Social Security Collaborates with America Saves Week

man and woman writing on couch A secure retirement is created from a lifetime of planning and saving. Each year, American Savings Education Council and America Saves coordinate America Saves Week. The week is an opportunity for organizations to promote good savings behavior and a chance for individuals to assess their own saving status.

For years, Social Security has collaborated with America Saves Week to promote our shared mission of helping millions of people prepare for their future. This year, the week is celebrated from February 26 through March 3.

Knowing this, it’s never too early to start planning for your future. Set a goal, make a plan, and save automatically. Savers with a plan are twice as likely to save successfully. Pledge to save for America Saves Week. Share what you’re saving for using the hashtag #ImSavingFor.

Social Security’s “People Like Me” website has tailor-made information for preparing for your future. Our richly diverse country is made up of countless backgrounds, ethnicities, and nationalities, yet we all want the same thing — a secure future. You can see many of the diverse people we serve.

Younger people need to know that the earlier you start saving, the more your money can grow. Our website for young workers has resources that can help you secure today and tomorrow.


55 thoughts on “Social Security Collaborates with America Saves Week

  1. I am receiving SS benefits on my own record; I also work full-time (as encouraged in order to increase SS benefits each year.) However, as warned, I fell into a decrease in benefits – not only did I not benefit from the annual increase, my medicare increased. I use it one a year for doctor visit with minimal Rx support. I realize this is not related to this subject but there seems to be no other option on the SSA website.

  2. It is getting a bit disconcerting to hear almost nothing from Social Security Commission while being bombarded by fake news about Congress cutting Social Security benefits in the near future. Which is true?

      • It is the desire of Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House to reduce Social Security and medicare to the beneficiary and privatize it so investors can make billions off it. A dew years ago, he tried to do that with Railroad Retirement a private annuity, but it didn’t work!!

        • I only can wish, someone had come up with this “America saves”. 20 years ago, I am now 73 Yeats old widow-trying to live on SS payments. It’s hard, in today’s economy. I’m having to rent a room from friends, and even with them taking only a small monthly token payment. No available gov Housing

  3. Don’t forget the savings realized by delaying the applying of Social Security. If you are at the FRA, you are automatically saving 5 to 8 dollars a month for each month of delay. Not a bad deal.

    • I believe you are supposed to save for retirement when you start working. When you start working FICA tax is deducted from your wages, hence, the connection

  4. i have very limited funds Is there something I should know about my medicare. i also have united health care. so far most of my bills are taken care of. I do have copays on meds.
    thanks i am 92 and have systemic lupus and diabetes type 2 and hbp take meds for some


    PO BOX 118

    • Hello Yvonne! Your payments are established almost immediately after we process your application. Remember that benefits are paid the month after they are due. So, for instance, if you want your benefits to begin with the month of March, you will receive your first benefit payment in April.
      The earliest age to apply and receive Social Security Retirement Benefits is 62, but if you decide to get benefits before your full retirement age, your benefits will be reduced.
      Also, you can create a My Social Security account to review your earnings record and get an estimate of your future benefits. When you are ready, you can complete your application for retirement benefits online.
      We hope this information helps!


  6. Anyone who wants to reduce Social Security and Medicare is your enemy! The Congress should be thinking of ways to enhance the two systems which are the best this country has ever had. Don’t let the Congress steal what you have lived for all these years and tries to take it from you.We are the United States of America and we the people are United!!

    • Thank you, Freddie! We’re pleased we can help. Your thoughts are important to us and we’re pleased when feedback is positive. We try hard to provide the best possible service to our customers and your satisfaction is our reward.

      • Could not find another place to post this and I just wanted to say something about the excellent service I received on April 12th from a SS Specialist. Yes, I had to stay on hold for a good while but it was totally worth it to talk to this woman. She was wonderful and made my day!! She was also extremely helpful and I want to say Thank You again for the great service!!!

    • Thank you, Freddie! We’re pleased we can help. Your thoughts are important to us and we’re pleased when feedback is positive. We try hard to provide the best possible service to our customers and your satisfaction is our reward.

