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Five Things You Can Do Online with Social Security

November 16, 2015 • By

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Last Updated: November 6, 2023

smiling woman sitting on her couchYou want to enjoy the fall weather, and Social Security’s online services free up your time to lounge in a hammock in your backyard or take your dog on a long walk. You can safely and conveniently conduct most of your business with us anytime, anywhere. There’s no need to visit a local Social Security office.

When you’re ready to retire, you can do it online in 15 minutes or less. In most cases, once your application is submitted electronically, you’re done. There are no forms to sign and usually no documentation is required. Social Security will process your application and contact you if any further information is needed.

Applying for Social Security disability benefits has never been easier! The secure site will only ask questions pertaining to your situation, and we provide links to more information. There are examples to help you along the way.

With a my Social Security account, you can also get your Social Security Statement showing how much you paid in Social Security and Medicare taxes through your working years. You can use your Statement to verify your earnings history so that you receive the correct payment amount when you become eligible for benefits. And speaking of your future benefits, your Statement also shows estimates for retirement, disability, and survivors’ benefits.

And, when you need it, you can get a benefit verification letter to prove you receive Social Security benefits, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Medicare. Your personal my Social Security  account also allows you to change your address if you’re already receiving benefits, and to start or change your direct deposit information.

You have all that at your fingertips, and you never had to leave your hammock!

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Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications


  1. Arthur C.

    How can I apply at FRA and THEN suspend benefits on-line?? I have completed except for signature my benefit application – did not see any where how to suspend benefits.

  2. oudere v.

    We think ur information is very handy for us! When you keep going this good job i’ll come back at ur weblog!

  3. Rachael

    How can I cash out my social security, I feel waiting until old age is not fair. I been working since age 17. I have been living in poverty since young child. This is money I worked for .. Again I Dont want to wait ..I need my money I paid in out. What can I do?

  4. debbie m.

    is it possible to receive SSI if l am receiving my early retirement? l recently had to go on my retirement because of medical problems which in the past, was told not eligible for disability. l have Diverticulitis and been in and out of hospital several times with this anything to do with SSI l am 63years old I get 599.00 a month on my early retirement that is my only income.

    • Ray F.

      Hi Debbie, the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is a needs based program that gives cash assistance to people with limited income and resources who are age 65 or older, blind or disabled. The Social Security Act sets out a strict definition for disability. We pay disability benefits to people who are unable to work because of a medical condition that is expected to last one year or more or to end in death. Generally, when you apply for disability benefits, we take applications for both programs: the SSI program and the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. If a person thinks that he or she meets our definition of disability, we encourage them to apply. You can call our toll free number, 1-800-772-1213 to schedule an appointment and to speak with one of our representatives, who are available Monday through Friday between 7:00am and 7:00pm.
      You may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which they live. These services include Medicaid, free meals, housekeeping help, transportation or help with other problems. You can get information about services in your area from your state or local social services office. Or you can visit the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services web page for more information. We hope this helps!

  5. Somethingsos s.

    Applied for Ssdi month ago just happened to look on my account saw a verification letter that said there was no cost living allowance but my benefits amounts was below which was blank is that a good sign of approval, my daughter checked hers it says you have not applied for benefits which is right just wanted to see if hers was like mine. I’m 53 have spinal stenosis and DDD and herniated disc and Forman plus diabetes and anxiety haven’t worked since 2/16/2016 what do you think my chances are I’ve got MRI and XRAYS Doctor says on scale on 1-10 my spine is a 7 I’m in chronic pain most of the day and have to sit or stand or lay down for periods at a time I’m a bus driver thanks in advance foe any feed back thank you.

  6. Sandy

    I have been receiving Social security since last year. I want to take out a percentage this year to pay taxes next year. How do I do this? I can’t seem to find anything on the website or do I have to call.

  7. paula r.

    how do I go about giving you a change of address?

    • Ray F.

      Hello Paula, if you are receiving Social Security benefits, you can create a my Social Security account to change your address online. If you are receiving Supplemental Security Income, you must report the new address to your local Social Security office. If you are not yet receiving benefits, you don’t need to change your address with us at this time.

  8. Shelby

    I read the blog it was very helpful but now I am very upset with my husband that I had to legally separate from due to him committing adultery in my home Nov. 21 2014 with the neighbors in our house. destroyed my credibility having me sign doc that I had no idea what I was signing. He just used me to get what he won’t in life I believe his is just playing the roll. I made a call to him, he states he is going to get a lawyer to handle the business at the address where I live. He is in GA with ex-wife, living with his son and son’s wife and baby. Feb. 3 2015 he abandoned me after committing adultery. I am now in need of a good attorney, can I get some help with this matter. I am also a caregiver of my sister that lives with me she is disabled receives SSI I am in need of assistants

  9. Kayode, O.

    Kindly help me, whn i lost my hearing i underwent ear surgery@ brookdale hospital in ny. The surgery made me to bcome blind on left eye and my right vision is blurrin. My spouse bcame hostile and she sent me out thru court order. I bcame homelessly living. A Rev father, Theophilus .Ojo accomodated me for a while, i came to nigeria to seek further help on my detriorating condition. However, i was informed that Rev Theophilus Ojo has passed on. I want to return to u.s sir but i have no home to stay. I live wth rev theophilus ojo @ 216 rockaway av apt 23r brooklyn new york 11233. My seperated spouse and i used to live @ 765 eldert lane apt 3j brooklyn new york. My doctor @ uch (university college hospital ib nig) has written on my behalf to SSA. Pls sir kindly guide me on how i can secure a home on arrival to new york city. I used to work wth MTA NYC bfore i bcame deaf and blind sir. Please help I am 52yrs old sir.. Also my ssd was stopped, i chose direct deposit to my chase bk

  10. Ralph A.

    How many dollars help can I and my wife get for payments I can not make for medicine , in particular “Imbruvica ” if I return to it , if my wife and I have an income of about $2822. monthly , if possible , from Medicare , and what is least amount monthly that now AbbVie charges for it ? And who for 2016 has an acceptable Medicare Advantage plan . It appears as though Humana does not have one like previous years , nor Aetna, and Medical Mutual is too expensive for Imbruvica ? So here comes the question related to United States Government vs. Digital Equipment Co. (1983) , settled out of Court “Who are AbbVies ‘Most Favored Dealers’ for Imbruvica as defined in that lawsuit ? Please send a copy of this to my e-mail and to

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