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Social Security to Remove Barriers to Accessing SSI Payments 

March 27, 2024 • By

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Last Updated: March 27, 2024

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Today, the Social Security Administration published a final rule, “Omitting Food from In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) Calculations.” The final rule announces the first of several updates to the agency’s Supplemental Security Income (SSI) regulations that will help people receiving and applying for SSI.

“A vital part of our mission is helping people access crucial benefits, including SSI,” said Martin O’Malley, Commissioner of Social Security. “Simplifying our policies is a common-sense solution that reduces the burden on the public and agency staff and helps promote equity by removing barriers to accessing payments.”

SSI provides monthly payments to adults and children with a disability or blindness, and to adults aged 65 and older, who have limited income and resources. SSI benefits help pay for basic needs like rent, food, clothing, and medicine. People applying for and receiving SSI must meet eligibility requirements, including income and resource limits. Under our old rules, ISM includes food, shelter, or both a person receives – the agency counts ISM as unearned income, which may affect a person’s eligibility or reduce their payment amount.

Under the final rule, beginning September 30, 2024, the agency will no longer include food in ISM calculations. The new policy removes a critical barrier for SSI eligibility due to an applicant’s or recipient’s receipt of informal food assistance from friends, family, and community networks of support. The new policy further helps in several important ways: the change is easier to understand and use by applicants, recipients, and agency employees; applicants and recipients have less information to report about food assistance received from family and friends, removing a significant source of burden; reducing month-to-month variability in payment amounts will improve payment accuracy; and the agency will see administrative savings because less time will be spent administering food ISM.

The agency continuously examines programmatic policy and makes regulatory and sub-regulatory changes as appropriate. Look for more SSI announcements in the coming weeks.

For more information on the SSI program, including who is eligible and how to apply, visit Supplemental Security Income.

To read the final rule “Omitting Food from In-Kind Support and Maintenance Calculations,” visit Federal Register: Omitting Food From In-Kind Support and Maintenance Calculations.

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  1. Jami

    —-HERE is an example of the writing SSA uses.

    Additionally, people have the right to appeal the overpayment decision or the amount. They can ask Social Security to waive collection of the overpayment, if they believe it was not their fault and can’t afford to pay it back. The agency does not pursue recoveries while an initial appeal or waiver is pending. Even if people do not want to appeal or request a waiver, they should contact the agency if the planned withholding would cause hardship. Social Security has flexible repayment options, including repayment of as low as $10 per month. Each person’s situation is unique, and the agency handles overpayments on a case-by-case basis.

    Considering there are free apps and grammar tools, it’s inexcusable to have imprecise language. FIX IT.

    Nothing works. Many things work a little.

    * Write for the Web.
    * Clean up the forms, each of which—atrocious.
    * Standardize by using templates, SS Representatives
    need to use concise language. Just once. Use templates, if are 50 variables, fine.

    Little things make big things.

  2. Willie

    They are the one that make the American people homeless, that is what congress is doing to us. It going to happen again, even if your 69 or 70 yr. old they are going to come after you.

  3. Randy H.

    I received SSI for over ten years! Why do I have to qualify again? Never understand the government!!

    • Melba

      You may qualify for more money to catch up with state standards, check into

  4. Y. P.

    Hello all, I read all your comments and frustrations. My son sought SSDI, fought for 2 years before given a hearing. He thought he had finally reached help, only to receive SSI.. Yes, it’s based on earned income from his wife or any income he could make, any amount allowed OVER to both of them would be a subtraction from his amount. It’s called Repression. Monitoring their account and reporting was how Social security keeped them in a low income bracket. Like all of you he worked and paid his taxes..
    The question is: WHY is it hard for American people to receive help from our own government? Some say write your Congressman or State Representative and ask them for assistance… Not sure that helps!
    Write a letter to Social Security with attached documents to plea your case and wait for a hearing to sort out the issues at hand.. ??
    My point is this: yes we all know we paid for this help through our taxes. As Big Government says: big deal!! I watched Janet Yellen, “Bidens money giro” go before the House of Representative and the House of Congress to explain where all the monies is going and how they plan to pay for these requested monies! Good Question ❓.. I will tell you, by increasing taxes and reducing Social security money. What a surprise..not. This is your government at work.. just because they “SS” is throwing a bone 🦴🦴 out regarding food, there is a bigger picture in play. Be careful everyone, take care of yourself first and foremost. If you believe in God, let Him fight your battles. Sending prayers and blessings to all.

