by continuing to speak their native language, they should remain wherever it is they came from. I object to catering to people who don’t wish to assimilate…especially when taxpayer dollars are used. If your government employees have a passion for immigrants who can’t speak English (and need assistance signing up for welfare) go it through a church or privately funded charity…not with other peoples money. Didn’t your parents teach you any better?

    • I totally agree with all of these comments, my thoughts exactly! I am tired of these free-loaders getting FREE what we American citizens AND our Ancestor’s had to work hard for! Send these illegal immigrants back to their OWN COUNTRY. If they can’t come into our country the LEGAL method and EARN their way, then stay OUT

      • Where do you idiots get “illegal immigrants” from social security saying that the cater to their Spanish speaking members? If a Spanish speaking person is collecting social security it’s because they are legal! An illegal person cannot collect. I guess you people never finished high school?

        • But, they certainly try. Was with a law firm my entire career, we had a social security department to assist those with disabilities. Amazing the number of latinos that came with with a SS card, only to find out that it wasn’t theirs, and could come in the next week, with yet another card !!!!!!!!!!!

    • racism is horrible… its sad it still exists and so is jealousy… dont be jealous of what others have, even other nationalities.. god is not a respector of persons… you just might look at what he’s blessed you with instead of being jealous of what others have..

    • If the next President is Hispanic American than thats God who put him in that position. Talk to God when you dont agree with whos in a leadership position..

  3. I agree, they are coming receiving all the social services without ever having to work for them. Draining us, using our schools, and welfare.
    Charity begins at home, when our homeless have homes, the veterans have everything they need, our elderly are taken care of, then come back and ask me about helping others, a lot of United States citizens that have been here for several generations and have worked hard to provide for their families should come first. How dare you speak anything except English when applying for anything. Drivers License and cannot read or speak English how do they get insurance or know here thy re going if they cannot read the road signs. They line up and send thousands of dollars out of the US, they should not be allowed to send any money out, who is receiving it? Have a good guess. Most of it never reaches the family.

    • Havent worked for them?? have you seen the muscle tone on Spanish??? looks like work to me.. take a good look at yourself… what havent you worked for… stop being jealous of what others have…

  4. I don’t have a problem with Hispanics getting Social Security if they paid into the system AND came here legally. I do however have a problem with them not wanting to be Americans. They should learn our language and assimilate. You should not give them an excuse not to learn English and they don’t get a free ride on the backs of tax paying Americans.

  5. I’m sick and tired of supporting criminals who sneak into our country draining our funds for every entitlement program they can find. If only as much consideration was given to American citizens as they are given for free. This political correctness will be the death of my country, along with politicians who bend on knees for a vote. Enough!! Close the borders with force if necessary.. they don’t hesitate to shoot American’s. Obama has been successful, he has as promised “fundamentally changed America”. We are soon to be a white minority and on equal footing with other third world country’s. What a legacy he has.

  6. Why must every group be give special attention, unless you are European-American. I cannot understand why so many people desire to make America the same as those counties that people want to escape from. Maybe they are infected with the ‘misery loves company’ phenomenon.

  7. What a disgrace and slap in the face of Americans who are being refused or receiving reduced benefits due to the illegals getting benefits that are not theirs.

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