Set a Goal, Make a Plan and Save

clip art of a piggy bank and a small man standing on it dropping in coinsI have a question for you. Did you know it’s America Saves Week? Here’s another one, are you saving for your retirement? One more, if you will, when was the last time you looked at your savings account?

America Saves Week is an annual opportunity to reassess your answers to these questions and ask yourself if you are saving in the way your future demands. You’ve worked hard all your life and when you retire, you should reap the benefits of that labor. Establishing good savings behavior now will minimize future worries about your financial status.

By visiting America Saves Week online, you can complete a 12-question assessment to make sure your savings priorities are aligned with your future plans. You can also evaluate how prepared you are and where your savings habits need strengthening to reach your future goals.

The easiest and most effective way to save is automatically.

Social Security is an important part of a sound financial plan. But, it can’t be the only part. To enjoy a comfortable retirement, people need to save and invest throughout their working lives. The new myRA savings account is an excellent place to start. What better time than America Saves Week to get serious about planning for the future. Start saving today for a secure future; open a myRA account. For more information visit

I always encourage workers to view their personalized Social Security Statement frequently for estimates of their future Social Security benefits. It’s easy to do by creating a my Social Security account at This service is free, fast, and secure.

It pay offs.

Hold yourself accountable this week. Commit to the Take the America Saves Pledge. Join more than 450,000 American Savers who have already committed to save. Then you can make your savings social and share your goals with others via Facebook or Twitter. It may encourage your friends and loved ones to save this week and secure their futures.


48 thoughts on “Set a Goal, Make a Plan and Save

  1. Where is a person to save/invest today???Please give examples for our saving strategy.
    There a few options for investment for those with only modest amounts to save. Interest paid on time deposits and Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are less than the rate of inflation. U.S. Savings bonds are no longer available for purchase at local sources and the program is inconvenient since it requires on-line interactive recording and accounting, plus the interest rates are very low. Even I series bonds pay less than real inflation rates due to the method Treasury computes inflation rates. The stock market is unreliable and risky. (I recently lost a large part of my retirement fund in a highly respected company that failed.) I recommend Treasury offer paper US Savings bonds for local sale and rates be at least equal to REAL inflation rates.
    For years I have bought paper Savings bonds for gifts to children. This teaches them to save and gives them money for later years.

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