    • Randy H.

      Total confusion! Welcome to understanding government!!

      • Y. P.

        Hi, I have done a lot of research in my time. Understanding government is watching the money, who wants it, and how much. As it stands your children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren will not have SS, they will be busy paying the debt of our own government, for other countries, Our Government sold us out along time ago. It’s sad but that’s the facts. Blessings

  5. Ann S.

    Social Security Administration is a POVERTY PROGRAM, and recipients and enlisted Individuals are exactly that.. POOR. No way does it sound reasonable for anyone to pay back any sum of money if they’re not allowed to have a total of 2,000 USD in assets and that includes the amount of food in their possession.
    Social Security Administration misconduct/nefarious activities and 2020 Overpayment Payment Center Cases Removals/Clearing (wasteful spending during recovery and oppressive nefarious practice 2020 Overpayment Payment center Cases of non recipients).
    SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION is being RANSACKED FROM WITHIN by their very own OIG, CDI PROGRAM UNIT, overseers, contractors and affiliates who are involved in nefarious activities. They are intentionally causing financial hardships, blocking all types of income so you can’t progress, poisoning people by giving them unknown substance without their knowledge by threatening and paying someone who usually would have access to your nutrition to put these things into your food and beverages. They intentionally block all opportunities for income and also online sources of income, so don’t think being an online trader will work, and isolate the recipient/ex-recipient. All this while they threaten and pay people “to not say anything” it’s a secret” “they’re not suppose to know” ” don’t tell them”.
    THEY INTENTIONALLY CAUSE RECIPIENTS AND EX RECIPIENTS to remain stagnant and unemployed, so they can continue to excessively milk the SSA and contracts by trying to turn them into “forever recovery contract” which they make certain the targeted individual never earns income to keep the “forever recovery contract”. People remain quiet because they are threatened and also brainwashed by hating the recipient/ex-recipient by thinking the false allegations are true, as the recipient is dehumanized in a smear campaign where many things are fabricated. That’s why most recipients can’t seem to be able to climb out of the Social Security Administration’s Poverty Programs. Look who’s to benefit from this and you’ll find the real culprits, and it’s not the people that have to wait 30 days to receive a check once a month.
    Some OVERPAYMENTS were FALSELY given to non recipients who shouldn’t even be in the SSA’s system any more as they NEED TO BE REMOVED AND CLEARED FROM THE SSA’S “PAYMENT CENTER” where the “checks-direct deposits” payment information is held. It’s impossible for the overpayment to happen due to many individuals on any SSA programs or benefits list are MONITORED AND UNDER SURVEILLANCE EVERY SECOND OF THEIR LIFE BY The National Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security, FBI, Social Security Administration’s CDI PROGRAM UNIT and it’s contractors and affiliates, who monitor every aspect of their life especially their bank accounts and any miscellaneous income in order to REPORT BACK TO THE SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION AND IRS. The reason why they want the SSA’s recipients which they monitor to remain stagnant and unemployed is to make their job easier by not having to report so many things, they less they have to report the easier their job is as in babysitting. But they intentionally cause the recipients to remain stagnant in secretive oppressive behaviors. It’s not ONLY the SSA, but other Federal, government and state agencies that offer some sort of social services or benefits, as the SSA’s CDI PROGRAM UNIT covers other agencies also.
    It’s been agreed by the social security administration, congress and courts to remove and eliminate these alleged erroneous 2020 Overpayment Payment Center Cases. Please remove them. Remember that the SSA is a POVERTY PROGRAM and recipients and enlisted Individuals are exactly that.. POOR. No way does it sound reasonable for anyone to pay back any sum of money if they’re not allowed to have a total of 2,000 USD in assets and that includes the amount of food in their possession.

    • Randy H.

      Hire an attorney!! Nothing is put into common language! I never understand any government issued statements!

    • Kathy M.

      Yes I wholeheartedly believe this and they been doing it for years! Stealing! That’s what it is hiding behind programs made up. Just follow the money and who has what .

  6. Francis B.

    I would like to know if alcoholism is a disability, and if so how do I in behalf of a relative find out how they can get on Social Security

    • WendyW

    • Melba

      No alcoholism in not a disability it is a choice just like drugs is a choice not a disability if they paid for our wrong choices in life then every body would be paid alcoholic and paid drugs user the who will be responsible to work and pay into the funds then , generation pay for the next generations
      We might have a problem with gen z their not wanting to work.

