Social Security Benefits Increase in 2020

When we announce the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA), there’s usually an increase in the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefit amount people receive each month. Federal benefit rates increase when the cost of living rises, as measured by the Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index (CPI-W).

The CPI-W rises when inflation increases, making your cost of living go up. This means prices for goods and services, on average, are a little more expensive, so the COLA helps to offset these costs.

As a result, nearly 69 million Americans will see a 1.6 percent increase in their Social Security and SSI benefits in 2020.

January 2020 marks other changes that will happen based on the increase in the national average wage index. For example, the maximum amount of earnings subject to Social Security payroll tax, as well as the retirement earnings test exempt amount, will change in 2020.

Want to know your new benefit amount as soon as possible? In December 2019, we will post Social Security COLA notices online for retirement, survivors, and disability beneficiaries who have a my Social Security account. You will be able to view and save these COLA notices securely via the Message Center inside my Social Security.  You can also opt out of receiving notices by mail that are available online.

Be the first to know! Sign up for or log in to your personal my Social Security account today and choose email or text under “Message Center Preferences” to receive courtesy notifications so you won’t miss your online COLA notice!

You can find more information about the 2020 COLA here.


147 thoughts on “Social Security Benefits Increase in 2020

    • totally agree. I just did the figures my SS will go up $19.77 and my Medicare and taes will increase the same amount so just keep it!

  1. I forgot my password and tried to create a new one but I keep getting the message that there is already an account in my user name(email address). Of course there is. It’s me. I went round and round on this last year.

    • Me too! for the same reason after trying 3 times they shut me out and informed me to call the customer service I waited over 45 min before i got an AI voice telling me that my Q 3 was 116 and my call woulod be answered in the order of call my wait time approximately 1 hr 23 min I just hung up and went to my local office. All I wanted to do was change my address.

  2. “… nearly 69 million Americans will see a 1.6 percent increase in their Social Security and SSI benefits in 2020.” So so news… the great news would be that 535 members of Congress are capped at the same COLA.

  3. Thanks hopefully Medicare will not increase again. Usually Medicare takes all the earnings so no raise. Thankful for the system,

  4. Well it’s that time of the year SS is announcing the increase and prices all around the US is increasing at the same time. Just noticed one item I buy went from 53 cents to 56. Another went from $8.29 to $9.09 now you tell me that these vendors/markets don watch these increases and jump on the price increases after the announcements. It’s bad because after Medicare gets theirs the increase is ZERO or just a little but the price increases make us spend more so the increase each year cost us more and more so the increase is a lot of BULL and in doing so income tax will also hurt more.

    • I hope you aren’t serious, or is this the first time for you?
      Read most of the comments here. the one common thread is there is “NO” increase because your tax and Medicare will go up at the same level leaving you with no/ZERO increase! we need an increase of more than 6% in order to get a few dollars more.

  5. You need to make this easier to get to my social security account I need a real option to register and or be able to sign in to check my own account out for myself

  6. I am really disappointed in hearing this. My supplemental ins. went up, my drug plan went up and I don’t know yet what Medicare is doing. So far I’m losing money!

  7. i get so far to create an account on the site and it says please try in 24 hours i like to know what i am doing wrong

  8. The work force got a good raise this year and we hardly get any kind of raise 1.6% wow, won’t spend all at once don’t want to break the bank. TELL congress quit spending our money which we have already paid into.

  9. 1.6% will not cover the increases all Americans are watching go up. If as is claimed the economy is ‘doing great’ with hundreds of millions in Tax cuts for Corporations, most of which are Foreign or International, is not reflected with lower cost for essentials. The fact is that those who need SNAP assistance as well as the SS they earned and paid into for many decades, has been reduced, to benefit the ones who took the largest Tax break in history. Corporate Farms have been given over $12 Billion in Corporate “welfare” , in just one year,due to the loss of soybean and corn markets in China.from the Taxpayers, by way of Trump’s Tariffs. Raise the limit of Deductions to anyone making over $150,000.00 a year here in America, the United States to reflect the “great economy”.

  10. After reaching the age of 67 I’ve come to realize there are MANY jobs given to people who are paid with (OUR) taxes and congress is included, yet they only answer to themselves therefore the flaw is very plain to see that the taxpayers have no control over who becomes millionaires in congress with the salaries they are paid by US. All my life has been spent working and raising a family and it is a hard pill to swallow when you see the GREED.

