A COVID-19 Update from Our Commissioner

I want you to hear directly from me how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting our services. The first thing you should know is that we continue to pay benefits. Be aware that scammers may try to trick you into thinking the pandemic is stopping your Social Security payments but that is not true. Don’t be fooled.

To protect you and help stop the spread of this coronavirus, we cannot accept visitors in our offices at this time. There are several other ways you can get help. Many services are available online. If you have a critical need that you cannot address online, we can help you over the phone.

Please visit our Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) page to find out what services we are continuing and which ones we are suspending, how to contact us, and important information about deadlines we are extending to ease the burden on you and medical providers during this pandemic.

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1,760 thoughts on “A COVID-19 Update from Our Commissioner

    • Of coarse not. Why give anything to the people who have always paid taxes and continue to do so, even if it is our money? They will give to the people on unemployment compensation and business. The same “business” that continually strives for maximum profit from the elderly on low fixed incomes. This is an Election Year and retirees vote!

        • Of course not, we, on SS will continue to get money, those whose companies shut down will not which is why they should get what the President spoke of.

          • @Llewellyn woods
            Your reply is barely understandable. I do get the idea you are unhappy with foreigners. Since your reply isn’t in English I’m curious what country you are from since you are not American.

          • My sister is on social security and works as a school guard.. she makes more money then l do on just social security. So l don’t think it’s fair that just because she work a few hours a day should get any of the stimulus and makes more then me already..if she receives the stimulus then l should too..l make ALOT less on social security then she dose…

          • I understand that it’s ppl under 65000 a year SSI u get less than 10 IIhave a mentally challenged/ autistic boy who’s home from school who eats like a horse because of his meds there should be some help for us

          • Even people who are still working and esrning 75K will get money, but retirees who earn 25K wont. Nice…

          • They are indicating they will use 2018 tax filing, but my question is, why just the working people. Granted some are being told to stay home because of business shut down but others are still working. And yet they will get the stimulus pay too. We have had to pay extra for supplies but we are not included in the stimulus package?

          • Most of us will suffer the most with the extra expense of paying for delivery .It is supposed to be a stimulus and we buy things too

          • Not every taxpayer is or will be out of work. whay about those who are in food industry . delivery drivers which has trippled or more, grocery storea has double the people working to be extra cashiers and stockers just to keep up. Dont forget the nurses and doctors who still work, and there has even been cleaning jobs added. I guess they shouldnt get a thing either right? Since many of them are actually getting the same, even MORE hours than normal? So my question is how does the government leave them out since they still get a check??? Wouldnt be fair for those people to get a stimulus when thier income is still coming in right???

          • Well I am on SSI disability. I get $743 in mind which is not nearly enough for me to live on so I have to work as a massage therapist. I am self employed because I I am very limited as to what I can do but I need my money nonetheless. I need a dam Check. You try to live off $743 a month. Not that I’m not appreciative of it but I live in a 20′ travel trailer and have had to downsize my life incredibly because of my disability. Just because we’re on social security or SSI disability does not mean that we don’t Need the extra help.. I guess I could always downsize a little more like maybe I should stop eating.

          • OK. I was in panic mode with my 1st comment. Upon further thought And a cup of coffee I realize that there are things that can be done. I’m just gonna have to go back in look over my expenses again and tweak a bit more, like calling my credit card company and see if my monthly payment can be lowered for the time being which I’m sure a lot of us can do given the circumstances I’m sure they would rather have a lower payment than no payment. Can also Take a couple of things off my car insurance that will lower that. Have already gotten rid of my storage Room canceled unnecessary expenses such as streaming services and couple of other things that were nice to have but unnecessary. I’m just going to have to make cuts so that my monthly check covers my expenses then I won’t have to worry. I also reflected on the fact that I am very grateful for the check that I do have coming in and the fact that I have a roof over my head that I’m not going to lose. I guess my point is we’re just all gonna have to make the best of this horrible situation and be grateful that we are not laying in intensive care stricken with this virus and do what we can to get by right now. getting upset over not getting a stimulus check isnt going to magically put on in our hands. It isn’t going to Solve anything. At least we’re still getting our benefits checks. There are a lot of folks out there who do not get monthly checks from the government that have just had the rug ripped out from under them overnight. Let’s be glad we are not in that category.

          • So you get ssi and work under the table…pay taxes like the rest of us.. If you are able to work under the table all of you get of ssi and get your ass out and work. There are a lot of people on ssi that do not need it !!! I’m in the medical field and see this all the time…how many people you know are on a fixed income and smoke!!! And cry about money.. All of you that are capable of working and are not…you are taking money from my social security and our children

          • No one has said that Social Security Disability people are not going to get a check. Quit posting stupid unknown comments. You don’t know a damn thing!

          • Christine furcsik or whatever

            “There are a lot of people on ssi that do not need it !!! I’m in the medical field and see this all the time…”

            I am calling BS on your claim, SSI is hard as hell to get on. Probably the most difficult support system in the US to get on so take your BS and GTFO

          • We on DSDI should receive it since no one will actually consider hiring us to work in my case I’m permanately partial paralyzed in a wheelchair. So I truly believe that we are in a catch 22 and should receive it since we more like will be the ones that put it back in the economy.

          • Wow I can’t believe some of the whiners on here. Most people are being really selfish. I live on $883 from SSA each month. As an Army veteran I will not add to the economic strain. I would love to have some extra money but I feel that I am blessed to know that I will still receive benefits through all of this. The money should go to people who have lost their jobs! Yes, this crisis affects everyone financially but people need to toughen up and stop looking at this horrible situation as a way to get money you didn’t earn. I live alone with my two cats and I make it through just fine. I live within my means and no, I do not feel like I live in poverty because I don’t. I am grateful for what I have. And for real!? Someone posted that she didn’t think her own sister should get a check because she won’t get one! Wow! That’s extremely selfish and hateful.

          • Yes we should get a stimulus check just like everyone else – who died and left you boss –

          • I’m reading some of the post down towards the bottom one guy says he’s in the medical he says he sees it all the time people on SSI are able to work well let me tell you something I’ve had 35 surgeries and I can’t work I’m in more pain than you’ll ever know


          • After all those years of people on ssi getting a couple of dollars here and there yearly the least that the government can do is include ssi recipients in this package even if would be this one time only.

          • Seniors whose only means is S.S. check once a month, a No other income Should get a check, they are spending money they don’t have on delivery services and hired help all week!

          • They are propsoing every one, even people working get a check. Why would SSI as only income be excluded?

          • Melisa Francis on Fox said people on SS even if they did not file 2018 tax return will get 600.

          • A new Senate bill does include Social Security income as one qualification. Advocates want lawmakers to make sure that no beneficiaries fall through the cracks.

          • Look up the rules, do a little of your own research,the senate bill says every legal American,it doesn’t exclude those on social security…reason being is because POTUS said that before it’s over it will effect every American household,so the way I read it was even those on S.S would get the relief check and no I’m not on disability, but I do agree it will effect everyone in some way ,therefore I believe everyone should get the help except the exceptionally rich,just my opinion based on a little research and not paying attention to MSM (Mainstream Media)for those who don’t know what msm is.

          • thats a shame older folks on ss need money living on a damn fixed income,, come on that ludacris.. i live on 700 a mth and i barely make it.. thats not fair you try living on that… 1,200 would help me out a lot.

          • Just so everyone knows, as of now the way the bill is written SSI people or those without income and have not filed 2018 tax return will not be included for getting a check. I think some Dem and Repubs are trying to change that

          • The stimulus check is going to *everyone* who paid taxes — even if they did not lose work. So to say that checks were not interrupted is irrelevant. Many people are teleworking and receiving the same pay they usually do. They will still receive stimulus checks. There is no earthly reason that those on disability should not be able to do the same.

          • I just heard that people receiving social security benefits will get a 200 dollar increase for the rest of 2020

          • Yes we will continue to receive are ssi checks but I know my families disability check was spent on things needed because of the coronavirus now are money is gone and I can’t buy the things we normally buy to survive a normal month.thats why people getting ssi and ssi disability should get some kind of stimulus package.the cost of living in a single month is now double because of the coronavirus

          • All I know is my families disability money is gone before I could buy what we normally need because we’ve had to stock up on supplies that we wouldn’t normally have to because of the coronavirus so now we’re short for the month.now next month I’m gonna have to figure it all out again.do I but more supplies to keep us safe or do I pay Bill’s so we don’t get to far behind that after this passes we can’t dig are selves out and end up homeless.thats why every American should receive some kind of stimulus package.

          • Well why not just those, there is people that won’t lose any work but still get the check….BS

          • There are three programs Social Security pays benefits for. 1.Retirees, paid for SOCIAL SECURITY deducted from their income. Must have work credits to base retirement income.
            2. SSDI- (social security disability insurance) Paid SOCIAL SECURITY deducted from their income. Must have work credits to qualify.and base monthly disability income.
            Both paid into the “fund”
            3 SSI- Social security income for those that are disabled but DO NOT QUALIFY for retirement or SSDI due to lack of WORK credits. These beneficiaries not only receive free government money, but also, receive 100% medical coverage and ZERO COPAYS at pharmacies. (Free loaders)
            Those that work or have worked to make America great, should receive the same as everyone.. Unemployment benefits are available for those with enough WORK credits..
            Please Mr. President, give us all a FAIR SHAKE. Even the FREELOADERS can help our nation stand back up with a few extra dollars desguised in a stimulus check.
            Thank you for reading . You must be as bored as myself during this health crisis.
            I’m scared to get milk and bread due to several preexisting health conditions.
            Bored.,…. Bored…. Bored.

          • That still doesn’t mean we on ssi or ssd does not deserve a little extra help we are suffering tooo and some only get 784 to live offf of this is suppose to be to STIMULATE the economy that means for allllllllllll Americans suffering thru this !!!!!

          • today on the news they are not going to give anyone money the
            democesist voted no

          • Those who’s companies shut down will also get unemployment benefits. Those still working still have income and will also still get the stimulus.

          • OF COURSE NOT!! What are u saying. U must b getting a pretty large sum of money from Social Security every month. To feel this way. I worked all of my live,,
            contributed. I leave on beans and rice, water from the faucet, why don’t me and you switch places ! see how long you feel this way!

          • Yeah but that idiot want to give out bail outs you’ll see in a few years how his companies will be profiting from this!

          • People that are still working will get it too so why shouldn’t people on SS? Makes no sense. Every American should get it. I guess you don’t realize that the cost of food has almost doubled so whether you’re on Social Security or not extra money would help right now. We all need to buy food Social Security were employed people both need food

          • This was posted today….. The payments will be based on an individual’s 2019 tax return, if they already filed it, or their 2018 return. Individuals who did not file taxes in either year can use their Social Security benefit statements to qualify.

            Unlike the Republican proposal, the final version of the bill allows for payments to Americans who did not earn enough money to file taxes in recent years. Most people receiving Social Security retirement or disability payments each month will still qualify for a check, as will the unemployed.

            Permanent residents will receive a check, while all other immigrants in the U.S. will not.

            Roughly 94% of Americans will qualify for full or partial checks, according to the nonprofit Tax Foundation. Lawmakers and White House officials originally considered spreading the payment out between two checks, but the final version of the bill calls for a one-time payout.

          • I agree with you and I’m on Supplement Income Dusability but not by choice I got injured. And being a housewife and raising 4 children I started working late so I can only draw 783.00 total a month and can not work at all or make any extra income. Try living on that with a teenager still at home. I understand your frustrations. I only lacked 4 credits having enough to draw full social security but I can’t ever get those having to work 5 consecutive years and make a limit of 5400.00 I’m ill and stuck with 783.00 per month for the rest of my life. Single parent. But I’m thankful I at least get that. I wished the government would let mothers that raised children have credits for those years (like 4) lol no really ppl need to pray for our government to adjust the programs to where ppl can better themselves and get off of welfare instead of having to relay entirely on them. It’s either drop SSI and try to work which I’m u able and not be allowed any credits ever or draw SSI forever looks like working part time and earning credits and hopefully get less SSI and eventually get off of it would work and benefit government better instead of everyone taking from them and being lazy. Ppl who work are ppl that need support and help the most.

          • Rebecca young I have the same problem ×2! I get SSI and one of my autistic sons do as well but hud takes 30% for rent. Plus my car payment phone bill cable bill car insurance and with the kids home that’s triple the diapers and food. I hope we get some help too cuz pple on SSI got kids too that are home from school. We have no way out of poverty that I know of.

          • Everyone gets a check, ss, unemployed, employed. What most of you fail to realize is that this check is not a gift for those of us who file taxes. It will be coming off of our 2020 tax return. That is the reason it was up for debate on whether ssi would receive a check or not. Also ssi is getting an extra 200 a month during this. How does anyone see that is right that I’m still busting my butt daily and not getting any free money, Im just getting a loan on next year’s refund, but so many of you are on here complaining and are already getting extra money a month during this but also getting a check and don’t file taxes so its free. So basically I’m busting butt taking care of 3 children and providing alot of ungreatful people with more income. You’re welcome! I hope everyone gets through this and some of you should be ashamed of the way you’re acting! Bless you all!

          • He spoke of ALOT, of lie after lie after lie! Vote! No one on SS, SSD or SSI will be getting anything EXTRA, thats only for the people who currently are unemployed thru no fault of their own, and , oh yeah, HUGE BILLION dollar Companies Like BOEING, check out what they are getting, tax break, now free $$$, it’s great for Trump and his thieves! NO, WE will get NOTHING!

          • All Americans are hurting financially including Seniors living on fixed income, even before COVID19. All should receive this assistance. Regrettably the DEGENERATE slithering around the WH has no empathy for anyone other than self.

          • I don’t know about anyone else, but my $800 I just got I had to spend it all up on bills and stuff to protect my family. I have no cash left. So just like the ones not working I don’t have a dime either. People on Disibailty were effected also.
            So I don’t see why we can’t get a little extra at least one month.

        • This has nothing to do with political parties. This is trying to help people who will have nothing! Small companies will get payroll money. Don’t you people listen!’ I’m on SS too and fully understand who and why the money will be given the way they said it would.

          • These multi billion dollars corporations don’t need stimulus money. The Republicans already have them large tax break and now want to give them stimulus money. They should help us on Social Security. We barely get by.

          • The Republicans are going to make these small businesses jump through hoops to get a small amount of money and most will not even file for it because it will not be worth it.

          • Almost all the small businesses during the Gulf of Mexico oil spill got nothing. The federal guidelines will be even more difficult for these small businesses to comply with in order to receive assistance.

          • So what’s the deal r we going to get it our not I’m on ssi low income down here the charging me for time the price for one thing foreigners stay your as a out or country you infected piece crap the Hispanics an Indians bring the price up because of you foreigners some body gone have to fix the problem with infected foreigners you full shit moths ducks spread that Corona virus out making Americans suffer behind your shit I’m sick tired making poor people pay for triple price for themeS

          • R u kidding me conservative vote for the trump virus!! We need money it’s going to the rich or Mexicans…

          • you don’t know what your talking about yes every will get it even ssi people

          • For those who make less than $100,000 each adult gets $1000 & $500 per child, up to $3000
            Whether we’ get SS, unemployment or whatever.

          • 🤔🤭🤷🏽 it’s frustrating when you see the same question asked repeatedly! some say they will get it and some say they won’t get it. However, I have read that every American is going to get something

          • Seniors are as much in need as anyone…many have nothing else. We seniors are all part of this crisis… is this not to help us all get thru? The poor especially those with no income should be first. To heck with anyone still working and making over $75,000! This is a farce from what Trump first said “all Americans will get a check of $1,000 every month” during virus….what a lie!

          • When you have nothing you don’t get 3000 per family.this shows that the disabled and elderly are short changed.

          • You are so right. Some of these peoples comments are wrong. I guess there not listening to what the president has said. Every American under a certian income will get a check. income

          • I agree its not right, i have 2 disabled children and both not being in school because of closures, We are almost out of supplies but cant even get any help because all the county offices close Nd now this topped it off no stimulus check for the already screwed, f$&@ me.

          • How will they verify who gets a stimulas check? The IRS or SSA with people’s Social Security numbers. We have no chance in hell of getting a stimulus check in two weeks if the IRS is handling it.

          • Just food for thought. Although my SS check will not be effected hopefully by this emergency, but that doesn’t mean my life and expenses are not. I am vulnerable to this so homebound currently. I am having to pay huge money on tips and fees and such to have my groceries delivered. So the gal who’s weekly take home just sky rocket because she works grocery delivery will get the money…bu the one paying out all the extra will not. This is just one variable to this very complex equation, but whoever on capital hill worked this equation was not very good at mathematics – oh they came up win an answer after figuring this, desifering that. Any of US could come up with an answer. Doesn’t mean it’s right or that as we say in chemistry, after working the problem , the equation still is not balance.

            So, an answer to the problem but left an unbalanced equation

          • You don’t get it. IRC so on disability and social security don’t get enough and have to supplement their income In order to live. I am one of those people I can’t do much but I do have to do something good now my business has completely dried up. What about us? Now that being said I do appreciate the fact that I will still be getting the benefits that I’m getting so at least there’s something. I’ll just have to downsize even more I guess. But at least with the downsizing I’ve done over the past 2 years I have a roof over my head.. There are people who want. So I guess I’ll count my blessings there.

          • I read that people on social security and make $3000 or more would get the stimulus money

          • Yeah but we need money too. My SSI is 870$ a month. That’s nothing.i think it’s unfair.

          • …what yiu said, but i could use it to stock up on stuff right now and make ready for possibly harder times later.

          • I’m on SSI to I get 780 and I have 2 kids no other help from the government so I think if the tax payers get a check we should to become not all tax payers is off of work and all of those rich people with billions of dollars should help to

          • So why are the people with guaranteed salaries still getting stimulus. Also $75,000 is not poverty level.. you think they deserve a check??