  7. Jan

    When applying for disability benefits, what your doctors say in their reports are very important. Also, a person is not classified disabled if he is able to do some kind of work, not just the type work he has been doing necessarily. Also, after filing and being approved, there is a six month waiting period that you do not get benefits for. Further, you can be expected to be evaluated annually to see if your disability continues.

    • V.Bobier

      6 months applies to SSDI, not to SSI, they are similar programs but no that similar.

  8. George T.

    Removing barriers to attain SSI, easier:

    This is wrong. Many of the rules already implemented are wrong.
    Not too many are affected by a disability. Probability and Statistics.
    Labels, create a second economy. This is wrong.
    Governing, the people which create an economy by this means. -Labels
    Everyone is able bodied. Ex: Truly disabled continue in ordinary life. Holding professions, full time employment.
    Some derogatory thought?
    Solvency of Social Security? Public Office holders actually reporting for employment? Not too many.
    An application ask if I partaken in a provision of Social Security. I declined the answer. “You’re no longer disabled.” Automatically.
    This should be considered as advocacy. Free of charge.

    • V.Bobier

      Do you get SSI?

      If not then you have no idea of what you are speaking of.

      Getting rid of a cruel inkind income restriction is good.

      1.There is the marriage penalty which applies to couples too.
      2. The penalty for buying a cemetery plot or burial that is worth more than $1,500.00.
      3.Having more than a $1,500.00 life insurance policy.
      4.The worthless $2,000.00 monetary asset limit, $1,500.00 if one is married or a couple…

      • Melba

        You can have a policy bigger 1.500 to get you buried talk to your department of human services you can’t have a policy that you can borrow against
        a prearranged paid in full that can’t be cashed back in it’s the policy type you get

  9. Heidi H.

    I fell seriously ill/near death due to a very rare back infection that left me paralyzed until finally diagnosed and has totally destroyed my whole lower lumber. This was in 2018. I applied for SSI that December after being in the hospital for over a month. Yet I did not finally get approved until December of 2019. Then out of nowhere I get a letter stating I was overpaid from June 2019 to October 2019 because they were informed of supposed income I was receiving by the IRS. Yet upon investigation because they were also claiming checks from banks that don’t even exist in my state, nor did I have any unreported income with the IRS for the year 2018 in which my disability date was determined to be October of 2018. If I had income we all know the IRS would be collecting first not calling SSA. Yet just at the onset of the pandemic they claim this. I tried every means necessary Yet got no evidence, returned calls, etc. So since the very first day of 2021 I was left to be forced to pay back 2600 dollars leaving 12 dollars a month through the entire pandemic. Just this month I was informed that I have paid it off. And still no one will give me the real truth or evidence of this so called income that even the IRS didn’t show nor the person or company that supposedly told them this bogus information or about the supposed knowledge of all these checks. There needs to be ALOT MORE DONE TO BRING SOCIAL SECURITY BACK TO WHAT IT TRULY WAS STARTED FOR! Not a pocket for the government to rip off for their dirty deeds and kill off those of us who are elderly, disabled, etc. I never asked the government to control my retirement or disability. I worked every single day of my life since the age of 14 until my illness at 50. And I was absolutely sickened by how corrupt the SSA is. And I studied law wishing now I had not because you learn just how corrupt this entire nation is. I shouldn’t have to pay back anything to the government PERIOD! I shouldn’t be fighting for my own damn tax dollars or what I worked my ass off to earn. To then be told I have to pay in on everyone’s SS and still pay a premium for Medicare when I should NOT HAVE TOO! Nor should I be forced off one medical insurance because I am forced to take Medicare. So I sure hope the pay all of us back every dime they took in what was the most dire years of the pandemic. And there needs to be something done about those that refuse to provide the proof they claim they have. Yet this went under the radar because nothing was open or available to the public during this time. And I also think there needs to be a stop to how you calculate someone’s income. Because I am sorry but you may of claimed my disability date was in October of 2018, yet I didn’t get approved until December of 2019. Back pay counted or not anything before October 2018 is in all rights none of your damn business. I paid in to SS, I paid in Medicare, I paid my taxes, etc. Yet this place we call America the land of the free, left me with 12 dollars a month during a global pandemic. Yet any foreign alien gets millions in aid! I just know if I do not receive back what is rightfully mine as claimed by the courts. I will make it my duty before God damn all of you to see that way way more is done for our elderly, disabled, retired, and serviced our country. It’s disguising to see how man has destroyed the true meaning behind so many entities created for certain sole purpose and made to be as corrupt as the politics have become.

