Inspector General Warns Public About Phone Scheme Targeting Former Conn Clients

woman looking at cell phone Gale Stallworth Stone, the Acting Inspector General of Social Security, is warning citizens about a phone scheme allegedly targeting former clients of Kentucky disability attorney Eric C. Conn.  The Social Security Administration (SSA) and its Office of the Inspector General (OIG) have received reports that Kentucky citizens who used Conn’s law firm to assist with applying for Social Security disability benefits have recently received suspicious calls from people claiming to be from SSA.

According to reports, the callers claim to be from SSA and offer citizens $9,000 from a “Conn Client Compensation Fund” if the citizens send $200 to the “Federal Reserve Bank of New York.”  The number associated with these calls is 202-681-5115.  Those who have sent money have received additional calls; some callers report that citizens can receive greater compensation amounts if they send more money, while others threaten that citizens will be arrested if they do not send additional funds.

The Acting Inspector General is alerting citizens that SSA personnel are not making these calls, and the compensation fund described in the calls does not exist.

“This scheme appears to target economically vulnerable citizens and use scare tactics to defraud them of their resources,” Acting Inspector General Stone said.  “Citizens should be very careful and avoid engaging with these suspicious callers.  If an unknown person pressures you on the phone into providing payments for odd reasons, don’t think twice about hanging up.”

If a person receives a similar suspicious call from someone alleging to be from SSA or the OIG, citizens may report that information to the OIG at 1-800-269-0271 or online via  If a person has questions about any communication—phone call, email, letter, or text—that claims to be from SSA or the OIG, please contact your local Social Security office, or call Social Security’s toll-free customer service number at 1-800-772-1213, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday, to verify its legitimacy.  (Deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals can call SSA’s TTY number at 1-800-325-0778.)

Conn pleaded guilty in federal court in March 2017 to participating in a scheme with a former SSA administrative law judge and multiple doctors that involved the submission of thousands of falsified medical documents to SSA to support disability applications.  As a result of the scheme, Conn and his co-conspirators obligated SSA to pay $550 million in lifetime benefits for these fraudulent submissions.  Conn is scheduled to be sentenced in July 2017; however, on June 2, 2017, he removed his electronic monitoring device and fled.  On June 3, 2017, the FBI issued an arrest warrant for Conn for violating the conditions of his bond.


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  1. Yes I got a call about 6 or 8 weeks ago and I called the SSA office and they told me the SSA well never notify me by phone. They will send me a notice in the mail only.

  2. Thank you very hard writing I have MS from year 2005 before I working now no wife divorse now I no walking bad balance social security pay me 318 dollar hard to live this money you understend me if you healp I be very Happy for your healping

  3. Please tell me that you are not saying that SSA is “obligated” to continue paying claims filed using fraudulent documents once the fraud is detected????

    • Social Security aggressively investigates allegations of fraud and aggressively pursues prosecution of people who commit fraud. Our message to those who attempt to defraud Social Security is clear: We will find you; we will prosecute you; we will seek the maximum punishment under the law, and we will fight to restore the money you’ve stolen from the American people.

    • Yeah, that jumped out at me too. Either the patients are eligible for the coverage or they arent, why would SSA pay fraudulent claims ($550 million???) to people signed up through a scammer, if indeed it IS a scam? Maybe it requires doing all that work over again, but only people who are eligible should get assistance. Maybe publish a photograph of the guy. He could be anywhere, maybe we’d recognise him, and turn him in.

  4. I got 8 final notice calls on my answering machine yesterday saying the IRS is going to sue me & I should call the number. These scammers never give up.

  5. I have received calls about assistance for disability help I already have it they keep calling and the phone is on TiVo call.

  6. As a non-attorney representative for Social Security disability claimants, I am appalled that innocent claimants and ethical representatives must pay for the sins of Eric Conn. He is a disgusting heap of humanity. I hope he is caught soon and brought to justice. He has wreaked havoc on too many people. We are not all Eric Conns. I know of no other representatives who behave the way Conn did. Claimants deserve the benefit (so to speak) of the doubt. Most attorneys, representatives, claimants, and judges are honorable. I hope the SSA pendulum of thought will swing back to one of trust.

