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Social Security Services for the Hispanic Community

September 18, 2023 • By

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Last Updated: September 18, 2023

mother cooking with her daughterWe strive to deliver great customer service and helpful information to everyone, including people who are more comfortable reading and speaking Spanish.

Our Spanish-language website provides information about our programs and services. You can learn how to get a Social Security card, plan for retirement, apply for benefits, and much more.

You can also learn more about why Social Security is important to the Hispanic community on our website. We provide many publications in Spanish on popular topics such as:

  • Retirement, disability, and survivors benefits.
  • Medicare.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

Spanish-speaking customers who need to speak with a representative can call us at 1-800-772-1213 and press 7.

Please share these resources with friends and family who may need them. And follow us on our Spanish-language Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Lottie s.

    Racism is an overused word. Any comments certain people dont like, use and toss that word around as if the accusation of racism applies to anything said that they don’t like.

  2. Denise

    Can’t they all be sent back? Send them all back from the babies to the adults.

  3. Newspaper A.

    Always great to read the content, again good used for effective words in the post, thanks once again for sharing such a wonderful post.

  4. Sarah A.

    This article encompasses the Social Security Administration’s various resources and services for Spanish-speaking individuals. However, it raises critical questions about some issues, particularly regarding allegations of lawyer-initiated fraud, biases, and communication from abroad. In this context, the question emerges: How is the SSA addressing these alleged fraudulent activities while ensuring fair application of its rules across all ethnic backgrounds?

  5. Rob K.

    I feel that English is the language of USA, not Spanish. I have nothing against foreign languages but everyone seeking to live here needs to learn English. If you want to be bilingual great.

    • born i.

      You sound racist

      • DBZ

        Not racist. Practical. English is the global business language. It only makes sense to learn it.

        • Marc

          You are definitely racist.

    • Morales

      Sr. You are right, big Example the people are entering through Mexico 🇲🇽 and USA 🇺🇸
      They Should be taking English classes, in Mexico,before crossing the free land. And waiting in line like every one else.🤷‍♂️ people are waiting for years, in line 🤷‍♂️

      • Marc

        I knew this article would flush out the racists. And here’s another fine example of one such.

    • Denise


  6. MayJohn

    I noticed some angry responces. It appears that people are assuming people who speak Spanish are somehow not citizens, are lazy and don’t work. Such stereotyping is not justified but understood because of the invasion on our Southern border. Social Security rules are applied equally to all no mater their ethnicity. It is unfortunate that the current bureaucracy finds it necessary to use clickbait ads which get people upset. Can you imagine the reaction if the headline had been “Social Security Services for Caucasion people”?

    • citizen&hispanic

      I agree

  7. Wade s.

    So sick of my tax money going to illegal’s and these sorry non working American’s that’s sitting on their fat a** doing nothing but smoking dope!!!

    • citizen&hispanic

      There are more legal white people sitting around doing nothing, just in case you did not know

      • cagethesheep

        I beg to differ. Do you have proof to back your statement up? I work as a data researcher and the company I work for was hired in late 2022 to give statistics on this very subject. Its extremely frustrating when people just make up non factual statements, its ignorant and reckless. The results show that blacks are at the top, then Mexican and Latinos, then whites and other nationalities. Between blacks and Mexican they are very close that make the majority. Even though Mexican men are included as working class, if legal, there are countless family members who do nothing productive on a constant bases.

    • Dee R.

      Well, Wade, maybe you can ask that your tax dollars be spent on other things like corporate bailouts.

    • Denise

      It’s ridiculous I agree with you.

  8. Patricia M.

    I don’t feel they should be able to apply for SSAor SSI if they have not become US Citizens !!

    • Dee R.

      You cannot receive SSI if you are not a citizen. SSA is not something you can apply for. SSA stands for Social Security Administration. I have no idea what you think it is.

    • citizen&hispanic

      SSA or SSI is available to anyone who is here Legally, and there are alot of citizens who just work the system and give foreignors a bad name

      • cagethesheep

        Once again a non factual comment. Epoch Times and Washington Post have done excellent work on this subject. First off SSA was created decades ago for White full time workers that contributed to a deduction in salary, a small amount to be put into a retirement account that was matched by their employer. At the time there was stricter rules and no govt official could touch those funds. I suppose its possible someone could try to work the system, though rather doubtful. For many decades citizens have worked full time jobs and put into this retirement plan. Full time workers keep SSA funded to pay benefits. Never should SSA ever claim “that benefits will run out”. Which is why Epoch times and the Post did investigations when SSA stated that in 2021. It was revealed that Obama, clinton, bush, carter and several other presidents stole large amounts of the peoples SSA funds. I say STOLE because their I O U to pay back was a lie. SSA does not protect our funds or benefits, so dont believe the nonsense or useless security, when rep lawyers steal millions and millions from SSA. Yet they want us to do their jobs also to report fraud. Beside deny benefits and hire the worst debit card provider in the world to rip off elderly, disabled, retirees benefits 24/7 every day of the year and do nothing at all, what do they do? Good question according to Epoch & Post they allow criminal illegals, refugees, an incentive to flood our border and enter that once released into America they can collect up to 2,500$ on debit cards, plus get food stamps, housing, medical, anything they can rob off the hard working Americans. By order of Biden. Citizens are entitled to this money, criminal lazy foreigners are not.

        • Mark P.

          Nope, that was St. Ronnie Raygun who built the trust fund and stole the cash. And the Republicans in Congress and George W. Bush tried to steal it all again by privatizing it during that administration.

        • Mariezol

          I Couldn’t agree with you more but, Please STOP Generalizing all Illegals. I’m from Mexico but have lived in the US for 40 years. I am a Legal Citizen. All the “Criminal Illegals” like You call them are from Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Cuba, Colombia, Chile, Brazil… Just because they Speak Spanish does Not make them Hispanics or for that Matter from Mexico! And if the Gov was gonna give them Money, Medical, Housing etc. Why Not Cap it at 5 Months and Make them find Jobs Too? Why are “Hispanics” being punished for other illegals wrong doing?

  9. Regina

    .Doesn’t a person filing for SSA need 40 quarters for years of service ?or have the guidelines changed?

  10. Horacio M.

    Buenas tardes, vivo en el exterior, tengo que hacer una consulta y quisiera saber si hay forma de comunicarme por WhatsApp. No tengo teléfono de línea y por celular me resulta muy costoso. Gracias

    • cagethesheep

      The law requires you to speak and understand English Language. Follow the law.

      • Marc P.

        No, there is no law, federal, state, or local that requires English be spoken. Such a law, if anyone ever did try to pass it, would be unconstitutional on its face. You sound like another racist. I knew this article would flush them out. I’m only surprised there aren’t more.

    • A.C.

      Hi, Horacio. For information in Spanish, please visit us at,, or http://www.twitter/segurosocial.  For Social Security information in other languages, please visit us at Thanks!

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