          • There’s individuals that need ssi, and there’s individuals that took advantage of the system the ones that took advantage are the ones that are wrecking the system those are the ones that need to be accountable

          • I am disabled with mental disorders and I understand about tax payers/employees getting help, but just think about it for a minute….yes we’re on SSI/SOCIAL SECURITY and we’re having to rearrange our budgets to make make things work as it is, but now we’re coming out of pocket for extra things that we wouldn’t normally have to spend on. yes we pay our bills and after that and getting what we need for our homes (like toiletries and thing’s needed to clean for my home) and I find myself scratching around for food and this MOST DEFINITELY AFFECTS U.S. TOO! Worse than working people. We didn’t ask to be disabled and we WANT to go get jobs, but let’s be real…it’s not possible for a lot of us.$771 doesn’t go far at all. I’ve read some pretty hurtful and down right nasty comments about US and it’s wrong. I pray for all people,but I pray harder for us

          • Don’t forget the all people in congress and their staff, they get the money too!

          • To the asshole that said people on SSI are freeloaders I would like to say to you sir f**k off idiot ! People on SSI are disabled I for one am on SSI and not by choice ! I’m paralyzed from a accident and now I have to live on $771 a month if you think I’m happy with that your a bitch ! Nobody can live on that ! It’s not free money ! It’s help from the American people to those that can’t help themselves ! And everybody deserves the stimulus check because everybody is in crisis right now and the low-income are the ones that are going to spend the money and put it back into the economy not the people that are just going to put it in their bank account !

          • People are confused bc 1 news source said mitch mcconnel (of course!) Is trying force chexks only coming to people who file 2018 tax returns. No one is sure. Nothing is passed yet but i think its unfair to give checks to everyone who filed in 2018 even if theyre still able to work full time presently but not give then to the disabled or seniors who ALWAYS struggle.



          • really? I havent seen anything. I hope.cause I bearly make.it.with 748 i have nothing left.

          • So what if we didn’t file in 2018 but working and they are still taking out taxes will I still be able to receive a check?

          • Everyone, please…There has not been a final decision made about anything yet…Yes most Americans will receive something in the form of cash. Every news report you people are reading & seeing is just a possibility of what might happen…It will possibly be another week before the final decision is made…Who is likely to benefit will be the middle class Americans who file tax returns in 2018…SS & Disability recipients will probably receive nothing, not a penny…Please don’t get your hopes up for the government to send SSDI & SS recipients any money…I can not make this any clearer..Everything you are seeing on the news, reading on the internet, & reading on here is speculation…Be safe people & be nice to your neighbor, if you can…Peace

          • SS recipients have paid into the system or they don’t get SS. We pay taxes on that SS income, so we’ll just have to see how we’re valued. I am supporting those out of work generously. They have it the toughest.

          • What do you mean? Will the people on SS be getting a check. I have no way to work . Some people say we get $600, some people say we get extra added on our SS checks some say we get nothing what is the truth. Thank you so much.BLF

          • I agree with you Michael (not Micheal Greewalt). Mr Greenwalt said we on SSI are freeloaders. That’s absolute BS. I’m only on SSI because I had a crap lawyer who was unprepared and I got a horrible judge who denied my claim even though I had exhaustive hard proof of my disability. I went lawyerless and wrote my own appeal brief to Falls Church and easily won. The problem was that I owned a business the last few years I worked and the appellate courts retroactive decision went into effect one month after my last date insured. I lost my SSDI and was stuck on these minimal SSI benefits even though I was previously making over $70k a year when I was still an employee.

            The dude, Michael Greenwalt doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Just because someone is on the wefare version doesn’t mean they didn’t pay massive amounts into the SS fund. It just means they didn’t qualify at the time of their ruling for SSDI (which I was screwed out of through no fault of my own). A genetic autoimmune disease is eating away at my bones and nervous system and I lost my livelihood, property, and marriage over it. Before that I wasn’t a minimum wage earner (nothing against them, was one in my early years) or a shiftless layabout, I was a self made business professional who worked his tail off to get where he was and paid huge amounts into the system.

            To classify me as a leech on the system is untrue and unfair. I probably paid more into the system than Mr Greenwalt ever will.

          • Your eligibility is based on your most recent tax return and your adjusted gross income. If you already filed your 2019 taxes ,your eligibility will be based on that. If not, the Internal Revenue Service will use your 2018 taxes to determine if you qualify.

            The benefit is available not only to those who have filed taxes, but also to those who receive Social Security benefits as long as they’ve received their SSA-1099 form.

          • Absolutely! Apparently, these people don’t watch the news. Did you KNOW too that everyone who received SNAP received up to$ 167 .00 on the 25th? Check your cards people! And extra next month as well. We count. We’re getting $1,200.00

        • We who are on s.s always get screwed. When miniman wages go up, prices go up but s.s doesn’t.Some years we get a increase of about 10.00. And people who get govt assistance get alot less assistance because of this whopping ten dollar increase so we never truly go up in wages and this check would be a great help so we could breathe a little for once. And remember most of us worked atleast 40 hours a week for decades and we’re contributing members of society. One day you will wake up and be right where we are.

          • WELL SAID !!!! I couldnt imagine it being said any better!! We need help and definitely dont get enough to make it..

          • Mark, Dont you think the people who get SSI and Disability will get the checks also? And my Parents were a small business making clothing but Clinton let eveything go overseas and all of the small businesses making clothing had to file Bankruptcy but President Trump fixed that back with the Mexico, America, Canada trade Act. My parents would have a good retirement had Trump been in office rather than Bill Clinton. The Americans get more from Trump than any other President we have had.

          • They don’t give a shit . Once you leave the work force your totally forgotten . I recently moved to Virginia I waited 6 months to see my new primary dr. I don’t drive so I set up a transportation ride a week in advance and called two days before to confirm my ride never showed up and now I have to wait three more months to see the dr . In which before I left Boston ma. Area I had some appt scheduled with my speciality drs. As I have many health issues that cannot be addressed now . My gall bladder was to be removed in September but I was moving to Va later that month so I’d wait after the move . Had experienced a traumatic head injury that I need a neurologist for a retinal doctor as I already have had two tears repaired in my left eye . And then they tell me to call my old drs in Boston to renew my medications as they can’t perscribe them until they see me so my dr from Massachusetts prescribes my meds across state lines because of the lack and insensitive duties for a patient on Medicare . I’ve been staying indoors as required by the cdc as I have an compromised immune system costing me a fortune in expenses in ordering and having deliveries sent to me purchasing more than I need for a 14 day supply every 14 days on top of all my other bills that need to be paid . I. About to end that and go out and do that myself wether I’m sick or not just to save on money .

          • agree …theyjust love to rip off the old ,and poor and sick its just so easy for both parties to do

          • Taxpayers with little or no income tax liability, but at least $2,500 of qualifying income, would be eligible for a minimum rebate check of $600 ($1,200 married). Qualifying income includes earned income, as well as Social Security retirement benefits and certain compensation and pension benefits paid to veterans. This ensures relief gets to low-income seniors and disabled veterans,” the summary reads.

          • Very true I am on SSDI .I am on disability and have two children I’m a single mom who doesn’t have to pay taxes on the 12,000 I receive a year.I am so stressed out .I am going to what places I can find just for food to feed myself and my kids.I have no stock pile of anything if there was a stay in your house order. And I definitely don’t have any savings. I hope there some government help for some one in my situation. I read all these news article and I still don’t know what if any help my family will get.

          • Everytime Social Security get a small raise amazingly enough, Medicare goes up exactly that amount. Not that it’s over enough to really make a difference anyway

          • I was fortunate enough to put something into my 401k before my major heart desease forced me from the labor force, ss helped but now my ira is dropping fast due to this china virus. Looks like I won’t be around long enough to recover my losses. Was told the 10 percent penalty is being lifted. To late, looks like my trying to put away for my care was not such a good idea. I followed the rules all my life, now looks like my low ss check is my blessing. I thank China for that, also I thank our politicians for allowing it to happen. I’ll vote for trump as he continues to drain the swamp.$600 check is double what I have now. I’m trying to be thankful, I’m sure a lot of people are worse off than me. I pray for them.

          • Very good point. This is a totally screwing the disable and SSI. It leaves people who receive SSI and disability left in the dark. We are human just as anyone else. We did not ask to be brought into the world with the medical isssues we struggle with and to me every president, congress, senator and etc we have had has been Discriminating towards the elderly and disable. If you think about it. When it comes to talking about treating people equal the president, congress,senators only rrun their mouths how people should be treated equal when they can’t or don’t even do it themselves and they should be charged for counterdicting themselves and going against their word of so called honesty when people like that are the liars, bullshittersand cons who are out for two things only the money and themselves. In my opinion personally we disable or getting SSI are being judged when that is gods job. We are being left behind , ignored, treated unequal or as a Human being when we are human as every other individual no matter what race we are and we are being discriminated and equality, discrimination and neglect have laws and statues that relates to it being a crime and hell these republicans get away with doing it az if it was us we catch hell and be charged. So why the hell they getting away with it when tbey are no better than us.

            The republicans such as the congress

          • And you can bet prices will skyrocket when businesses begin operating again.

            Guess we who are on SSDI will just have to croak…..

          • HEY EVERYONE:

          • The sad part is there planning to cut your benifits 23% to pay for the payroll part of this stimulus ,yes its true and im outraged that republican & dems threw seniors ,retired & disabled people under the bus time to pick a knew party that represents all of us my parents are retired i dont get made that there not giving them stimulus check people wake up there going after ur future benifits.

          • Does not say we will either . If they go my tax returns it may be we won’t if we didn’t file

          • You are crazy trump has been for rich always not your poor ass. Worst president ever period !

          • Agreed. Nothing has been passed as of this second. It read more articles that day EVERY ADULT.AMERICAN WILL BE GETTING SOMETHING. INCLUDING SSI AND SSDI RECIPIENTS. THESE PEOPLE ARE TALKING OUT THEIR ASSES.

          • In 2008 Obama Stimulus checks did not include SSI recipients SSDI recipients did get some but working class got the most
            I hope that changes this time around as i am also on SSI and it’s tough to stay afloat with my spinal degeneration it’s difficult to get to the store i don’t own a car anymore since my former truck broke down and I simply couldn’t afford to fix it blown head gasket they wanted to replace both V6 starting at $1,000 and going up from there… I need help just to go grocery shopping and my pain is relentless both neck and back where is my help?

          • answer question are we gettin checks or not this stimulous only will help basically anybody but the true poor and those like the guy that talks like hes all that and a bag of chips u shuldnt be on ssi if ur that above it and screw u i do need i live in the hood but even hood is very expensive and any money i have outside of rent is20 dollars a week

        • That’s funny it’s not just Republicans get a life. And I don’t blame them. I don’t even think it should go to the rich. I think it should go to people who are stuck at home for two weeks. I don’t think it should go to people who don’t work, I already have millions and billions in the bank

          • Who would have to guess that is the way you think, people like you are why America is messed up

          • We’ll share the wealth!! I’m not ashamed to as you for help! People say rude things n don’t know people’s situations!! But wherever URE from n u have all this money!! Be nice kind generous!! Give back!! Get your million dollar friends to go out n do the rite thing!! But I’m asking you for HELP!! ARE YOU WILLING??

          • Since you have a lot of money in the bank. Can you donate some to me to eat, and get someone to help me move? II am being evicted I had found donations for my rent but the agency’s sent monies too late to complex and the complex wanted all the money at same time so since it wasn’t they filed a eviction. I was only 1 month behind at the time when they file a eviction. So now I owe pass rent, attorney fees. There is no way I can pay all of the monies they are asking for. I’m also having a hard time finding a place due to the eviction on my record. If I found someplace they will want deposit and or 2 months rent up front. My SS check is nowhere near what places are asking for. As follows I will give you a little back ground on me: I’m disabled on SSD had a shoulder replacement in Oct 2019 knee replacement in April 2020 nerves burt in back two weeks ago. I’m have a lot of pain where my anxiety level is up where I don’t sleep I can’t buy my med’s due to I need every little dime I have. I’m being evicted and don’t have anyone to help me pack or move. I wish I had extra money to pay someone to do these things but I don’t. The sheriffs will put my stuff on the street any day now but due to virus there has been hold on evictions but I have no idea when time will be up then I will not have a choice but to go to a shelter and loose all my possessions. I feel so hopeless but I’m putting my faith in god to bring me thru.
            Thanks for you time and pray for me.

          • Cristine, I am so happy for you with your millions and billions. I have worked since I was 13. My parents were poor. We did not have the opportunity to go to college. Now I am 70 years old and get SS. Couldn”t pay my bills so I went back to work part time.. I don’t even make enough to file taxes. Can;t even get a loan because I don’t make enough money, My husband is sick. Has stage 4 copd. Now I am not complaining because of my life.I have 3 wonderful children. I am happy and try to make do with what I have got, Never ask for food stamps or welfare. The fact is I could use extra money.Now if you have all that money. maybe you could loan me some.I would be forever grateful. Thank you for letting me vent a little

          • The ones who worked, veterans who fought for our country before they become disabled and are on social security should automatically be in this stimulose package.Who pulled this country up by it’s boot straps if it wasnt us.I don’t believe our president will let us down, Trump is doing a hell of a job. Trump 2020

        • I don’t know where you heard that. Our president is doing a great job trying to keep everything going do we won’t go into a recession. Social security recipients are getting a stimulus check too. Our president, Donald Trump, is a republican and he is signing the package for all Americans, except for the wealthy.

          • Yes President Trump has done so much for our country . He’s going to make this country even better in the next four years !

          • The president got rid of the Pandemic team that could have mitigated this virus. This president is wht worst we’ve ever had. Our hospitals are desperate, short on supplies and he’s doing nothing to help. Wake up…most of the people dying live in Senior facilities and he’s killing you off 50 at a time.

          • There is nothing for Trump to sign! No bill has been passed! The current bill being negotiated only addresses taxpayers who filed in 2018. Those that didn’t file are out of luck.

          • Some people should be ashamed of the way they are talking ,and whineing!!! If we on as get it what a blessing but if we dont we still have our checks & President Trump is doing a fine job

          • Trump is a lying orange face pig, per NY or Washington post (don’t remember which) he has lied 17,000 times since being in office. All he cares about is how to keep the stock from falling not Americans getting sick! Period! 4 more years is a joke! Anyone in the United States could run and win against his dumb ass!!!! Attempted something different with orange face, didn’t work, please go back to a political person. And to sum up… trump is the top idiot!!! Hillbillies need to recognize trump is a political moron and other countries look at him leading us and laugh that this moron is leading the USA!!!

          • where did you hear that ppl on SSI are getting the stimulus checks? all that I heard is there’s a possibility that people on Social Security will get their monthly checks and an additional $200 a month up until 2021

        • That is sas. We worked paid in. And we can not get gelp.over this. I have a child as well. I was forced go in disability from lupus and rare muscular dystrophy and. On now in ixygen. Limited income is sad when in crisis as this. How am I suppose to feed my daughter and get supplies. Explain this??? I’m proud of what you are doing but you need to stand for disabled as well!!!

          • You can’t get anything with a minimum of $600 government money on top of your SS? Something is wrong in your home then.

          • I read on nbcnews.com that people on Social security receive the money. This is acoording to
            MConnell. That is if this bill gets passed.

          • They will include ppl on social security, SSI doesn’t qualify as income, so I’m pretty sure SSI ppl will be excluded in the stimulus checks.

          • Thata what the one Senator saying is only people that file taxes in 2018 which is bulshit 2018 ain’t got shit to do what’s going on in 2020

          • My understanding as of 2:00 AM. 3/20/20 is that you must have filed a 2018 tax return. Middle income will benefit. There will be no checks for those on SSI or SSDI.

          • Some people just thier earn income tax return took a vacatinn in the middle of al this. will get paid fpr not being able to work now will receive astimulus check so they can spend to help the economy?iwll be 80 next month raise my 7 children no aid at all from the goverment.have had cancer 2 times on med for dibetis. heart problems neruopathy. You name it triying to buy arundown 1000 rv to live in cause i pay halth ins and left wit 800 pay storage 300 cause canot afford any thing i would love to get some of that money too

        • Your president loves America.. You watch he won’t leave elderly or disabled out!! Everyone will get something well at least legals will..

          • Yes if your on disability receiving Ssdi or SSI you’ll also get a check it might not be $1000 but it will be something President Trump said every American and i was just reading in the Washington post seniors and disabled will receive money too

          • Yes, I believe this also.
            And watch all of those “Not My President” folks run to the bank……and find something to whine about as they spend the money he just sent them…….

          • They are talking about give ing a 200 $ more on our checks a month I think this is better then nothing at all.i hope it works out for all people stay self

          • Democrats have proposed a $200 increase in the monthly benefit for all Social Security, Veterans, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries through the end of 2021. This will put about $4,000 in the pockets of seniors and people with disabilities who have earned this benefit by contributing to Social Security with every paycheck.

        • “Qualifying income includes earned income, as well as Social Security retirement benefits and certain compensation and pension benefits paid to veterans. This approach “ensures relief gets to low-income seniors and disabled veterans” as well, top Republicans said in their summary of the legislation. “. Now shut it tony

          • I’m a disabled veteran and I only make 850 a month but I don’t file taxes.. does that mean I will be ineligible for the check? Also I recently moved; if I’m eligible have you heard anything about how it will be distributed or how to contact to give correct or updated info if it’s going to be mailed if it’s not connected to like your VA direct deposit.

          • You all know something, people on Social Security or SSI ( disability) still have to pay bills like you!

