Social Security Launches GeoMaps

September 26, 2016 • By

Last Updated: August 19, 2021

gepmapsSocial Security provides financial benefits, tools, and information to help support you throughout life’s journey. We’re excited to announce the launch of geospatial mapping at Social Security! Our new initiative, GeoMaps, complements our Open Government and Open Data Initiatives. For several years, we have published a significant amount of data on, but we know people learn and receive information in different ways.

Our geospatial maps will provide the public and other interested parties with a deeper understanding of our programs through geographic representations, increasing the transparency of our agency data. At our map gallery, users can view geospatial maps on the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance benefits by State, and the Help America Vote Verification Transaction by State map. These maps let you view large amounts of our data in a quick, geographic visualization. You can also download the data, and mesh it with your own data to create other maps.

These are our first maps on Geoplatform, a federal platform where we can collaborate and share our geospatial datasets. Social Security is now one of many organizations (e.g. federal, state, local, universities) participating in GeoPlatform, a site managed by the Federal Geographic Data Community and chaired by the Department of the Interior.

We encourage you to explore Social Security’s new mapping features by visiting our Open Government Map Gallery, and on If there are other types of maps you would like published, you can submit your idea to us. As more geospatial maps become available, we’ll add them to the Open Government Map Gallery!

Alan Lane, Executive Director, Open Government


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  1. tony

    The thing people have to watch out for in the near feature is their 401K. Democrats are manipulating the stock market. The Feds have not raised interest rates and when they do shortly, you will lose most of your 401K if you have it invested in high risk. The Democrats are messing with our 401K.

  2. Antonio

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  3. tony

    Obama is going to strip the people with mental illness on Social Security their second amendment right to bear arms. They are going to take away our Second amendment rights, but we still have the rights to vote. Lets vote these Democrats out of office of the Presidental office and Congress.

    • tony

      If we still have our rights to vote, then we shouldn’t be treated as criminals out to shoot people. Felons cannot vote or own a gun. People with mental illness are not felons. Democrats treats us like criminal felons. Democrats discriminate against people with mental illness. Over 500 people were shot in Chicago this year and how many of the shooters had a mental illness. Most of the shooters are probably teenagers. How about all those kids being shot in Miami by teenagers? Gangs, minors, and the police are shooting people up and Social Security and the Democrats are worried about the mentally ill.

      The mentally is blamed for everything. We are being discriminated by the Democrats and they want to take away our Second Amendment rights.

      • tony

        The Democrats labeled mentally ill people as violent criminal. We are shot and killed by the police. It is shot first and ask questions later.

        You are holding a broom, you will be shot dead. You are holding a toy truck, you will be shot dead. What ever you are holding, you will be shot dead.

  4. tony

    The Democrats want to expand the government programs. They want to bankrupt the US Government and our Social Security Trust Fund since the US Government has to pay us back. How can the US government pay us back when they got no money.

    Every couple of months the US government is on the brink of shutting down, unless they can come up with more money. What is happening with our Social Security Trust Fund money that the US Government borrowed? Our money is gone and we are left with a bunch of IOUs.

  5. Bob

    Does anybody listen to these very valid concerns or do they just disappear in thin air.

  6. P W.

    Thank you L. Rod for your comment. Hopefully everyone with a vested interest in how the SS Act works will get some knowledge to support their comments.

    • Neila

      The boomer generation was/is a hard working generation. I am confused as to how boomers (my generation) think that they were not supposed to save for retirement to supplement the SSI. It was always designed to supplement, not be the main source of income. AND yes you are right, $720 is not enough to live on. That tells me a couple of things, you didn’t work much through the years to earn the necessary credits to get the maximum SSI or that you were self employed and didn’t pay in self employment taxes properly through the years.

      • Berta

        Exactly Neila!!

  7. L R.

    Enough of all the COLA complaints! The president has NOTHING to do with COLA decisions. This is based on the consumer price index. It is based on inflation. If inflation rises then there is a COLA if there is no inflation, there is no COLA! Duh! You can’t have it both ways! Want a COLA then contact your senators and representatives. Also, it is unrelated to the Affordable Care Act. Also, congress does not determine the amount of SS benefits anyone receives. This is all based on the Social Security Act and your work and earnings over 35 years of work history.

    • AJ

      Good explanation! Go check facts with Dept. of Labor about the CPI. And keep in mind that if there’s a COLA it will be gobbled up by the Medicare Part B monthly premium. A lot of people have been paying $104.90 since 2013 because of the hold harmless provision. But in reality in 2016 it is $121.80 and expected to go up again in 2017. You can make out better using coupons than having a tiny COLA.

    • tony

      COLA is based on the CPI of the third quarter of the previous year. It doesn’t matter what happened more than 2 years ago.

      Let’s say the recession drop the CPI down 30%. We don’t get a COLA raise the next year based on the CPI. We don’t lose 30% either. If the economy recovers from the recession by 30%, then we get a 30% increase.

      After the recession the stock market recovered at a all time high. The real estate housing went up. Everything in the economy went up high, but we got some measly little COLA and denied a COLA raise last year.

      The President is in charge the Department of Labor. Blame the person at the top.

      Obama issued an executive order to the Social Security administration about the security features of the My Social Security account. The SSA had to change it. He’s other executive order was to take guns away from the mentally ill on Social Security and the SSA complied with the executive order.

      The President could get the Department of Labor to change it’s policy, but he has done nothing.

      Since they came up with COLA, every President has found a way to give us a COLA raise since 1975.

      The Obama administration squandered our money into the other government programs that they can’t give us a raise.