  11. It is wonderful to see another increase in our SSDI. The only issue I would like to let you know about is when we receive an increase for Cola is that Medicare then raises the amount we pay for our Insurance. When we got the increase the last couple of years my total increase for Cola was $1.00. That helps in no way when you are on SSDI and can’t work and I am 58 and have really really bad health. I know nothing will happen to help us but I wanted someone to know.

  12. When I was a teenager and first applied for my SSN I used a nickname instead of my given birth name. Now, at
    79 years of age, I find that my nickname is an impediment to my getting a new federally required photo ID which is going to be required to enter federal buildings and get on airplanes. My question is, How do I get my name changed by Social Security to my legal name?
    Thank you.

  13. CPI-W is a crock. Inflation rates on Food, Rx, Utilitiess, & Gas were far higher than 1.6%. No one buys & sells houses annually & My rental payment also increased more than 1.6%

    Then consider that no matter how much the SS increases, it is alll taken back with the increase iin Medicare premium. Effectively, have not had an increase in SS for a decade!

  14. Thank you for the update. As I reached full retirement age (66) in April 2019, I am anticipating my monthly benefit to increase in January. Is that accurate as I have not retired and have worked continuously since 1970.

    Thank you!

    • You should get a notice soon with your 1.6% increase included. Have you applied to get Medicaid to pay your part ‘B’ Medicare costs? Look into it. You may get all or part of the (I think it’s going up to $168.00 in 2020.I could be wrong more or less) paid by Medicaid.

      • Why would anyone assume Herb might be eligible for Medicaid, if he has worked since 1970 and has not yet stopped working? The reply does not match the question.

  15. I appreciate the information on Social Security and will keep it in Favorite Places to refer to and will pass it along to my senior friends ( i will be 78yo in Nov ).

  16. There is a typo in your Fact Sheet, shouldn’t it be
    “Tax Exempt Amounts” instead of “Test”?

    Retirement Earnings Test Exempt Amounts

  17. how do you suppose people like me to live on 1.6% raised? The money I received per month is not even enouf for me to pay my mortgage and to pay copay on 12 medications.

  18. Please do send me future notices regarding the Social Security increase effective January 2020 as well as any other notices about retirement, etc. As an American citizen living in the United Kingdom, I rely on this direct communication with the Social Security Administration.

    Thank you,
    Brenda L. Fasnacht

      • The UK is not one of them, but many SocSec recipients live in other countries where the cost of living is lower. There are American retirement communities in Mexico and Costa Rico, also Portugal, as well as other countries.

  19. OMG 1.6% is barely worth mentioning. And since the Medicare Part B cost has gone from $135.50/mo to $144.30/mo (an $8.80 increase) the SSA increase is so small that with the cost of inflation, etc. that tiny bit hardly makes a difference when you go to the store! But I guess half a loaf of bread is better than none – I’ll take it. But it’s sad how the people who have worked all their lives and contributed to this are really not getting the full benefit they should be. Sad, sad, sad!

  20. How do I apply for SSDI cause I have enough work credits in but I was giving SSI cause my TV Lawyer told me to only go back to age 50 so at 1st I got 524$ a month now I get 802.25$ a month thank good for rapid response or I would be living in the woods I took care of my Father for 5 years never got a penny from the VA he was a WWII war Vet than I took care of my brother in-law for 3 or 4 yrs that’s when I read the book n I was supposed to be paid for taking care of them

  21. would you please explain how this percentage of 1.8% increase in seniors SS checks for 2020 was determined????!!!
    1.8% seems to me very tiny increase in this US Economy NOW!!! that is out of control!!! .How do i figure out how much of an increase this will be for my SScheck????
    Thank you for your help!

  22. Well, I guess we are blessed just to be able to get SS. However, if I can I would like to say how the new tax laws are diminishing our return. With the elimination or cutting back of deductions especially the health deduction, we are now paying dollars to the IRS that we never paid before. I will be 83 in December and my wife just turned 81 with beginning early-on dementia. So there is a possibility of even more medical costs. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share this with you.

  23. Always thankful for the COLA increases…too bad when you notify folks that they will be getting an increase in SS …. you backdoor them with an increase in Medicare premiums and deductibles. It appears my SS check for 2020 will be LESS than it was in 2019. Great Job Guys. Keep up the good work..

    • No, your benefits will not go down. You will pay less than the full amount of the Medicare premium if paying the new amount would reduce your net benefit amount.