        • There seems to be some confusion here, first off the Democrats paid a college professor and 2 Chinese immigrants to create this virus so there is no need to call foreigners names. And one person said we already get checks from the president which is not true because most of us paid money in for several years for our retirement/Disability checks. But I will be satisfied with what ever the president decides. If you are one of the people that went out and bout $400 worth of toilet paper then you don’t deserve a stimulus check anyway. Lol

          • Some people should be ashamed of the way they are talking ,and whineing!!! If we on as get it what a blessing but if we dont we still have our checks & President Trump is doing a fine job

          • I think Pence is the reason we have a shortage of toilet paper. He has purchased as much as he can, so he has an abundance to run around behind “Our president” .

          • “About 22 million who are under $40,000 will get nothing under the GOP plan.”

          • ok what about if your one of those poorest familys and you have 2 children do you get extra for the children like they say

          • Hi, Deborah. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

          • That seems to be questionable at this time I think people and gov officials should look at this differently this not stimulus money tjiis is emergency money for most is us on as. We are barely able to cover our regular bills with the we get .good prices are hirer as well as energy cost,transportation cost,water and waste bills,even trying to get someone to now your grass. We on as do the best we can managing our budget. After listening to these covid briefings l realize that we have completely no idea what’s going to happen .None of these positive projections have any facts to back to support them. We the most vulnerable should have some emergency funds in case like I believe this emergency last far longer than the projections .we need to be prepared for emergencies..We the retirees who worked all our lives and paid for our retirements should be given funds to offset the emergencies that will crop up..After all do you think these young folks are going to lean on when they need need help.In my experience IIT won’t be the government it will be the family elders.

        • Which is sad because I have to pay more fore transportation to stores further out than normal because a lot of stores in my low income area are wiped out and in some cases buy higher prices goods because that’s all that is left when you are handicapped and get pushed out of the way I’m not going even talk about the prices at these convient Matt’s if you find what you need there and of course I don’t get food stamps and try getting a ride to treatment cabs are limited so I sometimes have use a gypsy cab we need help. Too

        • I worked part-time in 2019. I want to know being on SSDI if I’m going to get a stimulus check. I had to stop because I had a stress fracture in my ankle. Do the osteoporosis. I got another part-time job. That didn’t work out because my employee was not trustworthy since then I have not been able to find my SSD is not enough to live on. Before the end of the month I have money left.

        • Taxpayers with little or no income tax liability, but at least $2,500 of qualifying income, would be eligible for a minimum rebate check of $600 ($1,200 married). Qualifying income includes earned income, as well as Social Security retirement benefits and certain compensation and pension benefits paid to veterans. This ensures relief gets to low-income seniors and disabled veterans,” the summary reads.

          • But SSD is not considered earned income is it? What is qualifying income in this case? That is the question that needs to be clarified!

          • Isnt the magic word “taxpayers”? I live only off my ss retirement and bcuz I only make 10k I dont file an income tax form. But my $ is spent to live in our economy. Do you think I will receive any stimulous check?

          • Hi, Nancee. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

          • Yeah
            , but by the sounds of it, the people that are disabled and truly can’t work ( such as myself) wont get any help. I am disabled and a single mom of a child with special needs, so I guess we’re screwed. Btw, I dont get child support, section 8, TANF, etc. What about the homeless?

        • It is not Republican or Democrats. Both sides are trying to deal with this. Let’s just start acting as united Americans. Stop the politics, we are in this together.

        • i do not think that is proper they are spending alot more then ther need to checks go to all americans not just yoy politican dont be dseatful

        • I love the way that you think that you know what you are talking about. It is not just Republicans. It is Republicans AND Democrats. Do you know how our government works? I don’t think so!!!

          • I am very disappointed with both parties. Ma less the government Informed me no return needed to be filed so here it is did whatthey told me and today feel screwed by them I will be really making a careful choice when I vote might not have alot but my vote counts

          • 1st of all for the ignorant people on here saying that people shouldnt complain or ask for stimulus check.it will affect u not now ,but guess whos going to be affected by the payroll stimulus everyone on ssi,& retirement folks they are allready planning to cut ur benfits by 23% to pay for the stimulus payroll part of it.So ur going to pay the price in the near future u watch.dems & republicans dont give a dam about the you,we re paying for this not now but in the future wake up cut your check 23% can u live on that

        • My understanding is people on SS will get check too. Our 401ks lost a ton of money because of this virus. We deserve it too.

          • why so nasty?!!!
            We are all human.. and you know what? One day you will be in this position.
            So stop being fucking negative towards others, shame on you!
            The people are asking a question and all you can say is negative reply.

            It’s obvious you don’t know the answer, so keep your nasty moth to yourself and your own family…
            like it or not, People on S.S. or even SSI have worked hard and paid into what many off you will recieve… Many people even died while still working, ago where the money they paid into S.S.?
            So people like are need to knock off being assholes

        • Not fair they need money as much or more than people who now file .republicans have always been for money people

          • So if you are on disability and you’re not working then you’re already used to living like that. So being quarantined doesn’t affect you financially. But those who are on disability and they’re also working part time those people are going to be affected because they’re working part time because they can’t live off their disability. So it seems to me if you have been working then you should be eligible for the stimulus check. But if you have not been working and surviving just on disability then nothing’s any different for you.

        • Republicans said all Americans will get a check including everyone that is on Social security but I don’t believe it until I see the $1000 in my account


          • I researched hard on those on Social security or Social security disability & from the information i received it said we would receive $200 added on each monthly check until the end of 2020 resulting to receiving over $4000 dollars at the end of 2020..This actually sounds like more than expected for those thinking we are getting shortchanged..
            This may change as politics usually do,but i do feel we will get something & i will plenty thankful for what help i am receiving from this terrible Corona 19 epidemic.

        • The only way anyone will not receive stimulus check from the government is that they did not file taxes in 2018 idiot

          • Hey harsh talk isn’t helping. Let me level with you cause your ill informed. Those on SSI SSDI and health or retirement related assistance are the number one population to actually put the money back into the economy. Some people put the past stimulus away. Us on these fixed income due to no fault of our own (health related) can’t afford to save it. So it will be spent. Also the old and disabled are the high risk for the virus. The aid should be for then to be in the forefront for the help. Those continuing to work and getting free money without staying home with no contact can look offensive to the ones adhering to the quarantine and seclusion guidelines because or lives depend on it. Why shouldn’t we be included? If you make under a certain amount and have no taxable income YOU STRAIGHT UP CAN NOT FILE. E filing is not something you qualify for. The IRS website will turn your application form down for your taxes if you owe nothing and get nothing in return. We are the ones that need the aid and we are the ones that will have the highest population without a tax filing, for any year for that matter. So if no one has clear answers why are you acting like we on assistance are free loading? Seniors and disabled already make hard choices when it comes to making our income stretch. If I could appeal to the president I’d ask him to make the checks all inclusive no matter your income or source if you have a social security number you get a check. Hopefully they have their heads about them at capital Hill and will make sure all Americans benefit. ALL ARE EFFECTED BY HAVING TO FIGHT THIS UNSEEN ENEMY stop being Cady people, we should come together and uplighting each other. Our president will do what is going to help us all the most. It should have nothing to do with the IRS. thanks for listening!!

        • Christine furcsik you know nothing about me or my life circumstances you bitter twat. Christ sounds like you need to find another line of work. I was an LMT prior to becoming disabled. I’m not using YOUR SS. I. Using MINE that I paid into the system over my 40+ year working life? You think I chose this over working for a living wage? I loved my job and made a damn good living! I lost my home and pretty much everything else over this.I did not. I get $743 monthly and even now still needed a little more to supplement what I’m getting. I work about 8 hours a month over and above my check because that’s all I CAN do. I do t make enough between the two to have to file, so piss off! I had a good long career that I wish I still had, and I’ve paid my fair share.. I have great sympathy for anyone who comes into contact with you in your so called “medical field” position. You have no business in that or any field that requires compassion and non judgment of any kind. maybe you yourself will be in this position one day then you’ll get it. Shame on you!! 😡🖕

          • Yes. Wait and see. Oh and those of you that are calling people idiots. You are the only idiots here. So sit down and shut up.

        • That is bull. I payed my dues into social security. I got hurt. I waited 4 years to get approved and now we ( elderly, disabled) who get. Very little help anyways get screwed again. Companies that closed have employees filing for unemployment, so wtf. I make 800 dollars a month. So i get to continue to suffer. So not right.

        • Ppls that live on survivor benefit and SS and ssi will they see a stimulate check from the government. And if they get retirement from retirement system of Texas and they take taxes out

        • Yes we will every time they give money social security and Ssi will receive it llets stay prayed up and God has the last words controlll

        • Elizabeth Warren is stating that yes the people recieving ssi will be included in recieving a stimulus and it is bieng in the works to go as follows: That people on ssi and disability would recieve 200. more every month until 2021 which equals to 4000. for the year. Those living on ssi and disability are already struggling and the cost of foods and essentials are rising. These are recipients that have paid into the tax system by working in the past

        • So because I am disabled and retired I don’t get the stimulus check. I work all my life, I had to pay from my check to get food and other items to get me through this month and leave some of my bill unpaid. I have to wait until next and the same thing is going to happen…We need help also.

        • Thank you all for the laugh I am LMAO anyways you all have made true comments
          Yes there was mention about the 2018 tax returns being the basis of the stimulus then they brought in what about people on SSI making under a certain amount of money that didn’t file so basically yes people on SSI will be gettin 200 every month through the end of 2021.
          As far as those on SSD that weren’t receiving the SSI which is the supplemental I found that mandated need the supplemental because their SSD was pretty decent they still will get something but they will pay some of it back when they do their taxes depending on their income.
          Hope that clears it up for y’all…
          But the cussing and the fighting I was LMAO everybody want that money..
          And for those of you bashing Donald Trump I stand behind him he was desperately needed and still is!

          • Hi, Doris. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

          • Hi, Richard. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

        • I don’t think this is fair to give people that are working a stimulus check and forget about the people on Social Security especially the elderly. Most people can barley make it off SSI or Soc Sec.
          You have caregivers taking care of love ones and can’t even get paid to help for their needs.
          Spending more than they have coming in.

          • A stimulus check is a loan on workers refunds or added to what they pay in, so workers are not getting anything free. Ss receivers are getting a check, and they don’t file taxes so how are they going to repay this stimulus rebate? Its a rebate, not a gift you all! So many people on here should be ashamed the way they’re acting! I hope and wish for everyone and their future. Be humble.

        • YOU DEMOCRAT m$#@f@#$. ITS NOT THE Republicsns . MORE LIKE the name that fits. RATS short for DEMOCRATS who blocked it and want your OBAMA PHONE back. Send the RATS your Obama phone back and the RATS will unblock the stimulus. I’m sure yoyr using the Obama phone to leave your illiterate response.SEnds all the RATS aka DEMOCRATS China wait Italy. President trump has my vote and at the end he will have all votes. President Trump 2020. Tony aka RAT

          • Every single word sad and the over thousand comments about this issue. Have not confirmed or denied anything about whether Social Security recipients will definitely received the check. I’m definitely not received the check. Over a thousand people commenting Yet not one, not one being able to give anything. Then either opinion of some sort of other bullshit. That’s like their opinion or something. Fuck you and your opinion. But we get the checks are not if you can’t answer that simple yes-or-no question then shut the fuk up and quit vague nonsensical made-up bullshit

        • I see so many ppl here saying “this person makes more than me in SS” & “ we should get a stimulus! We DESERVE it!”
          First of all- if someone gets more SS than you, it’s because they paid in more than you- meaning they always made more than you. Meaning they ‘deserve’ more.
          Secondly- why do we ‘deserve’ a stimulus? I know that my income coming from SS has not been negatively impacted by the virus. Now, ppl who supplement their SS with employment that has now been impacted by the virus do deserve it. Their EARNED INCOME has been impacted by the virus which is what this stimulus package is for.

          The only thing I can say is that while my income has not been reduced due to the virus & thus I don’t feel I ‘deserve’ money allocated to help Americans in those shoes – I can say that it has impacted my cost of living somewhat. And perhaps there’s something to be said for that & something will be done to help us. But all you guys complaining that you’re not getting relief you DO NOT NEED & was NOT CREATED FOR OUR SITUATIONS as our income has not been impacted sound childish, immature, selfish and small-minded.

        • 1st of all for the ignorant people on here saying that people shouldnt complain or ask for stimulus check.it will affect u not now ,but guess whos going to be affected by the payroll stimulus everyone on ssi,& retirement folks they are allready planning to cut ur benfits by 23% to pay for the stimulus payroll part of it.So ur going to pay the price in the near future u watch.dems & republicans dont give a dam about the you,we re paying for this not now but in the future wake up cut your check 23% can u live on that

        • This is called wrongful info because the president said everyone was getting a check not just certain people. You will see a war by alot of people if we dont get our stimulus check.

        • People who receive Social Security or SSI WILL receive a check. The $1200 payment will be deposited in your same bank account you now receive benefits through. Any exceptions will be mailed. BUT, as expected it can take weeks from now to have $ in hand. Good luck to all !

        • Wrong. Those on social security will receive a stimulus check also even if they don’t file an income tax return.

        • STOP LYING, little tony!…

          The Republicans indeed gave people on work related Social Security (earned right) as well on SSI (a handout that we taxpayers give to them) $1,200 just like every other American….

          Vote Straight Republican in 2020 and Keep America thriving.

        • It’s NOT the Republican’s fighting against the Stimulus Checks, It’s Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats that have the Issues!

        • My understanding is folks on social security, depending on what tax stays you had in 2018 will determine the amount. So families with children are supposed to get $1200 and 500 per child. Not sure why they would be only ones we all will most likely be having shipping costs of some sort or costs to get our needs. It sounded like some people with the lower income, SSI, will not get as much as others if it is only source of income. The highest level of SSI is not taxable so it would be very small. I guess we all just wait and see. I have a retirement income less than 1000 a month but I do have income. Families with children especially if working families would be most likely to get the most. Also I have seen on here people posting with SSI and working. I pray you are reporting any extra income. Well, that’s it.

        • I was it differently. The President signed the bill today. In any event, people have lost jobs and businesses have closed down. If on as or SSDI, you have a steady income. Nonetheless we do get the stimulus check. But the emergency situations come first.

        • Tony, You are wrong! If you are a Senior Citizen receiving Social Security, you will get a Stimulus Check even if you dont file an Income Tax Return! It will be half of what a tax paying person receives ($1200), which amounts to $600… thanks to Republicans not DemocRatz!


        • Yeah you got that right why would they want to pay us anything we’ve only worked our whole fucking lives pay taxes got nothing in return

        • Thats a joke right? Republicans were trying to past this but Democrats kept stalling trying to get money for every other thing under the sun…Kennedy Center? To name one. Do you really think now was the time?? Trump couldn’t wait to sign it.

        • How will I get my stimulus money,, I get my ssi benefits on a direct express debit card, is that how I will get mine or by. Check

      • Trump said every American will get a check. The people on Social Security are not going to get a check or any help. I guess we are not Americans to Trump and the Republicans.

        • How do we know we’re not getting stimulus checks? We must wait till this bill passes congress & is signed by the president…they’ll then tell us if we’re included or not.

          • It’s obvious Trump didn’t support the helicopter money for persons with an annual income of $100,000 or less. His initial proposal was a 6-12 month income tax holiday. As a result, individuals simply would receive tax exempt checks. If your low income, or jobless, that’s $0-$1000 a year. For the elite, that would equate to $100,000 or even millions a year. This is an act of Congress not Trump.

          • We on SSI got a $300 check per person and $600 per couple, from the 2008 housing crisis stimulus package. So why would this stimulus package be any different?

          • Thanks for the common sense here. Lets just wait until the bill is passed and see exactly what each person is going to receive and what are the amounts to be gotten. Now, if you don’t like how things are going to be done thereafter then go put on your dancing shoes, arm yourself with the best megaphone on the market and raise a thousand dollars worth of hell thus spending all of your stimulus money on an emotional rollercoaster adventure going in circles but at least you’ll feel better right?

          • Democrats gave less to the people on SSI and SSD than the republicans Obama didn’t even give a COLA raise 3 of his 8 years



          • Hell ya he is buying votes come on now let’s gets real first off trump was being impeached then all of a sudden this virus hits causes it all to just disappear and now trump to the rescue giving the American people this money to live for the next few months. Ya buying votes is right where was he when the American people die each day from just the flu alone. This virus was taken out of context for trump to save the day but really to just save his ass. We will.see if it really does happen for the needy or for the rich cause if 85000 dollars is low income and there gonna get this money I wanna know where these low income jobs are at that yearly wage

        • McConnell indicated job status would not be a factor, and that the money would go to unemployed workers and those recently laid off; those still working; and retirees, even if they’re already receiving Social Security checks.

          • Where did you see that? If people on ssi or ssd make less money where they don’t have to pay taxes I don’t think they get a check…is this true or not, iplease include link..thanks in advance!

          • I read the same thing on nbcnews.com. Depending on how much a family makes and if they file jointly or separate determines how much the person will receive

        • The articles says that they are going by 2018 taxes. If you don’t file, you don’t get a check. Social Security or not.

        • Yes if you have no income or disabled then you are not American, even though the poor, disabled, are the most vulnerable to not only economic hardship but sickness and death due to the virus. Those persons and those who lost their jobs are hit the worst and not the ones who make 50,000 and are able to keep working.

        • Dan you are bar none the only one after reading about 100 posts that has really got it! Right on brother…wait until the bill passes..

      • Some of us lost 30% of our 401K and the Republicans and President doesn’t want to help the people on Social Security.

        • We need to help ourselves by selling or transfering our 401K into a low fixed account and let these corporations crash and burn. They will just suck this stimulus money dry and ask for more. Our 401K will take another hit while the CEO and executive officers pocket all that money.

          • People shouldnt even have 401 should be getting union penison of 2500 to 3000 every month till they take a diet nap people back in the day put a lot into building that for people to live like human beings but let it go down the tubs what a shame

        • Lucky to have an IRA as your money will come back. I can’t even pay my $300 electric bill and Gulf Power will not help so let them shut my power off.

