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baseball player running A home run is a highlight of any baseball game. The fans cheer with excitement to see a player rocket the ball into the stands. So, what are you doing to prepare for your retirement home run? Your goal should be to get past 1st, 2nd & 3rd base and make it home with a hefty plate of savings.

Social Security has many tools to help you achieve financial security.

Take the first step and visit The benefit of having a my Social Security account is that it gives you access to your personal Social Security Statement, verification of correct earnings, and an estimate of your early retirement benefits at age 62, full retirement age of 66, and delayed age at 70.

We protect your information by using security features and strict identity verification to detect fraud. In several states, you can request a replacement Social Security card online. Find out if your state offers the service at

In addition to using your personal my Social Security account to prepare for a comfortable retirement, you can visit At myRA, you can access new retirement savings options from the Department of the Treasury. This service is designed for the millions of Americans who struggle with saving for retirement — it’s an easy and safe way to help you take control of your future.

myRA is designed for people who don’t have a retirement savings plan through their employer, or are limited from other savings options.  If your employer provides already set up a retirement savings plan, such as a 401(k), learn more about that plan’s potential for matching contributions or other benefits.

Since myRA isn’t connected to any employer, it allows workers to hold on to it when they move to different jobs. myRA makes your money grow faster than a traditional savings account.

Having both my Social Security and myRA accounts in place, you’re guaranteed to hit a home run in successfully planning for your future. Learn more about all of your choices at

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Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications

Jim Borland, Acting Deputy Commissioner for Communications


  1. Henry V.

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  2. David V.

    Social security is really important thing, as well as social distance. Now a days, we can really understand how important is social distance (COVID-19 fact). So I can say, stay home, learn home and stay safe is a critical issue like social security.

  3. Amjad K.

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  4. David A.

    I read commentaries that seem to indicate that I may not be receiving all of the benefits of Social Security that I can or should be receiving. How do I investigate to find out what benefits I may be lacking?

  5. Teri D.

    If someone loses their ss card can they put a lock on it> Or can you get your number changed?

    • Ray F.

      Hi Teri. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created a Self-Lock process. Locking an SSN helps stop individuals from using stolen SSNs to gain work authorization through E-Verify. Read more at To learn more about the steps individuals can take to prevent or resolve issues of identity theft, read our publication: “Identity Theft and Your Social Security Number”. To see if you’re eligible to apply for a replacement Social Security card online or to learn more on the process and what documents you will need to get a card, please visit our “New or Replacement Social Security Number and Card” web page. We hope this information helps!

  6. LESLY F.

    I think everyone is swimming no way to get out.ssa!ssa! Ssa say I am sorry….!

  7. ana

    Is this true that the Trump administration is working on a plan to take apart our SS & Medicare? I’ve been working on a plan for my future income and SS will be the bulk of my money to buy Medicare and pay bills. Thank you

    • Ray F.

      Hi Ana. On May 23, the President released his FY 2018 budget request to Congress for their consideration. Currently, there have been no changes to the Social Security programs. For more information about the President’s Budget for SSA, please go to Thanks!

    • Marc

      Trump’s budget eliminates SSDI. That’s Social Security Disability Insurance for workers too young to retire but whose total & permanent disability rendered them unable ever to work again, at any occupation. people who paid into Social Security all their working lives. Trump, and Congress, believe disabled people are just “too lazy to work” and therefore not entitled to Social Security benefits. SSDI does have the “Ticket to Work program for those who’d like to TRY working without losing benefits in case they fail in their attempt to work, but Trump & Congress are eliminating that program, too. Their position is “get a job, losers.” Nice. Social Security retirement is safe, for now anyway. But not Medicare. Paul Ryan wants to eliminate that too, by handing us a set amount per month to buy health insurance on the open market. It won’t be much, and we all know with the Obamacare subsidies amd orotections hone for pre-existing conditions, we’ll never be able to afford health insurance. That’s why Medicare was put in place ti begim with, because the elderly & disabled could NOT buy it! He and Congress and Trump do not care about elderly or disabled people – or anybody else, unless they’re the wealthy backers who pit them where they are. THAT is the reality. Go to and read the bills they’re introducing, passing, and repealing EVERY DAY while we’re all to busy getting outraged over Trump’s insane Twitter rants. The nefarious dealings of Congress are online with fill text of the bills and record of who votes for yhem, at least until they figure out that we can see what they’re up to, then they’ll take the site down, like they’ve done with every other government website that gave the people factual information about the government, science, benefits, and anything else meant for us. This is all true, I can list the websites they took down already, starting the day of the inauguration.