  7. I currently live abroad in India but have a New York phone provided by Vonage. I had a similar call asking that the IRS will arrest me if I did not pay and to contact the caller. When I tried to trace the caller and called the number it went to an answering machine.

    The second scam was from a woman allegedly the daughter of Mohammed Kadafi, who was chatting with me to assist her and she is stationed in Dubai and that she has funds lying with the authorities. I believed everything but she alleged daughter of Kadafi, sent me another e-mail asking me to deposit funds. Then I realized that the so called daughter of Kadafi is another con-artist. I think she again attempted to reach me subsequently. I will definitely notify the authorities, but the problem is the authorities do not care and do even call or acknowledge receipt of complaints, even to this day although several months have passed.

  8. I myself get calls daily. I have gotten calls from a kid named Joe, telling me I will receive $9, 000.00 today if I call another # which is suppose to be the Government treasury. I asked him questions and he being from another country.
    Look up the scams on line. Be up to date on the different scams. I have laughed at people that acted nervous during their little scam speech. I hung up on them as I laughed.

    • What a great giveaway! I would definitely be sending one to the love of my life (P)! We're often in different st/iesacountrtes so he always appreciates a few words to let him know I'm thinking about him.Have a great long weekend!!

  9. The human brain is said to have the computing power of two skyscrapers filled with microchips. After plagiarizing up two skyscrapers in Cincinnati and Chicago I have come to doubt any society of capital would do anything but drop pennies on the Democratic-Republican (DR) two party system. Mr. Conn obviously has to level with the insurance skyscraper across the Ohio River. Since the construction of that tallest building ran me out of that city, with five times the normal cancer mortality rate, in 2008 the United States has fallen victim to a numbers of insurance frauds that affect the national accounts. Legal process of insurance fraud would probably result in further delay, terrorism and insecurity. The rule of law would probably respond with surgical precision to the concept of inflationary neolasm to (1) refund Postal Service Retiree Health Benefit for zero’s sake (2) delete the refundable premium and cost-sharing reduction from the Treasury budget from CY16, (3) cut back the USDA Credit Commodity Corporation to within 2.5% growth from 2013 when it first started eating our SNAP benefits, (4) credit consumers for the extortionate ACA and SMI premium inflation in excess of 2.5% since CY 2016 and (5) abolish Medicare and invest the HI tax revenues in uncorrupted Medicaid prices.

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    International Assistance OMB Estimate
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    USDA Outlays
    FY 15
    FY 16
    FY 17
    FY 18
    FY 18 2.75%
    Total Outlays
    Estimated Outlays
    Undistributed Offsetting Receipts


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  13. A. U.S. Customs must graduate from the Homeland Security Act of 2003. Title 6 of the United States Code and Title 6 of the Code of Federal Regulations must be amended from “Domestic Security” to “Customs” and Title 22 Foreign Relations and Intercourse (a-FRaI-d) to Foreign Relations (FR-ee). On March 1, 2003 the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) inherited the professional workforce, programs and infrastructure of the Coast Guard, Customs Service, Immigration and Naturalization Service, and the Transportation Security Administration, 22 agencies in all. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the largest arm of Customs after the Coast Guard. On May 5, 2017, the President signed into law the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017, which provides the Department of Homeland Security with $42.4 billion in net discretionary funding to carry out its five primary missions: prevent terrorism and enhance security; secure and manage our borders; enforce and administer our immigration laws; safeguard and secure cyberspace; and strengthen national preparedness and resilience. The President requests $292 million for 40 miles of replacement fence along the Southwest border and can go no lower than $50 million for White House fence replacement. $42.4 billion FY 18 is 4.4% growth from $40.6 billion FY 17, too much. 2.5% growth to $41.8 billion is estimated to produce $600 million undistributed offsetting receipts at year end FY 18. The FY 18 budget request for $44.1 billion is more than $42.4 billion provided by the President in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017 on May 5, 2017. The deceptive historic rescission used FY 18 does not correct longstanding mathematical error in the FY 16 totals, $42.5 not $40.5 billion outlays, the Coast Guard paid GSA in full for damages to Customs headquarters at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and Customs and Border Protection must have bribed the SSA Actuary to inform the public that net immigration had risen to more than 1 million in 2012 to 1.5 million in 2015 mostly as the result of an increase in undocumented immigration from 244,000 in 2012 to 762,000 in 2015. The FY 18 budget is overruled in its entirety by 2.5% growth secured for the historical tables with $648 million un-distributing offsetting receipts at year end.

