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September 23, 2021 • By

Last Updated: September 23, 2021

mother and daughters laughing togetherAt Social Security, we strive to deliver great customer service and easy-to-access information about our programs.

Our Spanish-language website provides information for those whose primary language is Spanish. There, your family and friends can learn about how to get a Social Security card, plan for retirement, apply for benefits, manage their benefits, and much more.

We also provide many publications in Spanish on popular topics such as:

  • Retirement, Disability, and Survivors benefits.
  • Medicare.
  • Supplemental Security Income.

Spanish-speaking customers who need to speak with a representative can call us at 1-800-772-1213. Please share these resources with friends and family who may need them – and post it on social media.

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  1. Rebekah R.

    Information that pertains to the economy

    Becky White
    Jul 27, 2021, 8:53 AM
    You sent
    U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren
    Public Official · July 17, 2021 at 5:30 PM ·
    Taking people’s wages, tax credits, or Social Security checks away from them when they fall behind on student loan payments is just plain cruel. I want to know what the Department of Education is planning to do to help those struggling borrowers when the pause on student loan payments ends.
    Most people don’t have money to pay their student loans because there is not enough employment for the amount of people that need employment! Most people will end up homeless and out in the streets with no food to eat if they do stuff the ways that these people want to
    They would make it easier to get student loans dismissed
    If they wanted people to get educations then they would make it easier to get student loans dismissed please
    1-800-273-TALK or text GOT5 to 741-741.
    For COVID-19 Emotional Support, call (844) 863-9314
    Jul 29, 2021, 9:15 AM
    Social Security Administration could increase the amount of money that everyone gets every month for SSI which is Supplemental Security Income
    Social Security Administration could increase the amount of money that everyone gets every month for SSDI which is Social Security Disability Insurance
    Customer Relations line at 1-800-597-8481.
    Jul 29, 2021, 10:15 AM
    You sent
    Some of the females who gave birth to children don’t ask the government …
    They don’t ask, is it because they’re on SSI 🤔
    They don’t ask, is it because they’re on SSI 🤔
    Yes. That is correct
    Most of the females who gave birth to children get SSI which is Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration and they are declared disabled very easily because they gave birth to children
    You’re pregnant so you are disabled because you are pregnant
    You have children in elementary school so you are disabled because you have children to stay at home to take care of
    Jul 29, 2021, 10:53 AM
    You sent
    They don’t want female humans to have abortions because the economy is geared towards free food and food stamps and W.I.C.-women, infants and children food vouchers to buy food and HEAP and cash assistance and SSI which is Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration and they get more from the government from using their vaginas to get pregnant 🙁 Human infant factories 🙁 How many abortions does a female human have to have before they… ????! One abortion should be more than enough for a female human. A female human shouldn’t get pregnant if they don’t want to have children. Did they get education in high school in seventh grade in Health class about how pregnancy can happen? In seventh grade most students are approximately thirteen years old and this is when they attend Health class to learn about the human body and “Menstruation — aka having your period — is when blood and tissue from your uterus comes out of your vagina. It usually happens every month.” Not all teenagers learn about puberty at home. And what are they learning about puberty? People have different ideas. A lot of female humans get pregnant as soon as they get their first menstruation because why? A lot of female humans are pregnant before the age of eighteen because why? What did they learn about birth control pills? Did they get education about sex? Where did they learn about sex from? 🙁 What kinds of education are they getting?
    You sent
    If they want people to get educations then they would dismiss their student loans when they completed their degrees or educational programs 🙁 And they would make it easier to get student loans dismissed too
    You sent
    Female humans wouldn’t get pregnant if they had goals to complete their college degrees or vocational employment trainings to be auto-mechanics and accountants and ???? 🙁
    You sent
    What are financial incentives? Economics determine behaviors
    You sent
    They don’t think education is necessary. When they are about sixteen years old they use their vaginas and penises to make infants to get their social security disability and their food stamps and HEAP and cash assistance and the government pays them to use their vaginas and penises to get free stuff from the government
    You sent
    What are economic incentives? People do what is necessary to get housing and food that is paid for with money from the government 🙁 Money from the government pays for food stamps. Money from the government pays for cash assistance from New York Temporary and Disability Assistance. Money from the government pays for housing
    Jul 29, 2021, 3:20 PM
    You sent
    No. I did not get the vaccine shot for coronavirus because they treat me like crap because they think that I am financially better off than they are.
    Refusal of medical care goes on and if I raise my voice and speak out about it then they say that I am a two year old toddler and they treat me like fucking shit
    Jul 29, 2021, 4:30 PM
    You sent
    Jul 31, 2021, 12:08 PM
    You sent
    Good morning! It is approximately 8:52AM on Saturday, July 31, 2021 and it is chilly outside this morning and the windows are closed because it is too cold to have the windows open.
    I made hot tea for breakfast this morning. A large pot of hot tea is nice to have on a cool, chilly Summer morning in the month of July 2021.
    I ate a sandwich made from a bread roll, swiss cheese, sliced turkey and mashed avocado. Mashed avocado cost less in the Summers.
    I have to finish some of the foods in the refrigerator before I go to the store.
    How are you?