  24. What another $ 3.00 increase and you take back $ 2.00 they have raised my ins.for my truck up $ 10.00 and my rent went up 50 dollars, are you going to give us more money to catch up with all the increases?

  25. Whenever recipients receive a cost of living increase the amount of the cost of Medicare also goes up so why bother to give a cost of living increase. If he government is giving a cost of living raise recipients should not have to pay it out for the cost of Medicare.

  26. 1.06% is an insult to millions of tax payers ,and yet Obama and democrates stole our money yes ours and those billions must be paid back in full and seniors must demand they do , just like you borrow from a bank you have to pay back

    • Sandra Warner: It is spelled democrat and republicans have borrowed just as much from social security as democrats. It is always a bipartisan congress. Which political party started taxing Social Security annuities?
      The taxation of Social Security began in 1984 following passage of a set of Amendments in 1983, which were signed into law by President Reagan in April 1983. These amendments passed the Congress in 1983 on an overwhelmingly bipartisan vote.

  27. Well let me “Calculate”,
    !. The Corp.s received Cuts in Their Taxes by 15 to 20 % to “Keep them in America ! And the Middle Class Workers Get, less than 40 hr. work week, with Little or No Benefits ! that really Helps !
    2. Mom and Dad are finally Retired ! And now We can pay for Our Sons & Daughters to Live with Us. Due to Their Unlivable Wages ?
    3. Now We will receive 1.8% COLA ! Lets MAGA !

  28. 1.6%! That’s an insult. The COLA has lagged behind the inflation rate all along and that’s just the Gov’t published rate. The true inflation rate is considerably more. Have you personally purchased groceries? I think these numbers are generated by people who work numbers behind a desk, who have someone else do their shopping and fixing of meals – and other consumer goods. Our Medicare costs have always exceeded the COLA so the net result is a loss of benefit each year while the cost of living goes up.

  29. Please let me know what I can do to upgrade my Social Security and that of my husband (Wayne L. Davis). I am “almost” 85 yrs. (as of Dec.2nd) and my husband is 88. Needless to say we have been on Social Security’s list for several years now. My email is shown below. Thank you. Ann V. Davis

  30. Increases in Medicare premiums are either equal to or more than any Social Security cost of living increase. So nothing gained for Social Security precipitants.

  31. It’s a stupid joke!! How about giving us seniors a 6 % raise and Congress nothing since they are not doing their jobs!!!!
    You sorry rich bastards!

  32. I’m not satisfied of my increase 1.6 percent.Why? Because Cola increase and the Medicare will increase ,so nothing left .Right?it doesn’t make sense.Congress
    Should do something to give more cola increase.Ok.

  33. Hi Folks
    I have been trying to register for a ‘My Social Security’ Account for 3 years.
    • I never had a credit history in the USA, because I always paid cash for what I needed, or I didn’t buy it.
    • I have (on my own – and very simply), registered for (and) currently receive SSA benefits.
    • I would like to see what you guys have to offer, will you allow me to establish an account ..?
    Robert Armington (Ret)

  34. Every time I get a coli increase, my rent goes up and food stamps go down, so more money comes out of pocket to buy what else I need to last the month. I will be 66 in feb. 2020. I dont drink or use drugs, just trying to stay afloat, with any monies I have left I buy fabric to sew as this is my hobby, and that is getting expensive so i can only buy part of what i need for a project and maybe more next month. Can’t get my grandkids CHRISTMAS gifts. It’s just like I’m a nobody at the bottom of the totem pole. It’s like the government is throwing a buck or 2 at our feet as they wiz by in their limos. Trying my best to save up for a car but I will be dead before I ever touch the amount to buy one. God help us. Please Mr. President Trump, can you help us downtrodden folks whose only wish is to live comfortably without worry and no car to get us there?

  35. I realize that the current criminal masquerading as the President of the USA, will do all he can to eradicate SS but we will be rid of him soon to end the global embarrasment he is. SS is a wonderful plus for the elderly and it is administered superbly without a doubt..

  36. federal benefit center at us embassy in Philippine not yet pay my benefits of retirement on 2019 and my asked and asking again many time to them but them do not yet pay for me by my claim at federal benefit center in Philippine? Why ?my claim of form bangkok bank in Thailand!