      Now they’ve even called for a new Constitutional Convention – to scrap our existing Constitution and write another – which I’m quite certain will NOT contain the Bill of Rights, nor any checks and balances on their power, either. I wish this were not true, but unfortunately, it is horrifyingly so. They’ve got all but 2 states on board for this now, and once they have that, we’re done permanently, with no recourse, no going back. Most state legislatures are Republican dominated, alas, so I’m not hopeful. so I’m glad I’m old and sick and going to die sooner than later. I don’t want to be around for the end they have planned for this once great country and our magnificent Constitution.

      • Ray F.

        The Administration’s fiscal year 2018 budget was recently submitted to Congress for consideration. Currently, there have been no changes to the Social Security programs. For more information about the President’s Budget for SSA, please go to

  8. Hospitals &.

    USPS v. OPM

    A. The United States Postal Service, also known as the Post Office, U.S. Mail, or Postal Service, often abbreviated as USPS, is an independent agency of the United States federal government responsible for providing postal service in the United States. Benjamin Franklin was appointed our first Postmaster General in 1775. The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, Public Law 91–375, converted the Post Office Department into the U.S. Postal Service (Postal Service), an independent establishment within the executive branch. The Postal Service commenced operations July 1, 1971. This agency is charged with providing patrons with reliable mail service at reasonable rates and fees. The Postal Regulatory Commission is an independent agency that has exercised regulatory oversight over the U.S. Postal Service since its creation by the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970. The Postal Service is governed by an 11-member Board of Governors, including nine Governors appointed by the President, a Postmaster General who is selected by the Governors, and a Deputy Postmaster General who is selected by the Governors and the Postmaster General. The USPS employed 617,254 workers (as of February 2015) and operated 211,264 vehicles in 2014. The USPS is the third largest employer in the nation after the federal government and Walmart. The USPS is the operator of the largest civilian vehicle fleet in the world. On a typical day, more than 600,000 men and women of the United States Postal Service ensure that hundreds of millions of pieces of mail are delivered to 156 million delivery points, including more than 43 million rural businesses and residences across the country. FY2016 had total revenue of $71.5 billion and total expenses of $77.1 billion, resulting in a net loss of $5.6 billion, nearly exactly equal to the legal mandate in the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund (PSRHBF) pre-funding expense. USPS had a good year FY 16. The 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (P.L. 109–435) that must be repealed by final decision of a competent federal official, reduced the Postal Services’ $601 million to $2.7 billion FY 16 surplus, with which to pay $55 billion in debt, to a “controlling income”. OMB however concocted a scheme to profit from the USPS without decisively repealing PSRHBF and is causing criminal damage to unlawfully dictate an enormous employee and consequential revenue cut FY 18. The USPS has not directly received taxpayer-dollars since the early 1980s. Since the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 (P.L. 109–435) robbed the postal service $5.5 billion for retiree health insurance contributions it has cut its expenses by $15 billion annually, but first-class mail volume has continued to drop and debt, termed net deficiency, has risen to $55.9 billion FY 16 and increases at around $5.5 billion annually. with a first Annual Report that must train its cannons on abolishing and being refunded the entire amount deposited in the Retiree Health Benefit Fund.

    1. On November 6, 2013 the New York Times reported; Last year, the Postal Service’s operating revenue was $65 billion, but its operating expenses were $81 billion = $16 billion deficit in 2012. A net loss of $41 billion is reported between 2007-12. The post office has seen revenue for first-class mail — the agency’s cash cow — decline by $2.4 billion. It has defaulted on three annual $5.5 billion payments into a health care fund for its future retirees. It has also exhausted its $15 billion borrowing limit from the Treasury Department. It has defaulted on three annual $5.5 billion payments into a health care fund for its future retirees. It has also exhausted its $15 billion borrowing limit from the Treasury Department. On November 15, 2013 the L.A. Time wrote; The USPS reported a $5 billion loss FY2013. It’s the seventh-straight yearly net loss. Since 2006, the agency has cut its expenses by $15 billion annually, but first-class mail volume has continued to drop. While package and standard mail volumes increased, the agency’s most profitable product, first-class mail, declined by 2.8 billion pieces. The USPS FY 2016 Annual report to Congress: FY2016 Annual Performance Report and FY2017 Performance Plan FY2016 Comprehensive Statement on Postal Operations declares an incurable $5.5 billion deficit. This report satisfies the public reporting requirements contained under 39USC§2401(e), § 2402, §2803 and §2804, along with the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA) of 2006 Section 3652. In 2017 OMB Independent Agencies FY 18 Pgs. 1206-1208 cooked the books to attempt to extort on-budget revenues from an imaginary profits of one of those decadent ten year plans doomed to failure, although they admit, in writing, without proving it in the balance sheet, the Postal Service will have an annual operating deficit of $4.7 billion in 2018 and more than $5 billion in each subsequent year through 2027. For their part, the Postal Service states they had a remarkable 2016, delivering over 154 billion pieces of mail, growing revenue to $71.5 billion in FY16—a 3.7 percent revenue increase, these results helped achieve controllable income of $610 million, excluding the impact of a $5.8 billion mandated Retiree Health Benefits prepayment, the Postal Service would have recorded net income for the year. USPS must continue to produce an annual fiscal year report to congress, every year. The USPS Annual Report must make future estimates, so the USPS is not abused by OMB’s fraudulent relationship with OPM outlays and the waste caused by the disastrous Retiree Health Benefit program is redressed.

