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You can’t open a book without learning something new, just like you can’t read one of our publications without learning new information about our programs. We encourage you to explore the pleasure of reading by visiting our online library of publications. You’ll find answers to all the questions you have about Social Security, but may have been afraid to ask.

In our virtual library, you can learn more about Social Security, our programs, and what our programs mean to you and your family. Browse through our collection of publications. Search our online catalog by typing a title or topic in the library’s search box, and sort your results by a publication’s date, number, or title. Many of our publications are available in up to 17 different languages. Our publications are easier to read than the classic novel that’s been sitting on your nightstand; we write in plain language to make the information easier to understand.

If you don’t have time for reading, but you’re still curious, don’t worry! Another option is listening to the audio recordings of our publications.

The fastest and most convenient way to get one of our publications is online. However, if you prefer a good, old-fashioned printed copy, you can call us at 410-965-2039, and we will mail it to you.

Social Security has been serving the American public since 1935 — the same year that paperback pioneer Penguin Books released its first title. But, now, the publications we provide

are available in more than just paper form. Whether you prefer to learn from a print, electronic, audio, or alternative format, Social Security has all the answers you need.

When you’re going through a life-changing event and it’s time to study up on our services, reading about our benefit programs will help make your next chapter one for the books!

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  1. Passover P.

    Wonderful content as always. I love how you talk about the projects and topics in detail. Keep the articles coming.

  2. Gaven R.

    Now it is very important to study information about the social imagination. I’m very glad that I was able to read the information on this subject without much trouble or difficulty. I hope I can help if I tell you that you can read about it here https://studydriver.com/sociological-imagination-essay/ . I’m very glad I found information about it already, and also need to understand that many sociologists need to study this kind of thing, by the same token. Good luck, I hope I helped!

  3. behavior s.

    I appreciate your skills and style in elaborating on the topic. It bound the reader for long. I have liked everything that I have read in the article so far. Nice content.


  4. Marilyn B.

    I have been dealing with an overpayment issue for almost a year. I’m scheduled for a judicial hearing but cannot get things to go forward. I lost my husband 3 years ago and SS has been informed about our work situation all along for 22 years of benefits. This is not my fault and My payment was half of my monthly income. This is very upsetting and financially devastating. How can I get someone to step up and deal with my situation.

  5. Concepcion G.

    Do stayhome moms get any value in SS ?

    • Luis A.

      Hi Concepcion. Thank you for your question. You should know that even if a spouse never worked, she/he may be eligible to get spouse’s benefits under the working-spouse’s record. To learn more about spouse’s benefits, please go to our internet page that talks about Benefits for Your Spouse. Also, check out our publication titled “What Every Woman Should Know.” Children may be eligible to receive benefits also. You can find information about benefits for children here. We hope this helps.


    Pl. send me a free hard / paper copy of ” What Every Woman Should Know”.
    I am SSI benificiary, because of unable to work…

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