  37. It’s nice but it does not keep up with the cost of living and don’t forget Medicare takes an increase too and also the worry of ss cutting back on the near future it’s not fair I pd into the system I can’t afford a 20 percent cut or any amount it’s not my fault and then you have the people who have stolen money from the system who should never have collected or lied that the person died and took on their identity who pays that back so why should honest people get punished I say tax the rich more they can afford to pay more to the system but to punish you average payee is not right

  38. Thank u God.I’m paralyzed and I only receive 850.00 a month and it hurts me alot cuz I have to pay rent electric phone personalnecessities

  39. Any COLA less than 2.0 percent is inadequate for me and probably at least a simple majority of Soc.Sec. recipients. It would be nice if Congress would pass the Social Security 2100 Act (H.R. 860) to help current and future retirees. I would be in favor of a guaranteed 2.0 percent COLA every year with a cap at 3.5 percent.

  40. I don’t know who these people are in the “Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index (CPI-W).” But I am sure they are not looking at how the cost of living has truly increased, not just for retirees but for everyone in this nation. As an example my rent increased twice this past year for a total of 4.65% and the year isn’t even over. Gas, Groceries,Utilities have increased at an alarming rate here in BG Oh, and we are a low cost of living area for the nation. just imagine how much it is in the higher cost areas.
    I think these Department of Labor’s Consumer Price Index (CPI-W).people should get their collective heads out of the sand and really figure it out. But then they are Gov employees who have better benefits than us. IDIOTS the lot of them!

  41. Oh Yeah! here’s another thought I bet
    Darlynda Bogle, Assistant Deputy Commissioner.

    won’t even take time to read one of these responses!

  42. Another looking good on paper for the 33% increase for the cooked political machine and a crumb for the voter who keep voting for the same crooks .
    When will the majority (the people) wake the hell up.
    That is why the political machine hates Trump. He will get them all.
    These cost of living bullshits for the people are only passifiers to make most people content and keep quiet.
    We need to protest and get the norm of increase to meet today’s cost of living.
    In the following year (2 months) our Medicare goes up to $144.50. my med program has gone up to $70.00 from $37.00 next year also.
    So how does the cost of living meet the standards of our coverages.
    One big scam from our lovely political machine the SWaMP.
    Your postage went up 55 cents ,plus the other postage. And our food quantity went down on the packaging with the raise in price.
    Where is the political machine doing about that.
    I guess while they eat, drink and get richer, the 1.6% is enough for there voters.

  43. …And they give we Seniors this amount with a Straight Face!!…and it’s not enough to even fill my Gas Tank!…2 years ago, they gave me a $27 per Month increase, then turned right around and applied that very same amount to my Part B!!…I was so furious, I immediately went to my local SS Office and dropped my Part B coverage, choosing to take my chances with my medical care with the VA Hospital, and pocket the $135.50!!…No Regrets!

  44. When my husband died my income dropped $1500 a month. What happened to the money I contributed to social security for 60 years?
    Barbara Hetson

    • You should be receiving whichever benefit is higher, your own work record or your husband’s. In most cases, since women have interrupted careers and lower pay overall, spouse benefits are higher.

  45. Thank you! Yes, I realize many feel it isn’t worth it, but it is still more money in our pockets. The cost of things will still go up, regardless if you got an increase.

  46. In past I have attempted signing up with “my social security” program with problems. No computer at home so it is necessary to use library or e-cafe as sources. I was informed that a new PIN number was best to be use so one is to be applied for each time I wish to investigate information or investigate and print information, no? I am still in your system. I will again attempt to enter your electric account system and attempt applying and retrieving each new PIN access
    number. If this does not bare fruit-should I attempt paper? I am not fond of the idea for two reasons 1.I live abroad and the mail service is unpredictable and slow 2. I attempt to be conscious of the strain I will place on our planet.
    Who do I contact if there continues to be challenges?

  47. Your sister government agency raises the premiums on Medicare the moment you raise the SS payment – and this year is no exception. It doesn’t take a degree in finance to understand the tiny COLA’s do NOT help with everyday expenses like “goods and services,” because the 1.6% raise will go to nothing more than increased Medicare expenses.

