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Social Security Implements Self-Attestation of Sex Marker in Social Security Number Records

October 20, 2022 • By

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Last Updated: October 20, 2022

Social Security Administration LogoKilolo Kijakazi, Acting Commissioner of Social Security, announced that we now offer people the choice to self-select their sex on their Social Security number (SSN) record. We implemented this policy change and the new option is now available.

“The Social Security Administration’s Equity Action Plan includes a commitment to decrease administrative burdens and ensure people who identify as gender diverse or transgender have options in the Social Security Number card application process,” said Acting Commissioner Kijakazi. “This new policy allows people to self-select their sex in our records without needing to provide documentation of their sex designation.”

People who update their sex marker in our records will need to apply for a replacement SSN card. They will still need to show a current document to prove their identity, but they will no longer need to provide medical or legal documentation of their sex designation now that the policy change is in place.

We will accept the applicant’s self-identified sex designation of either male or female, even if it is different from the sex designation shown on identity documents, such as a passport or state-issued driver’s license or identity card. SSN cards do not include sex markers. Currently, our record systems are unable to include a non-binary or unspecified sex designation. We are exploring possible future policy and systems updates to support an “X” sex designation for the SSN card application process.

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  1. Marie B.

    Do we not have enough ID that designates “sex”?
    My SS was earned by my hard work over the years. My sex has nothing to do with my Quarters earned.
    We,as a society, have more important things to hash out.
    Likely, we will have to buy more fuel, natural gas, or increase solar farms in order to provide electricity for the demand that electric autos will garner.
    As,soon as the Republican party gains the white house we will get back on track.
    As,for sex designation, I say, be shat you want, but don’t drag the rest of society in on your choice..
    I am 71, my world ideas have passed. The Woke, under 30’s and anyone who can’t tell you what happened on Dec7th are quickly gaining the world.
    I say let them have it. We gave them a good society. It’s theirs to make or destroy, now.
    Pay me my SS and leave me alone.

    • Preston

      In order to change sex on those other documents, I have to start with social security. That’s how the system is set up. It’ll be a lot easier to find employment after the pandemic. That’s why this ruling is important. More people working helps economic health.

  2. Joe M.

    Is there a sex marker that will pay me more? I’m in! This administration is delusional from top to bottom! Our defenses are weakened, our kids (aka our future) lag globally in reading, math and science. Instead, our leaders pander to every goofy group and anguish over pronouns.

  3. Alan H.

    This country has lost all common sense, just pitiful.

  4. Susan L.

    Once again, our federal government gets into things they shouldn’t and creates havoc where none existed before. What is designated on birth certificates is what individuals should be. We’ve become a society of idiots running the show.

    • Cindy M.

      Exactly, totally agree.

  5. Chuck

    Sex relates to anatomy gender relates to roles.

  6. David P.

    This is just like cancelling oil drilling decades before society, electric cars, and other oil dependent devices have clean energy replacements. Do we quit drilling oil because there are a few hundred thousand electric cars on the road while millions of others still require fossil fuels? Putting alternative genders on social security registration years before any substantial numbers of persons who are dealing with sex/gender confusion issues is absurd. Make this decision with Medicare where people are receiving medical services. Social security is gender neutral and based only on age and a working history. Is one struggling gender confused person too few to avoid this politically driven/quasi sensitivity decision? If anyone wonders why there is an unfortunate division in America, it is because each party has some boneheaded political notion that causes the other party to shake heads in disbelief. We lack real leadership in both parties and both parties leading governmental bureaucracies are infested with pointy headed nut cases with premature or lunatic ideas when critical issues are ignored. We, social security recipients, will receive an 8 percentage increase this year. Why drain the system when the same thing can be effected by eliminating federal tax on social security. Quit being stupid and start doing intelligent things.

    • Preston

      I’m transgender. I’m near 50 so nobody needs to inform me I was bamboozled into it by the woke pronoun police; I knew what I was when I was six and there was one channel on my rabbit-eared TV. I wouldn’t care what happened with social security except that it’s the doorway to everything else: I need a change on my SS status in order to get a change to my state ID and other documents, which will allow me to get a job. This is the first step that all the others require. If I don’t receive it, I am much less likely to become employed and pay in to the system and be productive in society. (I have ample evidence of that from applications and interviews in which my ID does not match my expressed gender in the interview and I’m “just not the right fit”, where while faking my other gender I had no problems getting hired.) The stamping of M for male on my social security and other documents will cost me in doctor appointments, therapy appointments, travel to specialists, court appointments, legal fees, and filing fees. I will cover the costs, not some phantom taxpayer. It’s another case of the biggest crooks on earth telling you /we’re/ stealing your cash.

  7. Byron J.

    Everything will be fine, until a pervert goes into a woman’s restroom; rightly so because now he/she is seen as a woman due to all these new changes. Then he/she wil reek hell in that restroom, and what will we do then? That’s just to mention one thing that could happen with those new changes. Remember, new rights come with responsibilities, they’re not just to make people happy. Every change bring a consequence. Let’s hope all the ones who want those changes, in the future, will be able to live with those consequences.

    • Preston

      You know that random men can dress up and go into restrooms now, right? They don’t even have to dress up, they can just go in there, there’s no restroom cops. They can dress like janitors. They can be store employees and look official. Biological women can also do what you’re accusing these hypothetical trans people of doing.

      My mom challenged me recently, “what would you do if someone of the other gender went into YOUR bathroom at the mall!” I laughed because the mall has had what they call “family” restrooms since the early 90s and guess what? No potty monsters. No abductions of little kids. People just, you know, acted normal and used the bathroom.

      This is a boogieman. A distraction from real problems. Is it possible some trans person somewhere would harm a child? Sure, show me a population that hasn’t produced one bad person and I’ll go live with them. But it’s like worrying about a stroke of lightning driving a bee to sting someone’s who’s allergic. Trans people are slightly more than one percent of the population and a lot of them are scared of using the correct bathroom anyway. Relax. They are not coming for the children. Look around and wonder exactly why the talking heads want you so distracted by this fear.

  8. Leslie

    “SSN cards do not include sex markers.” …nor is there a reason why they should. Perhaps driver’s licenses and passports require biometric information and therefore find the need to include a sex marker?

    • Preston

      The SSA is the doorway to changing sex markers on everything else, at least according to what they told me. Once it’s cleared with social security, I’ll be able to get a change on my driver’s license and birth certificate very easily. Believe me, I’d rather not have to do it either–I’d like to just exist and function in society. It’s society that demands all this expensive, time-consuming garbage to confirm I match their idea of what they think I am with how they think I look and act.

  9. Kitty

    It is UNFAIR you offer only binary choices, you bigots!
    And I identify as a furry.

    • JOE N.


  10. Robert

    looks like a way to scam the system, one he, one she , 2 checks .

    today I feel pretty, lipstick and a check.
    tomorrow I will feel manly and get a check.

    same verification questions will work for both, no need to lower standards, because the nation has

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