  2. Rebekah R.

    11/25/20, 4:51 PM
    You sent Jennifer Lopez and those women could be given employment training to be the front line of the Dept of Defense. Get a squad of about thirty women and train them to be the Dept of Defense to take on those men. No, I am not joking. Watch Jennifer Lopez’s movie titled Hustlers and watch how men behave. Behaviors are learned. These women can disarm men very easily.
    If I could pole dance like Jennifer Lopez , I probably would 😕 Dang the men are dumb enough to give up every dollar in their wallets to see women dance on poles in thongs and bras 🙁 When women are married the husband will buy just about anything for whiff of his wife’s pussy 😕 The choice of words might be distasteful to some people 😕 Some people might not think that the choice of words are distasteful

    Strippers have to do some things similar to what the female spies have to do because why? 😕

    “What the Heck Was I Gonna Do With a Dumb Gun?” The Derring-Do of Stephanie Czech Rader who was a female spy Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
    “[The OSS] gave me a gun, but I never carried a gun. I thought, ‘What the heck was I gonna do with a dumb gun?’” Stephanie’s most valuable weapon: her wits. Stephanie was dealing with mostly men so Stephanie could use words that are pleasant for their ears to hear and shove tits in their faces Some men will take their pants off and can be caught with their pants down in just their underwear Some men use their penises between their legs to think with Some men put their guns away when they see females because they want to use the females for sex Some men don’t drop their drawers that easily Some men keep their penises in their pants for long time spans 🙁 I am waiting to see if some people can figure out what I am trying to say

  3. Rebekah R.

    In my hometown, Walton, NY and Delhi, NY lots of employees and people wanted to know why I had not been married and why I did not have children :/ And I am told that I am rough on people :/ My mouth and the words that come out of my mouth are rough for people to hear :/ A lot of people have never put that much thought into figuring out if they are heterosexual or gay or lesbian :/ A lot of employees and people asked if I was “sowing my oats” and just having casual sex and ??? :/ NO, I was not just out having casual sex :/ It just so happens that most of my relationships have not lasted more than 1 year or 5 years and that is because why? :/ They blame me versus taking a closer look

    Some people might become enticed or tempted to try stuff A loving gentle approach might be helpful In Upstate New York in the 1970’s and 1980’s and 1990’s there was NO gays or lesbians In about 1986 to 1991, I went to Walton Central School District in Walton, NY in Upstate New York and there were no gays or lesbians Love the people but you do not have to love what the people do Tolerance for differences is learned BUT I was naïve and unaware that people are lesbian and gay so in 1994 when I was attending Hunter College I saw gays and lesbians and I did not know what to think When I learned that there are different ways of thinking and that there are different kinds of lifestyles I was not sure what to think I had to sort through all the different opinions and thoughts and I had to form my own ideas about stuff

    In some environments it is socially acceptable to be gay or lesbian or ??? What is an environment? Geographic area is part of what an environment is In Upstate New York it is not socially acceptable to be gay or lesbian In NYC it is socially acceptable to be gay or lesbian So when there are LOTS of people around me that think it is socially acceptable to be gay or lesbian, I had to examine why I think the way I think Where did I get my ideas from? What kinds of information did I have that causes me to form the thoughts and ideas inside of my head In 1994 gay and lesbian was new information and different ways of thinking and different lifestyles There were a lot of people who said that being gay and lesbian was NOT okay And there were a lot of people who said that being gay and lesbian was okay I had to sort through these different ideas and different opinions

