9 thoughts on “Social Security Joins in the Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month

  1. When my sister moved to Miami several years,ago after she left the military, she could not get a job because she could not speak Spanish. It took her almost a year after learning some Spanish. We grew up in the Philippines but we speak real good English a necessity to work in the USA. I say if you want to live iand be a part of this country, learn to speak the language. If all the foreigners who moved to this country can speak English what makes some of the Latinos/Hispanics so special that they don”t have to learn?

    • Learn the laws when you come to America. When their customers only speak Spanish, then they are allowed to hire only a person who speaks Spanish. You sister probably got paid extra money in the US military because she spoke another language beside English. Go back to the Philippines if you don’t like it here.

      • America’s “identity?” Please explain exactly what that is…unless you are Native American, YOU are descended from IMMIGRANTS, as that is how America came into existence. The entire Gulf coast all the way up the Mississippi and the land surrounding was settled by the FRENCH; the US bought those states from France in the Louisiana Purchase. All of Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, parts of Nevada and most of California were MEXICO. And when America bought or seized through war these areas ALL those residents – yes, Mexicans, French, Haitians and Caribbean islanders, along with British, Spanish, and various indigenous Mexican natives became AMERICANS. How dare you suggest in your obvious ignorance that America is anything but an amalgam of every other country and nationality in the world. People like you said the EXACT same thing about Irish immigrants in the early 1900s…signs in shops said “No Irish,” Irish weren’t hired for anything but the most menial, filthy work and paid little for their backbreaking labor. You and everyone else who shares these FALSE and STUPID ideas about America or “real Americans” are the problem. Oh, and I’ll bet you stuff your face on pizza (Italian), burritos, tacos, tortilla chips (Mexican), and other ethnic foods…what a stinking hypocrite. The only characteristic Americans have that no one else does is their ignorant insistence that they’re the “greatest.” If you are any example of how “great” America is then guess what – we’re definitely NOT anywhere near the top. Excuse me while I puke now.

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