    1. US Customs fills an estimated 226,946 positions with 218,403 full-time employees (FTEs) plus 7,000 in the Coast Guard Military Select Reserve with a 29,251 auxiliary for a grand total of 263,197 employees FY 17. The 6,666 position increase is 2.9% employment growth that regulated at 0.9% to afford a 1.6% annual pay raise with 2.5% spending growth with any margin for error. With an estimated $47.0 billion in Customs duties in 2015 and adjusted expenses of $38.2 billion, turned a $8.8 billion profit, that was quickly snatched away by a jealous Congress who somehow increased expenses and decreased revenues FY 2015. Congress should not hesitate to impose a 6% tax on natural gas, petroleum and electricity exports and earn $5 billion in revenues, half as much as if they had not rejected the first concerted national request for such a gas, oil, coal and electricity export tax on what was in 2015 a $165 billion export industry. The General Services Administration (GSA) has mitigated the environmental damage and building hazard on the St. Elizabeth’s Hospital grounds, caused by Coast Guard efforts to build a road to the river. In summer of 2014 the HS Secretary requested $1.2 billion to pay for an influx of juvenile refugees which has been paid for by HHS and is now taken care of by the regular budget of the Administration for Children and Families (ACF). Now that the Coast Guard finally got an ice-breaker, 25 years since the US-Canadian treaty, the Coast Guard needs detection technology to guide oil tanker ships and larger warships with magnetic cables to remove extinguished heat pumps from the bottom of the Atlantic.

    2. To assertively implement the policies of the President’s Executive Orders, Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, Executive Order No. 13767 (Jan. 25, 2017), Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States, Executive Order No. 13768 (Jan. 30, 2017), and Enforcing Federal Law with Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking, Executive Order No. 13773 (Feb. 14, 2017), the Secretary must cease to defend the travel ban whereas it constitutes a conspiracy to kill, kidnap, maim or injure persons or damage property in a foreign country 18USC§956, a crime of provision of material support for terrorism under 18USC§2331A, that offends the Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Ukraine v. Russian Federation) No. 2017/11 9 March 2017 and implicates the Secretary of Defense. Furthermore, when he took office, public information regarding improved explosive devices offended the penalty for explosives under 18USC§844(e) causing destruction of aircraft or aircraft facilities 18USC§32 by downing a brief series of small private planes. There is deep concern that the curriculum vitae of this former Marine Corp general is the least competent of two terrorists out of three Marines in the Cabinet and there is every reason to impeach him under Arts. 2 (4) of the US Constitution and UN Charter. It is outrageous that the undated DHS budget, downloaded in June, would exceed the $42.4 billion the President gave the Department on May 5. Higher scrutiny reveals that excessive 18% outlay growth from $13.9 billion FY 17 to $16.4 billion FY 18 for Customs and Border Protections must be treated as a levy for war against the United States whose economics cannot be adhered to under Art. 3(3) of the US Constitution and 18USC(115)§2381. 2.5% growth from FY 17 levels of spending is $14.3 billion for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) FY 18. The 1.6% increase in CBP FTE’s from 58,739 FY 17 to 59,726 FY 18 would be more affordable at 0.9% increase to 59,268 1.6% annual pay raises.

    B. The US Census reports the current population of the United States of America is 324,430,398 as of Friday, August 19, 2016, based on the latest United Nations estimates, there are 330 million people estimated to live in the Social Security Area (SSA) population. a difference of 2 percent, The Census Bureau estimates 74.3 million and SSA estimates 77.8 million, a difference of 5 percent. Note, 74.9 million Baby Boomers were born 1946-64. The Census has clearly erred with the 22.9% under age 18 revision in 2015 that destroyed the population pyramid and must return to a figure closer to 24% under age 18 used in the 2010 Census. 77 million children is 23.3% of the 330 million SSA population. 24% of the 324 million US Census population is 77.7 million children. 23.3% of the 324 million Census population is 75.5 million children. There are more children than native and immigrant Baby Boomers combined and child poverty is estimated to run between 22-33%.

