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Direct Deposit: A Fast, Convenient, and Secure Way to Receive Your Benefit Payments

February 12, 2021 • By

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Last Updated: February 11, 2021

couple reviewing direct deposit options on their laptopAt Social Security and Veterans Affairs, issuing timely benefit payments is a core service we both provide. After all, we know you want your benefits on time to cover your household or medical expenses. The most secure way to get your benefits is to receive them electronically. It’s faster, safer, and more convenient than a paper check.

More than 98 percent of individuals receive their monthly benefit payments electronically—either by direct deposit or on their Direct Express® Debit Mastercard®. They don’t have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail and go to a bank or other location to cash it. Instead, their monthly benefits are deposited into their bank account or debit card automatically on the payment date.

We encourage everyone to sign up for direct deposit or the Direct Express® Debit Mastercard®. You can learn more about direct deposit on Social Security’s Direct Deposit webpage. Please share this information with your friends and family—and also on social media.

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  1. Lisa B.

    They don’t answer the phone until 4hours later and they freeze your account every.
    I hate them.

  2. John P.

    I am stranded 2 years under lock downs no airplane inside South East Asia and now 75 year old… SSA.GOV destroyed my life, I have no family no house no place to return and stay in the USA where I was taxed and lived as a USA citizen ***-**-****. My last USA paper postal delivered SSA benefit statement was printed 2012 declared a ~1300 USD monthly payable benefit. I had USA bank account checking account and credit cards from USA banks ALL DESTROYED by the actions of Wells Fargo Bank after I was unable to send the Costa Mesa, CA bank manager a ORIGINAL SSA CARD that was FORM FILED and verified at the USA Embassy but intercepted by the Philippine SSA.GOV Federal Benefits staff who trashed USA Embassy verified records… Not once but several times!!! Since 2010 NOBODY AT MANILA has processed my applications MANIL intercepted and trashed! I applied for SSA card to Wells Fargo, I applied for Medicare card at age 75.5, I applied for update benefit statements, I applied for basic SSA benefits payments all verified and certified by USA Embassy and by Express delivery postal service to Baltimore MD and to USA SSA.GOV FRAUD INVESTIGATION.. So there you have it SSA GOV INTERNATIONAL DIVISION is out of control under no management under sloopy supervised staff covering up all mistakes under silence… They all get their monthly pay checks to protect ignore people in serious trouble… The USA Embassy gave up 2017 declared sorry can no longer HELP SSA.GOV applications because they are not paid by SSA.GOV and have no connections with SSA.GOV they can only issue certified verified documents and passports even maied my applications to MANILA using diplomatic issued tracking numbers… MANILA SSA.GOV staff is a fraud under trained irresponsible continue to cover up protect pay checks.. A box full of documented audit trace was signed sealed and delivered POSTAL and USA Embassy mail to Baltimore MD SSA.GOV International and to SSA.GOV FRAUD INVESTIGATION and to SSA.GOV MANILA… After all these years I have no US credit no driver license no SSA benefits no home no relatives NOTHING to do but die in S.E.Asia at age 75. Thank you for listening have nothing to loose #***-**-**** but money

  3. JOHN

    what are policy international retired asia get money or check or deposit

  4. Jo

    I find it hard to believe you’re not able to change your social security pay date I get charge a $75 a month late fee on my rent because my social security comes the second Wednesday of every month

  5. Robert D.

    How much money can an SSI recpient have in savings?

    • A.C.

      Hi, Robert. If you are referring to the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program, a person must have $2,000 or less in countable resources to be eligible. For the definition of a resource, visit our Frequently Asked Questions. We hope this helps.

  6. Anita U.

    In the article you state how important it is for people to receive their benefits. It’s critical they have the funds to pay essential bills. With many it’s the only funds they receive monthly. They have learned to manage their funds to cover all bills owed. Many receive just enough with little to nothing left to buy other needs. They can’t afford for someone to make unauthorized large charges that paying their bills in danger.
    That happens alot and results in pure panic, stress and extreme anxiety, even panic attacks.
    SS is millions of peoples lifeline to have a place to live independently, purchase and prepare meals, showers, service animals, receive caregivers-family-friends etc.
    SSA can’t afford fraud or money stolen that’s a crime. As a govt agency responsible for citizens monetary funds, security and trust must be a priority.
    How could SSA be so irresponsible you didn’t take the time to find a decent, fair, honest,respectful card company that recepients deserve? You are associated with Direct Express, how they conduct their business reflects on SSA. They are the most despicable card company among all of them. Clearly you know this and do absolutely nothing to resolve the countless issues people have with them. Direct Express reviews on Google have thousands of complaints. The BBB rates them 2nd worst company and stopped trying to work with them. They allow theft of benefits from unauthorized charges. The #1 complaint. I have not read 1 dispute complaint that funds was returned. All disputes are denied. When the same company, business, entity or person continues to illegally take funds, card company will block access from them. Direct refuses and denies your dispute. Their solution is to charge you 20$ for a new card that should come in 7-10 days when it really comes in 30-40 days and you have no money to pay your bills and charged late fees. Website is only to view transactions that’s it. Everything else requires phone call, that you can never get through. After 10 mins in Que you’ll be disconnected. I’ve spent 7 days and 42 calls to activate a card. When your lucky enough to actually talk to a human, their English is so horrible you want to scream.
    So far 700 people have signed up for a class action lawsuits against Direct and SSA. People have had enough and are just sick and tired with all things govt, corporations, media but mostly injustice& no accountability.

  7. Santiago B.

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  8. Techransom

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  9. Marilyn M.

    can anyone tell me why, as I am in the UK and receive my widows social security every month, electronically, April 3rd payment did not arrive as usual. Does Easter weekend affect the electronic payments the 3rd. Today is the 6th and nothing….

    • V.V.

      Hi Marilyn, thanks for using our blog. If you do not receive your electronic payment on the scheduled pay date, please contact your bank or financial institution first. If you still need to report a late, missing, or stolen Social Security payment, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. Thanks!

      • nicole o.

        You say to call the office but i have for 2 weeks straight and i keep getting different answers. Was supposed to get first payment on june 9 2021 and here it is june 25 and nothing. What do i do if noone knows how to fix this problem?

        • John

          yes it is true SSA agents NEVER NEVER BOTHER TO REPLY EMAIL OR PHONE CALLS i have tried since 2017 and 18 ssa agents replied as if they have no idea who i am or what is going on so thge basic enforced filing starts again then is trashed . I am retired 75 year old never got a check in the mail after filing several times using the USA Embassy State Department and several postal

          • John

            apologize if i am considered rambling.. my trouble asking and get help from SSA.GOV is outside the USA and is and was trashed at the Philippine SSA office.. 2010 I was trying to reply to SSA.GOV Mission Viejo staf who demanded original documents as I was outside the USA… The USA State Dept Embassy verified my documents and forwarded to SSA at Mania who are out of control did nothing never help just bounce me around. I lost my entire USA credit name and savings because the Wells Fargo manager demanded an original SSA card before transffer my money… When I was 70 I applied for SSA again verified at USA Embassy but trashed at SSA Manila I have zer SSA payment and zero SSA Legal services so I contacted SSA farud again no response dead silence.. I estimate SSA owes me 70,000 benefits and also RESET my USA name and credit return my bank money that was trashed after NO SSA card was mailed ~2013? I am and was trying to get a SSA attorney a SSA manager to answer where is my money.. Only the 800 123 number works from here and was told I was approved? I am setup for Xpress Direct ATM card and 2017 2018 2019 just got run around nobody deliver to the USA Embassy my money nobody phone me outside USA nobody send me mail NOTHING

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