          • They can’t shut you off during this pandemic especially if your governor has issued any kind of state of emergency

          • They cannot shut your lights off during a national emergency. It is illegal.

          • If you have electric for heat at this time of year 300.00 for one month is about normal.

      • Why is ssi and disability, etc Always left out Or hardly get Anything when Everone else geys money/more. We NEED it just as much too.

        • Its simple Donald trump hates the disabled he’s has been doing a hell of a lot to try to kick people off if disability just loot at his budget and rule changes only an fool that is on SSA ssi or ssdi would vote for Republicans it is no secret they hate us so uninformed idiots need to stop praising trump and the GOP

        • Left out??? How is that when yall are still getting your payment.., And many people who do receive ssi payments and that work under the table that dont report there hours worked are taking from the 1000s of people who actually need those payments and have waited years to even get on ssi and cant get approved would be grateful to even receive the 760 dollars a month.. Many people who are waiting for decisions on there cases have been pushed back even further now and many who are homeless and have nothing at all would take 760 dollars just to put a roof over there heads!!! EVERYONE is complaining whether or not there getting a stimulus check as well let’s be grateful for what yall do get or have rather then what your not getting cause I’ve waited 7 years to get on ssi and still am waiting for a decision and now Wont get one for who knows how long. All I’m saying is people be grateful for what yall do have cause ide take 760 dollars in a heartbeat just to have a roof over my head my own place instead of being a burden to my kids who have taken care of me since I haven’t been able to work the past 7 years. They work are low income and dont complain about the extra expenses I cost them everyday. If or when I do get approved for my disibility I’m gonna be extremely grateful for whatever I get.. i do agree everyone should get this money ssi, ssdi, anyone who is under the income level they decide on. As far as people who make well over the income bracket I mean 75000 a year that’s way more then the average American family would make in 5 years so they shouldn’t receive anything to be honest. They have safety nets established where the low income family cant barely afford grocerys. So come on let’s be real about it and who should receive this assistance it’s the family’s that have children and the people who are seniors and on disability that are at a higher risk. Let’s not be selfish people let’s think about what’s important here everyone’s health I would think not the money but to each your own. Let’s help the needy not the greedy


      • Everyone will be getting the $1000 Stimulus Checks an everyone will also get $500 for each Dependent. They said it would be to hard to just pick out the working people.That would mean you would have to fill out s form online an that would take way to long.First checks go out April 6th then you will get another one in 4-6 weeks.People on ssi an ssid widows your check will either go in your bank or on your government card..Hsve a Bless Evening

          • All SSI recipients will receive a stimulus check IF they filed a 2018 tax return, which I did not, and you can not e-file one now. It’s too late. If you did file a tax return in 2018, you’re in luck, but I don’t think many of us file unless we have a second income. So, there you have it.

        • You are not getting a check if you are on SSI.what part of that do you not understand..you have to show a least 2500 in income SSI is not income.

      • A mass majority won’t be receiving any money from the government..Anymore that doesn’t work that hasn’t filed income tax every year…No check.. People on SSI and ssdi that make under 25,000 and don’t have to pay taxes or file…Nor getting a check..Homeless not working don’t get a check

      • Being disabled collecting my SSID that I paid into for Working since I was 13 years old is my money! I Vote since I was 18! I am NOT A THROW AWAY HUMAN BEING THAT WAS BORN IN THIS COUNTRY!

      • Shut your whining ass up.Alot of people like myself have no other choice but depend on disability.I much rather get my vision and hearing back.But,as always there is some sissy la-la that’s complaining about what the next person is doing,stay in your lane-mind your business-stop stressing over what you cant control.On the flipside what if those same individuals who are receiving that fortunate help just so they can try to make it through another Month of hearing what it is that we should be ashamed of,It isn’t Myself or anyone else that’s confiscating your paid taxes.The I.R.S. is who snatches your doo wop,But honestly you ain’t talking ’bout shit,Get off the roof homie…These cameras and provisions are for your safety & security not mine.Cause if I didnt have this help to get me through-you could be ‘got”, a victim.Luckily that keeps some of us for not having to make you have sleepless nights after being another robbery victim.So shut yo face….Kile B.

      • Individuals with no federal income tax liability, would see smaller benefits of a minimum of $600 for individuals. Perhaps this will cover those of us who are retired and drawing social security benefits. Otherwise, we are still getting what we have been, not like those who can’t work at a job where the company has closed.

        • I would like to know if the people who’s on social security are going to get some of this money or is it just going to the working class because I can use some of that money right now that would be great if I can get I’m disabled I don’t work among social security and I need some help

      • You don’t know a damn thing! Quit posting negative stuff you know nothing about. Every Americans going to get it stimulus check. You’re so damn stupid.

        • You must not listen to the news.not every American is getting a check.ZLet me day it again you have to have 2500 qualifying income.ssd counts SSI does not count.homeless people won’t get a check.people on SSI will not get a check.

      • I agree. But at the same time these people on s.s. disability getting 700 or 800 dollars a month and crying about it not being enough CAN KICK ROCKS !!!!!! If thats the amount you receive at the age of 60 this means you paid very little into the sysyem your whole life . Meaning you were lazy and didnt work 5 days a week for 40 years or more paying into the system . Millions on s.s.d. that are just plain lazy and had a doctor lable them disabled . MAKES ME SICK !!!!!!


        • Go fuck yourself…I wish you would walk a mile in my shoes having Crohn’s disease & going thru surgeries to removed large portions of my intestines…You are a bug & a idiot…

        • Shame on you! You don’t know peoples situations. Although, I do agree a lot of people take advantage of it.

        • Hey asshole, my mom worked her ass off in a machine shop, moving 1k+ lb bails and running machines, working 70 fucking hours a week at the age of 62. 62 darling, not 22. Working circles around young MEN who couldn’t hold a candle to her. My elderly mother, with a learning disability, with a deformed eye, who could not drive or do a job that required math of any kind, took that job to raise and support 5 children that her abusive asshole of a husband left her with. For close to 40 years she did that job. She opened the place when the boss was to drunk to come in on time, she closed the place because she was there the longest. These owners used the hell out of her, milked her for everything they could possibly get out her, ran her ragged and in the end it resulted in a very arthritic and disabled body. And my mother, who is full of pride, would NOT file for disability. She kept going, until she had a stroke. She got BARE minimum pay. Her racist POS boss believed the men should make more money, and he got away with it. Her retirement is 606 a month, and her SSI is 228. I would LOVE to have seen your sorry ass at that mill trying to out work her. Lazy? I don’t fucking think so.

        • answer question are we gettin checks or not this stimulous only will help basically anybody but the true poor and those like the guy that talks like hes all that and a bag of chips u shuldnt be on ssi if ur that above it and screw u i do need i live in the hood but even hood is very expensive and any money i have outside of rent is20 dollars a week

      • Wow! If you are a family that works but still struggle to pay bills and groceries, then they need the help the most. Don’t allow selfishness get in your way of being a good person. If you have never been in that situation then maybe you are struggling to understand.

      • Thank u for saying exactly how I feel I couldn’t have said it better myself. We’ve worked all our lives n paid taxes n, as always, we’ll be the ones who get screwed. God help us, bcuz these politicians surely won’t. Again.

      • What about the struggling American Citizens who are still waiting for SSI, and who have put into the system many moons ago. They will receive nothing, but you have individuals who can work, and are working undercover. Due to the fact these individuals have been frauding the system because they have been receiving these checks from a young age. They deserve absolutely nothing.

      • Hey Tony and Michael j., STOP YOUR CRYING!
        There’s always a Republican hater cryin in the crowd. You both are a couple of sniveling bitches.
        DO Something to Help Somebody Else!


      • I understand your concern but not all businesses are in it to make a huge profit I own a small cleaning business I have five employees and I would really like to keep them working stimulus package would help customers are canceling due to the covid 19 virus I appreciate your thoughts but not all small businesses are bad

      • I don’t think it’s the Republicans , Schumer and Pelosi care more about slipping their little tricks into this package , EVERY AMERICAN SHOULD MEAN JUST THAT, EVERY AMERICAN .. no one should be left out ..

      • Just because you are on SSI and SSDI d doesn’t mean that you didn’t pay into the system. I have worked for 45 years. I have put my time in to receive any benefits that is due to me. I am 30 years military. I got injured in the military. And now I am on SSDI. So what makes you more powerful than anybody else.

      • MARCH 20 2020
        I’M 82 YRS OLD

      • I haven’t filed since I retired and went on SS when I was 62 and am now 75. I receive a measley 815.00 a month SS. So, because I didn’t file on 2018, I don’t qualify for this stimulus? You try to live on 815 a month. NOT EASY!. I can’t work due to my feet and my previous cancer. I am not strong enough. More proof that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. SAD, very sad.

      • People who are on disability get nothing but people who are to lazy to works get a stimulus check how is that fair.

      • Most all of you missed the point. All Americans will receive the stimulus. They don’t care if you and your sister are both on Social Security and she makes more. And so what?! She must have paid in more. Stop complaining and be thankful!!! Be thankful for every little thing you get. Life is tough so sick it up buttercups!!! And say Thank you!!!
        God bless America

      • I cannot fathom how a child could get 500 dollars yet a poor SSI elder gets nothing if the stimulus checks are ever sent. But as usual politicians give money only to themselves. If SSI folks vote and we get NOTHING I think we should make it clear that is absolutely unfair. Most SSI people with only SSI have not enough money to pay bills even when there is no virus.

      • As usual the stimulus helps the 1%, we the 99% are screwed and people on SSI are at the bottom of the barrel and the 1% do not care about you at all. Trump is the one percent and he fooled a whole lot of dumb people, like he says he likes stupid people and stupid people like him, but not any more people have seen the light… Trump sugarcoated and denied the fax for months about the coronavirus 19. Wasted time while I became a pandemic in America and now were in a real fix.

        People on Social Security the one percent think they make enough they don’t need any help during this pandemic…
        What I say is don’t vote against your economic need, never vote for the Republican party again in any election local state or federal the reality is unless you’re a multimillionaire you have no business voting for the Republicans ever again they will use you and screw you and divide you so they can conquer you they don’t want us to all be together the 99% of us they want us at each other‘s throat‘s and that’s what Trump worked on in order to get into thousand 16 he divided people.

        I personally think Every person in America should receive some relief, the rich have been screwing us through capitalism which is really crony capitalism for the last 40 years at least, FDR’s dream has been squandered and lost by the Republicans the last 40 years

      • Geez, Michael. Judge much??? I’m widowed and on disability. I don’t get my late husband’s SS, because I’m still too young and I can’t be married. I cab after the day after I turn 50 which is 6 years away. Sooo, do I deserve the stimulus check, or am I undeserving since I get 834 dollars a month to live off of and pay no taxes? I paid taxes from 1992 when I was 16 till 2013 when i was in a wreck that only God himself made a miracle. Get the bug out of your butt, and get off your high soap box, cupcake!

      • If you live on Social Security and are not getting a Stimulus Package check, it’s because of a Republican Presidency. People who are not layed off are getting them, they filed tax returns in 2018. So, as usual with Trump, we’re Not getting any consideration or equal consideration. I hope and pray that I am Wrong. But, not likely. So good luck paying double for some goods, i.e. toliet paper and coveted Lysol, traveling further to source food to eat on your fixed income after working all the years u could.

      • Hey Don’t be childish year senior citizens in people with disabilities have paid their way to receive their Social Security benefits we have to pay and live on that just like a person have to pay with your paycheck OK so don’t get it twisted

      • Hey Don’t be childish year senior citizens in people with disabilities have paid their way to receive their Social Security benefits we have to pay and live on that just like a person have to pay with your paycheck OK so don’t get it twistedp Hey come on class working people just because we’re not working we retire some of us some of us just say we can’t work we still have to manage that little fixed income we get we have to buy toilet paper and paper towel we have to eat just like everybody else I have to do we have bills to pay that money as well so what are we supposed to do sit back and stop by the rest of you don’t have a job sit there and get fat and eat so it don’t work like that will we were working class citizens wants to and some of us never had had a chance to work because of my disability so let’s not be greedy and let’s don’t

      • I agree with you 100% I am on social security retirement and I make $1,200 a month and support a child and a grandchild I don’t think this is very fair that they give this money to corporations and everyone else and they don’t give anything to for the stimulus to people on social security I think this is very wrong for the United States to do this this way this is the first time seeing this is come out that no one on social security disability or ssi get anyting.

      • Listen up! Everyone will recieve the $1,200 stimulus payment. The $600 stimulus info circulating here was from the Obama stimulus not 2020.

      • Yes I agree SSI benefits should get the covid 19 stimulus check also. Anyone who makes less then 75000 a year quailfy.

      • The government is dirty they only look outv4 the rich and taxpayers…why the poor continue 2 poor they don’t give a shit….yes us low income ppl and ppl on ssi and as should be the ones 2 get them…why give ppl that working still. Checks and ppl that still getting paid that at home thats backwards…ssi ppl only get checks once a month
        …they the ones really need it…facts

      • My mom is 74 years old and works as a crossing guard. She will not receive that income only.her social security. Will there be any help for someone like her?

        • Hi, Jen. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

          • I know the law hasn’t passed but saw on the news that people who don’t pay federal taxes has to file a tax return to receive the stimulus check…does this include people receiving SSDI or SSI who otherwise wouldn’t file a tax return???

      • So the poorest people in our country are not entitled to benefits. We’ve work our whole life and can’t afforded to pay their bills. Most everyone I know who have retired works to make ends meet.
        It’s a disgrace,

      • At least you all get checks I’m waiting on ssd and SSI because I’m disabled and can’t work I need help it’s not my fault I can’t work I worked my whole life till this accident which wasnt my fault messed my life up so they are gonna help people who have money money coming in what about me

      • Yes we are wAtching some ssdi and Ssi are only living off 800 a month we are voters too. And are paying attention to who gets what’s take care of the Poor

      • The additional cost we are experiencing to get food and services is out ridiculous. The government want the elderly, just die!

      • I think you are 100,%right,I am a professional homosexual and I don’t get anything back after I file, I pay taxes and have deductions but they are not allowed because my accountant claims a professional homosexual isn’t a legitimate business and illegal,but the IRS sure takes my money.god bless.Harold(the dancing faggot) Phaggot,and yes my last name is Phaggot “it’s pronounced “faye goat’ I am from Israel.

      • People who are on disability or compensation even tho payments are tax free you still get a tax form each year which is what the Senate is saying now “All Americans with a 2019 tax form”, so you guys and gals are good.

        • Hi, Maxine. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

      • Absolutely. When I worked, everything was all about the disabled and seniors.

        Now that I’m in both categories, we’re concerned for “workers”….

        I don’t get it……

      • ssi people been ripped off for years we would not even be in as bad a shape if the GOV would stop bailing out banks that rip everyone off and went under we owe then nothing no money for ssi people no vote for trump

      • Trumps ass is on the line here this is whats going sink his ship God let this happin to show us we really dont have anyone on our side they would just usune us kill ourselves so they dont have to vote to see who is going to rip us off
        we got nobody but yes if you cant vote someone in then vote somone out


      • My thoughts exactly you work 50 years pay 200 00 a check into social security and you don’t even get a cost of living raise maby this pandemic is sending a message to those who have all to consider there fellow man against the all mightmighty dollar

      • The republicans are discussing stimulus with congress to get us checks.the democrats said like Warren that at least $200 more a month.hope so,read it online

      • At this time it looks like those on regular SS will receive a check from the COVID-19 stimulus package. Unfortunately those of us who are on SSI will get nothing. Of course this could change by the time the bill is finalized and brought up for a vote but I seriously doubt it. Remember those of us on SSI are not even considered human.

      • I just read people that are on SSI are getting the stimulus check and the people that have g a are getting it to if you want me to send you the page I was reading I will for you

        • Tiffany I would love it if you can send me the info! I am a 60 year old grandmother who is raising 3 grand daughters 1, 2 and 11 years old. With Papa having to go to kidney treatments 3 days a week for close to 4 years and dealing with the VA doesn’t look good for him getting a kidney. Honestly I’m scared. These little ones are everything to me. I’m not a blogger matter of fact this is the first time I’ve ever reached out to anyone. I hope I’m even doing this right! I really feel alone and I am. So I won’t to thank you and God Bless. Sue

      • people find it so easy to make fun of and joke about older people. Old codger, grannie, little old man, and how funny it is how older people exercise to keep alive and well. I am watching carefully everything and all politicians and I am certainly NOT a dumb useless old person. I am an ELDER and I know a hell of a lot more than some of the younger people I see every day!

      • Maria,

        Getting a $743 monthly check from Social Security is terrible!
        Since you are self-employed as a massage therapist,why wouldn’t you get the stimulus check? The gov’t is going off the 2018 tax records so, if that income is included, why wouldn’t you get a check?
        I wish you luck.

      • Your eligibility is based on your most recent tax return and your adjusted gross income. If you already filed your 2019 taxes ,your eligibility will be based on that. If not, the Internal Revenue Service will use your 2018 taxes to determine if you qualify.

        The benefit is available not only to those who have filed taxes, but also to those who receive Social Security benefits as long as they’ve received their SSA-1099 form.

      • I’m not sure I understand the reply above, as I didn’t see his/her question. Please tell me if I, as a senior citizen on SS will receive any of the stimulus package money?
        Thanks. D Thompson

      • So right . They have cozed me to drain my saving waiting for SSD. No fault of mine GM sold me a salvage car. Sep 25 left cvj broke, left me disabled. Nov 21 2019 the repairs to left wheel were complete & Jan 24 2020 the right cvj broke wrecked again. More wrecks than I had in my life. Sick of supporting non workers , big rich companies above the law , uninsured under insured & served in the USAFR & because I worked had too much to get help had enough to make it this time but a office who conducts all appointments by phone until Corona , closed til april6. The system sucks & then they gave my tax refund to federal education left me zero when I paid them back in 2016-17 now got find those papers. In so much pain no meds & folks keep taking wrongfully & never do I get paid.