    B. Since 1971, there have been several Postal reforms. Notably, the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1989 (P.L. 101–239) moved the Postal Service “off-budget” so that, beginning in 1990, the receipts and disbursements of the Fund are not considered within the on-budget net spending totals, although they ostensibly included within the unified spending and deficit totals, but are not and should not be. More recently, the OPM owes the Postal Service and employees compensation for the disastrous 2006 Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (P.L. 109–435) that created the Postal Service Retiree Health Benefits Fund to put the Postal Service on a path that fully funds its substantial retiree (annuitant) health benefits liabilities. Since the Act’s passage in 2006, the Postal Service contributed over $50 billion to the Retiree Health Benefits Fund but has defaulted on $34 billion in total required payments since FY 2012. Beginning in 2017, the Act also requires the Postal Service to begin a 27-year amortization to retire its unfunded liability under CSRS by paying for “actuarial costs of the unfunded liability for post-retirement health costs of current employees” = zero benefits. OPM must reimburse the Postal Service Retiree Health Fund to pay off the >$55.9 USPS debt FY 17.

    C. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is responsible for the administration of the Federal Retirement Program covering over 2.7 million active employees and 2.5 million annuitants. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) receives “such sums as necessary” mandatory appropriations for payments from the General Fund to the Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, the Employees Health Benefits Fund, and the Employees Group Life Insurance Fund. The Government’s share of the cost of health insurance for annuitants are defined in sections 5USC§8901 and §8906; and the Government’s contribution for payment of administrative expenses incurred by OPM in administration of the Retired Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1960. OMB must report total OPM outlays by adding FY 17 Budget pages 230-232 plus administrative costs on page 1. FY17 Agreement between OPM and OMB regarding $50.9 billion FY 2017 outlays in the historical tables would reduce the deficit by $45.2 billion without costing the taxpayers anything and must in fact be historically revised to reduce the debt. OPM assets were nearly exactly $1 trillion, $1,003.7 million FY 15.

    B. When Congress passed the Postal Accountability and Enhancement PAE Act, which mandated $5.5 billion per year to be paid into an account to fully pre-fund employee retirement health benefits, a requirement exceeding that of other government and private organization, revenue dropped sharply due to recession-influence declining mail volume prompting the postal service to look to other sources of revenue while cutting costs to reduce its budget deficit. The postal service has defaulted on this $5.5 billion obligation since 2007. The federal government has paid $0 in benefits from the Postal Service Retiree Health Fund which has a balance of more than $61.3 billion and zero outlays FY 17. OPM must disgorge these funds to offset the USPS deficit, as the first of several compensation settlements for extortionate health care legislation, or to a General Fund that subsidizes the USPS operating deficit.

  9. S. D.

    I applied for SSDI 2015 and SSI 2016. My SSI was not approved within 120days because it was attached to my appeal for SSDI. My hearing/appeal was postponed in May 2017. Next hearing Date TBA. . I’m in dire need for help. Is there anyway my SSI can be reviewed separately by a case manager so I can get the help I need while waiting for another hearing date.

    • Ray F.

      Hi! As part of the Disability Determination Process, our field offices are responsible for verifying non-medical eligibility requirements. A favorable medical determination must be made in order to begin paying disability benefits. Individuals waiting for a medical determination on their disability claim, may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which they live. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems. You can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services office. Or you can visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) web page for more information. In your situation, please continue working with your local Social Security office or the hearing office handling your claim. Thanks.

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