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Simplify Your Life Week

August 6, 2015 • By

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A busy woman working at a laptop.You’re a busy person! Today’s world is fast-paced and leaves you with a lot to juggle each day.

This is Simplify Your Life Week, and we’re here to help save you time and energy so you can spend more time on the things you enjoy.

What if we told you there’s a place that can help you meet many of your Social Security needs at once?

You can access many of our convenient and secure services online when you visit our Online Services page. In a matter of minutes, you can open your personal my Social Security account and view your earnings history in your Social Security Statement. The Retirement Estimator is another great tool to help find the best retirement age for you based on your earnings and your individual circumstances. This is a simple and quick way to see what you could be getting every month after you start receiving retirement benefits.

When you join the millions who already do business with us online, you can find out if you qualify for benefits. Then, you can get estimates of the future retirement, disability, and survivor benefits you or your family could be eligible to receive. After that, the next step is applying for those benefits electronically! In most retirement cases, that’s it. You don’t have any more papers to sign or documents to provide.

If you already receive benefits, you can access your benefit verification letter, change your address or phone number, and start or update direct deposit information.

Simplifying your life isn’t just about removing distractions; it’s also about improving your quality of life. Let us help you, whether you’re going through a major life change or you want to rest easy after seeing the options your future holds. Using our online services is just one more way you can make your life less complicated!

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  1. Robert T.

  2. puji m.

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  4. Diane B.

    Planning to move to South Carolina would my Social Security Disability benefits decrease? I am also getting SSI will i loose it?

    • Vonda V.

      Hi Diane, thank you for your question. Social Security disability benefits are not based on the state the person lives. Those benefits are based on earnings. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program is a needs based program that pays benefits to disabled adults and children who have limited income and resources. SSI amounts could be different depending on where an individual lives since some states provide supplemental payments. It is important to report a change of address promptly by calling our toll-free number, 1-800-772-1213 between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  5. Betty D.

    I am a retired teacher in Texas. My husband and I were married for a little over 60 years when he died in 2016. We had owned and operated an independent automotive parts store throughout all of those years and even though I taught school in Texas for many of those years, much of the profits that would have been used as part of our householld funds (along with my limited teacher pay) went to pay our taxes. I taught for only 27 years before retiring at age 65, but in Texas, teachers are not paid huges salaries equivalent to the education requirements to be certified, so my teacher retirement is not large.
    When we both retired, our combined retirements helped us to live adequately, but not lavishly and we DID try to save for any future emergencies. When he died, I applied for HIS survivor’s benefits, but received word that the GPO (Government Pension Offset) would allow only “0” of his survivor’s benefits. Consequently, my income now at ate 82 is only what I receive from my teacher retirement. Since we worked together and pooled our resources for all of those 60 years of marriage before he died, it doesn’t seem quite fair that as his wife, I cannot receive his survivor’s benefits to help me live now.
    In Texas, both the GPO and WEP (not allowed to receive one’s OWN SS benefits WITH teacher retirement) seem unfair. GOOD teachers are a VERY IMPORTANT part of our future because they are preparing the future generations, yet their salaries are not equivalent to required education for certification. I fear that our future will be at a loss if we don’t attract good, well-educated teachers and pay them accordingly.
    I currenly live frugally on my small teacher retirement income, but my dear deceased husband’s survivor’s benefits would certainly help me to feel a bit more secure!

  6. Aleshia M.

    I am A medical patient on disability in this state (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) but, my medical is also in another state (Houston Texas) so, I would have to move there; how do I transfer my benefits to that state (Houston Texas).

    • Ray F.

      You will only have to notify Social Security of your new address. Thanks!

  7. j. t.

    i am drawing SS but it is far less than i expected, so i am still working, question? once i stop working for good will my SS payment increase?

    • Ray F.

      Hi! Each year, we review the records for all working Social Security recipients to see if additional earnings may increase their monthly benefits. Generally, if you continue to work while receiving retirement benefits, your monthly benefit amount could increase. Visit our Retirement Planner: Getting Benefits While Working for more information. Thanks!

      • j. t.

        Thank you very much, that info. was very helpful.

  8. Graceland

    Your posting is abuelstoly on the point!

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