  48. Will a 1.6% increase cover the $14.00 increase in my cost of Medical Insurance. $281.00 TO $295.00 AARP supplemental policy ‘F’. A mere drop in the bucket compared to other supplemental policy ‘F’ that increase by the hundreds of dollars per month. Medicare policy ‘F’ is the gold standard for health policies which is why they (Medicare) want to get rid of them. Although my Medicare prescription plan is a marvelous wonder, It still adds $12.00 per month in co-pays to my overall expenses. What about the customary additional 10% increase in rent–$60.00. We are up to $86.00 a month increase in living expenses and we haven’t even gotten around to the other rising cost of living expenses. This leaves me to wonder where do you people get your information. Not from any retired persons on your meager dole out program for sure. Take the Obama administration for instance. Obamas’ first act in office was to give the bankers a trillion dollars to update their mansions and replace their yachts. Three times he denied the fact that seniors were having their usual yearly exponential raises in living expenses by failing to match one single dime to these rising costs that we were getting slammed with. It has always amazed me that there is so much unawareness in the differences in the rising cost of living between the average worker and the average retired worker living off of Social Security checks. The average yearly family income in Howard County, Maryland is well over $100,000.00 and rising a whole lot faster than the 1.6 increase for the year 2020 that Social Security recipients can sadly look forward to. Another oddity, the limitations rise a whole lot faster than the benefits. That seems about right though when you consider how corrupt our government is. My monthly income for 2019 is $1293.00. My nephew who is 5 years younger than me. He is 79yo I am 84yo He receives $1100.00 monthly. He lives in a trailer home in Florida. I have been looking for low-income housing in Maryland because of the poor conditions mental and physical in my present situation. Low-cost one-bedroom senior apartments would cost me well over half of my income. I am eligible for extremely low subsidized housing. My search so far for apartments in that price range has been eyeopening for sure. The first inquiry at a nice one-bedroom apartment building told me that they would send me an application but that they had a three-year waiting list. All of my other inquiries were met with, “No our waiting list has been closed and will be closed indefinitely”! It is also difficult to communicate with an on again off again cell phone. Prospects look better in other more rural counties but my lack of a car to look at apartments that may be available is another problem. Believe it or not, there are low-income housing available, a few, in Baltimore. I also notice that when you see pictures of social workers, they are always smiling but when you are trying to apply for benefits over the internet, they have a very threatening tone about them. Pinch a dime here pinch a dime there and you are going to jail. On top of that when you are almost finished with the two-hour application, they give you a popup message that says you have taken too long, you will have to start over. No way that I could be making this up. I am so naive that three more times, I nearly finished the application and three more times, I met the same fate. And then the icy-cold message that I would get, denying my claim. Wait, Medicare part B charge per month is going up from $134.00 per month to $168.00 per month. Did I get that right? COLA is taking another big chunk out of my chump change. Don’t worry, I am not ungrateful. It is the only chump change that I have. Last year when I lived with my nephew for a year. It was ten months before Humana started paying my Medicare part ‘B’ Ten months before Social Security stopped taking $134.00 out of my Social Security check. I went through all the requirements (the two hours over the phone application) no reason why I shouldn’t be getting it. After ten months Randy my agent left Humana and another agent came to the trailer and gave me the same two hours test over the phone two months later I got my first full S.S. check–no $134.00 deduction for the Medicare part ‘B’. I then moved back to Maryland and immediately started receiving the $134.00. I have often wondered who was getting my deduction. Humana? I hope I have made the correct moves to assure that I continue to receive my Medicaid payment to Medicare part ‘B’. Get this, When I was back in Maryland for a few months, I got a letter from Howard County Social Services accusing me of getting Medicare part “B” deduction payment from both Florida and Maryland. Wait a minute, how can that be? My Social Security check only has room for one deduction a month. In a return letter to the lady at Howard County Social Services, I didn’t like my tone so it never got mailed. I reassured her of my impeccable honesty which I had proven once before when unemployed and my wife and I were raising six kids. I went over to the food stamp office and received a little over $700 worth of food stamps. When I got home there was an envelope from the food stamp office with a little over $700 worth of food stamps. I went immediately back to the food stamp office and the manager was there and she told me, “Mr. Jenks, I want to thank you for your honesty. There is no way that we could have traced these back to you”. She later wrote me a nice note commending me for my honesty. It couldn’t have happened in the present day and age of computers and credit cards. Oh no! I’ve written another book.

  49. I am not getting any help on a step child benefit I appled for months ago. The US Embassy staff here are not too knowledgeable of how the SS Disability policies & am not satisfied w/ the service & info I’m getting. I tried to contact a Congressman in Texas where I used to live & have gotten any response to 3 of my messages. Just because I’m out of the mainland, Im forgotten by my Government. Is that a fair to us Disabled Seniors & Vietnam Vets?…just ignore our cry for help hoping we’ll die SOON!!! We are still US citizens & I hope still matter!! Can someone at least hear & acknowledge that we matter! Thanks.

