Making Wise Choices When a Representative Payee Manages Your Money

" "Some of the millions of people who get monthly Social Security or Supplemental Security Income benefits need help managing this money. A person assigned to help you manage your monthly benefits is called a representative payee. We may decide you need a representative payee if we receive information that indicates you need help to manage your money. We try to select someone who knows you and wants to help you. Your representative payee should be someone who you trust, who sees you often, and who clearly understands your needs.

A representative payee receives your monthly benefits on your behalf and must use the money to pay for your current needs. Eligible costs include:

  • housing and utilities;
  • food;
  • medical and dental expenses;
  • personal care items;
  • clothing; and
  • rehabilitation expenses (if you’re disabled).

If there is someone you want to be your representative payee, tell a Social Security representative, and they will consider your request. Social service agencies, nursing homes, or other organizations are also qualified to be your representative payee. Ask them to contact us.

If you receive a decision that you are appointed a representative payee and don’t agree that you need one, or if you want a different representative payee, write to us within 60 days to appeal that decision.

If you can’t manage your finances, someone else can help. If you have a trusted friend or family member who can be your representative payee, our publication A Guide for Representative Payees will provide more information on our representative payee rules.


90 thoughts on “Making Wise Choices When a Representative Payee Manages Your Money

  1. I haven’t gotten anything yet either,and am on ssd..
    I have direct deposit where I get my benifits..and yet still haven’t recieved anything…as far as stimulus..very frustrated you cant call anyone..

  2. I cannot seem to get any information I have social security but I have a payee I would like to know where my my check is from the government for my coronavirus you know stimulus payment I haven’t heard anything I can’t get any information to you can you send me to a place where I can get any information on when I might receive that even though I have a payee please

    • Hi Sunda, thank you for your question. The Internal Revenue Service, which is part of the Department of Treasury, will be making Economic Income Payments to eligible people. To help you quickly and easily determine whether you need to take any action to receive your Economic Impact Payment, or a payment for your qualifying child, check out the step-by-step instructions on the Social Security and Coronavirus web page. On that page, you will also find details about how the IRS will send economic impact payments to individuals that have a representative payee. We hope this helps.

    • Today is the 13th of may. And my brother is my payee for me. He as the direct Express card. Why ate they taking so long for us.

  3. My daughter claim me on her 2019 taxes benefits I stay in my own home well I’m qualified for a stimulus check the first go-round in the second go-around I haven’t received the check yet

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