      • Exactly! People on SSDI worked hard for years and paid into Social Security just in case something unforeseeable would happen to us, and then Social Security would pick up and pay us each month (although not nearly as much as I/we were making working)!
        I, myself, am a disabled Registered Nurse. I’ve been a RN with 2 college degrees since I was 20! And I had a stroke when I was 37!
        I was making $30/hour at one job and $60/hour at another job.
        And all the copays are ridiculous.
        Those who are on just SSI have no prior work history and from the people I’ve met on SSI certainly DO NOT TO BE ON SSI! They play the system like a fiddle. I’ve heard them tell me that they go to the drs and get the prescriptions and they get them filled and go home and throw them away.
        A lot of the people on SSI are drug addicts from what I’ve seen being a Registered Nurse.
        And they get anything and everything they want.
        While the people on SSDI who really need to see their pcp, and (speaking for myself) all of my specialty doctors who are costing me at least $30-40/month.
        I need Physical Therapy and each session is going to cost me $35. Because I fell walking home from the hospital. And the homeowner’s sidewalk was sunken in all different parts mainly on the left side.
        Is he/she going to pay for my PT, and for my all my specialists visits?
        By the time we get done paying everything we can’t even eat.

      • Look up https://www.aarp.org/politics-society/advocacy/info-2020/coronavirus-stimulus-checks.html
        There you will see that all persons receiving Social Security benefits for retirement, disability or Supplemental Security Income will be eligible for the stimulus checks, based on their tax returns or Social Security Administration data. AARP successfully fought to guarantee that low-income Social Security recipients will receive the full $1,200 check. I hope this puts everyone’s minds at ease.

        The only concern would be for those who don’t receive 1099 form. Here’s more on that…
        Like other Americans, the size of the checks for those on Social Security will be based on their adjusted gross income as reported on their tax returns. The stimulus bill calls for using that information from 2019 filings, if they are in, or otherwise 2018.

        However, some Social Security beneficiaries do not file returns either because they do not have taxable income or their tax liability is very low. In that case, their relief checks will be based on information in their 1099 form.

        But not everyone receives those forms, particularly those who are on Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, because that is not taxable income.

        “A possibility is for the [approximately] 4 million individuals affected by this quirk to file zero-liability tax returns,” said Webster Phillips, senior policy analyst at the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

    • I am not sure where you all live my neighbors who live in the inner city are paying a lot of extra money for supplies and there is no food on shelves. We then buy from mini marts. I understand that you think we live a life of leisure but I. Fact most in my neighborhood don’t have cars, cell phones, cable or any extras that most of AMERICANS have. We are struggling. We have been waiting now 3 days for a package of food/toilet paper from a charity. We are not all system suckers.

      • its same way here where i live in central part of upstate NY…people hoarded early and stores will get supplies in and ppl still are there bright first thinh in morning and buying more. i watched a cop nail a guy who was selling 4pk rolls of toliet paper for $10 out of his car. its disgusting.

    • @AnneC. “Social Security *drone*” blogger – “she” ***never*** answers the COVID 19 Stimulus Check for folks collecting some form of Social Security.
      My thought: I’ve been disabled (SSDI) since 2004, and don’t make enough to require filing tax returns. I’ve **never** received stimulus’ checks, so pretty much am disappointed that folks who don’t file, don’t receive.
      So, AnneC — will you answer this clearly stated question: WILL FOLKS WHO AREN’T REQUIRED TO FILE A TAX RETURN, BE INCLUDED DURING THIS DISASTER?
      Yup, all caps AnneC. Maybe someone attending to this blog will answer the hundreds of questions posed about COVID 19 Coronavirus Stimulus Check, in relation to those of us who rely on Social Security to survive.

      • Everyone is getting a stimulus check. Most of you think this stimulus is a gift. Fact, stimulus check is a rebate that we will pay back on our 2020 tax refund. And those on ss if they receive a check, their ss will also be taxed for 2020 and they will pay it back. No one is getting A free hand out. I hope most of people who are complaining realize this!

    • First, I do feel that Social Security recipients do not get the benefits they truly deserve, which is an entirely different conversation from the stimulus conversion.
      However, the stimulus payments are, I believe, intended to replace income lost as as result of the current situation.
      I feel that if one hasn’t been laid off and hasn’t had their hours reduced or otherwise has not suffered a decrease of income, even if they are “on” Social Security, then they shouldn’t be qualified to receive a stimulus payment.
      Also, being a Social Security recipient by itself should not disqualify anyone from a stimulus payment.

      • I have noticed prices increase in stores so I’m paying more at the store. This has made it difficult to make ends meet when living on a budget that normally breaks even. I am now using credit cards to pay the difference with no visible way to repay.

      • The stimulus checks are largely intended to stimulate the economy, not necessarily replace lost income. That’s why many lawmakers including Mitt Romney are calling for every American over the age of 18 to get a stimulus check.

        • Exactly and I don’t think it’s far to make the rich richer and let the poor suffer through this without the extra money to get things to stock up food and supplies to protect their families. Come on Government we all bleed red!

          • When they started discussing the stimulus package Trump said “every American” will receive a check…then they said “most Americans” now they are saying “American taxpayers” will receive a stimulus check. So people on SSDI/SSI will NOT receive a check.

      • You have made more sense than anyone.Those of us on S.S have not lost that income, so why should they add more to it? People are so greedy. They just just want a piece of the pie, or whatever is being given away.

    • I have been waiting a year to go in front of the judge. I was approved before but tried to go back to work which failed. My condition has worsened and was denied twice. What can be done to expedite my case if approved??

      • None of you even know what you are talking about. Until the legislation is passed by Congress that the Senate proposed to which there will changes nothing is confirmed. Initial proposals are $1000-1200 and up to $500 per child for everyone in America with incomes below $100,000 per year, that includes SSI, SSDI recipients At this time nothing is certain until the stimulus package is passed by the Senate, Congress and signed by the President

      • I absolutely agree. These illegal alien parasites are stealing jobs and benefits from law abiding Americans. Not to mention the crime and pain they inflict on legal citizens. Push them out at the point of a bayonet.

      • I agree with you! Thank you! Seems to me President Trump has tried on many different occasions in my opinion to do what’s right and the Democrats are always against it, to me he doesn’t have a chance! Let the man do his job!

        • No ones jobs are being stolen. Anything to defend racism and xenophobia. This has hit every country in the world you can’t blame this on immigrants you can blame how hard it hit on the Trump administration for firing the pandemic response team

    • This virus causes a hardship to all people.
      I’m on ssi and I had to spend everything I had to ready my home for this. Otherwise I would not of had extra expenses.

    • How am I the only one who saw this – this
      is exactly the deal – The Republicans are proposing (as has yet to be voted on) that Americans that pay taxes or have filed taxes and make less than 99k a year will be getting 1400 end of April and another 1400 beginning of May. I am on ssdi as well. I dont get why most are not understanding that this is to mainly help those who just got laid off or lost their jobs – we all have the same amount of money coming in as we did 2 months ago – we still get money. Alot now do not (as to job loss etc…) – so the gov is trying to
      make these people to be able to pay their rent- mortgage etc… Has nothing to do with what ur issues are now as u still have money coming in – next week we shall see if it passes or adjustments have been made (so u never know til u know) Hope that clears things up for y’all- stay safe!!!

      • I am disabled and have 3 children at home. We have money to stock up on nothing if they close us in. We supposedly make $85 per month too much to get food stamps while my neighbors are getting them and doing the wrong thing with them! We need help too and it’s rediculous of people to think so selfishly. I bet my tax dollars and my parents tax dollars have fed a bunch of the people that are being so insulting to the disabled people now. Should we have had a fit about our money and not let you eat then???? Just sayin

      • I just read the article in the Washington Post and it sounds like there has not been a actual decision made if anyone is going to get a check. I have been on ssdi for a long time and I didn’t ask to get sick. In my opinion all of have paid taxes in all of the years that we worked. We wouldn’t be getting anything from social security if we didn’t. Sorry I take that back because some disabled people have not but someone in their family sure did. In my opinion everyone should receive the same amount and they should start at the bottom first. All I know is that I am almost out of food, I have 2 rolls of TP I have no tylenol or anything else on the list because after rent, and pg&e is paid you do well enough to pay any other bills you have. I recieve 1000 a month and 16 dollars in food stamps and I am always broke by the 4th of the month and payday is the third. They need to rethink their stimulus plans and put all Americans in it not just the upper middle class, middle class families. It should be the same amount per person. They need to get their shit together and quit arguing on capital hill!!!

      • Why should the people that are still working receive checks. They still have income. It should go to the people that are temporary out of work.

      • By your logic, then, they should only be sending checks to those who actually lost their jobs due to COVID-19, not anyone who filed taxes in 2018.

      • I would agree with you, but for one thing people who haven’t lost their jobs are also going to receive the stimulus due to they filed taxes. If it was just going to misplaced workers fine but that’s not th ed case.

    • Of course Trump & Republicans aren’t gonna give disabled or people on SS a stimulus check. It’s another way to keep the poor poorer. Which is why everyone should be voting Democrat. Democrats are the only ones that look after the middle to lower class population. We didn’t have daddy’s to leave us of billions of dollars and the deeds to 3/4 of Manhattan. Vote Democrats and give the complete control of Congress and the WH.

      • Obama didn’t give a dime to SSI recipients in 2012 plus didn’t give a COLA raise 3 times of his 8 years as president and when he did give the raise it was about 10-15 dollars a month

          • Exactly! I do not know why they keep saying ‘Obama didn’t give us a COLA.’ It has NOTHING to do with ANY president. The POTUS does NOT decide if there is a COLA or how much it will be! This is DIRECTLY from the SSA:

            “The Social Security Act specifies a formula for determining each COLA. According to the formula, COLAs are based on increases in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W). CPI-Ws are calculated on a monthly basis by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
            A COLA effective for December of the current year is equal to the percentage increase (if any) in the CPI-W from the average for the third quarter of the current year to the average for the third quarter of the last year in which a COLA became effective. If there is an increase, it must be rounded to the nearest tenth of one percent. If there is no increase, or if the rounded increase is zero, there is no COLA for the year.”

            Can the racists and xenophobics please leave the room so that the adults can ask and answer questions?

      • Yes so true Taylor… Trump is for rich and the russians !

        Republican party is for wealthy people do your research people. And all these farm land throughout United States people voted for Trump and they don’t have a pot to piss in now they’re complaining about not getting stimulus money really.
        You did it to yourselves voting for Trump maybe you’ll learn this next voting election

        • Exactly
          Trump is for the rich higher class people. I’ll believe it when we see it of this money actually happens they say we need to send money now to all Americans asap!!! ok asap isnt the end of april most people wont have a pay check this week so what are the people supposed to do. Oh I forgot making 100,000 a year they need the extra money before someone that makes minimum wage and 12,000 a year that’s Trumps plan tho bet there gonna start with the 100,000 dollar income first and work his way down and the lower class might get the left overs.

    • I see a lot of mixed results here does anyone have a definite answer on whether people on disability will get benefits I understand your opinions and some of you said we already get money but people losing their job are also getting unemployment + the stimulus check I’m just curious if anyone has a link to a definite answer

      • From what I have read and based on previous year stimulus packages. I’d you receive social security disability (SSDI- you worked and paid into and had enough credits to receive) it should follow suit with the IRS working with SSA for people who wouldn’t normally file due to not enough income to file for free to be able to receive a stimulus check. If you are a SSI recipient you will not get a stimulus check. Some may disagree with this but there is a valid reason for it. SSI is already a “need based” government funded benefit provided to Americans who are disable with little to no work history.

      • I can tell you from experience, and I’m 61, the answer to your question is NO. People on SSDI that do not file a tax return for last year or the year before will not be getting any check. Retirees may get one if they file a return. SSDI and SSRI are not the same! Also when you are poor, the theory of relativity states you will most likely continue to get poorer. Unless you take drastic action to change that. So don’t expect any cash windfalls from Uncle Sam unless you are one of the chosen people lucky enough to have money already.

    • I really am confused on the stimulus check for SSDI I was informed at one point we don’t qualify then I heard we do qualify I just want to know if we are or aren’t

      • No one knows the answer to your question…The president & sentate are still trying to get it figured out…Nothing has been finalized…its alot of speculation at this point…I’m on disability & I do not believe I will receive anything…Don’t count on getting anything…I hope I’m wrong but I am not going to get my hopes up…It will be another week before anything is finalized…Stay safe & peace

      • Okay but they’re only talks about seniors and vets what about the people that’s on disability? Or the people that didn’t work at all in 2018 to file a tax return or in 2019 and it’s just starting to work this year? Like I’m confused how this whole process is going to work

    • Us disabled Americans on social security and SSI should get this money too! We are living on a small amount of money we can use this money also. The disabled Americans on social security and SSI vote also. If we don’t get the benifit that everyone else does then I will not vote in 2020 period. Its not fair to us we are Americans in need also! I can’t believe they will leave out the elderly and disabled.
      It’s not right Mr. President!

    • They are forgetting the ones that can’t find any groceries until the 3rd of the month cause the people have took everything off the shelves at Walmart. And November they want my vote! I’m going to forget you like you did to the SSI and Disability benefits people!

    • Ok so basically even though you are on social security and cannot make enough to file taxes due to it being your only income, it’s our fault that we’re disabled and dont make enough money and adding insult to injury that makes us not qualify for a stimulus payment. so basically those of us that really need it dont get it because we dont make enough to file taxes! Thanks

    • I think some people do not realize that most SSI recipients do not file taxes because they do not receive more than the yearly amount required to file taxes. Therefore, most SSI recipients will not get the stimulus check if the checks are only issued to the people that file taxes.
      Hopefully…that is not the case.

    • It shows that people on disability are getting some to I used to work till I injured I’m disabled I want my share to that’s totally unfair why I need shit paper like everyone else I did not go to the store and raid I was broke we are part of this shit to give us our cut !!!!@@@

    • Hey people check this out. Life’s not fair. So get the f over it. All of you are grown and your literally on here saying HEY she’s on social security and works 2 hours a week she can’t get a check ! Wahhhhhh tears. Wahhhh holy SH*t how embarrassing are you. I feel stupid just reading your comments. I wish I could put you all iin a Room and gas you. Lowlife crybaby’s.

    • Per Washington Post — “22 million Americans who are under $40,000 per year, will get nothing under the GOP plan.”

    • if you get a monthly check like i do, then i got 2.00 a month under o bummer, 35.00 first 2 years under my president, same as all of you that are bitching, so go TRUMP tell your congress you are tired of your money paying for all the freeloaders in our country

    • The people on social security are getting a check that doesn’t even cover most people’s bills and we have to go to other resources like food stamps and Medicaid . We should get a stimulus check as well .

    • I am very concern with the decision. Still unclear, but I could not help for my help getting worst over the years. You do the right thing all your life, pay taxes, Bill’s, raise your children. Now I get SSDI, our cost of living was not the normal percent. It was less we was not aware until it was time to get it. Now the Coronavius, we have to stay I. The house, had to get supplies on what little money we had left. Our we still paying for getting old, yet have paid into the social security all our lives. So who is going to help us, we don’t count. And yes i still file my taxes, on my house and file my social security on what i received from the previous year. Who are going to make sure we are surviving. Or who is caring if we survive, we still pay Bill’s, still buy food, pay for gas/lights. Help for us is not easily for alot of us. You have ppl come from other countries and never worked, get state help before other been living here do. Or even bring their parents over here, they food stamps, some get SSI. I guess we are casualties of war. That is really making America great again, to the Americans who have worked all their live. This is just one person’s opinion, I think I still have that. Or will I be still shown I don’t have a opinion.

      • none of us bickering back and forth about jack I got a letter 3 days ago for non payment of a bill for my meds they already take out for ssdi they wont help with payment no longer remember how hard it was to get ssdi or workers comp leave you with little or no income for months or years you go into debt from years ago when your sick or injured lost job they didn’t give you or us s …

    • To keep recipients of SS off the stimulus roster is a disgrace. We can barely make ends meet as it is. To further the issue prices on all basic goods have gone up since this crisis. $4 for eggs $5for potatoes. My pharmacy can’t get my meds. So I should roll over starve or die? We recipients worked all of our lives and contributed tobthis government. Disgusting.

      • Even if I don’t get a stimulus check at least give me food stamps to cover these teenagers who are home all day. I am disabled and yes can manage my bills with my check but food stamps will really help or cash I’m just trying to feed these growing boys.

    • Hello

      President Trump said checks for ALL AMERICANS but once again as far as I have read on the stimulus coronavirus checks will only go out to TAXPAYERS – WORKERS who file an income tax for 2018 and there after. I am a Senior on Social Security but don’t file taxes because my income is too low. If you are a senior and work and file income tax with your social security benefits you will get a check but if not you don’t. Once again they say all Americans but only mean taxpayers. Until I read otherwise I will expect NO check.

    • People on disability dont get the stimulus money? How’s that fair we r already below poverty.We spend our $just like everyone else and we have to pay the states tax on all our purchases. Trump said EVERY AMERICAN GETS IT! So I guess we aren’t American cause we are on disability? So Trump once again has lied to our country. The people who are getting it also will b recieving unemployment benefits. I’m sure food stamps are will b a plus.

    • We are on SS and will continue to get payments. The people who are forced to stay home and not work should get the stimulus. I can’t believe how people are complaining about not getting a check. If you read the bill there is money for kids food, low income and other things. You will be taken care of. You should read the bill and the other bills that will be coming out. Food banks in the area are also being helped. Stop crying and get correct information

    • People on social security or disability need to contact their senator. You can do it online. If enough of us do it it might help. At least they’ll know how we feel. It might help!