    NO I have never had sex with a woman

    No I have never put my tongue in the mouth of another woman

    If a woman has had sex with another woman that is okay

    In 1994 to 2006 when I lived in NYC I was in the Santeria Yoruba community wearing white clothes and going to bembes and churches And I was riding motorcycles and hanging out with Caucasian people who may not be so fond of the Santeria Black and Latino community

    Rastafarian man has Black skin color and dread locs

    Rastafarian man might want to be with a Rastafarian woman :/ It is possible that a Caucasian woman might be able to have a long-term relationship with the Black skinned Rastafarian man but I dunno :/ In 1999 to 2006, I went to Queens, NY to see Independent Bikers Toys for Tots (IBTFT) because there were so many gays and lesbians working at the schools :/

    :/ In 1994 to 2006 I lived in NYC and we did NOT have the Facebook internet website to use to get lots of information about people :/ In 1994 to 2006 we had emails and AOL instant messenger :/ So, when in 1994 to 2006 in NYC, I went to lots of African and Caribbean and Hispanic cultural events such as bembes and I wore the types of clothes that they wear which is white clothes :/ And then I went to places where there are Caucasian people to ride motorcycles and do stuff that White people do :/ And some Caucasian people did NOT like my participating in Black and Spanish people cultural events :/ Some Black and Spanish people did not like my participating in THEIR cultural events 🙁 I also went to Jewish cultural events because my Dad, Fred White is Jewish :/ There is a lot of discrimination from LOTS of people but they don’t admit that and some are UNAWARE that they are discriminating

    A lot of people are asking about sex

    These people want to know if I have had sex with a woman and the answer is NO

    No I have not had sex with a woman Baba Jay and Baba Yomi and Iya Carole and some people explained about why some people become gay or lesbian :/ These people go to Baptist churches and Catholic churches AND they do their African cultural stuff :/ (718) 655-0737 is Baba John Yomi Robinson and his wife Carole Davis-Robinson’s phone number :/ Dance Africa is at BAM every year

    These people want to know what I did in my prior background

    I lived in NYC in 1994 to 2006 and there are lots of children and adults who have HIV and AIDS

    Lots of people and employees have been using the computer to talk to lots of people about me

    They ask people who live in NYC about me but they don’t tell me

    And then they pretend that they are not interested

    Questions about my background from 1973 to 2007

    This is not paranoid It annoys me and irritates me But let’s help people find the information that they are looking for :/ I think of Jennifer Lopez because she has lots of people who want to know lots of stuff about her. Jennifer Lopez is from the Bronx and I worked at employment in the Bronx in 1994 to 2006. Adweek magazines and Billboard magazines is also where Jennifer Lopez was a lot when I worked there.

  4. Rebekah R.

    Some people are harping about maturity and what does it mean to be mature adults. I used to think that men and women who have children and are married were more mature but that is how I was taught to think. Some people don’t think that Rebekah is adult enough because she did not have children and she didn’t get married. Some people think that people who have children are more mature. So my question is does getting pregnant and giving birth to children and changing stinky diapers make a person more mature? Some of these people have lots of domestic violence in their marriages and physically hit their children but this doesn’t mean that they are not mature.

    It is expensive to have children

    Most people are on SSI which is Supplemental Security Income from the Social Security Administration their whole life

    Most people raise their children in poverty on SSI and public assistance

  5. Rebekah R.

    Everyone on my Facebook page is above the age of eighteen. Everyone that I sent messages to is above the age of eighteen. Every person that I sent emails to is above the age of eighteen. Monitor what their children are watching. Monitor what their children are reading. These parents watch music videos with their children of men in music videos and they are half-naked so why are they having an issue? These parents have their children attending dance classes shaking their buttocks and gyrating their hips up on stages in schools and wearing lipstick and eye shadow in elementary schools because why? I am not a parent so they are not my children. I don’t work in schools anymore. I worked as a teacher for approximately ten years but I worked when they had less confusion about what was considered to be socially acceptable. In September 2021 there is a lot of friction over what should be x-rated and what should not be. The focus should be on learning academics which is math or arithmetic and writing and reading and history and social studies and on developing skills such as carpentry and mechanics and. Glorified babysitting is what seems to go on in a lot of schools. Poverty is not an accident. What causes poverty?

    I appreciate your emails.


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