  7. mr Takaphan jaruhungsin received my retirement benefit pay on 03/28/2018, because my birth 03/28/1954! Order on 02/24/2018

  8. Thank you social security for everything you did. Yet for the disability (mental) is stigma and limitations in life. How we have to come over it? only through 1. education and training(skill) 2. providing a basic needs to them.

    I am progressing in education… please write to me. I need to study and do the research in psychology either neuropsychology or business psychology (innovative one) i can study in India with your help which you are giving ssi but it will be indian standard.. when i come back to US i need further certificate exams license so on .. please help me in two things.. 1. help me to study ph.D (either chicagoschool or Berkeley), 2. please help me in San jose or mil pita i need two bedroom apt on bus line to do better in life..i can keep a room met and make him or her to pay the half of the rent.. would you please help me .. can you hear my voice… i am already 64 + remaining years i should do more fruitful things.. with your help .. i need your protection in my life as well as help in shelter and education .. later whatever i write books i will sell it and you take your money back… i write very good books… i write more.. and sell it .. you give this money to deserved people.. please..

    have a good day..
    America is my dream country .. it should not remain in my dream it should come to reality … statue of liberty .. smiling at me..

  9. I went 1week ago to the SS office.They said 1260 was the most that was given out. They said I would draw that with SSDI until I was 66.5 and then my Retirement would stay the same. I worked 40 quarters at high wages before I developed ALS. That stumbled me but what can you do but say okay.

  10. Happy Sunday Honorable Acting Deputy Commissioner Jim Borland
    I am glad to write some words about my future retired purpose if I will be retired at 65 years, not 66 and 2 months. Because I was born on July 25, 1955.
    I have Diabetic and just did the surgery for prostate cancer, but! I still want to keep working to finish up paying some bills.
    I want to know if I should cover by Medicare for my sickness. at 65 years old. Now! Only my wife cover me… In my job no insurance for workers people only paying without help.

    • Hello Emmanuel, individuals within three months of age 65 or older and not ready to start their monthly cash benefits can use our online retirement application to sign up for Medicare ONLY and apply for their retirement benefits at a later date.
      If your wife is actively working and you are covered under her employer’s group health insurance program, you can delay enrollment into Medicare Part B until your wife stops working or the health coverage is dropped. However, we suggest that individuals speak to their health benefits advisor, or health plan representative to see what’s best for them, and to prevent any penalties or delayed enrollment in the future. To learn more about the Medicare enrollment periods visit

  11. I am trying to get my social security print-out but lost my password and don’t remember what I used for my ID to get in. I sent a letter to the home office but have not heard. How can I restore my information so I can get into my account?

  12. Why does the SSA violate people rights on Social Security Retirement and Social Security Disability Insurance under the representative payee program? The SSA violated their due process and equal protection under the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution.

    The representative payee statutory law is 42 USC 1383. That law apply to Subchapter Title XVI for people on Supplemental Security Income(SSI). It doesn’t apply to SSR/SSDI.

    NOT only is the SSA violating people rights on SSR/SSDI, they are wasting taxpayers money with staffing, mailing, etc. The SSA needs to save taxpayers money and obey the law.

    • The representative payee law was made to assure that people on SSI spend the government’s welfare money on their personal needs. The representative payee has to return the taxpayers money after the SSI beneficiary dies. The taxpayers money is only meant for the SSI beneficiary personal needs. They can’t give any saved taypayers’ money to someone else. The SSA doesn’t even try to recoup the taxpayers’ money.

    • The government welfare money for SSI is for the SSI beneficiaries use only. The representative payee must return the unused benefit back to the SSA.

      This wouldn’t fly with OASDI. OASDI is not government welfare. The SSA would be depriving the OASDI beneficiaries their property interest in violation of the equal protection clause of the fifth amendment of the United States Constitution and unjustly enriching themselves.

      It is just a matter of time before some greedy attorney sues the SSA Commissioner on behalf of the entire class. There is no federal statutory law for a representative payee for OASDI.