    • This is so unfair. I will not miss one day od work yet I will get a check and so many who need it will not. I am so sorry.😢

    • What I dont understand is if it is only for tax payers alot of them just got big tax return checks and of course this is something people on disability dont get. They keep people on disability in poverty and prices are going up in the stores as a result of this virus. I feel that everyone should get something. I have always felt compassion for people who truly have disabilities, the elderly, our vets and people who try but come up short…. Life is hard for alot of people right now and to make it through everyone needs to be treated as a human and like they matter….because they do!

    • Im just responding to each and every question from my own research and my opinion. No it is not 2008, but since they have not passed anything just yet, IF they go off of the law passed with the prior stimulus checks, mixed with the current numbers it should be as follows: In 2008 a law was passed stating that certain Social security benefits, veteran, retirement etc will qualify as “qualifying income” if received $3000 (today it is 2500) or more. The exception was, and im sorry to say, SSI. I think this is due to the fact that this is a temporary income and in order to GET the SSI you should have filed taxes the previous year or been working already with enough “qualifying income” WHICH MEANS, you should get a check, understand? Yours will most likely go off of your previous income before being disabled, unless you didnt work for a long period of time before and didnt have the qualifying income, which you should have to qualify for the SSI. The numbers to qualify this time is $2500 and only ASSUMING they go off of the same law passed before the same will apply. Should that happen, all those that received ssa or earned income, either or, and it was $2500 and/or greater, they will qualify for the check. They haven’t shown the bracket to see whether it will be 600 or the 1000 (which goes off of income), but it will certainly be 500 per child dependent there after.

      The MAIN THING we on SSA are looking for to determine if this will stand true now as it did then is whether or not they are still allowing ssa benefits to be considered “qualifying income”

      Trump all the way has been most helpful for everyone. Not giving to the rich and making a way for all who have worked or are.

      • Think you need to research more because one does NOT have to have worked at all to qualify for SSI. SSI isn’t dependent on work credits. SSDI is.

    • I have yet to see the answer will people on social security receive the checks going out or not from someone that knows not just guessing

      • I don’t think we will if we don’t have to file taxes I don’t think they consider us American’s I worked all my life paid taxes served this country and I don’t get shit wat a country

        • Have you seen how many countries are doing NOTHING for thier people. If your not happy here then maybe look at moving to one of those countries and giving that a try!

    • I’d like to know how they plan on getting these checks out to the right person in the right places. I’ve heard thru income tax file, which I’ve already filed and received my income tax in February. Anyone have any tips?

    • In 2008 people on SSDI got checks also IF they filed taxes that previous year. You can file for taxes on SSDI if you didn’t know. You don’t have to but you can . That met the requirements for that stimulus check. The IRS administered them then and they are administering it this time. So probably same requirements . I know because I did it in 2008 and the IRS dd’d my check into my account

    • They were saying all americans are receiving 2000 for stimulus. That includes disabled people. Will the play ents come from ssi direct deposit accts. Thankyou

      • I was told that even the disabled will get the first $1,000 check beginning of April. But, don’t count on the 2nd $1,000 check the next month!

    • A Stimulus Bill hasn’t yet agreed on or yet written to vote on. The Industry lobbyists, Airlines, Restaurants, Small Businesses, etc, are now telling our Reps what stimulus THEY want.

      Senators Lindsey Graham, Paul Rand and a few others, don’t want stimulus checks sent to any people.

      Until a Bill is written and passed, there is no answer to who will get checks, who won’t or even if.

      Only suggestion I have is call your voted in Reps & tell them what you want.

    • It’s the 20th and I’m broke, this is a first time, I’m always so careful shopping but $779 and $16 in foodstamps, wasnt even close to enough, I dont even have cable cant afford it, I am hungry right now and am afraid to go look for help and get sick

    • Well, being as the disabled are the most discriminated group of people in America believe it or not. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we are ass out as usual. I’ve been on disability for 20yrs now and my check has increased by $120 so we’re not thought of kindly that’s for sure. At any rate, we’ll just have to wait and see. Keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

    • Because Republicans want to punish people for not working, even if you are sick or elderly. It’s that Victorian mindset that if you are not well off it must be a fault in your character. ( of course they are also punishing the poorest working people that depend on tips or those that don’t make enough to bother filing too so it’s just Elitist nonsense. That didn’t work in the 1800’s and it’s not going to work now. The checks are supposed to stimulate the economy, so if you need it and it helps our economy it shouldn’t matter if you are currently working.

      If the Democrats were in charge, anyone that needed the check would get one. Remember that next time you vote Republican. They are NOT for US. They are for the 1percent, who they will bail out every time while small business and homeowners and the working class are left to fall into poverty and lose everything.

    • Are you kidding I worked for 40 years and paid taxes. Unfortunately due to no retirement at the business I worked for and middle class pay I have no retirement. I was injured and had a surgery gone bad and can only stand or walk for a short period of time. I am on disability and do not make enough to pay taxes. They take out my premium for Medicare and I do not qualify for Medicaid, EBT or any help. I make $21000.00 and it looks like I will not get a check. I can’t stock up on items, I barely have groceries to last a week. Please help retirees and disabled we really need help.

    • ssdi and ssi and all people should get the the checks we are all in the same boat buying extra supplies,groceries etc..puts a strain on everyone. and the ones who buy 7 or 8 pks of tp should be ashamed. save some for the rest limit your selves think of your fellow americans .

    • People getting SSI will also get a check but the amount might be more or less then others BUT SSI recipients will get a check they said all AMERICANS PERIOD.

    • My mother is a elderly lady she can’t make it on just that one check she gets a month. We have to help her now. I do think that the should get a check as well.

      • Hi, Randy. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • We let me tell u all something one lady post the she works under the table I hope the hell social security read these cause I’m been fighting for mine for about 4years know I’m raising 4 grandkids with no help and only get 371 dollars a month from dhs tanf and food stamp and I can’t work at all due to my illiness and just like that lady said she work under the table if u can do that u don’t need social security people like u is why it’s so hard for people like me that really needs it and can’t and the stimulate check going out are for working people but if u think u so need it then tell social security that are working an then the give will send u one but if they don’t better make sure u save it

    • no matter if someone is on ssi or ssdi or whatever,we all need help no one is entitled just cause someone works don’t mean you deserve it more then someone that’s on ssi or ssdi or ss again we all need help thank you for reading have a good day and good luck

    • McConnell indicated job status would not be a factor, and that the money would go to unemployed workers and those recently laid off; those still working; and retirees, even if they’re already receiving Social Security checks.

    • Noone knows at this point exactly what the guidelines will be. However, the last time stimulus checks were given out, those who have SSDI did in fact get a check. Those with just SSI probably will not.

    • I think people on as should get a check they barely making it no way stock up on food they worked to why shouldn’t we get a check

    • The Coronovirus has affected all. Meaningfully people on Disability and Social Security. People over the age of 50 are more proned to be and have been infected and Most are Retired and or Disabled and Has to spend money just like the working tax payers. Well everyone pays tax whether on their property, vehicle or just on food or anything they buy is taxed. So what is the gain🤔(Nothing) for the people who put the most into the economy they deserve equal amounts. There shouldn’t be a restriction

    • christine, many people on SSA and SSI have over the years paid into this to put this country in a position where they could pay for the checks being sent out to people paying taxs now. have a little compassion many of us live on less that 10 k per year and not well i might ad. If you are truely in the medical field then you make a great deal more than the rest of us who can not work at all. Find your heart dear and realize that 1t of that money is going to bail out buisneses and non entity corporations while people on ssi as always will be left behind.

    • I think every adult will get a check. Even those on SSDI & SSI.
      But you have to had filed income tax in 2018 or 2019 in order to get your check.
      Even if you didn’t get a refund or owe any taxes…YOU HAD TO FILE A RETURN IN ORDER TO GET A STIMULUS CHECK

    • When I heard Republican’s talk about bailing out casinos/airlines and the other rich crooks getting their hands on the biggest chunk of this money So when I heard every American would get at least $1,000 wasn’t gonna happen then, I have to sell things just to get by drawing less then $600 each month because everyone’s afraid to get out, this is effecting everyone, not just people who filed a tax return, food and auto/home insurance isn’t any cheaper on us either. But remember when this Trump virus was just a Democrat hoax and nothing was done to prepare the inevitable.

      • Hi, Crystal. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • People who receive SSI are not required to file taxes so for the people who receive SSI benefits how can we receive the stimulus check

    • When are we going to stand up for what is right… ??????
      The Senate Republican proposed structure for direct payments is upside down both morally and economically. It shuts out many of the most vulnerable people entirely and gives less to families with low and moderate incomes (including most seniors and many people with disabilities) than people who are relatively better off.

      The McConnell plan bases the direct stimulus payments on income reported on 2018 tax returns. The plan includes both a phase in and a phase out, meaning that if your income was too high or too low in 2018, you may be shut out from the payments that will go out over the coming months. Only those with at least $2,500 of certain forms of income in 2018 (earnings, Social Security benefits, and veterans’ benefits) qualify at all, shutting out people without income, such as students or caregivers, or people with excluded forms of income, such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI). The legislation also renders people who were dependents of other taxpayers in 2018 ineligible for payments—and the additional, smaller benefit for children only goes to those 16 and under. That would exclude older dependents, including 17-year-olds, students, as well as seniors, people with disabilities, or other adults living with families that support them. People without sufficient tax liability in 2018 are not eligible for the full payment. That is especially likely to include low-income working families, seniors, and people with disabilities. (The IRS can opt to use 2019 tax returns to determine payments for people who did not file returns in 2018, but most people have not yet filed their 2019 returns.)

      The result of this structure is that some of the hardest-pressed families will receive much less than people above them on the income scale. That is completely counterintuitive and counterproductive. People with lower incomes are less likely to have job or income security and less likely to have a financial cushion to support them but more likely to spend their direct payment in a way that creates income for others and boosts their local economy

    • If I’m handyman and I almost don’t have work in 2018 I didn’t file tax in 2018 then I will not receive any help from the government or what ? What about my mom that don’t work stay at home it’s 65 years old and my wife that doesn’t work is home taking care my mom what about us who gonna helps us just cause I didn’t file tax the president don’t gonna help me ?

    • All of you that are complaining about people that are on Social Security we should not get a check that we are taking money from you and your kids. Well I have a word too say we that are on Social Security like me put that money into the system. The government is not giving us shit but our own money. I don’t need trump or any of his clowns I will be happy when his butt is out of office.

      • A stimulus check is being taken off our 2020 tax return so like you said “The government is not giving us shit but our own money ” and ppl on ss will get a stimulus payment, but best believe they’re taking from your future checks as well. Stimulus is not a gift! It’s a rebate, or loan of our own money!

    • Rebecca Jane Churpin,I think you may have gotten some false information it says in the Senate bill every legal American,just for example you and your son live together if he is under 18 and receiving any benefits or not receiving any at all he will receive a 500$ check,if you receive SSI or any government help you will receive 1200$ for a total of 1700$ for your household because POTUS (Trump) changed the 1000 to 1200 before senate signed the bill also we will know by Monday when, where and exactly how we will receive it,but it is for every legal person except those individuals who made over 77k last year,that previously was set at 65k.Hope this helps.

      • This is not what is proposed in the bill, even though it is initially what was said. In the bill you had to have filed taxes and had $2,500 worth of taxable income to qualify, and even then you would only be eligible for 600 if you have little or no taxable income. They have since changed it twice.

      • Hi, Judith. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • im outrages on some of comments. and its hard to live off $750.00 a month from disability . and all you who posted that you work under the table shame on you . and those who commented about speaking english shame on you too i understood what they wrote im an american cuban born raised in the USA, why is everyone instead of listening to the news and stop reading every lie that is posted . and act like humans with each other . this is not the time to make people feel worse with this virus . please act like real human , thank you, mary louise

    • To U,S; Officials:
      Please answer.

      Will Anyone over 65 receiving SSI get One thousand check/deposit
      stimulus check from the government?
      Please Simple answer:
      Yes or No ?

    • As I read through each and every response on this blog, I find the envy, jealousy, bigotry and hate-filled comments nauseating. For one to assume that SSI and SSDI beneficiaries will not get a stimulus check when every one else will is a thought one should keep to him/herself until this particular thought can at least be an educated guess. I am a former R.N./CEN Trauma/flight nurse that was run over by an uninsured 18 wheel log truck that did not yield to emergency signals for our helicopter. I am mentioning this because of 2 previous posts on this subject: 1) I too have been in the medical field but now receive total SSDI/Medicare. 2) Social Security Disability and SSI are extremely hard to get approved for, and this is true even if you are lying in a coma from a traumatic brain injury and a hospital social worker is helping you!! I don’t intend to stay on the “virtual soap box” about this, but IF a person is truly in the “medical field” he/she should know that a person who is disabled doesn’t look or act a certain way. Some scars and disabilities alike can’t be seen. One may be able to lift a hundred pounds single handedly and can articulate a Shakespearean theatrical score on demand – yet can’t function in a place of employment because of lupus, aplastic anemia or traumatic brain injury issues that are too numerous to count – therefore one can form this hypothesis-(which is a theory based on known facts – not an uneducated opionion based comment)-that person is disabled and eligible to receive SSI/SSDI depending on how much taxed income the’ve had over a certain number of quarters. Secondly, PLEASE be HAPPY when or if another human being receives a blessing – not envious or jealous!! God promises that all our “needs” will be met if we put our trust and faith in Him – not if we put our faith in a political party, federal government or base our belief system on a blog and the comments of others. I simply saw this as an opportunity to hopefully put God at the forefront of at least one persons mind for a moment and remind everyone that ALL of us are important to HIM!! The rich, poor, working, retired, disabled and homeless – no matter the color or ethnicity-are equal in God’s eyes. PLEASE – this is a time for us all to pray for each other, empathize with one another, rejoice when we hear of someones good fortune during these trying times and help those who suffer loss of some sort with words of encouragement and affirmations of hope!! I challenge each of you to do one random act of kindness ( albeit virtual/cyber) for someone today – not only the covid-19 is contagious – so are smiles!!! A reason to smile is a “stimulus” se are ALL eligible to receive and it costs nothing to share it with others!!

    • I’m a 66 year old grandmother raising two wonderful grandkids. I receive 835 a mo on ss so to make ends meet I babysit, but the people I babysit for have lost their jobs indefinitely due to the virus. My ss paid rent and most Bill’s. The extra from babysitting bought groceries, clothes and any extras we needed. I think its wonderful the misplaced workers are going to receive a stimulus check along with their unemployment, but so are the people that are still working fulltime jobs. How is this right? Also I suppose the elderly on ss that do file taxes due to high medical bills will be lucky enough to receive checks which dont get me wrong is a good thing. It just seems to me some of the elderly and poor are again being kicked to the curb. Also I know their are single mothers out there with small children that rely on child support until their child isnt nursing or their trying to find work, but rely on child support until then. Their babies dads loose their jobs child support stops therefore they get nothing. I know I’m ranting but it just seems like the elderly and others that are also going to be hurting due to this are again overlooked. I know I’m not the only grandparent raising grandkids on ss that dont file taxes due to no medical bills no reason to file. I will say one more thing. People on ss need that stimulus check a heck of a lot more then the people that are going to receive it that are still working full time jobs. Trump keeps saying hes for all the people, will I’m not seeing it.

    • I am appalled at some of this. First to the nurse who assumes EVERYONE IS SITTING ON THEIR ASS.. I am on SSDI and work on the books . After accepting the limited amount of physical activity my (from birth declining back disorder) is allowing I never imagined it. Not everyone enjoys having to live this way. I have paid for what I receive my entire young adult life. Unless you know the story of how someone got their…please keep your OPINION to yourself. It is a struggle to find the guidelines to live by contribute to societee and not lose medical insurance When you need it and all of you trust fund spoon fed babies can kiss my hard working Lily white a**

    • It’s s shame that I take care of elderly and handicap whom are on SSI OR SSD they struggle from month to month rent bills ect, they can’t barley make it now, scared buying extra cleaning extra food supplies if I can find it for them. Why are they left out just because they are disabled. They shouldn’t be put down or made fun of. Or left behind. And

      Why do the mother’s get the extra 500 per child when the dad has custody of the child. It’s BULLShit.

    • Yes we vote too people on site have been struggling thru this too SSI. On SSI have been struggling we can jump start the economy if we get stimulus I was born here and raised here all my life I will definitely know how to vote

    • Yes we r getting money like everyone else I just got a email from DC and mail from SSI office we will get a raise and 1000 like everyone else we all on ssi ssdi check will go up there was even a news updated 3hrs ago

    • I recieve SSDI benefits but am not required to file with state or federal returns. Will disabled persons in my situation get covid 19 stimulus checks & if so what amount, when & who to contact if govt neefs info from me?

      • Hi, Patrick. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • Qualifying income includes earned income, as well as Social Security retirement benefits and certain compensation and pension benefits paid to veterans. This approach “ensures relief gets to low-income seniors and disabled veterans” as well, top Republicans said in their summary of the legislation. (Stated by (R) Mitch McConnell yesterday).

    • Why wouldnt people on any social security get a stimulus check? We are the most with little money. We need a lot more of the necessities to s6tick up too because the hoarders are selfish. It’s harder, if at all, for disabled ppl to get out and when you can everything is gone.. I spent every dime I have to buy what I could. Now what? Next month will be the same. Trying to stock up on things that the hoarders take. What about us? Dont pay Bill’s because I have to buy more expensive things because the cheap stuff is gone. Its bull.

    • I am on SS and have used what money I had in savings, 401K etcetera. I have been paying onto SS since I was 10 years old, not much, was paid while working on our farms. If Congress especially the Republicans do not vote for SS recipients to get a check, and if the Dems do not do anything about it, both parties will lose a lot of support. I for one have never voted Democratic. But if the GOP does not bus that Seniors on a very limited SS income do not get a check, I will vote Democratic even though they seem crazy to me. I feel being left out would be age and type of income discrimination. I am white but we all are being discriminated against!