    1. In 2015 Net immigration and undocumented immigration rose to the highest levels since 2006 when net immigration declined to less than a million until 2012. Since 2001 the high is net immigration of 2,010,000, with 869 legal immigrants and 1,141 other immigrants. The low is net immigration of 81,000 in 2008 with 835,000 legal immigrants and net deportation of -754,000 other immigrants. In 2011 however after the number of legal immigrants remaining less than 800,000 and undocumented immigration increasing causing net immigration to rise to 1,011,000 and continue rising. With legal immigration remaining steady at 795,000 and undocumented migration increasing swiftly to 762,000, net immigration was estimated at 1,557,000 in 2015. Naturalization is the way to reduce statelessness in children born of foreign parents under the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness of 1961. Common Articles 26-29 to the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees of 1951 and the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons of 1954 protect refugees and stateless people against discrimination, provide for the freedom of movement and require States to provide them with identity papers and travel documents at the same price as nationals. A refugee is someone who is unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion. A stateless person is someone who is not considered as a national by any state under the operation of its law. Under Art. 27 every Contracting Party shall issue identity papers to any refugee or stateless person in their territory who does not possess a valid travel document. Under Art. 29 no refugee duties, charges, or taxes, of any description, other or higher than are or may be levied on their nationals in similar situations shall be imposed, in particular in the issuance of identity documents. In Art. 34 every effort shall be made to expedite naturalization proceedings and to reduce as far as possible the charges and costs of such proceedings. The Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons of 1954 that entered into force in 1960 Annex Paragraph 1 provides 1. The travel document referred to in article 28 of this Convention shall indicate that the holder is a stateless person under the terms of the Convention of 28 September 1954. 2. The document shall be made out in at least two languages, one of which shall be English or French. 3. The Contracting States will consider the desirability of adopting the model travel document attached to the Convention Relating to the Status of Stateless Persons of 1954. The fees for the issue of exit, entry or transit visas shall not exceed the lowest scale of charges for visas on foreign passports. The US Constitution preserves a $10 tax on migration that gets more reasonable with time. Under the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness of 1961 all people born of foreign parents are entitled to naturalization at birth. This means more than 4 million births per year in both Democratic administration with less and Republican administrations with more since 1990.

  14. I just received this email and believe it is a scam. Please read all the way through to the end of email as if this gets to others, they may give out their bank account numbers and lose their SS benefits because of this…..Thank you for checking into this as there is too much of this going on via phone and email. (see below):

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    • Please be suspicious of unsolicited phone calls, or email messages. If an unknown individual claims to be from a legitimate organization, try to verify his or her identity directly with the company. Avoid providing personal information unless you are certain of a person’s authority to have the information. In a few instances, we will use marketing firms to help raise awareness of Social Security’s online services, and this includes creating a “my Social Security account“. We allow these firms to send E-mails that will take individuals directly to our website. Any links that you find within these E-mails should always point to a “.gov” web address. If you are not certain that an E-mail you received came from Social Security or one of our marketing partners, DO NOT click the link. Visit our “Internet Phishing Alert” web page to learn more about how to detect a fraudulent E-mail message. We thank you for sharing this type of information.

  15. Please also be prepared for an increase in scams once states forward much of your personal info to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity,The more personal information that is shared the greater the odds for scams and ID theft. Many states are not complying but there are some that are. Good luck to us all.

  16. The SSA is not refusing to correct/dismiss my overpayments and has now started taking money from my Social Security Benefits to pay my overpayment they say I owe. I have worked since High School, Social Security is telling me I will receive the same amount I get now even after I can not work any more. I need help with this issue soon. The SSA is keeping me below the poverty line and I need a Law Judge. I am working now because what SSA is giving me is not enough to live on.

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    thank you

  18. And an administrator blog judge was involved on this game, that sucks!

    We wait forever to see in a Social Security disability insurance work benefits and then there’s people like him around. I hope they were dearly sentenced.

  19. I received a Straw Pole brochure to help Pres.Trump pass the new SS Guarantee Act. from: Coalition to Guarantee Soc.Sec. c/o Christian Seniors Assoc. P.O. Box 7103 Merrifield, VA 22116-7103. They request money and answers to 6 questions.
    Is it another way to get funds or is it a legitimate attempt to insure benefits? Or just what? I believe the group is listed as an unfavorable organization to all citizens.