  50. I was interested to read about age discrimination when trying to get a job. I just moved to VA and I have been searching, sending, etc. for 4-5 months. Even places like Chick-fil-a don’t want me. I’m 74 and in excellent health. One of the jobs was exactly the same thing I did when I lived in MD, working for a dentist. I live on my Social Security, in low-income housing, and if it wouldn’t
    be for my sun helping me financially, I wouldn’t make it.

  51. I think it is SICK to use COLA for increase in Social Security!! I hardly doubt if anybody seriously thinks it is ok to work your whole life and get the equivelant to a loaf of bread and gallon of milk twice a month, that is exactly what the raise amounts to!!!! Are all the people that work there and in charge of that little $12.00 a month raise really ok with that? During the Reagan days it was 12%, 10% at least we could buy some veggies and not have to eat dog food!!! I would be so ashamed to treat the elderly whom have worked so hard before you to make a way and path for you and then turn your back on them, shame on all of you!!!!

  52. It is time to review the formula to calculate the COLA and include the proposed raise in Medicare in it. It is time to use more realistic figures because whatever they are using is clearly out of date and not working. Whoever is watching the price of food alone has no idea of the true price of groceries in addition to the other things that have to be considered. 1.6 percent is clearly unrealistic and makes no difference in anyone’s wallet. The cost of Medicare went up approximately 6% this year and we got a pitiful increase of 1.6 %. This is unfair and it appears no one with authority speaks up for us. It’s time for the Social Security Administration to catch up with the reality of how all expenses have REALLY increased and be truthful about it. There is more to living expenses than considering how much a loaf of bread or a quart of milk costs.

  53. Trump promised he would not take anything away from the disabled. Next thing after he is elected I have $137.50 taken out of my check for insurance. He has hurt us deeply. For a lot of us that was our grocery and medicine money.
    The whole system has failed us. Those old senators need to be fired and benefits stopped. President impeached and our criminal system revamped.

  54. Medicare B premiums are rising by a higher percentage than Social Security payments, so the actual increase in our payments will not be 1.6%

  55. They need to face that the formula for the increase does not work and it is unfair. There is more to figuring the raise by the price of a quart of milk and a loaf of bread.. There are so many items that we use and need in order to live a decent life that should be considered. Medicare went up about 8% for next year. There should be an advisory board appointed to look into and correct this old-fashioned method. The Medicare should be figured into the formula because this is a necessity. Where do they get the figures they use, certainly not in a city where the cost of living really has exploded.

  56. An increase is always welcomed. Every little bit helps , it just doesn’t seem to keep up with
    the increased in cost to make a noticeable difference. But thanks .

  57. The formula and calculations for annual COLA is a joke !
    The critical needs for those collecting S/S (their own $$$$$) is sorely underestimated ! Food, medical, assistance (if needed) and those things NOT adequately covered by any type of insurance need to be prioritized.

    Seniors do NOT purchase cars, homes, luxuries of any type. Is it any wonder that the political bent is to move closer to socialism X 2 !

  58. thank you so much for my col increase. but i would like to add that 50% of that will be lost py a rip off business by the bank you recommended to me to open an account with for direct deposit and for bank services i dont get.

  59. Will we get a raise on our side but the medicare will rise to so they get our raise and that’s just not right at someone needed to.put a stop to.medicare raiseing their cost to us .

  60. And as soon as the COLA is in place, Medicare costs increases to at least the same amount as the COLA increase. Net gain for the SS recipient = $0.00

  61. Be thankful you are getting an increase. My wife is on SS disability and we are grateful to get every penny. Even though I have a decent paying job, every little bit helps. Especially with 2 teenage boys.

  62. Tell the people how the government always screws use with these petty increases. The government never mentions in the same news release how Medicare Part B is going to increase. Which means the COLA is for the increase of health insurance, not to put buying power in our pockets.

  63. I am seeing posts on Facebook that seniors can qualify for a huge amount of life insurance for only $18/mo. How true is this?

  64. Smh, the $32 increase I got for 2018 has my medical & dental share of cost at $880. I have to PAY $880 of what isn’t covered by Medicare before my dual coverage kicks in. I have to pay $880 towards dental coverage before my dual coverage kicks in. This is every month because the powers that be have determined that after I pay my $135 Medicare monthly premium I only need $600 a month to live on so the rest of my money is my monthly medical share of cost.

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