    • Mitch E.

      I empathize with you and your journey through waist high muck over the years. My issues have fallen on deaf ears as well. People assigned to local SSA buildings hear but don’t listen. They stare through you with vacant eyes and cannot answer a question clearly or even demonstrate that they comprehend your question or issue. They have heard it all before and have categorized you before you begin to speak.
      Electronic systems provide no feedback after submitting forms and there is a nill follow up from neither man nor machine.
      I finally became assimilated to the Borg and take what I am provided, knowing that they still owe me and I am waiting for any opportunity to jump on a class action lawsuit.

      • Heidi H.

        Thanks Mitch, and that’s the problem we are being forced to be complacent. My passion has always been about law, and I have always had more of a deeper interest in criminal, but you are required to learn/study/internship in all areas of law. By being put in the position I was, and I just turned 50, to have to not only, realize in just 1.5 seconds that my entire life as I knew it was completely ripped from me. To fighting to relearn how to walk again, to having to see first hand and live it just how our entire federal government, state governments, and all systems not just the judicial, has come completely what MAN wanted, which did more than separate church from state. Now having to deal with being on the other side of alot of fields of law, the text books word it loud and clear. It’s so saddening to look at the world today, especially the knewest generations, there is no Americana anymore. No morals, values, beliefs, or RESPECT. Everyone can keep pointing out about immigration but the truth is HELLO! Immigration is a key to just how the United States started people! How can anyone ever think they can stop immigration when it is those MEN who started it. And I am INDIAN! But we suffered far far more then any other, so when I say it’s okay to grow up watching a Laos family (LET ME BE CLEAR AN EXAMPLE: I DONT DECRIMINATE AGAINST ANYONE), driving brand new cars, high end clothes, etc. And there are 13 of them in 1 bedroom, not wanting for nothing, then across the street is my family, who can barely keep up with the payments on a small 2 bedroom house, 2 adults 4 kids, always over the guidelines for any existing help back then, lucky to put hamburger gravy on a piece of bread, having to give up on a car, yet relying on a poor public transportation system, hum I guess that means the pilgrims didn’t slaughter the Indians on Thanksgiving Day. You have no common sense at all if you want to say they DONT! America has never been the land of the free, they would rather see American senior citizens, disabled (mental/physical), and a huge part of veterans be gone. I think the last 2 presidents couldn’t say it any louder. Cause what the ain’t wasting can go to support somewhere overseas. The people who work for SSA need to be federally educated and licensed in specifically SSA laws and rules. Because why should I tolerate the treatment, accusations, what money I can be allowed, etc. From someone who puts his pants on one leg at time, just like rest of the world, and is not in a educated, continuously trained, and patrolled. As far as I see it the so called representative I had and SSA should be held reliable. I am held responsible for becoming sick, slowly losing mobility and my life, yet somehow SSA says the IRS said I was still making money yet I verified the very last day I could physically work was February of 2018. Didn’t get approved until actually November 2019 first payment was December. Yet you over paid me for July 2019 to October 2019. I honestly don’t know how they have gotten away with there calculations, there limit cutoffs, etc. It makes absolutely no sense, and that is exactly why they get away with punishing their own to dip their hands in the money pot SSA to finance corruption, drug wars, terrorism, etc our own United States of America

    • Linda R.

      It is only Free if you are crossing the border and are not a USA citizen.

      • Dee R.

        You are ridiculous.

    • Jacqueline C.

      This is “Outstanding” I am so glad to see so many changes that will assist our staff make quicker determinations and get the job done easier. There are a few ideas I will share with you about how to make this an even easier job but I will submit through the appropriate channels. Thank you 🙂

      • MajJohn

        The object here was to make it so there are fewer overpayments which causes a hardship on recipients, not the make the claims representative’s job easier.
        People get upset because of the complexities of the system. They don’t understand the difference between SSI and SSDI, one being welfare and the other an earned right.

        • Julie P.

