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Celebrating Older Americans Month

May 31, 2022 • By

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Last Updated: May 31, 2022

Senior Citizen Couple Living Independently At Own HomeEvery May, the U.S. Administration for Community Living (ACL) leads the national observance of Older Americans Month. This year’s theme is “Age My Way” – with a focus on how older adults can plan to live independently for as long as possible. At USAging, this is our theme all year long! Our members lead local efforts to help older adults age well at home.

Social Security is key to this work. Social Security provides older adults with basic financial support to help them remain living in – and engaged in – their communities. That’s not only what most older adults prefer, but it also benefits their communities. Social Security benefits are economic drivers and lifelines. Older adults spend their income at local businesses, pay local taxes, and support religious and civic organizations.

To age well, older adults need to protect themselves. Unfortunately, the importance of Social Security benefits to older adults and people with disabilities creates opportunities for scammers. Older adults and their family members must be aware of these scams so they protect their Social Security number and don’t get scammed out of their benefits.

A growing area of need and support for older adults is social engagement. Research shows that being socially isolated and lonely has a negative effect on mental and physical health. This increases the risk of dementia, heart disease, and mortality. To find local engagement resources and aging services, contact ACL’s Eldercare Locator at 1800677-1116 or visit

It’s not just about aging at home. It’s about aging well at home. Our members, the Area Agencies on Aging and Title VI Native American Aging Programs around the country, offer a range of services that promote healthy aging, independence, and engagement. These include:

  • Health promotion classes.
  • Meal delivery.
  • Transportation.
  • Medicare education and counseling through the State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP).
  • Outreach to ensure older adults with low income can afford the out-of-pocket costs of Medicare (in coordination with Social Security).

To make aging your way possible, get connected to local aging resources. Learn more about the local aging services and supports USAging members provide, by visiting the USAging website. Please share this information with your friends and family – and post it on social media.

Our posting of this blog does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of any non-Social Security organization, author, or webpages.

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  4. Liz B.

    My husband abandoned me in mid 2019 and I’ve been living on the social security provided from his employment for the wife, which is only $866. I also receive under $200 per month from SSI. This is not enough to rent my own place and pay bills and I ended up having to pay for a shared bedroom in a house. This is not an ideal situation and I wanted to know if there is some help the SSA can give me. I am 71.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Liz. We are sorry to hear about your situation. You may be eligible to receive social services from the state in which you live. These services include free meals, housekeeping help, transportation, or help with other problems. To get information about services in your area and find out if you qualify, you will need to contact your state or local social services or welfare office. We hope this helps.

  5. Debbie

    I am age 60 an on SSDI, will my my check amount change when I reach age 65?

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Debbie. Thanks for your question. When you reach full retirement age, we will automatically convert your disability benefits to retirement benefits, but the amount remains the same. Starting the month you reach retirement age, you will get benefits with no limit on your earnings. We hope this helps. 

  6. Judith M.

    In the past, l was able to receive dental work through the VA. I am a Vietnam Veteran female, age 71 Low income status and receive PAAD, SEC 8 HOUSING ASSISTANCE, UTILITY ASSISTANCE.
    I moved from Georgia back to New Jersey 4 years ago.
    I need dental work badly! How do l request VA Dental Assistance In Egg Harbor City, or surrounding Areas?
    I receive my Primary and Mentalness Illness services through Northfield VA Medical Clinic presently/Willing to, Delaware Hospital. Due to the Distance l am qualified to get Services in my Local Area, ie. Rothman Institute of Orthopedics. Currently, l had Total Hip Replacement today!
    And, can you identify Dentists that are approved by VA in my Local Area ?

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Judith. Thanks for visiting our blog. For information about what is covered and who you can see using your veteran beneits, you will need to contact the Veterans Administration. Thanks! 

  7. Barbara G.

    I’m curious if I am receiving all the benefit I’ve earned. I am now 77, retired at age 65. I have had to work again since my husband died in 2015. Do I still have to pay taxes on what I’ve earned since then? I thought there was a cutoff age for that.

    • Ann C.

      Hi, Barbara. Thanks for visiting our blog. You must pay taxes on your benefits if you file a federal tax return as an “individual” and your “combined income” exceeds $25,000. If you file a joint return, you must pay taxes if you and your spouse have “combined income” of more than $32,000. If you are married and file a separate return, you probably will have to pay taxes on your benefits. For more information, visit our Benefits Planner.  For tax questions, you will need to contact the IRS. Their toll-free number is 1-800-829-1040 or you can visit their website. We hope this information is helpful.

  8. Yong

    Hmm this is not bad

    • leo m.

      We observe Older Americans Month (OAM) every May to encourage and celebrate the numerous contributions that senior citizens make to our communities. I provide SEO services. The lives of others around them are enriched by their time, experience, and talents.

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