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Multiethnic Group of Friends with United States FlagNow, more than ever, is a good time to reflect on diversity to build a better future, as a unified nation. Let’s celebrate our differences without forgetting our fundamental likeness. We are all Americans who believe in freedom and democracy for all.

This is what the American dream is all about. Everyone deserves a comfortable retirement, free of economic hardship.

Social Security has retirement benefits and the tools to help you plan for your retirement, and to apply for benefits online. We also provide disability benefits to individuals with medical conditions that prevent them from working. If the disabled individual has dependent family members, they can also receive payments.

If you or anyone you know is disabled, they may qualify for disability benefits. Studies show that a 20-year-old worker has a one-in-four chance of becoming disabled before reaching full retirement age. To see if you meet our strict definition of disabled, read our publication Disability Benefits.

Widows, widowers, and their dependent children may be eligible for Social Security survivors benefits. Social Security helps by providing income for the families of workers who die. In fact, 98 of every 100 children could get benefits if a working parent dies. And Social Security pays more benefits to children than any other federal program. Go online to learn more about Social Security’s survivors benefits.

Honoring each other begins with fair and equal treatment. Social Security guarantees that, if you pay into the system and meet our eligibility requirement, you will receive the benefits due to you. We want to make sure our diverse nation is covered, that everyone gets the benefits they deserve, and that no one is left out. Visit to learn more.

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Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications

Jim Borland, Assistant Deputy Commissioner, Communications




  2. Tom

    Why in the world do the taxpayers have to pay to produce this blog? Why would we celebrate diversity rather that our common humanity. This junk is leading to the fracturing of our country rather than unification.

  3. Sung j.

    Please you need to know that my account I haven’t money since few days.
    so I need your help for have emergency money right now, Could I have my Direct Deposit ? and if you can sent it. It ‘ll be very help, I need pay something very important to do
    8/July/ 2016. also. Here’s my ( account number:

    Sorry about that. and Thanks so much.
    Sung Ja Lee / Sonia

    • D. B.

      Hello Sonia. Unfortunately, your issue is a bit more complex than we can handle in this forum. For your security, we do not have access to information about your record. We recommend that you contact your local office or call our toll-free, 1-800-772-1213 (1-800-325-0778, if deaf or hard-of-hearing) for help.

  4. Jerrold

    This internet web site is genuinely a walk-through for all of the info you wanted about this and didn’t know who to ask. Glimpse here, and you will unquestionably discover it.

  5. Martie

    When will we get our cost of living raises back? We are helping people who have money and don’t need it we live pay check to pay check and need it.

    • D. B.

      Martie, thanks for your question. By law, the Social Security Administration uses the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the Department of Labor to calculate Cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs). Based on last year’s calculations, Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits for nearly 65 million Americans did not increase. For more information about COLAs, click here.

  6. tammy

    “Everyone deserves a comfortable retirement, free of economic hardship”, unless you are a physically disabled person and happen to marry an able bodied person, then the SOCIALIST SECURITY system will use special “Rules” to legally discriminate against you and deny you benefits. The SOCIALIST SECURITY system has caused me a lot of economic hardship all because I married an able bodied person. The SOCIALIST SECURITY system thinks someone who is physically disabled (permanently and totally disabled) marries an “able bodied person”, that somehow magically they are cured of their physical disability and two people can survive off the able bodied persons income. WOW, talk about a bunch of bureaucratic idiotic thinking, that somehow this would not cause a financial hardship….. amazing.

    The rules that the Social Security Administration uses to legally discriminate against persons who are “Adult Disabled Children” who happen to marry an able bodied person, are discriminatory. This is loosely referred to as the “marriage penalty” but I call it exactly what it is, a legal form of discrimination.
    I firmly believe this rule, is an act of bias, prejudice and discrimination against people who (by no fault of their own) are born disabled and happen to marry an able bodied person

    Please write your Congressional Representative and tell them to end this modern day form of Legal Discrimination. In this day of fairness and equality, there are still some people suffering from an outdated and oppressive bureaucratic rule.

    • John O.

      A dependent child is no longer dependent upon you when they marry, they depend upon their spouse, why should the taxpayer have to bear the burden?

      • tammy

        How does getting married make that adult disabled child, any less disabled?

        If they could not find work before getting married due to their disability, how does getting married, fix everything?
        Either way, that burden defaults to the taxpayer, either by not working and no money going into the system or in the form of benefits.

        If the adult disabled child is totally disabled and unable to work, then how does getting married change the fact that the person is still totally disabled and unable to work.

        • D. B.

          Tammy, thanks for your questions. Adult disabled child’s benefits generally end if the individual gets married. However, some marriages (for example, to another adult disabled child) are considered protected.
          The rules vary, depending on the situation. For more information about adult disabled child’s benefits, click here.

          • tammy

            Thanks, been down that road time and time again. So the message that Social security is sending out is, (if you are an adult disabled child) before you start going out with, getting to know, date and form a relationship with someone, it is the MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR that they are also a DISABLED PERSON?

            What kind of logic is that? Can’t you see how discriminatory that rule is? Just because someone who is disabled chooses to marry an able bodied person, how does that marriage make the disabled person- any less disabled?

            I get that fact that personnel at the SOCIALIST SECURITY administration are like drones, unable to think or say anything other than “The rules say” or “Guidelines must be followed”, but certainly there must be ONE person there who is able to clearly see how wrong this specific “RULE” is?

            Maybe not…….

  7. John

    For what seniors????? Not anyone I know including myself! What dream> it has been a nightmare since I retired and we (seniors are being constantly overlooked!)

  8. Debra B.

    What about, the American People that have worked, since we were 13 or 14yrs old, we have paid intro Medicaid and Medicare System for years and some of us still have to hold down a part time work from home jobs or do something else part time… People fail to realize we do not like it to become Disabled, because we choose this life, but to be talked about, what if the shoe was on the other foot..

    I don’t live off of Assistance, I paid into the System and I will continue as long as the Heavenly Father let me…

    Debra Boney

  9. Sandra, F.

    I agree with what Mr. Cesar said.Very well put and I am not Mexican. My husband worked for 38 years at one Union job, but some years before that. He has collected SS for 14 years. Is happy to have something to help out for all the years he did pay into it. There should never be a cap on SS for anyone to ever finish paying into it. Be happy that there is something to help out now.

  10. César

    If you do not like social security, when you turn 65, fill out the form indicating your refusal to collect it, if you do not it only means that you are in agreement with any and all social services listed by Karl Marx.
    World wide social security has wiped out powerty among the elders, even if you have never put any money into it, you will get a little something.
    I have paid federal, state, city and social security taxes for 43 years and I feel good and proud to do so. I have seen many families getting benefits and their checks have never bounced. I sleep good knowing I helped some one, may be a neighbor, may be a member of my family, who knows for sure it feels good.
    Government has no money, they collect our taxes and manage it, sometimes mismanagement, but think, if it did not worked, how the they managed to build and grow the most wealthy nation ever in the history of the world, the strongest ever known and yes we borrow money but that is also one of the ingredients of our system.
    Relax, breath in and believe. After the storm, there will always be calm.
    Almost forgot, I am Mexican.
    Be well.

    • Collyn

      Thank you Cesar. Nicely put.

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