          Ur full of SH*T

  10. Giles

    So many Americans do not understand systems and how they work. SSI, SSDI, and RETIREMENT are all different programs. SSI is federal welfare. SSDI is for workers who put in there credits and became disabled, like me, I became blind at the age of 4, never received any gov help until I was 51 and was blind with cancer. Then went back to work at 52 until 59, when I injured my back, 4 herniated disc, after two years working with workmens comp, I went back on SSDI. Blind, hearing loss, 4 herniated disc and cancer survivor, I earned my credits. Now have to fight again because my ex husband died this month and I can received survivors benefits or SSDI depending on what one is the most, less than $200 I believe but have to wait 3 months for an appointment.

    People say but why should we pay for disabled. The same people refuse to sit on a jury and blame doctors. My daughter was born with CP, yes as a blind single mother she collected SSI for a while. She was in PT,OT and speech therapy. She had cast on both legs, and had several surgeries. No one is complaining about the husbands who walked out because life was hard, or the agencies who stated in court that $150 child support was okay to support her, while I sat in a hospital by her side and could not work. No one is complaining about the court who said the doctor who refused to show up at the hospital for the 6 hours the nurses kept calling him, and another doctor who was not suppose to stepped in after she was born not breathing, yeah why not go out and charged the jury, who found the doctor guilty, but awarded no money to the child, to help pay for her care. No one is complaining about the medical care, who 35 years ago only offered 6 visits a year to OT, PT or speech and said the school should provide the rest, yet the school only provided 20 a week, and that included the 10 min to set up the equipment, so she got 10 min a week. No one stood up to complain when we found out 3 years later that the PT did not have a license to practice in the state, and further no one complained when we found the speech did not either, or the OT license elapsed. No one helped with the second child who had mental health issues, now diagnosed with autism a neurological condition.

    Get that both my children had a neurological condition. Guess where that came from, Vietnam, guess who was exposed to orange agent, and past it on to the children, the ex husband who walked out because it was to hard to have disabled children. Guess who does not cover any neurological problems except spina bifida, you guest it, VA. Guess who had to pay for all of this, tax payers. Why because they don’t hold doctors accountable, they don’t hold VA accountable. They hold the parents accountable, she got about 3 years of SSA payments when she was a child, which basically gave me and her sister enough money to feed us and get us gas to the hospital that was 2 hours away. Ronald McDonald house, housed us for the most part during that time.

    I have a community of blind people around me, and let me tell you most 80% work and work hard. How do they get jobs, persistent, because have you ever tried to get a job without a license, most 90% of applications are thrown away or not sent when you say you don’t have a valid license. I know ADA, has not stopped them from writing on applications that even a secretary needs a license, even a greeter needs a license. But blind people still persist and somehow get the jobs after years of trying. And then every 2 years with their own money they take tech classes to keep up with all the changes to computers and cell phones. They pay out of pocket for rides to and from work, a reader to read to them, an assistant to show them the office over and over again and that’s just some of the issues.

    So people have some compassion. It is not about immigrants crossing the borders (and educate your self about immigrants crossing, there were more immigrants who crossed the boarder during Trumps administration than in the first 3 years of Biden administration). I was a social worker and can tell you, that immigrants with disabled kids do not get SSI, or SSDI. (Again educate your self, before rants about immigrants getting these programs).

    Change to these programs to stop do not harm most of us. Yes we all pay taxes, but we save lives, if your child was born disabled maybe just maybe you could sit by there bedside after surgery for a month or two. If your child got cancer maybe just maybe you could get these programs to sit by the side of there bed and have some memories before they die, or while they suffer thru treatment. Also have some compassion for your 80 year old grandma who never worked because she was raising her kids, and has severe diabetes, but now has to collect SSI because she was only married to her husband who beat the crap out of her for 8 years, SSA retirement says she can get nothing because the rule is 10 years she had to have been married.

    Start going after the fact that VA pays nothing to neurological disabled kids or to the survivors (ex) who raised those kids, who also took care of the disabled 100% mental health disabled vet, who also died of 4 cancers while under VA care which never even caught the cancer until two weeks before he died. Yet the kids or the ex get nothing and cared for him for 40 years, even after the divorce he lived with the only one who would care for him because the VA wouldn’t.

    Go after the doctors who screw up and cause kids to be disabled, don’t find them guilty and not award money to the family.

    • Toni A.