    • Ppl on ssi who have children should get money to there’s a lot of family’s who can’t work because of health problems and get only 781 dollars a month so I really hope they help ppl who need it and at least give the disabled 700 dollars stimulus checks I’m a trump supporter and I love my country and all Americans deserve help right now who need it

    • I will say this I imagine the general public thinks if a person get social security disability or supplemental security income they may not need a stimulus check because they’re getting paid all along will realize they ask if you think that it’s hard enough to get by already on the little bit you get every month imagine having to buy emergency supplies stock up on things you can’t afford just in case you’re stuck at home. And yes you will use these things eventually but people like that me included can’t afford to go buy all of that at once and stock up that will most certainly impact us being able to pay bills in the coming months I think that would be common sense so if people that is on SSI and SSD get left out of this stimulus package somebody is not thinking correctly or they just don’t care about these people who are also citizens of this great country.

    • As of right now, those on SSI Disability will NOT be included in the stimulus package. SSI is not considered “earned income” & if you haven’t worked than you probably didn’t file taxes in 2018. Yes, those ppl are still receiving checks every month, but also remain among the poorest of American’s. The fact that the SSA gives these individuals only around $800/mo. isn’t even enough to survive on. “All Americans” will not see this money. The poorest are excluded once again. And even if they see some amount of money, their monthly SSI payments will more than likely DECREASE to little or nothing since the current policy is that you cannot receive your payments if other money you receive–even one or two time payments which is what the stimulus checks are–are over a certain amount. The fact is that even poor ppl still have to spend money to live, which helps the economy. Do you honestly think Trump cares enough about poor Americans when he’s already trying to eliminate other safety nets such as Medicaid & FoodShare? Get real! The government hasn’t given those who cannot work enough money to possibly survive on as is! Not to mention they keep these ppl poor by not allowing them assets over $2000. How can one possibly save to get ahead if $2000 is the highest amount you are allowed to have? Trump & his corrupt administration NEED to be voted out in November. Our healthcare system is already so screwed up that ppl go bankrupt paying their hospital bills & the ones who are paying an arm & a leg out of every paycheck for their employer based insurance have ridiculous $3000-$5000 deductibles. That’s like paying to have no insurance what-so-ever! VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO!

      • Trump is the man that can handle this pandemic, the libs want to screw Americans over, after all they held up the stimulus bill so that screw ball Nancy can inject money into the DC opera house????? Meanwhile Americans are in bad times because of the China Virus. The libs want healthcare paid for, well why don’t you look at Sleepy Joes Healthcare pic, this guy says that people over 70 should not receive healthcare, basically picking who dies and who does not, this is kinda socialist don’t you think??? VOTE TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP. He’s not a socialist like the DEMS!!!

    • What if you did not file 2018 income taxes?
      Will you be overlooked? At that point I was in the process of obtaining SSDI, For which I was awarded as of 10/19. This is so confusing. I have 2 kids. Trying to understand this is Frustrating.

      • Hi, Melissa. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • I am a single disabled 61-year-old receiving SSI ($783) monthly that barely supports my needs. As a former taxpayer when able to work until my health problems arose, I have a new respect for money as a single dollar means so much more. I had to learn to manage living far below the poverty line. The exclusion of seniors on a fixed income is shameful and un-American. We have been left behind and deserve to be treated like all other Americans. After all seniors have paid taxes longer than most of the younger people who will reap the benefits of the stimulus. If included, seniors can purchase items that have been unaffordable for so long. I am a Democrat and hope that the party advocates for doing the right thing for people like me, especially because seniors are the most vulnerable to contract the covid-19 corona virus.

    • I’m seeing so many people getting upset and arguing over something that, as of yet, hasn’t even been finalized. Maybe there could be a form for all Americans to apply for this, like a census, and all who appy get the money they decide to give out. I honestly don’t think anything they are proposing will make every American happy, but hey man… that’s life.

    • I think it was messed up because govnerabout 10 yrs ago took away everyone renters rebate which was around 400$and we cant get now even im on ssdi

    • At least you all get checks I’m waiting on ssd and SSI because I’m disabled and can’t work I need help it’s not my fault I can’t work I worked my whole life till this accident which wasnt my fault messed my life up so they are gonna help people who have money money coming in what about me

    • I have been on Social Security for a long time. It is my only source of income. I would love to receive a stimulus check from the Government, who among us wouldn’t? However, millions of people thrown out of work because of this national crisis are desperate for financial help. Send my stimulus check to those who need it the most!

    • Elizabeth warren wants to expand SSDI, SS, and SSI Payments, but I think that’s just lip service. I wouldn’t expect anything from these assholes.
      The economic crash has been on the way since Sept 2019. The Liquidity in the market dried up, and the Fed has been pumping Hundreds of Billions into the Repo market every day since Sept 2019. While Stephanie Rhule was on the news telling Americans not to panic and hold onto those 401ks and stocks, members of Congress were selling their shares for millions. Covid-19 is just a cover for the collapse that was on the way. (Maybe in a decade that truth will emerge) None of this constant corruption will change until we can muster atleast 4-7 percent of the Adult population to march on our collective Capitals and D.C. instead of using this Stimilus to rework our Healthcare System (universal Healthcare and a Ubi) it’s going to go to bailing out the same businesses we bailout every 10 years in recession. A healthy and properly managed economy does not need to collapse every fucking 10 years. But our corrupt form of capitalism isn’t Healthy or properly managed. Its unregulated, unchecked, unfettered race to the next bubble of Boom and then Bust. A complete and total addict behavior. Where did all the Money Go? “The Economy is doing better then ever”? Why are these questions not being asked by “Our” Media? Oh, that’s right, it would be insensitive because of the Virus I bet. Or maybe just maybe, they are paid to keep us clueless and divided! Wake up folks. They keep doing this over and over and over and over. The American public people continue to let them. It’s time our Country was refreshed with the blood of Patriots, if it must come to that

    • Be thankful you know the day you WILL receive a check! Many people have no idea when they will get there next check! If you’re getting SSI it SSDI you’re not entitled to a stimulus check! You haven’t lost anything!
      I’m sure the people whinnying are well within their working years and many are lazy, feel entitlement and beat the system…. Know this, unless it is a looser like yourself who you are talking to about a stimulus check, they don’t think you deserve it either. EVEN you family who is just listening and just waiting for you to shut up!

      • I know people who are working that will not only receive their paycheck but are getting bonuses from their employer plus the stimulus check. Alot of people that aren’t working are receiving their vacation and sick pay so they still have income.

      • Well, I guess you are in good company. Thank you for coming here and expressing the views of the GOP. I doubt you will ever get your way to eliminate SSI completely but maybe making our lives miserable with your prejudice, social exclusion, miserly cutback, verbal abuse on forums,, and punitive rules and policies will bring your some small pleasure in life.

    • Social security SSD, SSi, Veterans, and the elderly will be receiving money. Either $200 a month until December 2020. Or receive money $1200 at once. Google it. See the updates for SSD, SSI,etc. Now is not the time to continue bullshit attacks at the president. This virus doesn’t care who you are.

    • I am on disability and unable to work do to my disability I only get $780 a month on disability it takes every penny I have to pay my lot rent is $165 a month electric goes from $100 And sumthin to $200 plus my water bill $45 what ever money I have left goes on food and other stuff like house hold items to my needs before the Food stamps come I get my food stamps on the 11th so before you judge anyone step in there shews I have been disabled every since I was a child I don’t judge anyone I have a lot of problems with my legs hands and feet I do what I can at home i cook and clean I have tried to work in college doing hair but they told me I could work no more because my health problem I tried working but my doctor told me I could not work do to something to do with my spinal cord if my legs was to fall out from me and I feel to hard on my tale bone I wouldn’t be able to walk at all I all ready trip over my own feet and my hands I drop a lot of things

    • There are three programs Social Security pays benefits for. 1.Retirees, paid for SOCIAL SECURITY deducted from their income. Must have work credits to base retirement income.
      2. SSDI- (social security disability insurance) Paid SOCIAL SECURITY deducted from their income. Must have work credits to qualify.and base monthly disability income.
      Both paid into the “fund”
      3 SSI- Social security income for those that are disabled but DO NOT QUALIFY for retirement or SSDI due to lack of WORK credits. These beneficiaries not only receive free government money, but also, receive 100% medical coverage and ZERO COPAYS at pharmacies. (Free loaders)
      Those that work or have worked to make America great, should receive the same as everyone.. Unemployment benefits are available for those with enough WORK credits..
      Please Mr. President, give us all a FAIR SHAKE. Even the FREELOADERS can help our nation stand back up with a few extra dollars desguised in a stimulus check.
      Thank you for reading . You must be as bored as myself during this health crisis.
      I’m scared to get milk and bread due to several preexisting health conditions.
      Bored.,…. Bored…. Bored.

    • people are really greedy I am 76 yrs old I receive $297 SS hardly enough to feed me the whole month but happy I get it I was half a point short on my own so have to collect against my hubbys but he had a daughter that was disabled from birth so she collects from his also so it cut back from what I get. The bill foes provide for us $200 extra per month till the end of 2021 a total of $4000. not too bad I would say and that is per person be thankful you are not out there trying to work and raise a family in these sad times. some ppl need more help than us,

    • I’ve got a question..myi 22 year old grandson was born with brain damage…because of a strep infection that he was born with….he draws SSI he draws 783.00 per month…..do you think that he might get a check..??..

      • Hi, Deborah. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • I am a mature adult and on social security which I am assuming will stay the same, however, my work pension which was an investment before retirement, has been drastically reduced . I was taxed on the investment when I worked so do not pay taxes now. Will I benefit by getting a stimulus check? Probably not which means my husband and I will loose our supplement insurance because my premium is barely covered by my social security check which I will need for living expenses because we cannot live on my pension check which has gone from a monthly $900 t0 $92 . I thought I had done everything smart…whoever would have dreamed something like this! I will be living on faith and faith alone. I am so glad I have a great big wonderful God that has promised to take care of my needs.


      • What a horrible thing to say a lot us that are receiving Social Security worked all of lives and paid into the Social Security system and are now retired. A lot of us paid into 401Ks to supplement our income and that money was lost in the last crisis and all we have left is our Social Security checks. We worked hard and met our quarters.

    • I just want to know if people who are on ssdi are receiving the stimulus checkbas well even they didnt have to file taxes because income was to low?

      • Hi, Sheryl. We understand there have been reports about the possibility of additional government payments to individuals due to the economic effects of the Coronavirus. At this time, no law has been passed that calls for Social Security to issue any new payments. We hope this helps to answer your question.

    • (Christine furcsik
      on March 20, 2020 at 11:11 am said:
      So you get ssi and work under the table…pay taxes like the rest of us.. If you are able to work under the table all of you get of ssi and get your ass out and work. There are a lot of people on ssi that do not need it !!! I’m in the medical field and see this all the time…how many people you know are on a fixed income and smoke!!! And cry about money.. All of you that are capable of working and are not…you are taking money from my social security and our children)

      Please, everyone learn how to form complete proper sentences before judging SSI recipients on the SSA web blog! Who is anyone or anybody to judge who is really disabled and who is not?! It is nobody’s business, especially if you are not the one personally writing the checks, who qualifies for the Stimulus and SSI or does not qualify!

    • Why are there so many haters right now?! We need to stand together as one human race and take care of each other instead of cutting people down. We are all struggling in our own ways. No 2 people the same! It is not my place to judge someone else’s life and neither is it yours! We are all affected by this pandemic one way or another. We need to have faith that we can get thru this. Most of us have suffered and sacrificed on a regular basis. We can figure this out.

    • If we can give $500 billion dollars to the Wall st. Bankers, and large Corporation, and after the stealing of most of my savings in 2008, I sure hope that the senate includes seniors on SSI, as I don’t get enough on it to pay the co-pays on drugs I need as a Asthma patient.

    • Hello everyone my name is Gene Trapp and I’m on a disability income and surely thought that everyone will get a stimulus package but that’s a big no only the working people who pay into taxes and I really had my heart set up to finally get somewhere in life and what I mean by that I’ve been struggling every month trying give my dogs better care and what I was wanting to do was buy alot of dog supply’s like food and flea control and so on and get things to trim there nails and all this stuff cost to much and it’s getting harder to give them the care they need and there having to deal with fleas and other things and it wouldn’t be like that if I had the chance to buy all that stuff and stock on it and then I’ll be on my feet doing really great and so would my dogs and I have alot of dogs some I raised as puppies and some where abandon and I at least have them a home with me but I still need some help and I have a campaign if anyone would like to help my babies and make a donation at gogetfunding and my campaign is on Facebook and my campaign title say I was abandon and my new daddy needs your help and it has a brown puppy on it and my name is Gene Trapp and so if anyone can help me then please with all my heart donate anything life is hard enough and God Bless you all

    • What if you didn’t file a return in 2018 but still worked all last year then how would you get the money also what if you did file but didn’t have two of the kids on ther that you have living with you now them kids are just out of Benefits

    • If us on Social Security are left out I am pretty sure Donald J. Trump and any of my states congressman and Senators will not get my vote.
      We are just as much entitled to a share of the stimulus. President Trump was elected by the retirement community and he owes us.

    • What a whiney bunch of people. We’re in a health crisis and people are hoarding supplies and within the first few weeks everyone wanted money from the government. Quit blaming Republicans and let’s get together and beat this pandemic.

    • The link indicated that there is a response from the commissioner on the issue of whether SS recipients will receive a stimulus check 2020. I don’t see any information on the subject in his response.

    • Me and my wife worked all are life and all she gets 464 dollors ss and i get 1007 ss a month and we pay all of are copays and most are 40.00 ever time you walk in the doctors offic we get a whole 40.00 dollors in food stamps.and i know people on ssi that has not worked at all and the get every gave to them everything 100 percent and go to drug place to get there fix every day and the goverment pays for that i know that the are people on ssi that does need it but ther are people on it that can work,just pissed off.

    • This is Criminal if the Republicans don’t include people with Disabilities too to be included to receive a Stimulus checks!

    • So if your on SSDI you get nothing??! First they were saying an extra $200 for two yrs !,food prices are gonna go up ,everything thing will during the depression from trumps delayed response,my kids are losing jobs will probably move in with me ,trumps kids will get money cuz the hotels are in the kids names!! Trump called it a hoax and did not listen to intelligence reports warning him so he down played it while him and his buddy’s could sell off stocks and buy ones for video conferencing companies etc scum!!

    • I don’t know if true but they are trying to get us and all SSI people stimulus checks.the democrats like Warren proposed $200 extra a month.hope true.read it online

    • I get a tiny SSI check cause i’m Disabled, and a Widows Benefit Check. It totals $873 together. I was doing ok on it. But this month I had to pay more for rides to Dr./Medical/Shopping & etc. Cause the public Bus isn’t running. I couldn’t get no toilet paper/milk or eggs at the stores(Hoarders took it all). So I bought it from Farmers on Eggs at Twice the amt. I’d normally pay. Toilet paper from Sams Club in Bundle that cost me 3 times more then I spend. It’s been this way to meet my needs all mo. So now I’m short a whole week for co-pays on med’s & no money for ride’s to get where i need to go. People on SSI are suffering just like the rest of you all! I have over the counter Med’s i have to pay full price for that I couldn’t get this mo. to pinch my penny’s for food. If not for my daughter bringing me the Food Bank Food I wouldn’t have made it. But I’m thankful for what I do have. Some people can’t pay rent next month or feed their families: I’m just hoping our Federal Gov. & our Senator/Congress & Trump don’t give all of us a Big Fat Lip of nothing during this Crisis & gets it all wrong.

    • I get $783/month in ssdi and my rent is $583. I’m in a wheelchair and can’t work. My whole life I worked and paid taxes and now that a $1,000 check would help me, I’m not going to get any money.

    • For the ignorant A.O. who said ppl on SSI who have never worked are free loaders apparently did not do his homework.I have a nephew since the age of 8 has diabetes which they can never control has seizures has asperger syndrome a tumor in brain they must watch. he must be under care by a family member. my other nephew his kidneys stopped working 8 months old alot of surgeries hospitalations he finished school.trying hard to work but gets sick alot Brave young man not on any diasbility but could get it. Hes no free loader. The children born with life threating diseases are they free loaders they get ssi because the family needs the medical help which actually doesnt cover all expenses.Also Dummy i have a beautiful son that i have worked hard with so many years and he has a disability but he fights and has come a long way and doesnt want SSI he wants to work and its almost there. AND HE IS NO FREE LOADER. HOW DARE YOU. This is the time when we find out who is a true HUMAN BEING.

    • I don’t know this Christine Furcsik! But you need to get a Life! You’re most likely taking $$ of Food Stamps getting SSI and never worked a damn day in your existance nor had ever paid a dime in Income Taxes ever. In short you don’t deserve to get a dime from stimulus let alone Social Security. But I bet your not on a Public Computer @ local Library. Oh it’s 1 of your 3 government provided Cell Phones.

    • However, you are still eligible for a check if you have no income or if you rely solely on non-taxable government benefit programs like Supplemental Security Income benefits, or SSI, from Social Security.

    • I feel the same! 75000 a year? That can only come from a government job. I’ve worked all my life for SS retirement benefits…I paid into it! It’s mine! Not the governments. To know we won’t get anything from the stimulus is a blow to all seniors. Tho I see the highest SS recipients DO. WE the majority are living in abject POVERTY. 2.3% per year? 20.00 more a month? Can’t wait.