  20. Got this phone call yesterday… here the message left on my phone…

    “Force meant agencies to soon as your Social Security number on the _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ as we have received this is precious trails of the information in your name the moment you receive this message I need you to get back to me on my _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ 240-900-4887 I repeat 240-900-4887 terrified of the last four digits of your Social Security number when you call to better assist you with this issue now _⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_⁠_ from you we will have to issue an arrest warrant under your name and get you arrested so get back to me as soon as possible thank you…”

  21. I just received a phone call and it was a recording from a phone number in Iowa, 319 284 8265, (I live in Calif) stating that I needed to press #1 to clear a “suspicious” activity on my SS benefits? When I spoke with a person with a heavy accent, he asked me for my full name to “Start the paperwork to clear this situation”. When I told him NO, that this was a SCAM. He hung up! Had I given him my name, his next request would be for my SS # and bank account #, and etc. Can something be done about these people who call on us retired folks, attempting to, and sometimes successful at ripping us off? This is criminal! These people need to be caught and punished to the max! Thank you for reading this, it will probably continue to happen to unsuspecting retirees.

    • Hello Gene. Social Security Administration (SSA) employees occasionally contact citizens by telephone for customer-service purposes. An SSA employee may call you in limited situations, such as if you recently filed a claim or have other Social Security business that are pending. In only a few limited special situations, usually already known to the citizen, an SSA employee may request the citizen to confirm personal information over the phone.
      The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which receives and analyzes public complaints related to identity theft, recently reported to the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) an increase in reports of suspicious phone calls from people claiming to be SSA employees.
      If a person receive suspicious calls or has questions about any communication—email, letter, text or phone call—that claims to be from SSA or the OIG, please call our toll free number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Citizens may -also- report that information to the OIG at 1-800-269-0271 or online via Thanks!

  22. I received a call on my cell phone which stated My social security number had been suspended due to FRAUD. I have been attempting to get thru to someone to discuss further as I am on Social Security.

  23. i have gotten a call like this once before. but they say that i committed fraud against my ss number. spoof a number and cant even get it right . this is the number they gave me 8002-458-9752 , then they tel you to pres 1 and uyou will be transferred to the DEA who has nothing to do with ss.

  24. Yes, i got a call from an unknown caller, she stated that my car was found, there were drugs, an so ,an so..then insisted that it was me,an i was not too interupt her,she was stern,bold, then said the car was found sime were by Texas, an if i wanted to fight this from the federal court house, that im looking at 9 years, an all said an done, it was an unknown caller, NO number..”)she was already blaming all this on me, so i said what?? Kind of car was this, a toyota corrolla,that is were they found my social security card,an i.d…/ i never really been out of California…it was weird, but she knew my birthdate,an social security number, was sorta scary, tho.”) I can say that ,an after she hung up, she said, that my social security number was gonna be shut off

  25. I’ve been receiving calls from this phone number .
    708-609-5574 everyday for months
    I finally got help locateing this web site.
    You guys can make this a lot easier for us to help you catch these fraudulent callers.
    Please crack down on these pest car

    • Hi Carla. Thank you for letting us know about these calls. We do not usually make random calls. If you or anyone receives calls saying that they are from Social Security, do not give out any personal information. Suspicious calls should be reported to the Office of the Inspector General at 1-800-269-0271 or online. You can also report these scams to the Federal Trade Commission through a new site specific to Social Security scams here. We hope this helps.

  26. I received several phone calls today, allegedly from the SSA administration saying that my SSN was suspended because they found suspicious activity, they asked to press “1” to know more about the case. The number shown on the call was PRIVATE NUMBER but I got the numbers on my voice mail and those are:
    Be careful with these phone calls.

  27. I have been trying to contact someone about a fraudulent phone call the number that call me was 1-800–167-4857 and said that my social security number had been used for some type criminal activity

    • Hi James. Thanks for letting us know. Generally, we will only contact you if you have requested a call or have ongoing business with us. Recently, scams—misleading victims into making cash or gift card payments to avoid arrest for Social Security number problems—have skyrocketed. Our employees will never threaten you for information or promise a benefit in exchange for personal information or money.
      If you receive a suspicious call like this: 1) Hang up. 2) Do not provide personal information, money, or retail gift cards. 3) Report suspicious calls here. For more information on how to protect yourself, check out our Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this helps.

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