      • tony

        I don’t know what formula the local government use, but they get a COLA raise every year. Even the federal government employees get a raise every year with the interest on our Social Security Trust Fund money that we have to reinvest into the US government. We get screwed by the system.

        The Social Security Trust Fund is the biggest ponzi scheme ever. More money has to keep coming in and nothing can be taken out because the other government programs are robbing the funds and say we are making interest on it, but we are never able to cash out. You got to keep reinvesting all the money including the interest back into the government programs and they can’t pay the people on Social Security a COLA raise.

      • Ray F.

        Automatic benefit increases, also known as cost-of-living adjustments or COLAs, have been in effect since 1975, and it is based on the annual increase in consumer prices. By law, the Social Security Administration uses the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) determined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in the Department of Labor to calculate Cost-of-living adjustments (COLAs). To learn more, visit the “History of Automatic Cost-Of-Living Adjustments” web page. Thanks!

  8. Bob

    Just another waste of resources. If you wanted to post something valuable how about a By Name Directory, with phone numbers and e-mail addresses for employees at the local district offices. My closest office still refuses to identify the Manager by name (employees are terrified). No e-mail except to the Manager who may or may not allow someone else to respond, no phone numbers to employees.

    • Ray F.

      Please see our “Comment Policy” Bob. We reserve the right to determine which comments are acceptable. Remarks containing personal identifiable information such as Social Security numbers, postal and email addresses, phone numbers, etc., will be removed. In addition, in order to protect and respect their privacy, we abstain from posting our employees’ names. Thank you for your understanding.

  9. Theo

    My wife has progressive multiple sclerosis for 2 years the we are aware of. The Drs. are saying she probably has had it for 5 years, but it went undetected even though she was working at the same job as an oral surgeon office manager at the same office for 17 years. She is 38 years old, receiving SSD every month and basically worked till she couldn’t move, and was in constant pain to the point she was unable to get out of bed and go to work anymore. I am 38 years old and a type 1 insulin. Dependent Juvenile Diabetic for 31 years, that takes between 5-10 injections a day just so I can survive and live. The last 10 years I have been slowly developing diabetic complications. like extreme diabetic neuropathy which I can’t feel my limbs, diabetic retinapathy, Basically I am going down hill fast. I have been working since I have been 16 years old and I had no choice but to file for SSD and I got approved my first time applying.We have 2 kids and after receiving my SSD for approximately 12 months and my attorney getting his cut of my SSD back pay money, I get a letter stating that the SSA made a mistake and over paid me and I should be getting SSI instead of SSD because in 2011, I was a half a work credit shy and they needed to get paid back the money they overpaid me. I asked them why don’t they get the money back from my lawyer? They answered me ‘that the SSA doesn’t deal with getting repayed back the money from the attorneys” and it’s my responsibility. I appealed the desicion and asked for a waiver. My question is if I correct the work credit problem and I go from being on SSI to SSD, IS THERE A MAX FAMILY LIMIT ON HOW MUCH MONEY WE CAN COLLECT EVERY MONTH BETWEEN MY WIFE’S SSD OF $1,181.00 AND MY SSD of $1,701.00 AS A COMBINED INCOME EQUALLING $2882.00 for a family of 4? It’s so confusing!! My wife needs to live in all year round warm weather, and we were thinking of moving to a state like Florida or the USVI or Puerto Rico. Is moving to these US commonwealth states a good idea? Please help with any advice, answers, loopholes etc. Thank you very much! Who should we vote for President that is pro Social Security and wants to help poor and middle class people?

    • Elcho

      Sir, I’m sorry to heard of your problem.
      Look, P. Rico its a independent state of the US, you better check up their laws BEFORE you would move there, I’m sure you’re cover by SSA laws & so on, but its better to make sure you be alright there besides that the crime rate is terrible there, unemployment is way high & so on & on.
      In the other hand in Fl. you would be in home, Fl is expensive to live on, all the east cost of the States is.
      All depending of what part of Fl. you’ll move + the weather, you could be in hurricane areas, you must be careful for it.
      Trailer parks sometimes offering cheap properties, but the land rent can be very costly, besides that Fl. has a very high crime rate these days.
      Please look for another venues to move on to, they’re, you just have to look for them, invest sometime investigating BEFORE you move.
      Some of the southern states (in their northern parts) are warm enough & cheaper to live than in the more populated states (or big cities), but you have to watch for high crime areas, remember persons like you & me, we could be a prey for criminals due to our age, don’t be afraid, just be careful.
      I live for sometime in Panama, Central America, I have to pay my own meds, drs & so on from my own packed here, but its ok for me.
      The part I’m living is cheap, so I live under my means & weather is not that bad.
      I wish the best for you & yours,

    • Ray F.

      Hi Theo. Unfortunately, but for your security, we do not have access to personal information in this blog. In your situation, it is best to contact your local office or to call our toll free telephone number at 1-800-772-1213, Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. and ask a representative to assist you.

  10. Ronald L.

    You are all barking up the wrong tree. Social Security does not set the amount of money anyone receives, that is done by Congress. The only way to change it is to change the government. Until we have a political party not at the service of the wealthy and corporations nothing will change. We need to have a government that is based on full employment at a livable wage, provides universal healthcare, makes everyone pay their fair tax burden, and provides everyone with reasonable retirement. That will not happen as long as we keep electing Republicans and Democrats. Look to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland for good examples. Welfare should only be for those who cannot work. Everyone else should be expected to work, if they can’t find a job then the government should find one for them or put them to work rebuilding our inner cities, helping in hospitals, nursing homes, schools and other work needed by the local, state and the national government. In addition, no American should earn more than ten times that of the lowest paid American, then watch wages rise. Perhaps we should all start voting for the Green Party as a first move until something better can be built.

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