    • As of today, 3/26/20 and what I have read/watched in regards to Social Security recipients who are U.S. citizens (unsure of whether legal green card holder qualify):

      There are 3 different SS recipients:

      1. SS retirement: yes you will get the stimulus check as you have paid into the SS fund through FICA with enough work credits.
      2. SSDI: yes you will get the stimulus check as you have paid into the SS fund through FICA with enough work credits.
      3. SSI: no you will not get the stimulus check. You did not have enough work credits. This is considered being on a “welfare” program.

      In my opinion, ALL U.S. citizens (SSI, homeless, etc) SHOULD get this stimulus check.

      Stay safe and god bless us all!!

      • I receive SSI, and I worked for the same company for over 20 years. How is it I didn’t earn enough tax credits.. I paid taxes every pay day.

    • We should be the first on COVID 19 testing and stimulus. We barely receive enough for us to live on. I only receive 16 dollars in food stamps and as for stocking up, with what money? As a breast cancer survivor, I can’t pay my hospital bills. My SS check is below poverty. Why are seniors always neglected? I worked two jobs like my mom. Worked since I was a child. Can’t believe the measly amount I get on SS.

    • From Kiplinger
      What If I Didn’t File a Tax Return in 2018 or 2019?
      Some people didn’t file a tax return for 2018 or 2019 because their income didn’t reach the filing requirement threshold—especially since the standard deduction was nearly doubled starting with the 2018 tax year. If the IRS doesn’t have a 2018 or 2019 tax return with your name on it, it can pull information from a 2019 Form SSA-1099, Social Security Benefit Statement, or Form RRB-1099, Social Security Equivalent Benefit Statement, to calculate your stimulus check amount.

    • No one getting SSI or the homeless, including the homeless Vet on the street is going to get part of the stimulus, yet they need it the most. Costs are up around me, eggs and milk have tripled in price IF you can find them. If not, go without or drive and spend more $ you don’t have for normal needs. But CRUISE LINES that never pay US taxes as they fly foreign flags, being under other countries, are getting a BIG chunk of money. WHY?! This is the 3rd time the disabled, including Vets have been ignored for something like this and it’s enough. They want us to vote, they want us to follow guidelines, they want us to “BEHAVE” like we’re full citizens, even though they forget us on something like this. If you’re sick, go spread it, screw em. If you’re not, or even if so and just can, contact your congressman and senator and demand you’re not ignored yet again. It’s not passing up those on SSI or the Disabled who don’t get SSDI. Spread this news around and take action! Speak out, ring their phones, send them emails, bug them til they pay attention!!

    • What gets me about this is that I and my husband are on SSI and only get $520 each because we are married and also our SSI has been garnished for years over a fraudulent tax return that my family never got , But Social Security decided to garnish us without giving us the proper info to dispute it , And that we have twin adult sons living at home with no income or medicaid that we have to support out of our income because they can not get SSI because of the welfare system that states for them to get Medicaid to even start applying for SSI that they have to be disabled or working, This whole system is messed up, and now with this virus it has hit us twice as hard and have no way at all after bills to buy anything we need to survive on.

    • Someone was arrogant enough to call people on SSDI freeloaders. If you dont know their story how dare you call us lazy! Let me tell you what kind of people we are! Im the one who had a job as a bartender 18 yrs whose barstool you sit on and maybe tip your bartender a couple bucks. All cash income dear! Im the woman who was in an abusive marriage for 15 yrs trying to raise 2 kids and he didnt allow me to have a job! With the courage to get out I went back to the only income I knew to make ends meet without 1 dime of child support from age 8 & 15 till graduation and beyond! For 5 years I worked in a factory till it nearly killed me and am disabled for 5 debilitating conditions that took 2 years to be deemed disabled. So even though I worked my ass of till it beat me down, They dont go back your whole life time of working, and I had enough credits. only the last 15 yrs of your life… of an abusive marriage who’s husband got her fired from every job she had, the bartender you just called lazy who depended on every tip to keep a roof over her childrens head to a disabled woman who’s life was only worth $800 a month!! As to the stimulus package the bill was amended to include SSI, SSDI & supplemental, SS retirement will receive $1,200 by direct deposit or by mail either through the SS or the Treasury dept. It will take time to disperse the designated stimulus so dont think its gonna happen next week or two.

    • There should be room in the stimulus or everyone, not just those that filed in 2018. What about those that didn’t have children then but do now? This is faulty at it’s core.
      If you are going to announce a “Stimulus for ALL”, it truly needs to be for all. Application process should only include having a valid ss# for those in the household.
      Simple. (and I am not even a politician!)

    • The capitalist can pull $15 trillion out of their hats for their elite friends, and argue to reduce SS and Medicare. SS benefits are so far out of line we need tone heard, we paid for this by law, if we invested in a private entity we would have more money and control of it. I was self employed so I paid both sides of me SS, I would have had more in cash.

    • the US government is issuing checks checks to social security and veterans first listen to the news and do your research please and please quit spreading fake news the reason you will get your check first is they already have the direct deposit info so people please stay safe I am a social security receiver to with a a wife and three boys who all rely on me

    • My 65 YEAR OLD mom is on ssi(wasnt qaulified for stupid disability) and only geys 783 dollars a month to live on. She isnt getting the relief check when people making 80k a year are? WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am on SSID and I was wondering if the people who recieve SSI and SSID will they be recieving help from the government with the stimulus packages that are going to be going out.. People are saying anyone who recieves SSI or SSID and does not file taxes will not be allowed to receive any help. I guess I am just asking is this true.i receive a check every month, but was told I don’t have to file taxes. Can someone help me?

    • Only people who filed unemployment, aka TAXPAYERS or if your a HUGE company like BOEING- whose getting 15 BILLION dollars in addition to a HUGE TAX break, they don’t pay in, but get back! WOW!
      NO ONE who is currently receiving Social Security, Social Security Disability or SSI will be getting a penny! So stop asking!

    • Tell the truth please- No one who currently gets ANY SS, SSI, SSDI WILL get A DIME from THE “Stimulus Package”! No further questions.

    • I am currently on SSI and have children that dont receive any other income. Just because a person is on social security does not mean that they are free loaders people that dont have enough work credits like myself is due to my disability so what is your point? Rich people just dont care about poor people. There is no “Middle-class” any more. Its rich, poor & poorer.

    • Would most people who are receiving Social Security retirement and disability payments each month also get a stimulus payment?


      Evidently some are according to the NY Times FAQ updated 3/26

    • Every single word sad and the over thousand comments about this issue. Have not confirmed or denied anything about whether Social Security recipients will definitely received the check. I’m definitely not received the check. Over a thousand people commenting Yet not one, not one being able to give anything. Then either opinion of some sort of other bullshit. That’s like their opinion or something. Fuck you and your opinion. But we get the checks are not if you can’t answer that simple yes-or-no question then shut the fuk up and quit vague nonsensical made-up bullshit

    • Will a working teen get the money?? Im not worried about my safety it’s the other people that are part time and are well under the age?

    • answer question are we gettin checks or not this stimulous only will help basically anybody but the true poor and those like the guy that talks like hes all that and a bag of chips u shuldnt be on ssi if ur that above it and screw u i do need i live in the hood but even hood is very expensive and any money i have outside of rent is20 dollars a week

    • i havent been told shit its looking like anybody on ssi wont get shit trump lying same way he did to get elected ssi people wont get it there saying so this bout helpin truly poor is bullshit its nothing more than a tax loop which cooperate business basic ly few yourbyour own boss jobs and rich dickheads like trump a tax loophole CNN confirmed only ones that deserve it the truly lucky and those bitchin bout 30 percent going to housing try 98 percent since a u liberals pooping on sidewalks in cal moved to my once great state of idaho id like to wish the plague goin round on some people espicially since i had saars 5 yrs ago but i wont

    • needs to be updating on if i getbmy stimulous check im hearing we wont and therr take 20 percent of are cjeck to paynfor it

    • Since the goverment doesn’t want to give us retired folks on social security a stimulus check , then why can’t they just reliese some of our money from all the thousands we ourseves paid into over the years ? I paid into SS over 270 thousand dollars in my livetime working may ass of , just to see our government give most of it away to people who never paid a damn dime into it . Now when seniors need it most they dribble out crumbs to us hoping we will die and knowing we will never ever get all we paid in back ! Fair ? Hell no ! Just give us a booster out of our money , not the stimulus bullshit .

    • Ok so people getting SSI etc DO qualify to receive the CARES stimulus checks in full amount 1200.00
      But since we normally don’t file taxes. So, will the Govt work with Direct Express and our direct deposit locations and just send the stimulus amount directly to us automatically just like they send the regular benefit on the 1 st or 3rd? I use a Direct Express card myself, not my bank.
      Or will we be forced to try figurei g out how to file taxes with no W2s? Or try to navigate some kind of confusing online site? Lots of disabled folks can not understand how to do such things. I know that even I don’t understand taxes etc and I was pretty educated prior to becoming disabled. I have no clue how to claim this on my own. If the Goverment and SS already know who is on SSI and disability payments anyhow, they could just take the list of names they have now, and send everyone their stimulus money directly with no claim forms etc. the Govt knows who gets SS money.
      I would prefer not to file taxes and end up messing it up and getting in trouble because I don’t know how to do so

  1. So are the Social security benefit citizen are still going to get the 1000 dollars on the first with Direct deposit

    • Will citizens on Social Security and the disabled be getting any financial assistance? We are sequestered in our homes and we need help also.
      Thank you for keeping us updated.

      • How will we know if we get the benefit or not? I see where the question is asked but I don’t see an answer to your question.

        • I recieve disability, I let a bill go so I used a lot of my money for extra food and other things like toilet paper and antibacterial soap to keep in and my family safe. I hope that we all including the ones on SSI and or disability because we are spending our money just like everyone else to stay safe, skipping Bill’s to buy extra food for your family..

      • Please let us know if us that are low income, and do not make enough to file taxes will get the help of $1,000 that we so desperately need. Thank You

        • Let me explain this one how can a person actually price a roll of tissue that cost 50cents over charge me 3.00$ for one roll just because of the virus an I’m on ssi that is not fair I need help but you trying to stop the blessing of Americans to getting that help from president trump we low income people need that the business owners our over chagrin us right now I don’t think we can make if the continue to do Sith is corona virus is not only affecting us but causing business owners to look down on ssi an low income people making unanimous decision by over pricing products I’m going to stores an really nothing on the shelf for low income people people who are on ssi that’s not fair for them to scam us for the little money we get I’m disabled but what right do have to treat us this way I hope the president trump resolve the issue about Helping us out with a deposit of 1000dollars in our account because we are barely making it with 943 dollars a month we r barely making it right now put prices down to hurt our feelings it’s not fair then you politicians democratic that don’t want us ssi disabled people to get that trump change $$$ until the find a cure for the corona virus what do we supposed to do we r hurting as of people it’s bad enough that oriental an Italian r sending us through this tragic time why should I pay extra 2:50cents for one role of tissue when I normally pay 50cents the I’m speaking as citizen 44years of my life 100% American the cause to this kaos is the oriental an Italian the need need to come up with some cures mess around gone be a racial riot make they don’t spread there germs on no more my Americans love ones please president do some for us this over charging bull—it got to stop the think it’s a game the hell with them it’s not I don’t think I can make it this month do this dumb crap

        • McConnell indicated job status would not be a factor, and that the money would go to unemployed workers and those recently laid off; those still working; and retirees, even if they’re already receiving Social Security checks.***SO TONY*##SHUT UP STIP SCARING OLD PEOPLE

        • I think people on SSI will get 600.00 instead for some reason? Or so a news article says but it said Retired folks on disability etc
          Is that including all disabled? We need the money more than anyone else they are price gouging too in stores.
          Also what if a worker did not file taxes last year? He had a reason. Can they look up former years?

      • People who are on SSI or SSD already draw a guaranteed amount of money each month.This stimulus is for working people who have to continue to stay afloat even with the absence of a paycheck.

        • I am on SSDI for MS. I paid into it for 30 years. I manage my money the best I can, and save any extra I can.

          I do not for one second feel I deserve any government assistance. This is for the citizens that are not guaranteed money to survive this catastrophic event. That’s the last thing I’m worried about. Good luck to everyone.

        • I can’t see anything fair about this. People are working making good paychecks and just because they pay taxes they get the stimulus. People on SSA and SSI get such a small amount but we have to pay more for everything because they are always out of everything so we have to buy more expensive products. How is this fair?

        • Contradiction not everyone who files taxes is out of work. Yet they are still getting check. Sounds like bull crap. Poor continue to get screwed

          • Good point. Even though those layed off need the money more, all tax payers are getting the money and many are still employed full time

        • Really just for those people that lost their jobs? Then explain to me why people that are still working FULL TIME JOBS are also going to receive it.

      • Can you please tell me where you got this information. I have had lung cancer and I make $802ss a month and one dollar in SSI.That one dollar SSI enables me to receive Medicaid to help me with medical expenses. I’m afraid the stimulus chick would cause me to lose my Medicaid. I am extremely worried!

      • Where do you get your info??? I have heard from several places that every American including people on SSI And SSDI will be getting a check. There are parents on SSI who’s kids are now not in school and don’t get free lunches or breakfast so there income will have to go to that and the hike in food cost . ( I went in a store yesterday that was trying to sell 2 single rolls of toilet paper for $7. I’s just unreal!

        • We received the economic stimulus check last time. I don’t know if we will get this one but I hope so! my benefit money for the month that would have lasted after all my bills has been spent on the price gouged groceries and normal household supplies.

          • I know and I usually make extra money by keeping a couple of children while their parents work. With the parents being laid off I am no longer able to meet my obligations.

  2. My only concern is that those of us who live overseas may not have access via telephone services for the DSS. I live in Australia and our local office is in Manila, which I understand is closed temporarily.

    • this is about the U.S. social security. if you are out of the country do not legally get SSI or SSDI benefits

      • I am on full retiirement I worked 33 years to get here. I feel that the elderly are the forgotten by the goverment when handing out stimulus packages. I am hoping I am wrong and will eat crow but I don’t have the plate in front of me yet.

        • no only if you have retired ssd…or retired because ssi gets adjusted to state you lived in ny got much more on ssi I moved cut 50.00. I lived Florida even lower 710.00 so when I get my husbands social security. I could what the hell I want not get cut 62 then supplements income

    • ****Great Question!!***
      My $145 off my $975 SSDI is kicking my arse. I also get $450 for disabled widow – so I am a nose hair over being able to receive “additional help.”
      I’m doubting folks not filing tax returns, due to reviving some sort of Social Security Benefit, will even be considered.
      Previous “Stimulus Checks” never came to me. How about dropping our Part B?!

  3. I want to thank you for the security of still paying benefits. One bad apple telling others no checks going out. Is enough to scare others seniors. Since we live on our income security at our age is fantastic.
    Again Thank You.

  4. I am from an attorney’s office. Can you please clarify what hearing offices are open at this time in Philadelphia Region? I was advised by one office the Hearing Offices were closed and another Hearing Office said they were open.

  5. Thank you for not scaring us up and down and letting us know about scammers out there and also, being a reasonable voice.


    • Alejandro, I am an American EX-pat with seven+ years living in the Philippines. I am very familiar with your situation because of several relatives of my wife who worked in the US. The rules are: US citizens may collect their SS while living anywhere in the world. In my case, my SS goes to a seperate account at my brokerage firm and I withdraw as need, no direct deposits to the Philippines are permitted. Non-citizens who legally worked under a green card and payed SS taxes may also collect if they have earned enough quarters (40 needed to collect). The big difference is that a non-citizen may only collect for six months at a time when outside the US. Any benefits you are owed will be paid retroactive but you must return to the US and file for those benefits. You will then continue to collect for as long as you reside in the US. If you leave the country, then the six month rule will kick in again your benefit will end after six months. That is the big difference: a US citizen that may receive their benefits from anywhere but non-US citizen must reside in the US to continue to receive benefits or they must return every six months. Again, if you were outside the US for a long time, your benefits will be paid retroactive once you return and refile. Hope this helps.

  7. I will be 66 in August I dont want to apply for my social security before I can get full benefits but need to know when I need to apply in order to get them. Would like to be able to talk to someone in person about possible getting ex husband’s benefits if I can.

    • Hi, Kathryn. On Tuesday, March 17, 2020, we suspended face-to-face service to the public in our field offices and hearings offices nationwide until further notice. This decision protects the population we serve—older Americans and people with underlying medical conditions—and our employees during the Coronavirus(COVID-19) pandemic. We will provide limited, critical services via phone, mail, and online, while we focus our efforts on serving people most in need. You can file up to 4 months in advance for retirement benefits. To be eligible for divorced spouse benefits, you had to be married to your former spouse for at least 10 years, and you cannot be eligible for a higher benefit on your own record. For more information on how to qualify for divorced spouse benefits, visit our Benefits Planner: If You Are Divorced. We hope this helps.

      • @AnneC. “Social Security *drone*” blogger – “she” ***never*** answers the COVID 19 Stimulus Check for folks collecting some form of Social Security.
        My thought: I’ve been disabled (SSDI) since 2004, and don’t make enough to require filing tax return. I’ve **never** received stimulus’ checks, so pretty much am disappointed that folks who don’t file, don’t receive.
        So, AnneC — will you answer this clearly stated question: WILL FOLKS WHO AREN’T REQUIRED TO FILE A TAX RETURN, BE INCLUDED DURING THIS DISASTER?
        Yup, all caps AnneC. Maybe someone attending to this blog will answer the hundreds of questions posed about COVID 19 Coronavirus Stimulus Check, in relation to those of us who rely on Social Security to survive.

    • The questions you asked are all addressed on their web page. It’s not necessary to tie up the phone lines during this pandemic when a little bit of research will provide the answers you’re looking for.

  8. I would like to know if the government issues checks are they going to consider the people living on SSI? just because they don’t work doesn’t mean they don’t need the help.

  9. Why on earth are you using a thin grey font? It is VERY difficult to read, and presumably is going to older adults with poorer vision. How