      First of all, everyone has their own opinions and experiences. No one can blame anyone by not being uneducated about what’s going on. Yes the world is upside down. Yes immigrants get a lot of the Benefits that the people who were born and raised here in America, has to fight for and be tore apart to get approved for. I’m a witness to that myself, and we are still fighting to get. If a person has certain physical and mental disabilities, they should know that having children will be a challenge and that there is a strong chance that their child can come out deformed. Why be so selfish to want a child so badly to not even care how they come out? Then, you want to blame others for not caring or taking care of it? That’s not fair. That’s your body and you had a choice. Did you have a sickly child because you wanted sympathy? Because if you have a mental illness and the father has some physical and/ or mental illness, what makes you think you were going to have a Genius ? Apples produce apples oranges produce oranges. When someone dies, it’s their time! God allowed it, you can’t question it! And you can’t change it. All you will end up doing is saying something out of your mouth to curse yourself. So, you’re right, get an understanding. However, about God then you will understand what is going on, was already prophesied to happen. Man will destroy this earth because of greed and wanting more power. We have a government that sends the money we need here in our country away to other countries that are suffering because of what their ancestors have done. Which is none of our business. Take care of home first, then help somebody else. That is your answer right there. That will solve 99% of the issues with social security or any financial need that American have. We need to take care of home first. Put the blame were it needs to go . Stop putting people in charge of our money, who are stealing it and saying that they are sending it away for a war, or to buy us weapons. We need aid here in the US and their still buying weapons? REALLY? They are saying that they are sending money out of our country, but they are lying and padding their pockets. That is not helping us. So, stop bashing one another. The person complaining about her SSI have a very valid point. As do the person talking about the sick children and the blind people with no jobs. Whereas, I do know that the government and other places set aside jobs just for people that have disabilities and pay them more than people without a disability. So, stop bashing one another and point the finger to the people who are in charge of our rules and are handling our money. YOU ALL KEEP PUTTING THESE PEOPLE IN THESE POSITIONS TO RUN OUR CONTRY. Now you got them. What are you going to do to help the situation?

      • Heidi

        Couldn’t of said it better myself

      • Allison T.

        Ignore this crappy way to blame the victim. The right to choose has been challenged to the point that no one is allowed to have sex except for men.

      • Jami

        Long ago we might have figured out….some want the system to fail. Some have had a grudge against Social Security since its inception in 1933.

        We the People.

        I have found the excellent CSpan film clips explaining what has happened. I have Representative Larson’s Floor speeches. I include those links by email to friends.

        I found a poster with all the House members who have voted to cut Social Security. That poster is part of my email signature.

        Save it for future use. November 2024.

        We the People.

    • Toni A.

      When you knew you had all these illnesses why would you be so selfish and have not one kid 2 and put these illnesses on them? I blame you! It was your choice, your body! You knew better. This was Not the doctor’s fault. These kids are suffering because of you! Your selfishness, and now that they’re here you want pity? God is punishing you for what you’ve done to them! NOT GIVING THEM A CHANCE FROM THE BEGINNING! YOUR RIGHT! YOU CANT COMPLAIN, BECAUSE ALL OF THIS IS YOUR FAULT !

      • Allison T.

        Cruel mistakes don’t deserve cruel consequences when it results in MORE suffering for the family. All these rights are HUMAN RIGHTS.
        We must stop this deadly trend.

      • Terri

        Wow.,. Until you walk in someone shoes you are not their judge.

        The entire problem is the US has not kept up with “HONEST AND MORALS”. They are so rich and like others said. Every country protects their heritage and family.

        Money is the evil of life. They don’t care for Americans they SLANDER and can mouth each other…

        And the damage that this who fought for our country were NOT informed of the side effects etc.
        Now how many generations will that be carried down the line?
        We need to save our FOOD SOURCES…. Food doesn’t even taste like it used to in the 50’s and 60’s. The soil is destroyed by chemicals like ROUND UP the government has almost made it impossible for a farmer and rancher able to carry their family tradition. I commend the small CO ops that stand by each other and we want OUR soil and land back
        You probably have never had bacon from a butcher that has been smoked and processed properly. The good that is sold in the grocery stores at pure GARBAGE it’s disgusting. Ok I guess I’ve taken enough time on my soap box. I don’t even understand how our county is even going to be country anymore. Something massive is going to take place. Not sure what it is but the Americans are so spoiled it’s ridiculous! Well the tides are going to change and prepare yourself for bad times like we’ve never seen. God to take his wrath on this country. We promised “in God we trust”. That’s the furthest thing from the truth now.

    • Julie P.

      I’m on SSI n I worked n I paid into SS so how are u calling that welfare


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