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overhead view, woman making saladAre you eligible for Social Security retirement benefits or already receiving them? Did you know that you can also receive healthy meals and other nutrition services through the national Senior Nutrition Program? Local meal programs in communities across the country are waiting to serve you.

As we age, we have different needs, different ways we take care of our health, and different nutrients we need to get from our food. But we don’t always have enough healthy food or the desire to prepare or eat a meal. Whether you need more food, healthier food, someone to share a meal with, or just want to learn about good eating habits, a meal program can help.

Every day, senior nutrition programs serve almost one million meals to people age 60 and older. With home-delivered and group meal options, you can get the food you need in a way that works best for you. It can help you avoid missed meals – and save you time and money with less shopping and cooking.

Local programs serve up more than food — they offer opportunities to connect and socialize. We know this improves both your mental and physical health.

The programs can also teach you how to create a healthy eating plan. You can learn about healthy food recommendations based on your age, unique needs, and preferences.

A senior nutrition program can also connect you with other resources like transportation or homemaker services. This helps you stay connected and engaged in your community.

It’s no surprise that 9 out of 10 participants say they would recommend a senior nutrition program to a friend. We know these services help create healthy, strong communities where everyone can thrive at any age. Please watch our video – created for the national program’s 50th anniversary – to hear how the program makes a difference.

Find a senior nutrition program in your area and help us spread the word about this program by sharing it with your loved ones, neighbors, and community.

The Senior Nutrition Program is administered by the Administration for Community Living, part of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

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  1. Dene


  2. Samatha

    There is a well-known phrase ‘You are what you eat’. I totally agree with this statement, as food affects our physical and mental health. Today we have a lot of genetically modified food that can be harmful to us. That is why such a program that provides healthy and organic food is an excellent way to improve the quality of people’s nutrition. Currently, I’m working on my investigation for college, and there is a good essay about food that helps me to make my work better. Actually, I like such platforms for students as there is a lot of useful content on any topic. So, according to my research, healthy nutrition can ensure high-quality life, but not everyone can afford to eat organic food, and it’s important to get support from government or charity funds.

  3. St A.

    Nice blog . Thanks Keep it up!.

  4. Tanya M.

    For an operation that can’t get a disability application done in less than 6 months, totally, you guys should be handling food stamps too.

    Are you going to have answers to questions about eligibility? No. What if I lose my FS card? Can SSA help me? No, of course not. And really, they shouldn’t be doing this. They’re not staffed to do the claims and answer the calls coming in as is.

  5. Business Affairs

    Very good and creative method for building backlinks to your site and also traffic. It’s very good! Thanks a lot for this post!

  6. Shirley

    I’m only 53 yrs old but I’m disabled from MS and now I’m a diabetic on insulin, I’m constantly trying to come up with different foods to make but I’d love to have a dietician to help me with my diet bcz my Dr’s want me to lose 50 lbs but it’s so difficult t walk everyday, my legs give out quickly, would I qualify for this program even though I’m not 60 yrs old yet?

    • Marcia

      You need to find a way to buy super-nutritional supplements. I knew a woman who was in a wheelchair from MS and ended up giving it away (takes about a year to rebuild your body). Your body must have pesticide-free food and good supplements. I spent a month in bed on natural medicine, because my liver quit from pesticides. I eat ORGANIC and take super-nutrition. Google them, because I doubt that I’m allowed here to tell you what I take. I went into debt to buy what I take and to go to a natural doctor.
      MJG, retired ombudsman

  7. Beatrice R.

    I live in Newberry Florida and I get 20 dollars for snap. I’m on disability who can eat a good meal on 20 dollars a month???? This is so disheartening and unfair that @ 63 years I have to only that much money for food.!

    • Tony

      If Florida raises the SNAP amount, then the state would have to pay for the difference. Florida wouldn’t waste more of their own state budget to increase the benefits.

      Eligibility for the national senior nutritional programs is determined almost entirely by states and local entities. Florida and their cities would never participate in this program. They would never waste their state and city budget to support this.

      Florida’s poor seniors have to go to their local food pantry. There is no home delivery.

      • Jan

        Don’t they have the meals on wheels program in Florida?

        • Tony

          Meals on wheels in Florida require the senior over 60 to be housebound.

          She can also get a free senior meal on these day at this location. Three free meal is better than nothing unless she live far away from this location and it is not worth it in gas cost.

          Newberry Municipal Building
          25440 W. Newberry Road
          Hours: 10 am – 1 pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday

        • Barbara T.

          Yes they do and it is free.

    • No n.

      Right with you. I only get $23. I’m also disable and elderly. I bet if I have a kid, I get more. I mean, they get more than the elderly, we should count as a kids because we put in the money for this

      • Tony

        Social Security allows people’s self-attestation of sex. The SSA excuse is the DMV doesn’t ask for proof of height or weight.

        Maybe SNAP allows self-attestation of age. When you apply online, it doesn’t ask for proof of age.

        I am 13 years old in dog years. Lol

    • Brian

      This program is intended to be supplemental, not pay for all your food. I’m sure there are local programs available.

      • Tony

        Print out flyers saying Food Donations For Seniors In Need. Call for curbside pickup. Then pass it around you neighborhood. Wait to see if they call.

    • Marlene S.

      I live in south florida and get $47 monthly with SNAP. I cant live on that. My SSI doesnt even cover my bills much less food. They say my SSI is too high for more SNAP assistance yet i cant pay my bills. Its all a lot of bull. I worked for 50 years, now retired and i cant get assistance. I tried the meals on wheels, but after several months, it gets boring as the meals never change. Retirement sucksi

  8. Brice H.

    This is a great program! We take advantage of this in our local area in Franklin County, MA through Lifepath. It not only benefits seniors like us, but also supports your local farm community and a lot of it in our area is organic. Try it, you’ll love it!

  9. Tondalea W.

    I have autoimmune disease, I”m also a diabetic, I also have rheumatoid arthritis, for work I would stand 8-16 hours. I’m only 53years old. Standing and sitting are hard for me.
    So what kind of diet plan would you recommend.

    • Ray V.

      An anti-inflammatory diet for arthritis includes whole grains,
      fruits such as berries, colorful fresh vegetables, lowfat dairy
      and limits red meat and highly processed carbohydrates.
      Sugar is inflammatory for autoimmune diseases and metabolic
      diseases. Alcohol one serving per day. I have psoriatic arthritis
      and also avoid gluten. Try it for a month and you will feel the results.


  10. Lois L.

    How do you sign up for this

    • Linda K.

      I have tried to apply for Snap. When I type in my Medicare info the application won’t proceed.

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