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Save Your Place in Line with Mobile Check-in Express

October 19, 2023 • By

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Last Updated: October 19, 2023

Social Security cards on a tableOur Mobile Check-In Express feature makes it easier to check in if you must visit a Social Security office.

To use Mobile Check-In Express, scan the QR code located at your local Social Security office.

This will allow you to check in for:

  • Scheduled and non-scheduled appointments.
  • Services—including requesting a replacement Social Security card, a benefit verification letter, proof of income, and more.

For Mobile Check-In Express to work, you must be at the Social Security office and have location services on. You should also make sure you’re using the latest version of your internet browser. The service is most compatible with Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. You’ll also want to:   ​

  • Ensure you are in the office when your ticket number is called.
  • Enable your mobile notifications. This will:
    • Allow you to receive your electronic ticket – so you know your place in line.
    • Alert you when we’re ready to help you.
    • Provide you with your interview location information.
    • Invite you to participate in our feedback survey.

We encourage you to use Mobile Check-In Express for all office visits.

Please share this information with those who may need it.

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  1. Lino d.

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  2. leslie N.

    waiting on Baltimore Maryland Appeals Council and there I need a decision and all that for Ptsd Bi Polar Depression.

  3. Barry W.

    Please enable these articles with a Print Friendly option.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Barry. Thanks for your comment. You can submit feedback by visiting our Contact Social Security page. Once there, select the “Email Us” link. This will take you to the “Email A Question to our Support Team” form where you can complete and submit your suggestion. We hope this helps.

  4. Edward C.

    Why can’t I get my SSA Benefit earlier in the month? The third Wednesday is a struggle.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Edward. We are sorry to hear about your situation. Your payment day cannot be changed. The exact payment date is determined by the birthday of the worker. For more information, visit our recent blog article, What Day of the Month Do I get my Social Security Payment. We hope this helps.

  5. Kathy S.

    The phone system is your weakest link. PLEASE update it, with a callback option. Wait times are horrendous. So many times we just give up in frustration. An unanswered question can create all sorts of havoc when it speaks to someone’s sole income. Oh, and HHS has finally woken up and found a 2016 law (probably under sleepy Ben Carson) that mandates all residents of government subsidized housing provide not just annual but Monyhly proof of income. (to be checked against monthly bank statements) “Just call Social Security” elicited a collective groan from management and residents alike. That’s hundreds of thousands of people, crashing y’all monthly. Ready for that? It goes into effect January 1, 2024. HOTMA 2016. Check it out!

  6. Linda N.

    I’ve been locked out of my online account for 4 years. When Ieft the states I was told that it would be corrected.
    Because I spend time with family overseas and those in the states I cannot get mail. Amazing that they know where to send the yearly proof of residency and my 1099 every year so that I can file with IRS.

    Where’s the common sense????? Oh, its government that’s right.

  7. justran

    Just in time when news reports say how dangerous QR codes are to use. A fake QR code is pasted over them and then you’ve just given away all your information. I will not be using this ‘convenience’. Find a better way, please. No one wants a visit to the SSA office to take any longer than it should.


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  9. Andrea L.

    I was on hold 30+ minutes. I’m trying to find out what happens if I attempt to work but can’t. I can’t make it on SSI any longer. I am at a loss. I also don’t check my email often.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Andrea. We are sorry to hear about your experience. Special rules allow you to work temporarily without losing your monthly Social Security disability benefits. After your nine-month trial work period, we still provide a safety net that allows you to work another three years risk free. During those three years, you can work and still receive benefits for any month in which your earnings do not exceed a certain limit. For 2023, those limits are: $2,460 for blind individuals; or $1,470 a month if you are not blind. For more information on working while receiving Social Security disability benefits, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions

      Whether you are receiving Social Security or SSI, you may be able to work. Learn more information by reading our publication, Working while Disabled- How We Can Help. Thanks!

  10. kathleen s.

    if i could get thru on the phone to schedule an appt i could scan the code. why not have a press x for call back? ive been moths trying to get thru

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