152 thoughts on “Easily Access Your Social Security Benefit Statement

  1. I need a copy of be edit award letter never received a letter saying I was approved for SSI and now trying to reapply for my SSI and I keep getting stuff about Medicare and SSDI but I don’t work at a job toveg credits what do I do been denied 3 times for see but as doctor found me disabled confused

  2. i forgot my password and changed my email
    can’t sign in i need my wifes and my 2019 1099
    so i can file my tax return
    Thank you
    Sam Puskar

  3. I have been trying to get help changing my (Direct Express Debit Card) address for months!! The old card expires July 2020, and I need to get the new card activated so I can receive my benefits for August!!!! Waiting time when calling is (atrocious), and the online website keeps saying I already have an account, but it won’t let me in because, I can’t remember my old username. What do I have to do to correct this problem since my local office is closed due to Covid-19 Pandemic, and not receiving visitors??!!

  4. Loan officer asking for my 2020 SSA Dollar Benefit for me and my wife. New amount Dollar Amounts.

    Of course can not find it.

    How do I get a new copy ASAP that I can print on line.

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