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It’s National Social Security Month!

April 2, 2018 • By

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Last Updated: November 3, 2023

woman sitting comfortably on couch while on her laptopNational Social Security Month is celebrated in April and is dedicated to educating you about Social Security programs and services.  From programs that help support you through life’s journey, to services that help put you in control, to systems that help protect what’s important to you, Social Security is committed to helping secure today and tomorrow for you and your family.

During National Social Security Month, we encourage people to take control of their future with my Social Security. Create a personal my Social Security account to check your earnings history, confirm you have enough credits to retire, see an estimate of future benefits while still working, or manage your monthly benefits once you begin receiving them. You can also check the status of your claim or appeal, request a replacement Social Security card, and get an instant benefit verification letter.

Our Retirement Estimator is another great tool that provides you with immediate and personalized benefit estimates based on your own earnings record. This allows you to receive the most accurate estimate of your future retirement benefits. Estimate your benefits now.

After you have viewed your earnings history for accuracy, confirmed you have enough work credits to retire, and determined the best age to retire, you can get started on the next phase of your life right away by retiring online! It’s fast and easy on our website.

For more than 80 years, Social Security has changed to meet the needs of our customers. During National Social Security Month, and throughout the year, Social Security puts you in control with secure access to your information anytime, anywhere. From estimating or managing your benefits, requesting a replacement Social Security card, to retiring online, visit today, and see what you can do online.

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Peter K.

    Because I’m a retired teacher in Massachusetts, I will lose most of my Social Security even though I had all my quarters in before I became a teacher. Why is this considered double dipping when it is the government who double dipped on me???

    • AKA

      Benefits are skewed toward giving lower paid workers a higher percentage of SS when compared to their earnings. Since you were a public employee it appears that based on your SS earnings history that you were a lower paid worker when in fact you were not. You were paying into another system. Why should you get as much as someone who worked and made minimum wage all his life?

  2. Bill J.

    Congratulations to all of those that are and have been employed by the Social Security Administration. It is indeed an invaluable secondary (and in many cases primary) source of retirement income. Unhappily, the current administration as have others before it are adamantly attempting to privatize and reduce its ability to help those reliant on this source. I hope that everyone will continue to ensure that it continues to provide resources to current and future beneficiaries in the years to come.

    • AKA

      No one, and I repeat no one is seriously thinking about privatizing SS. It has been discussed and that is all. To say that this administration or prior administrations have actually attempted anything is a canard.


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  4. Arlene M.

    P.o box 7576 athens ga 30604

  5. Marquita E.

    I’m concerned that you have not addressed the issue of those of us who had to file for Social Security early due to the Recession. Since the U.S. Government bailed out corporations and big business, how come our government have not reinstated those of us who had to file early because of the 2008 Recession. I lost my job during the Recessing, lost my home in the process which was to be part of my retirement, and I ended up homeless for 2 years. When I could not get a job, due to my age, among other things, I was forced to file for Social Security, and Social Security took more than half of what I was entitled to receive at age 65. I already wrote the President of the United States, and his reply was how the Cost of Living is calculated, which did not answer my question at all! I know I was not the only one caught in this scenario, and I want to know what can be done about it. Please!

    • AKA

      Absolutly nothing. The issue you raise is no issue at all. Happy SS Month!

  6. Gregory K.

    I will be 70 on December 2, 2018. How soon do I need to apply to start receiving SS payments beginning on December 2, 2018?

    • AKA

      You can apply now by using the interactive screens that SSA provides on their web-site or by calling 800-772-1213 and either filing or setting up an appointment. There is no retroactivity so you should apply now and not wait or you will lose money.

    • retired

      You can/should apply 2 months in advance.

  7. Gordon O.

    Sad to see most of the increase going to Medicare.
    People need the increase. They have earned this.
    Will the monies be replaced that the Clinton admin.
    removed? They must be held accountable. SS is no COOKIE JAR for everyone in government.
    Pray this reaches the proper authorities.

    • Marquita E.

      I hope your message reaches those in charge, and that they have a conscience about how those of us who paid into the system are being raped by those who are taking our Social Security from us for their own benefit and for the benefit of foreigners who have not paid into the system. What’s up with that? Why is Social Security in debt? It’s because the different departments of our government are taking from it to support their projects and their raises while the rest of us suffer!

      • Mel A.

        Social Security is an earned right.It is a social insurance program enacted over 80 years ago, and has always paid its required benefits to those who have earned them.
        It was enacted to provide the basic financial protection for working people and their families when earnings are lost due to retirement, disability, or death.
        Benefits may be paid to the spouses and children of workers.
        They are an earned benefit and ar not paid unless they were earned.
        Benefits may be paid to those who come to America from foreign countries, like my grandparents, if they qualify by working the required number of years to earn the benefit. No foreigners who have not paid into the Social Security System for the required number of years can collect Social Security.
        No department of the government can use any money in the Social Security Trust Fund for its own purpose.
        The Social Security Trust Fund is funded by employee and employer contributions in the safest investment in the world US Treasury Bonds. These contributions and investment returns as I have said have met their obligations to working people for over 80 years.
        As a matter of fact several years ago a poll asking which of the thousands of laws passed in American history are the most popular the Social Security law of 1935 came in in the first 10.
        Social Security was not designed to solve every financial ill possible, it was designed to give a financial leg up to workers and their families in case of retirement, disability, or death.
        And it has.

      • K d.

        I totally agree and have seen real actual money amounts figures that confirm that the government/Gjerry brown approves massive amounts to the state prisons to pay outrageous salaries while most do their jobs very abusively and override proper rules to inmates and their families plus sit and stand around a lot and also tons of money to continue to build more prisons all while they are 3-5x overcrowded and unhealthy conditions. Then the government only pays to have 30% of people to work in social security so many disabled people who worked all their lives people who paid all their taxes have to wait 2-4 years to finally get benefits approved and have to live very poorly even with kids because of long delays of lack of workers needed. It’s a total disgrace and should have been corrected years ago. But no “they build more new prisons and add additions for staff in old ones while over crowding continues to endanger Immates health and safety too. Same problem with little money for schools and low teachers salaries. And on top of it they the govt lie a lot to the public about the truth and facts and also violate many peoples civil rights by not totally folllowing their own laws and R&R.

  8. steven s.

    i am interested in learning how to interact more frequently as my benefits should activate by june 2018, i understand there are income limits and already know i probably will go over the 17,100$ ,without being diagnosed disabled, but having permanent back problems, i will have to notify the ssa of my income to avoid overpayment, do i have a online recourse to help ssa determine proceedings for this issue?

    • AKA

      Call SS @ 800-772-1213 and give them a corrected earnings estimate.

      • GWEDOLYN A.

        I AM NOT SURE WHAT YOU TELL YOU I GET $260.15 $857.00 .

        • Ann K.

          why don’t we make more money my food stamp are $5.00

  9. Lawrence R.

    At least 5%

    • Marquita E.

      I’m in agreement with this, but for even more. The pitiful increases of 2% and 3% are not in line with the actual cost of living each year.

      Also, the Food Stamp Program is a joke!

      • Ann K.

        I get $5.00 it is joke

        • Carol

          I qualify for $12…..hey its something!

  10. Lawrence R.

    We need a decent increase.

    • AKA

      Tell your Congressman.

    • Carol

      I am so very thankful I live in the USA and we have the different programs here to help when its really needed! Other countries take care of their families and their government do not take care of them. So I am not going to complain one bit….Be thankful!!

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