  13. does ssi retirement always figure x-spouse income benefits into a unremarried x-spouses ssir benefits to be paid. seems that the information i get back is different from one representative to another.

    • Hi Mary. The amount of benefits you get as a divorced spouse, has no effect on the amount of benefits your ex-spouse or their current spouse may receive. See “If You’re Divorced” for more information.

  14. My wife who has been disabled by Multiple Sclerosis has been denied after waiting 3 years.
    This dysfunctional system made her wait almost 2 years for a hearing and then another 6 months just for the decision.
    I obtained all of the records and notes that the DDS and ALJ used to determine she wasn’t disabled. Talk about disgusting.
    The DDS employee determined she wasn’t eligible because she asked for steroids in the hospital when she was having an MS flare. Any person familiar with MS knows that steroids is the gold standard for treating symptoms. Instead of the DDS idiot consulting with a medical source she decided my wife wasn’t disabled as she was drug seeking.
    Next step is the reconsideration: This is where social security says they will have another DDS examiner review the previous examiners finding and see if they come to a different conclusion. This time the DDS examiner did consult a medical doctor. The only problem. This “doctor” is 84 years old and hasn’t actually practiced medicine since the 70’s. Denied again.
    Next step ALJ: My wife was forced to wait 17 months to see some biased old judge who made his mind up prior to even having the hearing. 6 months later he rendered a denial decision and only used the statement from the 84 year old doctor. He completely ignored my wife’s treating neurologists statements, and records along with the 10 hospitalizations.
    Next step is waiting for the appeals council. Another year down the drain where I’m sure they won’t actually read any of the evidence, and will likely deny my poor wife again.
    Now my wife can’t walk, is basically bed ridden and social security says she isn’t disabled and can work.
    Folks the system is an absolute joke. The problem is no one petitions congress to change anything. After all most people don’t become disabled prior to retirement and likely could care less about the disability program social security has.
    The system is corrupt from the top to the bottom. At the top you have DDS examiners looking at applications. The problem is the DDS examiners have ZERO medical background.
    At the bottom you have ALJ’s. Fake judges really who have as much medical knowledge as the DDS examiners who denied the case to begin with. Lots of times these “judges” have biases and render decisions based on their political beliefs and not the facts. SSA posts statistics for these judges and the republican ones grant approvals at the 20 percent range. Democrat judges grant approvals at the more normal 50-60 percent range.
    Luckily the supreme court is currently hearing arguments as to the constitutionality of these kangaroo court judges. They aren’t appointed yet have lifetime appointments.
    Thank goodness I work and can support my wife. Otherwise she would be living under a bridge somewhere.
    This is totally an un-American way of treating people.

  15. My daughter said, maybe she only guessed, that my ex-spouse (married 16.5 yrs) that dad probably drew on my 10 yrs of work after divorce as his income was not that great. I do not begrudge the manic/depressive undiagnosed for yrs dude the money. I am amazed that a guy with a bad stroke is used by fly by nite inner city real estate flippers use his insurance license from fly by nite insurance companies to sell homes. Social Security woman told me on the phone when I asked if I could get an increase “to leave that poor man alone”. He always was able to play some old ugly woman and I saw he worked for census bureau in 2016 as a clerk. His mind slips! so can I get more $. It will probably only pay for my health care part B that the state pays.

    • As hard as it is, keep appealing, you will get retroactive money, i.e., back to date of application. I would tell you to contact all your federal and state elected officials. Here in Penna. where we have a knife’s edge between the two parties, we get help as that one vote and those of our relatives count. So get registered and register your wife and let them know at the senators offices that you do vote or will start. I beat a judge in state superior court in a year that all the judges were running for retention. Every vote counts, and try to get another judge and doctor.

      Sincerely, Philly Dem. someone called me a philly lawyer for my tenacity! & I had not gone to college, did later.

  16. I was married for 23 years, my husband was the money provider and I was a full time wife and Mom and homemaker. Am I untitled to receive a portion of his benefits even if I’m remarried?

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